Worst of Buzzfeed

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Never eating carrots again.
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About Cody Ko:
CODY KO is an actor/comedian/HUworldr/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on HUworld, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.
Cody Ko

  • how would you even know if you don't like fruit if you've never had any

    ElyseElyse3 órája
  • this is frictionless

    abigailabigail9 órája
  • Now I want some apple juice

    Soviet SpartanSoviet Spartan22 órája
  • why do people not like the video not the buzz feed video oh it's

    Boss HossBoss HossNapja
  • I thought the pizza ranch thing was a joke. Holy shit.

    Mr. PeanutMr. PeanutNapja
  • Great video but why u got to call out worth it like that😔😭 Edit: I don’t hate this video Cody Ko fans plz don’t hate me

    miniko artsyminiko artsy2 napja
  • The only fruit Ryan has ever eaten is his big fat boyfriend Steve.

    Andy DorannuuAndy Dorannuu2 napja
  • Bruh, i live in norway and i got scared my asshole was gonna fall off

    Adrian NygårdAdrian Nygård2 napja
  • When he cut the grape...

    bob 3bob 33 napja
  • Buzzfeed is the worst it should not exist

    the running manthe running man3 napja
  • redlettermedia

    Simple Is BetterSimple Is Better4 napja
  • I've never wanted to murder someone ... This bad before this 😤

    Fauna Palmer johnsonFauna Palmer johnson4 napja
  • I hate babies and I hated myself when I was a baby and I hate myself now :)

  • 5:47 Nice subtle middle finger Cody.

    Leo HoodLeo Hood5 napja
  • you should react to jubilee

    Dragonbornshout$Dragonbornshout$6 napja
  • Worst of Buzzfeed? Dan kies ik toch worst

    JackJack6 napja
  • How can you not like fruit if you never had it? 🤯

    Autumn CherieAutumn Cherie7 napja
  • Their worst is actually their best.

    FBIFBI7 napja
  • 12:26 I wasn't paying attention to the video because I was eating and I legit thought this was an actual fact omg that just proves how lazy buzzfeed is

    wicked wiccanwicked wiccan8 napja
  • Buzzfeed unsolved do be kinda fire

    Useless Tomato 2 electric boogalooUseless Tomato 2 electric boogaloo8 napja
    • I feel like buzzfeed unsolved could just separate from buzzfeed and it would do better. Buzzfeed would just collapse entirely

      WeebsWeebs4 napja
  • Hey I love worth it on buzzfeed

    Will TernesWill Ternes8 napja
  • just me or is it diffrent

    I-Jerk-To-AnimeI-Jerk-To-Anime8 napja
  • Amount of people that want to drop a haymaker on Ryan I V

    Jake OstranderJake Ostrander9 napja
  • i hate how smug ryan was the whole video

    Jake OstranderJake Ostrander9 napja
  • "feels so moist" jesus christ

    Jake OstranderJake Ostrander9 napja
  • I hate buzzfeed and especially Francesca Ramsey. Thank you Cody.

    TD BTD B9 napja
  • Bruh this guy's digestive system gotta be fucked up he shits once a week, tops.

    Rebecca SeymourRebecca Seymour9 napja
  • Next on the series, stupid man who hates fruits tries VEGETABLES

    LaurynLauryn9 napja
  • 4:18 as a picky eater, I still eat fruit, tf?

    ًً10 napja
  • One of my friends is actually scared of fruit. I think he just really doesn't like the texture because he's only scared of touching the inside.

    Vexz_ editzVexz_ editz10 napja
  • The only truly good thing that buzzfeed has created was Eric Tabachs vidéos and he left. Btw check out his channel for some of the legit greatest videos on HUworld @Eric Tabach

    Arrogant men rättArrogant men rätt10 napja
  • osdghos i actually like the stuff where they try foods at different prince points

    Zénaïde MayZénaïde May11 napja
  • I'm a baby hater

    Alex ParenteAlex Parente11 napja
  • The fact that that adult man didn't eat fruit is showing how our world isn't working how it should

    Mark GoldbergMark Goldberg11 napja
  • im a proud baby hater

    Filth McGeeFilth McGee11 napja
  • buzzfeed unsolved is the only good thing they have

    Shannon DeeganShannon Deegan11 napja
  • Cody really said, "Quality Content Tease✨" with 'Baby Hater reacts to' & then *DIPPED*

    S. Farwah RizviS. Farwah Rizvi12 napja

    Zachary ShoukaZachary Shouka12 napja
  • Why does this buzzfeed guy remind me of stale bread?

