Wrecking Dad’s $3,000,000 Pagani Huayra (Footage)

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Wrecking Dad’s $3,000,000 Pagani Huayra (Footage)
Gage's Video - huworld.info/flow/vide/2I6xmYa7mM25fHw
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  • Suspend his driving privileges. These kids are beyond spoiled and have no concept of money. This crash could’ve been staged just to get money from HUworld.

    Lawrence WellerLawrence Weller52 perccel
  • Am I alone in thinking this level of 'clickbaitness' is annoying

    Kudzi ManyauKudzi ManyauÓrája
  • so we’re gonna ignore how fast that drone is???

    RamboZack18RamboZack183 órája
  • good im glad this happened, this is what happens when u have irresponsible PARENTS

    josiah percimoneyjosiah percimoney6 órája
  • A quarter of the car is ripped off from going 40mph? Yea, ok kid 🤣😂😅🤣🤣😂 so why delete the video about it if he really was honest about it.......🤔

    Voltis_5Voltis_510 órája
  • What a spoiled little shit. That car is worth $4M, which is more than he’ll ever earn in his lifetime.

    SuperSaiyan3985SuperSaiyan398514 órája
  • song at the start?

    Dimitris RoidosDimitris Roidos17 órája
  • What a fucking bitch...he deserves that for being a brat...and yes I'm jealous

    David LemusDavid Lemus17 órája
  • F

    Ricky gamer Gaming channelRicky gamer Gaming channel17 órája
  • RIP to the Pagani glad He is okay though

    RydnorthRydnorth17 órája
  • Con fucking grafulations you destroyed one of the most rarest cars

    Gaming With The ProsGaming With The Pros18 órája
  • f

    Jeffrey HatcherJeffrey Hatcher20 órája
  • I mean i didnt crash a 1 out of 1 pagani... But this year have been a bad year for me, crashed 3 cars 2 is soon fixed tho, and The 3th is long gone

    Trez SpreTrez Spre20 órája
  • These idiots shouldnt be allowed in a $3000 car

    Hated135iHated135i20 órája
  • Before i watch this i want to ask one question..... was it worth it ?

    Kostyantin Mykolyavich IvkinKostyantin Mykolyavich Ivkin21 órája
  • 9.29 Stradman makes a cameo appearance👍

    Wolfyy 1Wolfyy 1Napja
  • F

    Abdul Hadi Aslam FM-11Abdul Hadi Aslam FM-11Napja
  • Y’all need to stop sending hate he feels bad enough Id be hurt if my $150 tv fell

    • He’s a spoiled little shit and driving fast cars he knows he’s not capable of handling, he deserves the hate.

      SuperSaiyan3985SuperSaiyan398514 órája
  • I’ll give you an two f’s, Actually 3. Fuckn failed fathering hahahaha

    Stephen jStephen jNapja

    bryler grahambryler grahamNapja
  • F

    Dovydas SrėbaliusDovydas SrėbaliusNapja
  • Why do you have so many wrinkles and laugh lines at 18 years old ? You are gonna need serious plastic surgery by the time you are 25

  • What could you expect anyway

    Cris P. BaconCris P. BaconNapja
  • this comment section is dead all his fans grew up

    Why??? ?Why??? ?Napja
  • That Bugatti is 1 of 1? They should let gg exotic drive it.

    cory fcory fNapja
  • So how long will it be before this car shows up on Copart and then there's a video of somebody trying to rebuild it?

    • Lol here you go! Uploaded 6 days ago Scavengers 😂 huworld.info/flow/vide/2pqssKSkmdC_ep4

      TheMainCrunchTheMainCrunch23 órája
  • Gage is such an absolute KNOTHEAD, obviously. What a total FUCKWIT.

  • When you give your kid a 4 mil one of a kind car and expect everything to be fine.

    Lord_N 1Lord_N 1Napja
  • what's the song when he was showing the Bugatti??

    E JimE JimNapja
  • tow truck guy:Hey there is another pagani rich kids dad:BOY IM BOUTA WHIP YOU WITH A BELT

    Hilsia CastellonHilsia CastellonNapja
  • F rip

    Isaiah ScanlonIsaiah ScanlonNapja
  • f

    Cretic SnipingCretic Sniping2 napja
  • Bro imagine crashing a 1 of a kind pagani damn

    Bigboy BrianBigboy Brian2 napja
  • Beat his ass!! Then beat his dad's ass!!

