You NEED To Play This With Your Friends!

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  • 대단하네👍

    강규영강규영2 perccel
  • 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

    Daniel FernándezDaniel Fernández19 perccel
  • I mean I know most people are ignorant these days. But you all understand that electrons cannot properly flow through non metallic materials, right? Meaning this twat jumped around like a fool for no reason.

    Tanner HolmesTanner Holmes32 perccel
  • emmm, who is going to tell them that wood is not a conductor of electricity?

    Natalia RomeroNatalia RomeroÓrája
  • Wow look how fake is this vid

    this is th longest name in youtube idk why I did itthis is th longest name in youtube idk why I did itÓrája
  • Why is darryl only getting the good ones

    Caitlyn WillsCaitlyn Wills2 órája
  • “In the future entertainment will be randomly generated” Apparently cringe aswell

    BotMeBotMe2 órája
  • Since when does wood conduct electricity

    DuplexDuplex2 órája
  • Bvm

    deivison oliveiradeivison oliveira3 órája
  • Cant wait for their own movie.. SAWnewGeneration

    michael tikzmichael tikz3 órája
    • Hb

      deivison oliveiradeivison oliveira3 órája
  • The only things I need now is a electric chair and money :.)

    Relaxe dudeRelaxe dude4 órája
  • Me: listening to the video Also me: did I just hear Jaber-jaber? Like what the sims say?

    vivian StyleLifevivian StyleLife4 órája
  • You are terrible at acting!!!!!

    The animation KingThe animation King5 órája
  • Haha

    Eva DeumelandEva Deumeland5 órája
  • Funny 🐾🤣

    Olette OonkOlette Oonk5 órája
  • ur friends are gonna leave you eventually. . órája
  • But is wood-

    nasty baenasty bae6 órája

    LostSeeker MCLostSeeker MC6 órája
  • so uh..people are talking about how the chair couldn't possibly shock him but uh.. are those his car keys? .-.

    JustAWaffleVRJustAWaffleVR6 órája
  • But, the chair is wood

    Dry BonesDry Bones6 órája
  • Darun beautiful

    Megha Biswas BiswasMegha Biswas Biswas6 órája
  • Wood does not conduct electricity.

    Josh ShieldsJosh Shields7 órája
  • Yes we play, you give me 500$

    Rajdeep MazumdarRajdeep Mazumdar7 órája
  • Hahaha the guy who got 100 broke his cup lmao

    Drægøñê king of flamesDrægøñê king of flames7 órája
  • Ha, like I have any friends

    Raitodākunesu ChikaraRaitodākunesu Chikara7 órája
  • The toy:really i can't play

    anônimo125anônimo1257 órája
  • This is teplek👍👍

    shinta nuriyahshinta nuriyah8 órája
  • Sorry

    Jayalakshi PrasannaJayalakshi Prasanna8 órája
  • Ful dene

    Punitha KaimanePunitha Kaimane9 órája
  • shut.

    MystxcMystxc10 órája
  • La madera no conduce electricidad

    El BromasEl Bromas10 órája
  • Nice car keys

    Neelaksh SatiNeelaksh Sati11 órája
  • Lol the “shock chair” is a scare tactic to get the same reaction if the chair was electrified

    Amber DunnAmber Dunn11 órája
  • Ждём видео от влада бумаги😏

    Бексултан НурланБексултан Нурлан11 órája

    Nasrikin VANESANasrikin VANESA12 órája
  • Girl doesn't get egg all over ,,, dislike

    pico zyosso_-pico zyosso_-12 órája
  • That chair didnt shock him what shitty acting

    Chris F.Chris F.12 órája
  • ماعجبني 03728384963

    Hafid BouazizHafid Bouaziz12 órája
  • Por qué los americanos son tan exagerados

    HydraHydra13 órája
  • Who else saw someone with no face

    •ßþřåwbêřřy Čhøčöłåþë Møöň OwO••ßþřåwbêřřy Čhøčöłåþë Møöň OwO•13 órája
  • Shock chair is dangerous

    LolitaLolita13 órája
  • 😁😁😁😁😆😆🙂

    ZIN GYIZIN GYI13 órája
  • People who missed the joke about the "Shock Chair" -> 🤡

    Shade DevShade Dev14 órája
  • Wood+electricity = burn your ass

    Jabbie JabbieJabbie Jabbie14 órája
  • This game is good but they are wasting food a lot for no reason

    Muzatic FlowMuzatic Flow14 órája
  • My friends are black. We not pieing or egging each other or ourselfs in the face. We definitely not fucking with anything electric thts 4 damn sho. Yall wouldn't do this shit either if a camera wasn't involved. Stop the cap and just play beer bong or something

    Kush N OJ Da KingKush N OJ Da King14 órája
  • Amazing how by random chance everyone gets a different outcome without overlapping.

