Youtube Shadow-Banned Me?

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okay gamers this was not cool smash like to pay respects
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  • smash subscribe or youtube ban you

    Dani2Dani27 napja
    • Bruy

      Black WarriorBlack Warrior5 napja
    • Hey what about the drill?

    • yes

    • What about the drill?

      Keith WalkerKeith Walker5 napja
    • Nice

      dr. coomer clone • 6 years agodr. coomer clone • 6 years ago5 napja
  • 8:28 fax

    karl michael narvacankarl michael narvacan19 perccel
  • I have a question about the drill..

    AdamPlanesAdamPlanes33 perccel
  • next video be like: So now I've done the chapter 1 and it didn't actually took literally no more than 69 years and I have planned 6 more chapters for next gen.

    Santeri Pit VlogsSanteri Pit Vlogs41 perce
  • Make another karlson dev log

    David SilvaDavid SilvaÓrája
  • What's with the drill?

    Magical BeansMagical BeansÓrája
  • the wow that was really cool is gonna be so long it will turn into its own netflix series with like 58 seasons with more to come

    possible psychopathpossible psychopathÓrája
  • dead youtuber

    Matej VojakMatej Vojak2 órája
  • hey what’s the drill

    TheGamerTrapTheGamerTrap2 órája
  • But like when karlson coming out

    Stinky_oringe420Stinky_oringe4202 órája
  • Imagine if karlson was free

    La Man behind ze slaughterLa Man behind ze slaughter2 órája

    Thomas HandlerThomas Handler2 órája
  • wow that was really cool

    Thomas HandlerThomas Handler2 órája
  • Please! play big chungus rampage 2

    Atharva ShrivastavaAtharva Shrivastava3 órája
  • What is the drill talk about ??????????

    Cooper BurgessCooper Burgess3 órája
  • 110k people want this man to play a big chungus game

    Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez3 órája
  • Gamerz unite

    dermotmeaneydermotmeaney3 órája
  • I... forgot that this is about the drill. Why don't u add a drill... Oops I asked about that drill!

    Dat LeDat Le3 órája
  • 2:19 that face

    happy game or something elsehappy game or something else3 órája
  • There wasnt a thicc thumbs up for every meme

    RaviNevi VIBESRaviNevi VIBES4 órája
  • Wow That Was Really Cool *I made this comment cause I saw another comment in which al the replies were "wow that was really cool" but it already got 500 replies so now people can spam here

    RaviNevi VIBESRaviNevi VIBES4 órája
  • Karlson devlog

    George Cactus ultimateGeorge Cactus ultimate4 órája

    Yassh playsYTYassh playsYT4 órája
  • Wow that was really v6

    isam elwawiisam elwawi4 órája
  • Game in UA4 or u can.t do that

    lorilei Torreslorilei Torres5 órája
  • 4:32 Korega requiem da

    ZeddliYTZeddliYT5 órája
  • Hey dani what about the next devlog you make that you can play as Billy though since billy has no arm you should put the legs in the arm's place and make Billy float so he has no legs he'll upgrade the more you play when billy slide instead of just ragdolling the enemy the enemy will get flung forcefully

    PersonPerson5 órája
  • where long neck reveal there has 100k likes

    okan nerzaokan nerza5 órája
  • I was here when the video got 420 dislikes

    Nodnarb's Alt 3Nodnarb's Alt 36 órája
  • 1:28 Thats Berd :D

    GabeationsGabeations6 órája
  • I was told the video was shadow-banned. Next thing I knew, said video was on my recommended. What are the chances?! xD

    Aviators AirlineAviators Airline6 órája
  • This is funny

    julius Villaverdejulius Villaverde6 órája
  • Wow that was really cool

    Alejandro GuerraAlejandro Guerra6 órája
  • Milk

    YesYes6 órája
  • Btw there a good Roblox karson 3D now

    Thang CingThang Cing6 órája
  • Wow that was really cool

    Thang CingThang Cing6 órája

    LeiLei7 órája
  • You should make it so karlson can be a VR game or you can’t do that

    Tyler LindellTyler Lindell7 órája
  • Where's the a karlson episode

    Ultra GalaxyUltra Galaxy7 órája
  • The drill

    Melisia CharlesMelisia Charles7 órája
  • Listen kid, I know the reason about the drill, it’s there for a reason, and that reason is....

    Sashun MobileSashun Mobile7 órája
  • Ahahahaha bet you can’t make a game for a console (ps4)

    Finale FlashFinale Flash7 órája
  • Why can I not join the discord?

    TriscittTriscitt9 órája
  • 4:33 all of the boxes of Dani are pretty lined up at the top but one

    Goferboy 237Goferboy 2379 órája
  • What’s the drill

    Controller KingController King9 órája
  • I forgot he existed

    TreededeTreedede10 órája
  • Berd

    okok10 órája
  • Update your game lol

    AltairAltair10 órája
  • Är du från sverige?

    Albin ThunAlbin Thun10 órája
  • I've been waiting and in trinity for a new upload thank you

    Toni FisherToni Fisher11 órája
  • complite karlson. or you cant????????