    Nondescript IndividualNondescript Individual12 napja
  • "Ive never had a piece of fruit" ???????? how has he never had scurvy???? huh???????

    Aimee SmilesAimee Smiles12 napja
  • I hope that guy dies of cancer super slowly, not you cody I love you but that guy in the video god I want to absolutely sock him in the face

    Francis KeneallyFrancis Keneally12 napja
  • I hate babies.

    Kelly BiddulphKelly Biddulph13 napja
  • Man who could've predicted 1000 yrs ago that this was the future of humanity

    BrookeBrooke14 napja
  • Cody’s voice sounds weirdly like mark Wahlberg

    Ejam records officialEjam records official14 napja
  • Blueberry juice is a thing and it is delicious

    charmaine torncharmaine torn15 napja
  • “I mean who hates babies” if only he knew...

    That dumb BitchThat dumb Bitch15 napja
  • i rewatch this weekly for emotional support

    neesh kneesh k16 napja
  • The only good stuff Buzzfeed ever produced~ 1) Tasty 2) Buzzfeed Unsolved

    BeenThere&LovedItBeenThere&LovedIt16 napja
  • Tfw there's actual eating disorders where someone'll refuse different foods and this dude is like ew blooberry leaking

    raptorfuzzraptorfuzz16 napja
  • Coming back here after I saw vegetable man on tik tok

    Mairead _Mairead _17 napja
  • The fruit guy just screams “iM sO qUiRkY, y’AlL cAnT cOmPeTe, bEtTeR tHaN yOu” and it makes me so mad

    lavender ladylavender lady18 napja
  • *eating a green apple as I watch this* 🥺yah I don’t think so

    e Be B18 napja
  • cody: “who actually hates babies?” gen z: 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

    big nick sallybig nick sally18 napja
  • Honestly? I do consider myself a baby-hater I mean all loud and shit, just screaming all the time and shitting

    MaxiMaxi18 napja
  • I find haunted shit at my local Target. Made like 20 new ghost friends out of it.

    Monika the cycle-pathMonika the cycle-path18 napja
  • Buzzfeed unsolved is the only quality thing buzzfeed has ever created

    eden steffeneden steffen18 napja
  • The only buzzfeed show worth watching is buzzfeed unsolved.

    Maggie BattersbyMaggie Battersby18 napja
  • Buzzfeed unsolved is the only thing good about buzzfeed, and I live by that.

    H.O.O.KH.O.O.K18 napja
  • Full on laughed out loud at the baby carrots joke

    imBocaaaimBocaaa18 napja
  • Baby haters = liberals

    Ashleigh PatnodeAshleigh Patnode18 napja
  • I agrer with the pinapplr statement like why they gotta be so hard and pointy for?

    ꀤꎭ ꍏ ᖘꀤꏂꏳꏂ ꂦꎇ ꁅꍏꋪꌃꍏꁅꏂꀤꎭ ꍏ ᖘꀤꏂꏳꏂ ꂦꎇ ꁅꍏꋪꌃꍏꁅꏂ18 napja
  • Well now we know Cody will never be sponsored by buzzfeed

    Animal LoverAnimal Lover18 napja
  • Buzzfeed is an internet company. Do you have a company yet?

    Leslie DuggerLeslie Dugger19 napja
  • I hate babies.

    Sauce_AuxSauce_Aux19 napja
  • So apparently fruit guy made an "eats vegetables for the first time" video a year later. Wtf did he eat as a baby? Canned baby food only comes in fruit or veggie types.

    TwilightsSecretsTwilightsSecrets19 napja
  • I liked this channel/creator until he literally ostracized an entire subset of the population...baby haters DO exist, and I'm one of them. I cant fucking stand them, and there are plenty of other people in the world who have similar feelings 🙄

    Elizabeth MillerElizabeth Miller19 napja
    • Kim there’s people that are dying

      That dumb BitchThat dumb Bitch15 napja
  • Worst of buzzfeed Me: all of it

    Magic ManiacMagic Maniac19 napja
  • I hate babies.

    Abigail KeelingAbigail Keeling19 napja
  • It seems the man had never met Ten before 😏

    esthetic mondaysesthetic mondays20 napja

    LilystyleLilystyle20 napja
  • This is the most ironic video I think I have ever seen.

