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  • I would love to buy a pair of raycons, but the stupid idiots don't ship to Australia

    Syndicate Gaming85Syndicate Gaming85Perce
  • Good job my dudes, we can now rest easy knowing that in an event of a zombie apocalypse, offline TV is *safe*

    some guysome guy6 perccel
  • I love how furiously Michael plays the nose flute while everyone else is doing something different. That shit just cracks me up

    FlenkrFlenkr12 perccel
  • Well pokie ur time has come to be shown what you rly are made of. Fed did an A+ response.

    Theodhor ZhobroTheodhor Zhobro26 perccel
  • If you look closely poki only allows funny as looking people to join her house so she will always be the prettiest one

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee29 perccel
  • you guys should livestream the i boxing’s when there are that many...idk about anyone else but i would watch, you guys haven’t done a livestream there in so long

    juliannajulianna40 perccel
  • toast has gr8 hair and that's all i have to say

    Thinking Like A HumanThinking Like A HumanÓrája
  • upload michael

    I report Covid DeniersI report Covid DeniersÓrája
  • I don’t know wtf just happened but I liked it

    Not steven floresNot steven floresÓrája
  • That is the best Sponsor script.

  • Guys let's keep giving Lily weapons

    Samantha's CookiesSamantha's CookiesÓrája
  • i was so sad seeing the picture behind micheal ;-;

    iChii SaniChii SanÓrája
  • Whats that soundtrack at 7:40

    Celestial SpiritCelestial SpiritÓrája
  • if this world have a free world wide shipping... i can send yall foods and snacks

  • Raycons sound like trash and have way too much bass. Please save your money and don’t buy them

    Monkey of doom Badger of creationMonkey of doom Badger of creationÓrája
  • kick hoeki out of the house yes

    Gilbert CruzGilbert CruzÓrája
  • My dog when he sees me eating food: 0:12

  • make the robo dog YEET the spear

    LillambsauceLillambsauce2 órája
  • Them: Busy unboxing Me: Just vibing with that Pokémon background music.

    Christian LamesChristian Lames2 órája
  • *Filipino*

    KeanPlaysGamesKeanPlaysGames2 órája
  • Fed

    The Sculpty GuyThe Sculpty Guy2 órája
  • 15:00 bruhh the towerr

    Rashin EstinoRashin Estino2 órája

    Nathanael SimNathanael Sim2 órája
  • 15:41 got me real hard

    Yeet Everest1746Yeet Everest17462 órája
  • OMFG LILY IS A KDA FANNNN WHY AM I SURPRISED AND SO HAPPY She said does are like Evelynn glasses and Evelynn wears sunnies like those in the POP/STARS MV I love League Of Legends and a fucking adore KDA And Eve is like my Kwueen 😭😫❤wait a dumb absent minded fuck lmfao I literally watched her React to the MORE MV like a week ago im absent minded ASF🤣🥲

    Catherine AragonCatherine Aragon3 órája
  • Pokimane: "Welcome to...." Toast: 👁👁 👄

    Poku MhdPoku Mhd3 órája
  • I’m a Filipino and I swear I have never saw this before lol prolly cause I’m from the south

    Toilets And paperToilets And paper3 órája
  • 8:04 MY MAN

    Matthew HartMatthew Hart3 órája
  • Guys you misspelled the title of the video you mean send you MORE weapons maybe a pistol

    golden gamergolden gamer3 órája
  • We all know poki don't go to bath

    stzstz3 órája
  • Don't Mind Me, I'm only staring at the *POP/STARS* POSTER At The Back-

    Wolfynn HaruuWolfynn Haruu3 órája
  • If poki wiped the corner of her mouth as a joke id have lost it laughing.

    Zephyr IronsZephyr Irons3 órája
  • O

    Tiko MikoTiko Miko3 órája
  • garem moment

    Zech QuentienceZech Quentience4 órája
  • Who is here from destiny's stream.. BIG YIKESSSS'

    Hamza ALJubooriHamza ALJuboori4 órája
    • yep

      Lil TomuziLil TomuziÓrája
  • 15:02 the esports roaster dont mess with them

    b0sslance_prob0sslance_pro4 órája
  • I will not be shock if otv members will survive the purge. Look at those weapons.

    werm zuckerwerm zucker4 órája
  • i was like that flute looks familiar ohhhhhh i the from philipines beacause i am filipino

    Drannel Khaizer BuenavidezDrannel Khaizer Buenavidez4 órája
  • Michael excited he got his drugs

    Kit CatKit Cat4 órája
  • NUT

    W4R SH4D0WW4R SH4D0W4 órája
  • 1:10 lmao in the back Toast finally got a bed frame

    LapoLapo4 órája
  • No homo but toast is handsome lol

    LapoLapo4 órája
  • Toas looks like he is in really good shape, has he been working out?

    Open WorldsOpen Worlds4 órája
  • Nobody: Michal: 3:00 3:06 10:32 10:53 11:27 11:44 OTV: 15:35 15:50

  • toast got the daedric sword the one handed one hell yeah

    juicestus64 thegamerjuicestus64 thegamer5 órája
  • 7:39 he somehow changed genders

    Aidan Matthew GaleaAidan Matthew Galea5 órája
  • 3:30 if you wanna see that, head over to penguinz0 he’s got you covered ;)

    Noob 369Noob 3695 órája
  • I read it as “offline tv boxing” and saw pokis face, instant click, then saw it was unboxing, still a good video non the less (No hate to poki or any offense I just thought it would be an interesting video)

    Noob 369Noob 3695 órája
  • Michael is a psycho

    Kioku HouKioku Hou5 órája
  • Lily: Are these drugs? Michael: Drugs!?

