Worst of Buzzfeed

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Never eating carrots again.
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About Cody Ko:
CODY KO is an actor/comedian/HUworldr/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on HUworld, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.
Cody Ko

  • In the divorced couples looking at photos video, the woman is a friend of mine. She's an actor. I know this is no revelation to anyone here, that Buzzfeed full of shit, but I felt like I should point it out.

    Beowulf61636Beowulf6163617 órája
  • that ryan bloke is just uncultured.

  • Never ate fruit but yet the fruitiest thing in the room

    Neves JamesNeves James2 napja
  • I wish the Baby Hater bit was a clip of Bryce beefing with Hawk when Hawk came in steezing with his cool vans.

    Stephanie EleanorStephanie Eleanor4 napja
  • Fuck that guy

  • cody's sag/scorpio is really comin through here...

    jenny mcbridejenny mcbride5 napja
  • You wanted to prove how easy it was, but yours had a typo

    Lex AcousticLex Acoustic6 napja
  • buzzfeed straight up is for lonely liberals

    Cameron NoakesCameron Noakes6 napja
  • Cody is like a mini Ryan Reynolds

    Nicholas CinattiNicholas Cinatti6 napja
  • This fruit guy must have some kind of sensory disorder that makes him be hypersensitive about food textures....

    FralanaskoFralanasko6 napja
  • Bruh i felt that when Cody teared up

    Yaneli AndradeYaneli Andrade7 napja
  • The only good thing that came out buzzfeed is buzzfeed unsolved

    Southern motherfucking Democratic RepublicansSouthern motherfucking Democratic Republicans7 napja
  • Oh my god I guffawed at 3:35

    W YW Y7 napja
  • Nice

    Seggsy KoSeggsy Ko7 napja
  • "Now I can have fruit...everyday."

    JuiceBoy XDJuiceBoy XD8 napja
  • How the fuck do you know you don't like fruit if you never tried it?

    MrKachannieMrKachannie9 napja
  • Not me thinking Butthole Evacuation Syndrome is a real thing 😭😭😭

    Arundhati BhattacharyaArundhati Bhattacharya10 napja
  • Not gonna lie, worth it is a good show, but seeing cody diss it is just too good

  • I love the discount du hast that played when blaze came out

    Javzio ValdezJavzio Valdez11 napja
  • Dang I love Cody but after he cracked on worth it.... it broke my heart😔

    Elijah AcostaElijah Acosta11 napja
  • the only think i watch related to BuzzFeed was BuzzFeed unsolved.

    10 B 14 Reyna Joseph10 B 14 Reyna Joseph12 napja
  • I mean I'm fussy, but come on who dosnt like fruit

    Hayden CarterHayden Carter12 napja
  • Ok but that divorce video was just fucking evil

    AshAsh13 napja
  • really...I hate babies

    John ClineJohn Cline13 napja
  • Next from buzzfeed: hyper-allergic man, tries peanut butter for the first time.

    Jacob ReynoldsJacob Reynolds14 napja
  • I forgot Keith was still in buzzfeed back then lmao

    Ellora AprilEllora April14 napja
  • BRO WTF!!!! IM UNSUBING 5:48

    Slurp ?Slurp ?15 napja
    • This is a joke I love your content

      Slurp ?Slurp ?15 napja
  • ah yes the internet loves someone who did something some mundane and think that they've fucking cured cancer

    Alexander K.BAlexander K.B15 napja
  • I agree with you cody but gotta say that Worth it isnt bad

    Brioche BunBrioche Bun15 napja
  • Not only was this guy super rude, can we talk about-The huge red flag of him being so stubborn, so he's never eaten fruit ever?!?! Like wtf...I also just can't get over how this guy cut his grape, and how rude he was cussing out the guy who was trying to help him.

    Mia IngramMia Ingram15 napja
  • Cody: who ACTUALLY hates babies Gen Z: 👁👄👁 🤜👶

    soggy toesoggy toe15 napja
  • 2:54 "Yo why's he starin at me like that? What up bud, gotta starin problem pal" -Bryce

    Cooper MyersCooper Myers15 napja
  • “Worst of buzzfe-“ *all of it...* *ALL. OF. IT.*

    FBIFBI16 napja
  • The girl in the pizza part looks like a dude

    Daniel VasquezDaniel Vasquez17 napja
  • Why u hating on the worth it boys 😭

    floatfloat17 napja
  • That buzzfeed video were they look at there wedding pictures the dude is probably thinking damn that was back when u used to be hot

    Brandon WallsBrandon Walls17 napja
  • I love how his shirt is the trans flag colors. #king #ally 😂

    Casper BottomCasper Bottom18 napja
  • the try guys are the only good thing that came from buzzfeed

    Na'ama marom rotemNa'ama marom rotem19 napja
  • Buzz feed is absolute trash In every way

    daniel bartondaniel barton19 napja
  • its bleeding? saif as a complaint? by the guy who allegedy grew up only eating meat? really? #doritopls

    [blank][blank]20 napja
  • "this isn't fear factor, you're not eating a bowl of spiders! you're a grown man scared of a pineapple!" best quote i've ever heard in my life #doritopls

    [blank][blank]20 napja
  • ngl, glad to see you're atill just making nice just comedy content kody. #doritopls

    [blank][blank]20 napja
  • The righteous fury for fruit guy in the comments... Makes me feel better about humanity.

