2021.jan. 9.
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  • The inting Moe: content everybody wants, but nobody deserves

    DesdressDesdress16 órája
  • We love hearing the inting music so early on

    Benjamin DaxnerBenjamin Daxner9 napja
  • for a moment i thougt the inting music keep play for all the video

    inversion iiréversibleinversion iiréversible12 napja
  • Moe : "This is my season!!" Pinoy: Roll that music.

    TobiasTobias12 napja
  • Pinoy next time do a "no way" count on his videos.

    Isiah Julio MalacaIsiah Julio Malaca12 napja
  • bronze brain

    DewioDewio12 napja
  • He just gone downhill in terms of skills a lot, not even funny. But it’s more fun to watch

    B PB P13 napja
  • Im regreting eatching this video.

    Yuuvi AMV'sYuuvi AMV's13 napja
  • 2:28 Now that was one of the most impresive plays i hav ever seen!

    Lowe MK-7000Lowe MK-700013 napja
  • I love ponoy man for the memes ( MY SEASON)

    Abdul AlduAbdul Aldu13 napja
  • is that a hungrybox tshirt?

    lil tommylil tommy13 napja
  • We all know yasuo is about to int when pinoy plays the music

    hunned Ghunned G13 napja
  • I love you these games where I'm 11/0 winning lane and then Cho'Gath at a size of a Jupiter comes at me and eats me full hp

    DeltaPrismDeltaPrism14 napja
  • I love how is tilted yo moe my man i am too mad with u right now i feel u

    NVY gamingNVY gaming14 napja
  • New year just started but i already know the next MOEVIE will be really good X) Hi Pinoy!

    RorikoRoriko14 napja
  • Wasted

    Janrey AligatoJanrey Aligato14 napja
  • Just love that trumpet song. U know the vid gonna be good when it starts

    Vlad PopescuVlad Popescu14 napja
  • Not u putting his lost games as plays

    Getaway CarGetaway Car14 napja
  • is the old pinoy edit back?

    ahmed chelbiahmed chelbi14 napja
  • this man makes akali looks weak xD

    MrAchsasMrAchsas14 napja
    • at least at the start of the vid he smurfed it later lul

      MrAchsasMrAchsas14 napja
  • Idk if im allowed to do advertisements for my channel but i would like if u would just give a view for my video Have a nice day TY

    Dr. KillerGamingDr. KillerGaming14 napja
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    KingOfVietsKingOfViets14 napja
  • this has no reason being this funny tho

    ziad fodaziad foda14 napja
  • pinoy bringing back the goodold musics just takes me back man

    kobe elamparokobe elamparo14 napja
  • Rip lol

    JMG AnimationJMG Animation14 napja
  • I am so glad I stopped playing this game after years...

    Gavin DavisGavin Davis14 napja

    OdinOdin14 napja
  • I LOVE the League ranked content, finally that magic feeling is back Moe

    Ivailo IvanovIvailo Ivanov14 napja
  • How washed is moe holy

    omar aldakheelomar aldakheel15 napja
  • This int music is the best 🤣🤣

    Body Ha4emBody Ha4em15 napja
  • Moe:ints Music:changes Also moe:faker!!!!!

    ibrahim ismailibrahim ismail15 napja
  • your a filipino

    akali mainakali main15 napja
  • Yasuo and Yone is mega busted rn imo

    ShrembleShremble15 napja
  • I think this is season of team diffs

    VłädVłäd15 napja
  • Every death or kill you flash your mastery

    beansbeans15 napja
  • No hate but these Akali mechanics makes me regret living

    JimmyJimmy15 napja
  • gotta hit that 10 min mark for the bag ;)

    XairenoXaireno15 napja
  • the best yasuo main has been diagnosed with yasuo syndrome everyone: imposible

    NooblesoopNooblesoop15 napja
  • And I got iron 1 😭

    Cason BurchCason Burch15 napja
  • That jhin W shouldn't have hit in that akail game

    drobabdrobab15 napja
  • Why is inting song 90% of the video

    Simpy VimpySimpy Vimpy15 napja
  • How tf u lose 5 games in a row an still get d3, actually makes no sense

    konnor kolbkonnor kolb15 napja
    • because he got masters last season

      ElivellElivell14 napja
  • 0:36 oh lord

    Gilles de JongGilles de Jong15 napja
  • If I go 5-5 I get placed in like silver T.T

    Edd SmithEdd Smith15 napja
  • Nightblue went 5-0 u went 0-5 it is what it is

    Ma4iuMa4iu15 napja
  • i love when the troll backround music comes in nice job pinoy

    Hi i'm RaymondHi i'm Raymond15 napja
  • 0:28 make that the new pog

    Kyle LinKyle Lin15 napja
  • Who else loves watching moe int and that song 😍😍🤣

    abdelkrim belmokhtarabdelkrim belmokhtar15 napja
  • This is primetime content

    Patrick HallPatrick Hall15 napja
  • Yo pinoy.. I would much rather watch a video where Moe pops off, like good plays and good games instead of compilations of him just dying..

