Yassuo | RIOT!!! THESE LP GAINS ARE SO CRINGE!!! [ADC to Masters Part 9] Ft. Alicopter

2021.márc. 6.
254 782 Megtekintés

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  • Moe gets 28lp ”rages” meanwhile me gets 12 😑😐

    HâsãkîïHâsãkîï15 napja
  • Lol ali said maybe if you focus on one screen instead of 2

  • whats the remix of heaven used in the intro?

    Khalil DermoumiKhalil DermoumiHónapja
  • 3:40 bug abuser

    Igor MitiIgor MitiHónapja
  • imagine getting mad for getting 28 lp. when the majority of us gets 14 and loses 15

  • Please let Pinoy input on videos more, he is hilarious

  • 50lp for a win ? im lucky to get 18lp. Stop moaning lol 28lp is still good

    Alex GilbertAlex GilbertHónapja
  • Meanwhile I have ur winrate in the same elo playing Solo and get +18 :)

    Yandere AhriYandere AhriHónapja
  • Ali is a must have as a teamate

  • Felt like I was playing ATV vs BMX on the ps2 again listening to this rock music

  • I get like 15-16 lp per game

    Gopeto 07Gopeto 07Hónapja
  • good choice of music

  • 3:34 he didnt get knocked?

    Manuel NedelchewManuel NedelchewHónapja
  • We boil green bananas not ripe ones but we boil ripe plantains and fry them too

    akeem williamsakeem williamsHónapja
  • Props to pinoy for the music selection, always top tier

  • 4:10 ahh this game is with that inting Rakan isn't it lol Wow I'm surprised you didn't include any parts of moe flaming that rakan

    Harry CrabHarry CrabHónapja
  • Am I the only one that grinds bananas?

    Harry CrabHarry CrabHónapja
  • So I am commenting because I heard a Shadow the hedgehog song. Also, great video, love you guys

    S ShadowS ShadowHónapja
  • you are suck riot give me 13 lp + in -20

  • Imagine calling diamond high elo. Especially on NA server

    Ben DoverBen DoverHónapja
  • "there's no way he one sh-- oh" rip

    Jimmy ChenJimmy ChenHónapja
  • I'm winning only 13 LP and losing 17lp in fckin bronze. Sad ;_;

  • im always getting 12-16 lp and he complain about +28 lp

    дима Ъдима ЪHónapja
  • kinda sus

    jordanian sniperjordanian sniperHónapja
  • u are cringe nob

    jordanian sniperjordanian sniperHónapja
  • bro im getting +13 in silver just stfu

    Zeljko DjenicZeljko DjenicHónapja
  • you guys get 28 LP?

  • Yeah we do boil our bananas its really good moe you should try it

  • Got me to hit like 16 seconds in.

    Xavier SteeleXavier SteeleHónapja
  • i get 10 lp max -_-

    Aleksandar StojanovićAleksandar StojanovićHónapja
  • Is that seether music???

    Its HazardIts HazardHónapja
  • I'm from Jamaica and I'm offended

    robert brownrobert brownHónapja
  • for anyone wondering what the intro was, it is signs of love persona 4 reincarnation

    Erik ShimizuErik ShimizuHónapja
  • Imagine crying about gaining 28 LP

    Dizzy SpellDizzy SpellHónapja
  • And I am making 17 lp per win in gold 2 on my smurf

    Lazy FellaLazy FellaHónapja
  • we dont boil bananas we boil green bananas sometimes fry it in our fritas aka "pancakes"

    Zep VibeZep VibeHónapja
  • I'm ovah here, i'm ovah there

    Raul OpriscanRaul OpriscanHónapja
    • My man pinoy carryin Moe's channel

      Harry CrabHarry CrabHónapja
  • I love the edits

    Jennifer LlanaJennifer LlanaHónapja
  • Great choice of music Pinoy real head banger

    Sebastian RiveraSebastian RiveraHónapja
  • alistar is carrying moe so hard its even funny

  • U gain 25 lp on plat and i gain 21 lp on iron

    Trensi ZenelajTrensi ZenelajHónapja
  • only to masters cus he wont have another player boosting him after that

    Getaway CarGetaway CarHónapja
  • 3:35 my bad

    qwer qwerqwer qwerHónapja

    qwer qwerqwer qwerHónapja
  • Kekw

    Danny’s YTDanny’s YTHónapja
  • Hold up, as a Jamaican boiled bananas are good af. Don't knock it until you try it.

    Uriel LloydUriel LloydHónapja
    • And its not called boiled.. its called steamed.

      Uriel LloydUriel LloydHónapja
  • Legit only watch moe cause of pinoy. more pinoy less gragas

    mehrad hajatimehrad hajatiHónapja
  • We boil green bananas tho....

