Yuki Tsunoda's First Formula 1 Test

2021.jan. 5.
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Japan is back in Formula 1 for 2021! Yuki Tsunoda, who will be the youngest driver on the grid next season, got his first taste of F1 machinery at the Imola circuit back in November last year.
After winning the F4 Japanese Championship in 2018, Yuki moved to Europe the following year to compete in the newly-formed FIA Formula 3 Championship, ending the season in ninth position with three podiums and a win. He graduated to Formula 2 for 2020 and enjoyed a successful season, amassing seven podiums, two Feature Race victories and a Sprint Race win. He recently covered 300 kilometres in a 2018 Formula 1 car during a test at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Circuit in Imola, as well as driving for us at the Young Driver Test in Abu Dhabi on 15 December. The last time a Japanese driver raced in Formula 1 was when Kamui Kobayashi took part in the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
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  • I am cheering for yo u

    k kk kNapja
  • Да, чтобы его выгнали из формулы 1, Цунода не заслуживает места гонках F1, Квята обратно!!!

    Electro swordElectro sword3 napja
    • Нет . Мазепин или Шварцман, а Шварцман гоняет лучше чем Цунода. Цуноду взяли из-за спонсорства Хонды, либо Цунода ездит в альфе или редбул остаются без моторов Хонда) Смотрел я F2 и Цунода не показался мне таким профессионалом, что бы брать его в F1 ) Шварцмана впихнули на F2 только в 2020 и уже он можно сказать чемпион, это приемник школы Ферари )

      Tema 2033Tema 203312 órája
  • Deja vu, I've just been in this place before Higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go

    Mehmet ŞahinMehmet Şahin7 napja
  • He seems strong to me I hope he gets the spot.

    NiNJa KaDZNiNJa KaDZ9 napja
  • At his age i've already lost all my hair.

    A BA B10 napja
    • How come?

      Nikt WażnyNikt Ważny9 napja
  • He is hot😍😅

    Sam HSam H10 napja
  • He looks like a good driver, but we will see everything in formula 1 2021 season

    Kaan YildirimKaan Yildirim10 napja
  • I am very excited to see what he can do next season. Well done Alpha Tauri for signing him. He is definitely an up and coming talent.

    phroneyphroney10 napja
  • Is the guy actually going to drive with the eyes closed??😑

    Green PlanetGreen Planet11 napja
  • He went into detail about the steering wheel

    Sam DidatSam Didat11 napja
  • 0:20 Interesting how he came to AlphaTauri only to make his seat

    MaikelMaikel11 napja
  • Wow I’m very happy for he😀😀

  • Can you please get your editor to colour grade these videos- it's really not difficult

    Daniel StevensDaniel Stevens11 napja
  • Is he Han's son 👀 (I ❤️ F&F franchise)

    Adarsh ReddyAdarsh Reddy11 napja
  • Game Over Gasly 😅🤪

    Charly CastroCharly Castro11 napja
  • Keep the tofu safe!

    Efe Hasan ÇınarEfe Hasan Çınar11 napja
  • I learned nothing

    Eliot Salandy BrownEliot Salandy Brown11 napja
  • Great to see him out on track in the AlphaTauri, but Tsunoda-san's English is lovely, no hard captions necessary I think

    altruistimsaltruistims12 napja
  • Would prefer kvyat tbh.

    GT5_RGT5_R12 napja
  • my name is yuki also man

    You name ItYou name It12 napja
  • I just noticed that it’s the 2018 wheel

    RXT AveryRXT Avery12 napja
  • Lets see is the "there is an asian better than you" word work this time

    Mr. bearMr. bear12 napja
  • Premiere Pro's software stabilization looks awful. Switch to Davinci Resolve or buy the gimbal to camera man!

    Dmitriy DarkJoneyDmitriy DarkJoney12 napja
  • Cutest F1 driver ever.. After Kimi Raikkonen 😂

    C2 SoulC2 Soul12 napja
  • Kalo alpha tauri pake mesinnya punya Ferrari, mercedes,Renault atopun MC Laren Pasti pembalap ini ga akan ke f1

    Sijel PunkerzSijel Punkerz12 napja
  • He doesn't have the flair or charisma of Sato, Kobayashi or Nakano. But at this point i'm just happy that Japan is represented in the F1. And who knows, maybe he's crazy quick.

    00k00k12 napja
  • Der wird aber nicht meine Nummer wegnehmen oder? Ich sag denen Höchstpersönlich dass der eine andere bekommen soll😂

    nbr ._. 38nbr ._. 3812 napja
  • I'm 20 and I don't know shit

    Muhammad AlfarizyMuhammad Alfarizy12 napja
  • Why did they cut that together using what looks like the slowest bits they had? Most of the onboard footage could almost have been shot by a camera person walking along beside him...

