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Prickly fire vibes!
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  • please don't cut it its hot

    dakota cdakota cÓrája
  • jojo siwa is rthe new gt dave of ice cream

    Violette DuBoisViolette DuBoisÓrája
  • Teddy Fresh????

    Erynne GarverErynne Garver3 órája
  • Have you seen markiplier’s calendar? Now that is worth the buy..

    Sadia RaeSadia Rae4 órája
  • as soon as i saw the lemonade and hot sauce FUCKING GENIUS best products in the whole video by far

    Javi del ValJavi del Val8 órája
  • Okay I was absolutely OBSESSED with Preston when I was like 6 and seeing Cody talk about him felt surreal.

    SophieSophie14 órája
  • I feel like the word “genius” was used a little too liberally in this video.

    JimmyJimmy15 órája
  • this is the type of synchronicity I'm looking for in a relationship

    Ishita ShaileshIshita Shailesh16 órája
  • You missed the Dolan twins wake heart fragrances

    Ashlynn JohnsonAshlynn Johnson17 órája
  • not me downloading dobre dunk

    arianna ellearianna elle19 órája
  • Can someone help a stoner lesbian out and tell me where Cody’s shirt is from

    Addy KruseAddy Kruse23 órája
  • not the full send hat. yikes

    Janelle JordanJanelle JordanNapja
  • Planners are so necessary. What kinda adult are you.

    Moe GannMoe GannNapja
  • Mm mm mm

    Minu MathewMinu MathewNapja
  • Invite me to your wedding

    Stella SmithStella SmithNapja
  • kelsey needs to start a jewelry company

    Mahnoor NMahnoor NNapja
  • Ko-pple: The Ko and Krepple Couple Therpists

  • Preston is a Minecraft HUworldr so I guess it does make since.

    BlueMist HDBlueMist HDNapja
  • 8:56 two minutes of Cody and Kelsey trying to unbiasley judge their close friends product

    Oliver MCOliver MCNapja
  • My Christmas wish is Cody Roasting me :)

    The HouseParty10The HouseParty10Napja
  • i use a physical calendar 😳 i get one every year for christmas and use it to write down my shifts for the month

    Laura RussellLaura RussellNapja
  • Yall are so basic and white its tiring

  • old man figures out how to make a tier list and never stops

    Bella BorensteinBella BorensteinNapja
  • I’m surprised you didn’t include Ace family’s Silly Juiceee

    Yasmin CurtiYasmin CurtiNapja
  • they really sound like emma's parents

    Jughead StilinskiJughead StilinskiNapja
  • right now cody is on the same sponsor level as the average female life blogger and i think that's beautiful.

    Danae CleanDanae CleanNapja
  • Rate Lionmaker underpants!!!

    Acer AckermanAcer AckermanNapja
  • how do you do a youtuber product tier list and NOT put top of the morning coffee... bruh

  • Cody, you’re 30, marry her already

    Liam GordonLiam GordonNapja
  • Kelsey: idk who that is Cody: neither 🤷‍♀️

    madison speachmadison speachNapja
  • kinda lame that cody ko supports nelk lmfao. theyre just a trump fan group now

    bruh bruh!bruh bruh!Napja
  • i vote Kelsey makes crepes called Creppel's

    Amoree ErskineAmoree ErskineNapja
  • just get married already smh

    Chayenne VerburgtChayenne VerburgtNapja
  • Poor Cody thinking he’s still a mullet wearing, alcoholic twenty something year old🥺

    Owen NielsenOwen NielsenNapja
  • Can we get a petition for an ironic cody poster??!

    thomas berkeythomas berkey2 napja
  • Kelsey is such a ducking libra w that diplomacy to a fault 😂

    U VU V2 napja
  • Product idea: The Ko Kandy Bar

    Dr YeeticusDr Yeeticus2 napja
  • MAKE COATS!!! Cody Koats

    Mackenzie WhiteMackenzie White2 napja
  • anybody else think he looks like a trucker dude with the cut, hat, and hoop?

    Chann BaizeChann Baize2 napja
  • Cody Ko-ffee

    Ayden LunauAyden Lunau2 napja
    • i accept venmo, cash app, paypal yk the usuals

      Ayden LunauAyden Lunau2 napja
  • Ani energy by Josh Richards

    Jackson JeromeJackson Jerome2 napja
  • can we talk about cody's shirt please

    sugalishioussugalishious2 napja
  • when u said about jojo siwa's icecream "isnt she like 18 and this is marketed towards kids" ORRRRR ur just old as fuck. what u cant have ur brand be colorful and fun when ur an adult, fucking granpa

    Abigail HolbrookAbigail Holbrook2 napja
  • *"Looks like it tastes like cancer a bit"* Well, she did have asbestos in the makeup she was selling, soo

    Grayson VirtueGrayson Virtue2 napja
  • Hot-ones hot sauce should be an S imo

    Austin KilgoreAustin Kilgore2 napja
  • Let’s be fair, everything on this list is a cash grab. Lol So you can’t solo out David’s Cologne

    Austin KilgoreAustin Kilgore2 napja
  • mike stud is not a rapper

    Aidan HansenAidan Hansen2 napja
  • Future Cody laughs after purchasing an adult colouring book

    Samantha ButlerSamantha Butler2 napja
  • this is like a huge sponsor video

    manuel nielsenmanuel nielsen2 napja
  • As soon as Cody said that he wanted to smell like David Dobrik, I thought, “Man, Cody looks like the dollar store version of David Dobrik right now!” 😂😂😂