    Felix SmithFelix Smith11 órája

    william sörmanwilliam sörman11 órája
  • Why dont you make a ragdoll game if ragdolls make you go yesss

    RandomAnimatesRandomAnimates11 órája
  • What are the drill used for

    superpug 346superpug 34611 órája
  • Paused the video to start watching my uni lecture. Came back to this video and ears got blasted lol

    BurningElementBurningElement12 órája
  • Hes back!

    tak wackytak wacky12 órája
  • drill is really cool

    dod.dod.12 órája
  • Why are you don't try to make horror game (or you cant do that)

    Norbert XDDNorbert XDD12 órája
  • Why we dont speak about the drill 1. IT HOLDS THE LEGENDARY KARLSON RELEASE DATE 2.Because why not 3. Because it holds Dani's expired milk since

    Danny The NinjaDanny The Ninja13 órája
  • Whens the neck reveal

    O҉R҉E҉O҉9 T҈H҈E҈L҈O҈R҈D҈O҉R҉E҉O҉9 T҈H҈E҈L҈O҈R҈D҈13 órája
  • B O n e Rs

    One of Sans' Gaster BlastersOne of Sans' Gaster Blasters13 órája
  • Time for neck reveal

    zsoti 14zsoti 1413 órája

    sampletext 420sampletext 42013 órája
  • Lmao I feel like Dani is starting to get tired of his own jokes/memes. It's okay Dani, you can come up with new jokes to mix it up and we will still appreciate you.

    EyeMCreativeEyeMCreative13 órája
  • but what's the drill.......

    Yousef AbdulrahmanYousef Abdulrahman14 órája
  • yeah yeah, apart the jokes, what is actually the drill? i remained inactive from youtube lately

    _ Firespecialstar __ Firespecialstar _14 órája
  • drill

    GrumpyEndermanGrumpyEnderman14 órája
  • Why not try to make a world war 2 game? (or you cant do that) btw im norwegian too you true Boner

    The Pets Of TerrariaThe Pets Of Terraria14 órája
  • Cow that was pretty milk

    ZypeZype14 órája
  • Plot twist :Dani asked about the drill:

    ryder Huskryder Husk15 órája
  • big dislike for youtube

    NoobNoob15 órája
  • 5:05 when the milk is sus! 😳

    Toy Freddy FNAF 2Toy Freddy FNAF 215 órája
  • Can you program more games?

    agent snabelagent snabel15 órája
  • Wow that wS really cool

    Despacito ManDespacito Man15 órája
  • Someone: * Talk about the drill * Dani: SHUT

    Arceus Gacha Dream FurryArceus Gacha Dream Furry15 órája
  • you tube 2021 huh still the worse

    Ken GoldKen Gold15 órája
  • 1, 2 oatmeal

    MinestoneblockMinestoneblock15 órája
  • What drill

    Epic Derik kun eEpic Derik kun e16 órája
  • *Dani actually releases the game* Everyone: Wait, what?

    InnerEagleInnerEagle16 órája
  • UFC new sport drill fighting Dani:This is illegal If u dont understand this its beacause dani says "we dont speak about the drill" So ye drill fighting illegal

    AdamDaBoyYT Alt And MainAdamDaBoyYT Alt And Main16 órája

    Guy YoungGuy Young16 órája
  • dani, my friend, they didnt shadow ban you, you just didnt upload

    drkzydrkzy16 órája
  • if u want to get free alts of alllllll kinds join this discord server i swear im not a bot or a scammer i just recommend it lol :

    MoonbeamMoonbeam16 órája
  • And if you still don't know what carlspn is its baS&%*/££:T£&££#@&*

    animation timeanimation time17 órája
  • whats the drill :)

    PulsarBeamPulsarBeam17 órája
  • no

    Deseos ElasticosDeseos Elasticos17 órája
  • what is the drill guys?

    gerard andrew Brennemangerard andrew Brenneman17 órája
  • *i spoke about the drill*

    WaterMelodyHydraWaterMelodyHydra17 órája
  • Can I ask about the drill?

    JJ Playz GamesJJ Playz Games17 órája
  • Thicc plus Frick you billy

    Ahmad Alsayed AttallahAhmad Alsayed Attallah17 órája
  • 6:45 the picture is from Mafia Mario (SMG4)

    ZAM MAZZAM MAZ18 órája
  • Hey dani- can pineapple juice have a truce with you?

    ToxicityToxicity18 órája
  • 100k like on one week Mill

    Chill 1234Chill 123418 órája
  • Wow that was really cool

    V.K.S.V.K.S.18 órája
  • So the drill was first introduced as a character in Dani’s 3D among us video and has since become a taboo topic within the Daniverse. The drill was used as a prop in the 3D among us game that Dani made, and now redditors are swarming the Dani subreddit with memes about the drill (among other things. It’s ironic though because they are making memes about how bad it is to talk about the drill, but by making memes about it, they are actually talking about it. The drill is wh-... Wait a second somebody is at the door. `What can I do for you sir?’ `Hey! What are you doing, get out of my house!’ `I’ll call the pol-... hey there now *nervous chuckle* put the gun down... This is a misunderstanding... Please don’t! What did I do?!’ *sinister giggle* ‘ you talked about *the drill* ‘ *BANG*

    thomas mthomas m18 órája
  • Wow, that was really cool

    Jhanielle Raixen MongayaJhanielle Raixen Mongaya18 órája
  • Wow, that was really cool

    Jhanielle Raixen MongayaJhanielle Raixen Mongaya18 órája
  • Dani I have in idea for karlson make if you write THICC every thing be THICC

    Ahmed D22Ahmed D2218 órája
  • Dani is looking worse and worse every time

    dvl _mattdvl _matt18 órája
  • DUDE I know that book, and ive seen the cartoons but in russian since im half russian (live in usa)

    bob fluxbob flux18 órája