    Jeremy MannJeremy Mann2 napja
  • Um , Tanner no . You cant put someone in the back of the gtr with a cage . In case of an accident you would literally kill that dude .

    Eliangel MartínezEliangel Martínez2 napja
  • f

    Rainbow BoiRainbow Boi2 napja
  • Lmao,kid said he crashed at 40mph.. the brakes on that would have stopped it on a dime under 60mph.

    Jason JonesJason Jones2 napja
  • This is why these type if kids deserve nothing. **crashes dads car** "its ok he'll just buy another one, lol."

    • sadly its a one of one, but yeah ur right kids like this are shit

      josiah percimoneyjosiah percimoney6 órája
  • I live in Dallas and saw this shit. Was wild

    Domonic SeayDomonic Seay2 napja
  • 4mil wtf

  • 3 milly down the drain

    HappeninGHappeninG2 napja
  • When your spoiled rich son recks your investment lol

    KaydenKayden2 napja
  • He gave his son i of i pagani and crashed like if you say so

    Lizel DraaierLizel Draaier2 napja
  • Fucking hate these kids bro, like really what it boils down to is a complete lack of respect for what kind of power you are driving.

    Stang CentralStang Central2 napja
  • What did anyone actually expect from a little boy with a super car? Of course a crash like this one. What a fool

    Frasier MFrasier M2 napja
  • F

    Mohammad AliMohammad Ali2 napja
  • F no 1of1 we sad 😔

    Jett WahlstromJett Wahlstrom2 napja
  • Cody Walker! The legend! I also miss Paul so much!😭

    Max FenMax Fen2 napja
  • The Prius standing by the huracan in the gas station was the fastest car in this whole video

    Max FenMax Fen2 napja
  • This is what makes subscriptions! 🖕

    Jim ConklinJim Conklin2 napja
  • Dumbass

    WolfLink450WolfLink4502 napja
  • Hey I’m the one who towed it

    Joseph GarciaJoseph Garcia2 napja
  • Who is better you or Raymond Warner???

    matt bellowsmatt bellows2 napja
  • Imagine what can he do more on a civic. Lol.

    Strong AsianStrong Asian2 napja
  • f

    dontbragdontbrag2 napja
  • F

    matt bellowsmatt bellows2 napja
  • And that’s why you don’t let someone drive that kinda car who doesn’t value a dollar or have the experience to drive such a vehicle. 🤦‍♂️

    Derek ShortDerek Short2 napja
  • Tanner what is the song called at 8:00

    Javon WatkinsJavon Watkins3 napja
  • what a twat

    NHEFF09NHEFF093 napja
  • What a dush this child is

    Burnt NuggetBurnt Nugget3 napja
  • He’s a fucking moron if I wold be he’s father I’ll beat his ass

    Dom LucasDom Lucas3 napja
  • F

    TFA FlashyTFA Flashy3 napja
  • F.

    HairCanada13HairCanada133 napja
  • Spotty child...

    Wild FlowerWild Flower3 napja
  • Pagani costs 4 mil What would other youtubers say; I CRASHED A 10 MILLION DOLLAR PAGANI Tanner in the thumbnail: 3 000 000 Pagani

    Kerim MešićKerim Mešić3 napja
  • Looks like Goonzquad got a new wip lmao

    Yuri MeedeirosYuri Meedeiros3 napja
  • they have enough cars left to drive.

    John WuestiJohn Wuesti3 napja
  • Sorry to tell you tanner but you shouldnt of asked if 2020 can get worse cause it can! I personally have lost my grandma that was pretty much my mom 4 months ago, I lost my other grandma from my dads side the morning after Thanksgiving, I lost my step grandma thats been in my life since I was 3, she died 3 months ago, and I lost my aunt 5 days ago, I've also lost 3 of my animals in that same period of time, I've broken my leg 3 in a half months. I also lost my job and my srt4 just broke down(the motor took a crap) so im pretty much losing everyone and everything. Im in a really dark spot. Im trying to move from Las Vegas to santa clarita cause my girlfriend lives out there. But with me having to pay hospital bills, cremations to bring my family home, and losing my job, I have no income to bring them home or go live with the love of my life. So yes, 202o can get worse. 2020 has brought be down so much to were I've attempted suicide 3 times in 1 week. But the thing thats keeping me going is my 2 baby boys!

