xQc After Playing Rust For 24 Hours Straight

2021.jan. 9.
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    Twitch LulzTwitch Lulz12 napja
    • huworld.info/flow/vide/1qFlqKixptynjqo

      JakeNBakeJakeNBake8 napja
    • Sleep deprivation my old friend

      sky strikesky strike12 napja
    • Vod?

      the black sheepthe black sheep12 napja
    • Are you Liutaraus?

      First NameFirst Name12 napja
    • *Love the content* 😤🔥

      ModernLaughsModernLaughs12 napja
  • "Matt shit himself twice in the past year" LMAO

    ProxyPwnsProxyPwns8 órája
  • bad airlock

    Domi 636Domi 6368 órája
  • When you tell your mom you puked at 2 AM

    PhrogPhrog10 órája
  • Looked like he was about to tell his mom he threw up at 2am

    Jamar LacksonJamar Lackson23 órája
  • 0:28 robot sound

  • Eww snot came out my nose on that last line

    Johnny WanksJohnny Wanks2 napja
  • Jesus, all those girls except mac get so damn jealous over him and her. Women too catty 😂

    RoobRoob2 napja
  • "we're not dating dud" Kappa

    Mysteria _Mysteria _2 napja
  • jUsT rOoMaTeS

    memes.with.cloutmemes.with.clout2 napja
  • “Mom, I missed the bus”

    A JuicySandwichA JuicySandwich2 napja
  • i hate couples casue they remind me of how lonely and miserable i am xddd

    ZetaZeta3 napja
  • "just roommates"

    iNixkiNixk4 napja
  • That's adorable, I was looking for a full clip.

    Wolfie PotatoWolfie Potato4 napja
  • he knows how to hug

    PainPain4 napja
  • "Matt shit himself twice in the past year"

    XK-ClassXK-Class4 napja
  • just Roomates, Kapp

    Poo8245Poo82454 napja
  • "mom, I missed the bus"

    GreyEliteWolf _GreyEliteWolf _4 napja
  • lol i'm sure that went down differently in his head the juicer was locked and loaded

    MikeMike4 napja
  • “Mom I missed the bus” *sigh* “ok I’ll drive you”

    A JuicySandwichA JuicySandwich5 napja
  • xqc and adept have the best relationship to be honest, why would i ever want to date someone who shits the bed OMEGALUL

    88theo88theo5 napja
  • "Never" Kapp

    King CrabKing Crab5 napja
  • Sammy... Time's up Sammy... **lightning crash**

    GhostGhost5 napja
  • When Artyom makes the right decision 0:09

    MiarmonMiarmon6 napja
  • K thats kinda cute when he came in just to hug her

    GyeommieGyeommie6 napja
  • Mama e gomitao

    Eduard PetracheEduard Petrache6 napja
  • My man went in for another milkies hug at the end

    shronkshronk6 napja
  • He came to tell sammy he had a bad dream

    mhenersmheners7 napja
  • That hug FeelsStrongMan confirmed

    Sentinel creedSentinel creed7 napja
  • he looks like he opened a boss door

    ScoobtasticScoobtastic7 napja
  • Cute Felix UwU

    Viso2KViso2K7 napja
  • Anyone else find that so cute? 🥺

    theXgirlX413theXgirlX4137 napja
  • Adept is his recharge station before returning to destroy rp noobs.

    were poppingoffdudewere poppingoffdude7 napja
  • xqcL

  • Goo goo ga ga, i want.. I want melk

    Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget7 napja
  • Thing to keep in mind they are only roommates

    MutantMutant7 napja
  • MEGALUL coming in for the kill

    Borne StellarBorne Stellar7 napja
  • Actually 25 hours

    VisiionFNVisiionFN7 napja
  • Just a roommate Kappa

    SubZiSubZi7 napja
  • Just room mate btw

    Dominik TremblayDominik Tremblay8 napja
  • Just Roommate PepeLaugh

    Eren JaegerEren Jaeger8 napja
  • Xqc walked in like he’s going ask for no sheets bc he shit the bed

    Biggi DankBiggi Dank8 napja
  • end of the clip is the real juicer for me

    EsaiEsai8 napja
  • He came in like it was his turn to play on the xbox

    SkogenSkogen8 napja
  • How is stepbrother Ninja?

    Tonks ONQUADSTonks ONQUADS8 napja
  • That's sooo creepy

    Yenuka AlwisYenuka Alwis8 napja

    Patrick BossaPatrick Bossa8 napja
  • That was pretty fucking wholesome seeing that come from xqc

    Bright CloudBright Cloud8 napja
    • chat brings out the worst of people

      Old DusterOld Duster5 napja
  • The “Matt shit himself twice in the past year” killed me hahaha 🥵🥶

    Isaac NutileIsaac Nutile8 napja
  • Give him some slack arey end of the day he just needs love and care

    Gamer ZeeGamer Zee8 napja
  • He opened that door thinkin it was juice time lol

    L RL R8 napja
  • thats so cute how xqc hugs sammy

    DummyDummy8 napja
  • Imagine if Tyler1 did this to Macaiyla

    Dgman2k12.Dgman2k12.8 napja
  • He's a good littol boy when he wants attention from his mama. How wholesome.🥺