    Sanchez KilgannonSanchez Kilgannon12 napja
  • I expect mic.

    井実芳仁井実芳仁12 napja
  • Зачем этого взяли других не было

    т-100 -лтт-100 -лт12 napja
  • Super excited about him joining the team. Also just curious, but why wasn’t a lot of the footage actually color-graded?

    Jordan WestJordan West12 napja
  • Akhirnya ya Yuki, setelah lama jadi host, bintang film, sinetron & sekarang jadi pembalap, ajakin Rio dong 😀

    Harri KurniawanHarri Kurniawan12 napja
  • 速いんだけど顔がなぁ..,.

    DJ electroDJ electro12 napja
  • japan women)) lol

    Иван КрюковИван Крюков12 napja
  • HUworld generated captions at 0:16 "Hello i'm your kitchen

    IceCoffeeeIceCoffeee13 napja
  • Remember when drivers got F1 seats based off talent 😐

    • When?

      Sukses PTNSukses PTN12 napja
  • New rookie = new breath and new meme. I'm still waiting for your performance Yuki (。・∀・)ノ゙

  • i can see this kids kicking it in the mountains in japan

    Zin NuZin Nu13 napja
  • Please, horrible sound track. Can we just hear the can and the driver? Thanks!!

    Leandro OliveiraLeandro Oliveira13 napja
  • Isn't Yuki Supposed to have a #22 car?

    Liam VasLiam Vas13 napja
  • すてき❄️.

    Ana S. Ortega SaenzAna S. Ortega Saenz13 napja
  • Im really happy for Yuki. Cant wait to see him partnered with Max in the near future

    Alex ActaeonAlex Actaeon13 napja
  • He says 300 km but then refers to it as mileage. What is the km equivalent of mileage?

    WillWill13 napja
  • Wowww

    Jasonz WJasonz W13 napja
  • Is this some kind of joke?

    Baxrok2Baxrok213 napja
  • You speak enrisch ?

    Ruerue RueRuerue Rue13 napja
  • Hope he does well!

    Robs ClipsRobs Clips13 napja
  • The pic at the end without the halo looks so good yet so different after seeing the halo on the cars for the last few years. I hope things work out for this guy, it's been a while since weve had a solid japanese f1 driver

    MrStreetballer5MrStreetballer513 napja
  • Now that ur in 2021 u guys could have used the 2019 Toro Rosso and fitted it with the new front and rear wings as its closer to the 2020/21 car

    Gaming AvenueGaming Avenue13 napja
  • Surprised he could look over the edge😅

    Luca BergerLuca Berger13 napja
  • 今年楽しみでしょうがない Looking forward to this year

    tkyktkyk13 napja
  • Can we atleast have an onboard?

    Fletzer 95Fletzer 9513 napja
  • No homo but Yuki is so cute

    Jannik HorváthJannik Horváth13 napja
  • It's not complicated, it's easy.

    Rishabh SurendranRishabh Surendran13 napja
  • Alpha tauri:kvyat you were kicked. Kvyat:why! Alpha tauri:we found a better pilot then you. Tsunoda:suprise kicked noob and this season will be crazy :) kvyat:bye.gasly:bye. Tsunoda:bye kvyat and you are a torpedo! Kvyat:ok :( yaay yuki is come back! ;)

    Redbull Pow YTRedbull Pow YT13 napja
  • The subtitles literally said: "hello im your kitchen" XD

    GawroneqGawroneq13 napja
    • @Anernermus What?

      Prins van OranjePrins van Oranje11 napja
    • It's 2021 [insert pronoun], don't judge his orientation.

      AnernermusAnernermus13 napja
  • Go Yuki!!! Can’t wait to see you kick Mazepin ass!

    • Literally I hope😂

      Nikt WażnyNikt Ważny9 napja
  • Go Japan, i love the japanese culture :)

    Illusion IntelligenceIllusion Intelligence13 napja
  • Damn, that's Torro Ross.. wait, sorry, Alpha Tauri is looking good

    ZenturiZenturi13 napja
  • initial d music starts play hardbass stops

    duckduck13 napja
  • baka na!

    Jay TeeJay Tee13 napja
  • Let's go Yuki! あなたならできるよ!

    SavouryLobsterSavouryLobster13 napja
  • Can't wait to see him racing in 2021, i'm a fan of your team, alphatauri, hope you guys get many podiums in 2021 season

    FirmansyahFirmansyah13 napja
  • What!? How is it possible to have the 2018 steering wheel in the 2020 cars?