    Nathan CalabreseNathan Calabrese3 napja
  • F

    Jevaun SinclairJevaun Sinclair3 napja
  • The intro was great

    Jevaun SinclairJevaun Sinclair3 napja
  • F

    Hunter JordanHunter Jordan3 napja
  • You still sound premature 😂

    GudVybêzGudVybêz3 napja
  • What’s the song called that 8:00

    Javon WatkinsJavon Watkins3 napja
  • Everyone has seen how the kid drives, completely expected him to crash his Dads car.

    David AllieDavid Allie3 napja
  • I didn’t know you can catch air and wreck that bad because of low pressure on a tire lmao. That kid is a dumb assssssss

    Alex TorresAlex Torres3 napja
  • F

    Brad DueBrad Due3 napja
  • F

    Eric CriderEric Crider3 napja
  • Kid driving a man's car

    john szymanskijohn szymanski3 napja
  • These lil kids can drive for shit but wanna go fucking fast like I lost someone I went to school with in Brooklyn but he wasn’t so lucky he died on kings highway doing 130mph

    mark babbmark babb3 napja
  • typical spoiled brat teenager lol dont deserve what he has.....

    Ryan KimRyan Kim3 napja
  • F

    Melissa WhiteMelissa White3 napja
  • F

    Jay GottiJay Gotti3 napja
  • Who gives there kid a 3,000 mile car bruh and recks it thats gunna cost a lot.

    IGEIGE3 napja
  • id kill my kid.

    LyonLyon3 napja
  • Clout chaser

    Michael MontesMichael Montes3 napja
  • u think your 2020 is bad lol just imagine how his dad feels bet he wishes he wore a condom now....if your dad is stupid enough to let a young stupidass spoiled kid drive a 4 mil car he probly deserves it

    Foster chanceFoster chance3 napja
  • the common clay of the new west

    Dino AlberiniDino Alberini3 napja
  • Daddy's car. Daddy's money. Will always be a daddy teet sucker like most of these kids nowadays. Feeding off the hard labor of the generations before you. Sad sad generations coming

    xCorpsShredderxxCorpsShredderx4 napja
  • Of course he wouldn't be worried it daddy's car.

    David FarrensDavid Farrens4 napja
  • What a fucking prick, I could tell the driver was shit and couldn’t drive because the day before I watched a car meet video and this exact pagani turned up. He scratched the whole front splitter and I was thinking to myself what a twat. Next day he crashes it, coincidence I think not. HES LITERALLY 17 AND ALREDY CRASHED A BEAUTIFUL CAR WE WOULD DREAM OF HAVING

    Sam 05Sam 054 napja
  • You don’t hear that often of people wrecking their million dollar cars, Paul Walkers Porsche and died.... Don’t let stupid entitled rich retarded children drive your shit EVER!!! 🤣😂

    Adam PetersAdam Peters4 napja
  • “footage”

    austin G.austin G.4 napja

    angel negronangel negron4 napja
  • Y’all acting like you were there 💀 speeding or not he crashed the car. And no matter how “light” that car is with all that carbon fiber, it doesn’t just lift off without going faster than 40... glad the kids okay and lives to tell a wild story to others

    Kyler SweetKyler Sweet4 napja
  • F

    Dankmemes2233Dankmemes22334 napja
  • To bad that Bugatti doesnt even go faster than 10mph it's just for show

    Coltrane ColtraneColtrane Coltrane4 napja
  • bahahahahah good for the spoiled rich kid

    Rob TRob T4 napja
  • Decadence to 🤮

    mastealth78mastealth784 napja
  • Well if your dad is happy to hand keys to a inexperienced driver, that’s his fault

    valleysofneptunevalleysofneptune4 napja
  • F

    Tim BeinTim Bein4 napja