    Kasperi LehtonenKasperi Lehtonen15 órája
  • Wastage😤 Better give it to poor people

  • Cool guy you are actually correct they are faking it

    BDGANGBDGANG15 órája
  • Hi I am so happy that you have to send me a message

    Trudi GTrudi G15 órája
  • 👍👌😂

    Ling yang NakilaLing yang Nakila16 órája
  • Wow so cool

    Ling yang NakilaLing yang Nakila16 órája
  • Wow u call that wooden chair 💺 having a shock machine beneath a shock chair . 😂

    Biswajyoti RoychowdhuryBiswajyoti Roychowdhury16 órája
  • Chair: *wood* Them: *shock chair* Chair: *look at dis dood*

    Jasmira frea TuanJasmira frea Tuan16 órája
  • When the 2nd guy gets shocked you can see him wearing a thong in slow mo😂

    obeyymeeobeyymee17 órája
  • Pig pig pig pig pig

    Jernih Hati DaeliJernih Hati Daeli17 órája
  • Electricity cannot make that noise and it definitely can't get through wood

    AngieAngie17 órája
  • Hahahhàhahahahahahhahhh

    filipina de leonfilipina de leon17 órája
  • Widiya

    Erni TomboyErni Tomboy17 órája
  • Wy have a highvis on

    Katherine Cooper-MackenzieKatherine Cooper-Mackenzie17 órája
  • My poor ears

    Lilac JuviaLilac Juvia18 órája
  • Just remove the electric chair and you’ll be fine

    HyperHyper18 órája
  • Am I the one just noticing that the manequin has balls

    The proplayer Only clubThe proplayer Only club18 órája
  • Wood isn’t a electricity conductor... Nice acting skills btw

    Elyonotusi 2000Elyonotusi 200018 órája
  • If i was willing to give 600 pounds and a PIE to my friends, then i would

    TheLastMcLarenTheLastMcLaren19 órája
  • W-wow how🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Shaira CastilloShaira Castillo19 órája
  • It so joke 🤣 when he sit on shock chair

    JJ 1JJ 119 órája
  • Kemamon. jajajaja

    Julio CortesJulio Cortes19 órája
  • Who else is stuck in an endless loop of watching HUworld shorts for no reason?

    Himanshu KuradiaHimanshu Kuradia20 órája
  • HAHAHA so fucking funny it’s not like I want to rip out there vocal cords hahahahahhaha so fucking funny hahahah doing the same thing over and over again hahhahahhahababba it is soooo funny because they just keep doing it and it is always as funny and the last first time!!! Repetition is so fucking funny I love it hahahhahhahahahahahhHahahahahahhahahabahahhahahhHhahJahHhahHHahhHahHahHahhahwhahahahhahahahahhahahhhaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAQAaAaAaAaaA🥲🔫

    Justin ShapleyJustin Shapley20 órája
  • 😅😆😥😓

    Miguel AlvesMiguel Alves21 órája
  • Can we talk about how the stool works? There is no circuit that passes energy from the electronics to the body and I doubt wood is a good conductor.

    ODAODA21 órája
  • Is that the baby form of an electric chair?

    Malicious MakerMalicious Maker21 órája
  • Apparently screaming is a theme here

    RoStudRoStud22 órája
  • I can only say that it's a dumb game

    tok mummytok mummy22 órája
  • Friend: wanna play a game? Me: brings out electric chair

    my name is weston and i remake your tweetsmy name is weston and i remake your tweets22 órája
  • Oh my God 😎

    AViNA XiongAViNA Xiong23 órája
  • T Roblox

    Roblox1 Me knowRoblox1 Me know23 órája
  • This is fake lol. Wood is an insulator so the shock chair won’t work.

    ShaneVerse VODSShaneVerse VODS23 órája
  • Well unfortunately I don’t have 100 bucks in my back pocket

    ItsTombstoneItsTombstone23 órája
  • Why are you throwing eggs? Disrespectful

    bluecoldchocolatesaltbluecoldchocolatesalt23 órája
  • I love those wooden chairs that can conduct electricity.

    Rob GibsonRob Gibson23 órája
  • Is no one going to ignore of the fact the “shock chair” was made from wood. Like bruh electricity doesn’t pass through a insulators

    YAKYAK23 órája
  • Bruh second one is fake it’s a car key we are not that stupid

    Jstn On 60 fpsJstn On 60 fps23 órája
  • Wasteful, Maybe try other consequences

    catcat23 órája
  • The ultimate way getting my dad singing Karaoke😼

    Flamery the foxFlamery the foxNapja
  • No you most not play this with ur friend this is wrong

    Monster AwesomeHD The VlogMonster AwesomeHD The VlogNapja
  • To win 600dollar he had to make a deal with the devil

    S A M S U N G S 6 E D G ES A M S U N G S 6 E D G ENapja
  • So the 500 just so happened to be last and the "Shock Chair" didn't have any hardware at all hooked up to it... Tired of the fake shit everywhere

    kester1987 kkester1987 kNapja
  • Fake. Wood is an insulator.

    Element JoseElement JoseNapja
  • That shock chair is complete bullshit

  • Dat chair ain't dat bad bein dat it's wood he jus either dramatic or it's fake and his actin skills is bad

  • Imagine electricity passing through wood

  • 😂😂😂😂🧑

    Martina IgnaciaMartina IgnaciaNapja
  • I don't wanna play that it's to scary with my body

    mark anjo asormark anjo asorNapja
  • FAZ UM COM R$ 1000

  • Im about to ruin this girls all carrier

    EG GEG GNapja
  • I'm upset the mannequin wasn't a person

  • I subscribed so I can watch others in pain


    NkG lassNkG lassNapja