    SkrrtSkrrt15 napja
  • moe: this is my season! *2 inting music*

    TohnTohn15 napja

    alex ionalex ion15 napja
  • The music makes these videos so bad

    Alec ChavaliaAlec Chavalia15 napja
  • I love how Pinoi sets the expectation on how the video will go.

    Alex QuinnAlex Quinn15 napja
  • 6:33 i was dead

    ibrahim yaldartanibrahim yaldartan15 napja
  • Only here for the inting music

    Auto AttackAuto Attack15 napja
  • If Riot deletes yasuo the world would be a better place

    Reuben AzurReuben Azur15 napja
  • the suffering is unreal in this video

    MananManan15 napja
  • you might think inting ends at 3:35 but there's more to come :)

    MananManan15 napja
  • bro, i like moe, but you guys have to go and watch the nightblue3's placements, THE VIDEO WAS JUST INSANE WITH THE MUSIC AND THE EDITS, better than all the content he had ever done, btw yassuo and nightblue should duo before they get to masters

    adrian hernandezadrian hernandez15 napja
  • Thank you Moe maybe there is hope for me yet.

    Fleet The Blu ScoutFleet The Blu Scout15 napja
  • alternative title: MOE'S BEST PLAYS IN 2021

    Aurel KlementAurel Klement15 napja
  • me encanta la parte en la q el mauricio se culea un burro

    tu vieja es ta wenatu vieja es ta wena15 napja
  • no hate but you played the champs i play in silver and you played them bad but you are diamond

    Dimitris KouimtsidisDimitris Kouimtsidis15 napja
  • Gets clapped 9/10 games still get diamomd 2 after promos

    5Pace Bar5Pace Bar15 napja
  • bgm name?

    林峻與林峻與15 napja
  • absolutely no one: moe: NO WAY

    Lucas MoraesLucas Moraes15 napja
  • I thinl the jg has a hold of the macs

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones15 napja
  • Do people really enjoy watching Moe int for a good part of the vid? Judging from the comments I think they do but personally I prefer just a bit of inting mixed with the rest of the content. Not hating just laying it out there.

    DakekuDakeku15 napja
  • But you need to pose like you're ready to throw up hands for the thumbnail c'mon brov

    그들을 태워라그들을 태워라15 napja
  • outro music?

    derMann901derMann90115 napja
  • am i the only one who humms with th inting music xD?

    M.A.BM.A.B15 napja

    stelios kosmasstelios kosmas15 napja
  • Pinoy editing is very nice. I like it like this where he doesnt do too much but just enough.

    Kha pKha p15 napja
  • 6:33 is comedic gold, thanks pinoy

    müll eimermüll eimer15 napja
  • inting music gotta love it

    hamziehamzie15 napja
  • Moe only shows his loses and not his wins, like for example look at his kda. He only shows deaths. Respect and keep being humble

    Richard XuRichard Xu15 napja
  • Pinoy pls.. I had cancer watching him playing.

    Man BunkersMan Bunkers15 napja
  • Did we ever get this much of the intsong?

    Lauf-gegen-den BangerLauf-gegen-den Banger15 napja
  • I’m getting tilted just from watching holy

    kabobobo1995kabobobo199515 napja
  • I like this music xd

    Last SamuraiLast Samurai15 napja
  • New drinking game: take a shot every time moe says "no way"

    SickfaceSickface15 napja
  • Season 11's ints KEKW

    Leg3nd BLeg3nd B15 napja
  • I haven't played ranked or my secondary role in almost a year, somehow won my first two games from behind.

    Josiah RiveraJosiah Rivera15 napja
  • MUSIC IS ??

    小樓樓小樓樓15 napja
  • Looked up some of the names, they are silver/gold players moe xD

    Emil Its MeEmil Its Me15 napja
  • Pinoy manages to make Moe look worse than silver

    Evan SteinEvan Stein15 napja
  • Can someone tell me the song that starts at 0:35 pls? :)

    PelpoPelpo15 napja
  • Trolling noobs

  • If you play a lot of yasuo it's hard to play yone after.

    Dast IRLDast IRL15 napja
  • a classic

    Mylifeis funnyMylifeis funny15 napja
  • 5:44 The windwall was in the other direction

    Luffy.x20Luffy.x2015 napja
  • Ah good old Int music

    sotiris adelfopoulossotiris adelfopoulos15 napja
  • Name of the music

    Khaled AshrafKhaled Ashraf15 napja
  • YESSSSS IT'S AN INTING VIDEO OF MOE Edit: nvm, it's not fully inting

    TicktackTicktack15 napja
  • sometimes moe play like a bronze 35

    DuncanDuncan15 napja
  • hmm change the first secondary heal rune for one of the second tier and you recover all the dmg back

    SorinSorin15 napja
  • Damn they had us in the first half, not gonna lie...

    Eduan MienieEduan Mienie15 napja
  • Pinoy you should have atleast given me a fuckin warning for the first half of the video god my brain cells

    brokeNbrokeN15 napja
  • Moe: it's my season Pinoy: Hold my beer..

    Mohamed HeshamMohamed Hesham15 napja