    Andre RoweAndre RoweHónapja
  • When do we get to see your vayne tho

    Boosted MonkeyBoosted MonkeyHónapja
  • *Pinoy puts on Shadow the hedgehog music* ahh a man of culture I see

    Devin XiongDevin XiongHónapja
  • The edits bro r too good but high key moe’s adc be hitting different sometimes

    jason pagejason pageHónapja
  • Pretty sure the "bananas" Alicopter was talking about were plantains (banana family) which would give you a stomachache if you actually eat them raw (they're inedible that way). So yeah, you gotta boil them at least. :)

    Juan Enrico Raphael R. TorreJuan Enrico Raphael R. TorreHónapja
  • Yo alicopter is such a kind person, I don't know y I'm saying this but his attitude is so calm and relaxed

    moaz wagdymoaz wagdyHónapja
  • Bro I get 14 lp stop bitchin ab 28


    Manos NikolManos NikolHónapja
  • Xw

    Fighter LmFighter LmHónapja
  • He is getting 28lp meanwhile I only get 10 😭

  • this guys getting 28? im getting 13

    Lucas Leite-MonizLucas Leite-MonizHónapja
  • This is kinda related, but on Val ranked every game i lose, im losing around 13 to 15 RR, but I played a game last night, lost to a team of full plats as gold, match MVPed, and lost 16?!?!?! Like riot needs to fix the rating system on both League and Valorant imo.

    Tetriz BTWTetriz BTWHónapja
  • Bruh I'm from Jamaica and I hate the boiled bananas and it's the green one's that gets boiled btw

    Kriptic PlaysKriptic PlaysHónapja
  • damn that song with shadow the hedgehog ost brought my childhood back damn ty pinoy :)

  • In Jamaica we boil green bananas not the ripe ones

  • Cringe hahahaha

    Zelow MelowZelow MelowHónapja
  • Watch Tarzaned video on Riot accounts, ranked is an actual joke and I'm surprised no one is talking about it.

  • le jeu est détruit

    Amir AugerAmir AugerHónapja
  • its not banana its plantain

    mr Bananamr BananaHónapja
  • I really like those Videos, when streamers show how they learn new champions BUT it's kinda boring caus alicopter just one tricks his one trick in low elo xD What a Challange ^^

  • Just stop using cringe, the word dosen't even make sense anymore...

    Bruno HiroBruno HiroHónapja
  • As a Jamaican I can say that boiled bananas taste very good you should try it.

    Fiya BallFiya BallHónapja
  • @yassuo It is not about your rank compared to the enemies' average rank but your teams rank compared to theirs. You had master in your team which made the teams' ranks pretty much equal.

    Joni KarsikasJoni KarsikasHónapja
  • moe complaining about 28 lp when I struggle to get more than 15

    Rinchen .SRinchen .SHónapja
  • Wtfff i get 12 lp max every win

    olek woolfolek woolfHónapja
  • 5:10 is that the shadow the hedgehog ps2 game theme song?! What a throwback

  • why does he get that much lp?

  • in euw serveurs we got 9lp per game and we r happy

  • When he complains about gaining 28 lp while I gain 12 in s1

  • Everyone crying about their lp gains thinking they all plat players against d1 mmr

    Y KnotY KnotHónapja
  • good job on this one pinoy 😂😂

  • I love you Moe ❤ I hope you are happy!

    Big BoyBig BoyHónapja
  • dude im getting 11 lp in plat IV and you complain on 28 lp

    Domagoj CvjetanovicDomagoj CvjetanovicHónapja
  • My boy pinoy annihilate you like that damn😂

    restin pepsirestin pepsiHónapja
  • Everyone is talking about the Shadow Theme, but nobody mentioned the Jet Set Radio Future song. SMH yall.

    What did I watchWhat did I watchHónapja
  • calling the lp gains cringe while literally smurfing

  • I really enjoy this series with ali. After that challenge you guys might swap roles

  • Not the DJ Professor K theme music let’s fuckin GOOOOOO

  • I gain 14-17 lp in bronze

    David KimDavid KimHónapja
  • Moe the new sanchovies duo abuser

    al exal exHónapja
  • Wo sind meine deutschen Brüder?

    Gianluca TschimmelGianluca TschimmelHónapja
  • *I can’t really grind bananas* LOL

  • when they're complaining about 28 lp and im only getting 15lp

    Manga SpeakeasyManga SpeakeasyHónapja
    • same. i gain 15lp and lose 16-20

  • What do you call moe when hes alone A-loan moewer

    hossam elsayedhossam elsayedHónapja
  • First 20 seconds, already smashed like, ty Pinoy 😂😂

    The ForgottenThe ForgottenHónapja
  • my gains: +8 -22

    Manasije ManasijevicManasije ManasijevicHónapja
  • Dude I have a p1 acc with d2 mmr that gets +23 xd

    syg dragonsyg dragonHónapja
  • Hey i got perma banned for toxicity and i’m really sorry. I spent a lot of time and money on that account. Anyone knows if it’s possible to get unbanned?

    Ricardo PessoaRicardo PessoaHónapja
  • Bro I got +16 in Bronze I. No Cap

    Máté KoiMáté KoiHónapja
  • "maybe u win if u focus 1 screen rather than 2"

    d genesisd genesisHónapja
  • pinoy needs to link his spotify

  • They dont boil bananas lol its something close to bananas but its not lol

    Jam's HighlightJam's HighlightHónapja
  • You mean plantain right 😂😂