    • @BlaziTheEdgelord ohhhh

    • It's actually the Toro Rosso STR-13, with the AT Livery The teams are not allowed to use the current car for these kinds of tests, just like Alonso drove the 2018 Renault in Barcelona

      BlaziTheEdgelordBlaziTheEdgelord13 napja
  • 本当に楽しみで仕方がない!角田頑張れ!

    YOS kaoruYOS kaoru13 napja
  • I wonder if stewards have to be around during the test

    Jakub PoplawskiJakub Poplawski13 napja
  • Good luck brother

    mat.hmat.h13 napja
  • 1): I ma surprised on how smooth his English is 2) Where's the ladder???

    Paulo Muñoz ArtaviaPaulo Muñoz Artavia13 napja
  • I miss kvyat but i can get support to tsunoda(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞FORZA ALPHATAURI

    Arham MuhammadArham Muhammad13 napja
  • a Japanese driver, in a car with a japanese engine.. perfect. The last thing we need is EUROBEAT.

    STRDAY.STRDAY.13 napja
    • The first thing we need is hardbass😂

      Nikt WażnyNikt Ważny9 napja
  • Yuki will be one of the best drivers in f1 good luck!

    CoolGamer ZCoolGamer Z13 napja
  • Wait he’s using 2019’s steering wheel

    Alessio FabbriAlessio Fabbri13 napja
  • 0:10 cronchy

    what should be my name???what should be my name???13 napja
  • Kvyat so much better than yuki.

    Kuba PlayerKuba Player13 napja
  • 0:16 Captions: hi im ur kitchen

    Cooper Brawl StarsCooper Brawl Stars13 napja
  • I hope he’s the next f1 champ

    Rio _Rio _13 napja
  • Is he a Pay-to-Drive driver? If so, how much is he paying?

    onesoloving1onesoloving113 napja
  • I would love to see Tsunoda in F1, he's amazing on F2 and so talentous... I really wish someday be like him and become the 2nd chilean F1 driver... Sadly, it never happened and it never will... But I feel Tsunoda is the new "Hamilton"

    Cristóbal Farías GalleguillosCristóbal Farías Galleguillos13 napja
  • I'm really looking forward to it.Kakuda has high potential, so I want him to play an active role on the f1 stage. I hope Japan's F1 boom will come again!!!!!!! 今年の鈴鹿は相当盛り上がるだろうなあ。。。 レースができることを祈る。

    かめかめ13 napja
  • This is 2018 car, fantastic

  • 日本中が応援してるぞ❗頑張れー🎌‼️

    はぺんはぺん13 napja
  • Why he had 2018 steering wheel?

    Patrik LegindiPatrik Legindi13 napja
  • Yukiiiii we did it, yuuuuukiiii we did it!!!!! Rosberg- Abu Dhabi 2016 - oh wait, it was muki. Nevermind. 😂😂😂😜

    Ben GötzeBen Götze13 napja
  • He needs to learn english...

    KSokKSok13 napja
  • Seems like a really sweet bloke, wish him the best in F1

    H KH K13 napja
  • Albon is about to lose his seat Alpha Tauri at that moment: "seni seçdim çünkü sen farklısın, japonsun bir kere akıllı adamsın, güçlerimizi birleştirmemiz lazım"

    Muhammed GürsoyMuhammed Gürsoy13 napja
  • if anyone can test anywhere they want why was everyone pissed about Alonso taking pant in the young driver program I see some other driver lost a chance but how did Alonso gain?

    Legendary RcLegendary Rc13 napja
  • Thats the 2018 car with the new livery btw

    Lucas Yasturituf1Lucas Yasturituf113 napja
  • Didn’t he also drive in the young driver test in Abu Dhabi?

    Jake MJake M13 napja
  • I'm just happy to see another Japanese driver back in F1 this kids got the talent to boot too.

    TLR EclipseTLR Eclipse13 napja
  • He is cute

    OwOOwO13 napja
  • まっすぐ進む Yuki

    SergiosaukkaSergiosaukka13 napja
  • Future kelly piquet's boyfriend

    Ricardo MiñoRicardo Miño13 napja
  • Maybe the only thing I want in my steering wheel is the microphone, the pit button, the gear up and down and of course the power button

    ETBonifacio ?ETBonifacio ?13 napja
  • Nice sharp curve steering ability 👍

    Arman MaabaArman Maaba13 napja
  • Can't wait for the 2021 season to start!

    onegrapefruitloveronegrapefruitlover13 napja
  • フォーミュラワンでの時間を楽しんでいただければ幸いです

    Graham GreenallGraham Greenall13 napja
  • Hardbass out, Eurobeat on

    Luke WoodLuke Wood13 napja
  • He has the power of anime on his side

    29_21พศิน วงษ์เสริมหิร์ญ29_21พศิน วงษ์เสริมหิร์ญ13 napja