    Solid SnakeSolid Snake5 órája
  • Nut

    kmardisokmardiso5 órája
  • Thank me later 3:00

    Lee FLee F5 órája
  • *n u t*

    Ezekiel VargasEzekiel Vargas5 órája
  • that nut button sounds like Stephen Hawking

    Fidelis FredericFidelis Frederic6 órája
  • You guys should smashing fruits again since you guys got new weapons from your current video meaning right now saying LILLY ILY and HELLO to OFFLINETV :)

    Tina TranTina Tran6 órája
  • Offline jerseys, then you got michael the weapon specialist lol

    Emerald PrinceEmerald Prince6 órája
  • I B love how Toast and Michael distribute weapons back and forth between one another. o(^_^)o

    Raymond PanRaymond Pan6 órája
  • the shoe that michael got was a philippine designed shoe.

    Kim Andrew BillosaKim Andrew Billosa6 órája
  • Scarra - Michael Michael - HUH!

    JoebamaJoebama6 órája
  • michael got his xannies

    Jacob StewartJacob Stewart7 órája
  • 11:43 you have the whole video then Michael and poki just have a vibe for a quick second

    Rachel BrittRachel Britt7 órája
  • 2:59 the naw chief you deserve props there my boi. (to the editor)

    El ChongEl Chong7 órája
  • I swear if a zombie apocalypse ever happens you guys better survive cause you’re being supplied with weapons

    Comic ComicComic Comic7 órája
  • So nobodys gonna mention how ripped Michael's legs are 8:13

    Sneaki The kidSneaki The kid7 órája
  • Fun fact dont get raycons they sound kinda shit ngl

    SoupzeSoupze7 órája
  • 11:41 Micheal: ٩( 'ω' )و

    Erika ContrerasErika Contreras7 órája
  • 1990 we had edward scissorhands, in 2020 we have michael fuckin knifefingers

    Chloe TorresChloe Torres7 órája
  • Micael prescription is not working he’s still crazy

    aden moralesaden morales8 órája
  • 15:02 Bro

    HighVoltageHdHighVoltageHd8 órája
  • 14:38 brass nuckles are illegal in CA.... who is calling the cops

    bob rossbob ross8 órája
  • Too much cringe

    Chris Play’sChris Play’s8 órája
  • I like how scarra was the most excited about the cables 💀

    Bailey CoopBailey Coop8 órája
  • Bruh buttplug

    Colton PacholskiColton Pacholski8 órája
  • Fuck poki

    Santosh PSantosh P8 órája
  • a buttplug

    demon slayerdemon slayer8 órája
  • Michael is home defense

    Zachery MonroeZachery Monroe8 órája
  • Maybe next time someone will send a gun

    Basty GetuizaBasty Getuiza8 órája
  • I make a move(confederate) that Michael takes all the weapons since no one else will use the

    FarA 87FarA 878 órája
  • Toast has a quite a cute smile.

    Brainiac 9Brainiac 98 órája

    John Phillipe MooreJohn Phillipe Moore9 órája
  • Michael and Poki vibes are immaculate

    jomikesjomikes9 órája
  • you got turtle jerky and my head said terky, but I was like: Turkey

    Noah PhamNoah Pham9 órája
  • you have no idea how deeply i yearn for that sword

    Echo_LurkerEcho_Lurker9 órája
  • If scarra is a snorlax he would have a lot babes

  • Lily: are these drug Michael: D R U G S?

    Fransi show FulgarFransi show Fulgar9 órája
  • I guarantee you that this comment will get... 1 like Edit: How can I send fan mail to OfflineTV or the people in this video?

    Student Diego JamesStudent Diego James9 órája
    • check the description

      watermalanwatermalan8 órája
  • anyone else wanna see and offline tv dnd campaign? it would be pure chaos and thats sooooooooo goooood

    lunar eclipselunar eclipse10 órája
  • lilly: LOOK AT THIS PAINTING mykill: *not paying attention* oh..... wow....

    STUDIO ZSTUDIO Z10 órája
  • Anybody else is pissed by raycon sponsorships?

    WOLFYWOLFY10 órája
  • "DRUGS??"

    Jhake PugosaJhake Pugosa10 órája
  • 1:15 my mans has a script he has to read

    Furykiller01Furykiller0110 órája
  • 3:52 - 3-57 Best part in this video Makes me laugh so hard

  • The only thing that interests me is the weapons because it can actually be able to kill.

    Its_Just.Meh11 Its_meh.Al0neIts_Just.Meh11 Its_meh.Al0ne10 órája
    • is this man a psychopath or does he just really like weapons: a decision i never expected to make

      LinaLina7 órája
  • Looked like toast was getting head af the beginning😂

    Logan DenneyLogan Denney11 órája
  • Thumbnail got Micheal using 3 sword style

    HyperDoodHyperDood11 órája
  • You guys should do another boxing video🥊

    AlphaGamingAlphaGaming11 órája
  • I wish I could be apart of shit like this but sadly no :,)

    Nicolas DennisNicolas Dennis11 órája
  • The background Pokémon music is so fitting 🤣

    Rylie RogersRylie Rogers11 órája
  • Note to self: remember to send them a AK 47 and then try to rob their house with a spoon

    MrPotatoMan _PRMrPotatoMan _PR11 órája
  • Michael got a prison spear and no ones talking about it

    Rougegamer 16Rougegamer 1611 órája