    Isabella DoranIsabella Doran2 napja
  • finally a good sponsorship lmfao function of beauty is the best brand ive used

    Tima TTima T2 napja
  • Cody looks way better with short hair. ❌🧢

    Lemon DealerLemon Dealer2 napja
  • I still used calenders.. im 23 :DDDD

    CC3 napja
  • Leaving out teddy fresh feels disrespectful

    Anthony hAnthony h3 napja
  • Steve o hot sauce

    Nick BillmannNick Billmann3 napja
  • How have I not noticed that Cody looks like the young mark wahlberg

    Alice KarlssonAlice Karlsson3 napja
  • the minute you said it- full send party whistle HAHAHAHAHA

    Julia AckermanJulia Ackerman3 napja
  • I’d go nuts for Konuts

    Cooper SmithCooper Smith3 napja
  • Dolan twins perfume!

    Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick3 napja
  • I'm getting one of these mugs for Christmas

    Dora SchaerDora Schaer3 napja
  • 0.35 is when I thought he was ganna say “and that why today’s sponsors is _________”

    Lea HoxhajLea Hoxhaj3 napja
  • super carlin bros also make coffee

    pp crudddpp cruddd3 napja
  • bro kelsey looks so pretty

    Prarthana TotloorPrarthana Totloor3 napja
  • “Smilemore” by Roman Atwood is a fun and positive products line.

    Just The Other GamerJust The Other Gamer3 napja
  • Cody where did you get your shirt

    cheese louisecheese louise4 napja
  • I must be the only person on the planet who has no interest whatsoever in David Dobrick OR his products. His smile seems so contrived to me---and perfume? I'm good.

    RedHairedRiotRedHairedRiot4 napja
    • Yeah why does he have SO much hype? And same lol I used to look at his instagram and he has the same fake smile in every pic😂

      KeeksKeeks10 órája
    • Same! I dont understand what the hype is around him

      Zahra FZahra F18 órája
    • Same here, I don't really give much of a shit ab him or what he does but whatever makes him money ig. People will always sell out his stuff.

      Ali MadisonAli Madison2 napja
  • i like how he didn’t put all his products in S just bc they’re his

    ashley bashley b4 napja
  • @david help them out

    Paige WasilewskiPaige Wasilewski4 napja
  • I’m so sad bc i’ve been an orange ben dover for the past two months and my friends have been messaging me asking if that was me and i don’t think it was :(

    Cathryn CoyleCathryn Coyle4 napja
  • Video starts at 3:00

    Nature's top 10Nature's top 104 napja
  • Cody Kronuts

    Alyssa LauAlyssa Lau4 napja
  • rank h3h3's butthole candle!

    Dreamy AberdeenDreamy Aberdeen5 napja
  • Cody Kones - Ice Cream

    Lily O'NeillLily O'Neill5 napja
  • The Dolan Twins started a fragrance line called Wakeheart and I have heard good things about it

    Micah BrownMicah Brown5 napja
  • You should make CoKonut Water. You’re welcome.

    Chris McKenzieChris McKenzie5 napja
  • i just bought the stickers

    Gay CalculatorGay Calculator6 napja
  • Its so cool how youtubers can make their own brand and make all this stuff

    Kayla KateKayla Kate6 napja
  • The beverage matt by Gamers Nexus

    J LJ L6 napja
  • you missed top of the mornin coffee from jacksepticeye

    Saaqib HasnainSaaqib Hasnain6 napja
  • Kelsi is so much nicer lol

    Tallulah ReynekeTallulah Reyneke6 napja
  • He shoulda made TMG themed jerky

    Shamit PatelShamit Patel7 napja
  • Y’all should’ve tried all the products before rating them

    Abyss GodAbyss God7 napja
  • I thought they would test and BUY the products AND THEN rate them, like the snacks tier list video😭 Like a HUworldr merch/product haul :( Maybe they could do that next time!

    Anita Kh.Anita Kh.7 napja
  • I can’t really explain it but...why does Cody look like a lion

    Ellarie MarieEllarie Marie7 napja
  • what great parents! so supportive of their daughter, emma 🥰🥺

    Lindsey Taylor MitchellLindsey Taylor Mitchell7 napja
  • Ok but where can I buy ur konuts

    AJ MasonAJ Mason7 napja
  • A friend of mine can create some kind of internal vacuum and shotgun a beer in less than a second. Its scary

    G EG E8 napja
  • Oh no Alex whyyyy a calander

    Nikkie_ IljNikkie_ Ilj8 napja
  • literally just bought a mug as soon as you said it

    Liesel HoedebeckeLiesel Hoedebecke8 napja
  • 3:11 oh my goodness you sound exactly like starlight right there

    Max WinklerMax Winkler8 napja
  • whens the wedding?

    Roman AntonyukRoman Antonyuk8 napja
  • If only they knew about "Andy by Hamish" Fragrance...

    Matt ForintonMatt Forinton9 napja
  • "the bottles a little bit jarring" nice

    ChaseChase9 napja
  • They are such a power couple

    BoscoBosco9 napja

    Taylor McClureTaylor McClure9 napja
  • kreppel wheel chairs

    Max MagyarMax Magyar9 napja
  • You two could dress up as David and Natalie for hallowed or something

    Baui MauiBaui Maui10 napja
  • I really want that lemonade

    Cali AuxCali Aux10 napja
  • now try all the products

    mindkevinmindkevin10 napja
  • I have a physical calendar.

    Unusable FootageUnusable Footage10 napja