    SomeDumUsrNameSomeDumUsrName20 napja
  • Yo like... I know this is fucked, but I just hope this Ryan guy dies from scurvy or literally anything else. Everything about how he acted toward goddamn FRUIT made me want to punch him out of my hemisphere. I don't want him to breathe air, let alone ever say again "we were rooting for you mango." It's fucking FRUIT you ill-raised freak.

    11pm11pm20 napja
  • 12:30 as a Norwegian, I can confirm that this is real

    Sapphic Garden hoesSapphic Garden hoes20 napja
  • 5:46 Cody doesn’t like you fruit man, with what he’s saying and what he’s doing with his hand

    Dj SquishyDj Squishy20 napja
  • The way he described the video cenception is probably exactly how it happened

    Joseph GalvanJoseph Galvan20 napja
  • I hate buzzfeed but how dare you diss worth it

    Marcello BerryMarcello Berry20 napja
  • It would be amazing if he woulda just shown everything from buzfeed.

    I hear you When you sleepI hear you When you sleep20 napja
  • *guy tries fruit for the first time* cody: ➖👄➖ *guy sees fruit for the first time* cody: 👁👄👁

    Glazed DonutGlazed Donut20 napja
  • Omg so glad I came across this video. Made me belly laugh

    yumxxyumxx20 napja
  • Does sharting count as shitting your pants, like if it's just a little tiny squirt? Cuz if not then I've totally still shit my pants.

    Brad MillerBrad Miller20 napja
  • Ok, who has the link to the body paint video?

    Brad MillerBrad Miller20 napja
  • More like the most boring guy and the most annoying guy.

    Brad MillerBrad Miller20 napja
  • If he hasn't eaten any fruit before then how does he know he doesn't like it.

    Practical GadgetPractical Gadget20 napja
  • U: "Did I seriously just watch one minute and twenty five seconds of this video?" Me: *Laughing* after watching you for eight minutes and thirteen seconds

    MaxMax21 napja
  • 10:19 yeaaaaa totally not staged

    Moulik karnawatMoulik karnawat21 napja
  • I thought everyone loved the Try Guys💀

    1k subscribers before November 2020 Challenge1k subscribers before November 2020 Challenge21 napja
  • Buzzfeed Unsolved, Try Guys and Ladylike are the only good shows on Buzzfeed

    Mari OlszewskaMari Olszewska21 napja
  • BuzzFeed more like Buttsfeet haha😆🤣

    Hanson GwapoHanson Gwapo21 napja
  • Lol Keith

    Jessica CohenJessica Cohen21 napja
  • I almost, almost laugh but then I down voted and hope never accidentally watch your videos

    Red HoodieRed Hoodie21 napja
  • I swear 2:52 looked like a Cherdleys skit

    the squatting fellathe squatting fella21 napja
  • plot twist he is a paid actor

    Foxtrot36Foxtrot3622 napja
  • THANK YOU for saying how boring those food videos are. Not only are the guys boring but the food itself is. We ate burgers from McDonalds for $1 and then we ate Kobe beef burgers with hand made dough made with flour from Dubai and then sprinkled gold edible flakes on it for $1200!

    Alexis DAlexis D22 napja
  • ight, who's gonna tell him Mangos have a huge fuckin seed

    Provencio Lameiras LorenzaProvencio Lameiras Lorenza22 napja
  • Happy Ryan and Shane do their own things as well as Unsolved. Those guys are legitimately the only thing good about that place.

    Vishal ReddyVishal Reddy22 napja
  • They’re only good content is buzzfeed unsolved 😌

    Georgia RoseGeorgia Rose22 napja
  • I kinda feel for the fruit guy. My grandma's gone her whole like not eating cow meat. Like she eats chicken all the time but no beef. We ask her why and she's just like "well I've gotten this far in my life. I can die and not have beef I don't care"

    MeMe_Very_UnoriginalMeMe_Very_Unoriginal22 napja
  • “Who, like, actually hates babies?!” Me. I hate babies. Throw them all out the window.

    Eleanor ZeiglEleanor Zeigl22 napja
    • i-

      parnikaparnika21 napja
  • Best vid ever

    Michael MyburghMichael Myburgh22 napja
  • Ryan has scurvy

    SidneySidney22 napja