    Maria RoseMaria Rose8 napja
  • he was about to whip it out until he seen she was streaming

    SnowgamiSnowgami8 napja
    • LULW

      lustYlustY8 napja
  • Man I need a hug

    WellWell8 napja
  • Guys remember , "Just roommates " pepeLaugh

    Darf64Darf648 napja
  • “Mom my stomach hurts”

    Noah CastanedaNoah Castaneda9 napja
  • mom i frew up

    Cole RichardsonCole Richardson9 napja
  • i just realized thay adept said "... i feel like someone is there.." then xqc came in

    Estufa 10Estufa 109 napja
  • just roommates btw

    frostytokesfrostytokes9 napja
  • THEY ARE SO CUTE WTF GuukgvGUvkuhvluyVul

    Mimi :DMimi :D9 napja
  • Lmao who’s Matt and why has he shit himself twice in the passed year

    DoItForDale03DoItForDale039 napja
    • Mizkif

      YamiiYamii8 napja
  • This guy in same clothes for weeks. Does he even take shower lol.

    K. Z.K. Z.9 napja
  • hes musty

    A szurdok árnyékaiA szurdok árnyékai9 napja
  • yhea he totaly lied, I have the clips ro expose him

    Alexandre CoulombeAlexandre Coulombe9 napja
    • What?

      DOJDOJ5 napja
  • Ngl,i like this not streaming X than the streaming x

    Acxel KongAcxel Kong9 napja
    • Probably only watched him from other youtubers videos

      PepegaPepega8 napja
    • Hes the same on and off camera

      YamiiYamii8 napja
  • This is what happens to a man after 24 hours of rust

    aidannolastnameaidannolastname9 napja
  • Theyre actually suprised he hasnt shit himself...is that supposed to be a normal thing? Ive pissed myself but i can hold in a shit for days lol.

    BlueKnightCRAZEBlueKnightCRAZE9 napja
  • i hate maya.

    Dry 2KDry 2K9 napja
    • Why?

      DorlanDorlan7 napja

    enderboy123meenderboy123me9 napja
  • XD

    Paul NegreanPaul Negrean9 napja
  • his like, “mom i had a bad dream”.

    yxn josueyxn josue10 napja
  • Man needs a haircut so bad

    Gazton KnucklesGazton Knuckles10 napja
  • Thanks Maya, now we can make even more fun of Mizzywizzy

    Lars DamenLars Damen10 napja
  • That's Just Sweet

    MarkPlays RblxMarkPlays Rblx10 napja
  • I frewed up

    Jeffrey GuylerJeffrey Guyler10 napja
  • he just checking out if she was talking shit abt Nickleback

    Hhnn2Hhnn210 napja
  • xQc after losing to Charlie.

    Ayrat KhalikovAyrat Khalikov10 napja
  • He was tryna lay the pipe but she was streaming :(

    jimmy gamezjimmy gamez10 napja
  • such a good ending XD

    Blue DOODLE boiBlue DOODLE boi10 napja
  • He was there thinking “wake the fuck up mommy... I PISSED the bed “

    AsterHDAsterHD10 napja
  • Somebody’s gonna post it on the Reddit and xqc is gonna say “you guys are so weird, you dig up the weirdest clips.”

    Shawnmatt VideosShawnmatt Videos10 napja
  • Yo that’s a sick room mate my man.

    Shawnmatt VideosShawnmatt Videos10 napja
  • Bruh thats probably how i looked walking into my parents room to tell them im sick and cant go to school

    Alex KimAlex Kim10 napja
  • My dude came in to exert his dominance

    Ezekiel LannamanEzekiel Lannaman10 napja
  • Maya at the end 😂😂😂

    J å ÿ d ë ñJ å ÿ d ë ñ10 napja
  • That ending lmao “Matt shit himself twice in the past year”😂😂😂such a Matt thing to do

    Sentinel creedSentinel creed10 napja
  • “Mom i frew up”

    ShitBrickShitBrick10 napja
  • Okay but that was super cute though

    crinkleCrust 998crinkleCrust 99810 napja
  • Mans walked in there silk touch pickaxe at hand ready to hit a "rero rero rero"

    Untitled KaiUntitled Kai10 napja
  • hahahahha this video was very funyn nice thanksa for uplaod'

    knightingtonknightington10 napja
  • 35 year old Felix Lawngel sadly died of a Gfuel overdose later that night. May him rest in peace JUST KIDDING JEBAITED 77777777777777777777

    CorruptCorrupt10 napja
  • I’ve been there before. So immersed in a game for so long you just need to make sure that people still exist in the physical realm 😂🤣

    Mr MorrisonMr Morrison10 napja
  • xQc is a mood

    Mocha MochaMocha Mocha10 napja
  • "Roommates"

    RiptideTVRiptideTV10 napja
  • That's cool ahahha

    Time to TwitchTime to Twitch10 napja
  • "Mom i pooped on the bed"

    PEEPOPEEPO10 napja
  • "And they were roommates"

    kAKasHikAKasHi10 napja
  • He is like saying goodbye to her before going on a war campaign

    ALi AbduLahALi AbduLah10 napja
    • It’s more like “i did my best” for me lmao

      PolarisuPolarisu10 napja