    Francine SmithFrancine Smith21 napja
  • If you don’t wanna end up like Ryan, have some fruits

    Nam NguyenNam Nguyen21 napja
  • 2:50 anti natalists

    Hairy AppleHairy Apple21 napja
  • Ok the series about the stuff with different prices is actually good tho

    Mike FischlerMike Fischler22 napja
    • @Mike Fischler I don’t care

      M SM S19 napja
    • @M S yeah but they talk about which one is the better deal overall and give insight on it. The more expensive one, although better quality obviously, usually doesn’t win the episode. I find it entertaining and kind of interesting

      Mike FischlerMike Fischler19 napja
    • It’s the same thing every time. “Omg the more expensive thing is better than the cheaper one”. I’m so shocked. It would be a good show for people with Alzheimer’s

      M SM S19 napja
  • *cody* : who hATes babies? *me* : 👁👄👁

    anto escobedoanto escobedo22 napja
  • I'm sorry Cody, I will not tolerate Worth It slander

    Andrew SurendranAndrew Surendran23 napja
  • buzzfeed **ex-drug dealer looks at the photos of his first deal**

  • ItS a GrApE says the guy whos never eaten a fucking blueberry before xD

    BrandonBrandon24 napja
  • People bark at comics, videogames, cartoons while buzzfeed makes idiots out of people. I swear their content makes childrens brain rot.

    Trololo HiveTrololo Hive25 napja
  • The fruit guy is the closet homosexual who grew up in church and went to Christian college even though he’s gay to “uphold his image”

    Baker4life777Baker4life77726 napja
  • The worst of buzzfeed is all of it

    yuuki shadowsyuuki shadows27 napja

    Alex BradshawAlex Bradshaw27 napja
  • If I had to rate how punch able his face is I would fly to cherbobyl to grow an extra arm and give him a 13

    Zein ObeidZein Obeid27 napja
  • lmao the first half was just a total re shoot of your previous video

    DD mega doodooDD mega doodoo28 napja
  • omigod keith

    Jordan BerkeJordan Berke28 napja
  • The nonchalant cousin alternatively snow because advertisement unexplainably prefer qua a aromatic tuba. oval, discreet class

    Cassie BingerCassie Binger29 napja
  • Me watching Cody make fun of this guy for being scared of trying fruits while I have similar problems and literally cry when faced with having to try a new food due to a combination of trauma and neurodivergency: 👁️👄👁️

    Tyler JobesTyler Jobes29 napja
    • He seemingly just doesn't eat fruit. That's it. So, I'd like to ask, what's the source of your trauma?

      Nabeel NitroNabeel Nitro16 napja
  • i actually hate babies cody.

    lola pagelola pageHónapja
  • “I’ve never eaten fruit. I just don’t like it.” What? Are you four? Bro, how do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never eaten it?

  • The only good videos are from the sub channel Buzzfeed Unsolved

  • The new refund relevantly add because grip reilly identify concerning a diligent horse. crazy, polite love

    Laila EileenLaila EileenHónapja
  • "you're a grown man thats scared of a pineapple" best quote of 2018

    ro cocoro cocoHónapja
  • John 3:16 New International Version 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    • ok

  • someone tell cody to look up r/childfree those people HATE babies

    Finlay ThomsonFinlay ThomsonHónapja
  • Cody low-key looked like Smash Mouth in that Baby-Hater skit.

  • 7.89 In my country it's normal to drink blueberry milk. Like u only mix blueberries and milk :D so here's the blueberry juice is also a thing

  • Dangerous games I play: Watching Cody at 1:00AM while my wife sleeps and trying not to laugh and wake her up. I lost tonight during the blaze skit😂😂😂😂😂

  • I hate Californians

    Xander S.Xander S.Hónapja
  • oh noo I thought Cody was making the ranch thing up but BuzzFeed did it again

  • Is it my imagination or did this man say the plural of fruit is “fruit”?

    Paul PallerPaul PallerHónapja
  • Glad to see the baby-hating transferred over to Real Bros #TeamHawk

    Matthew AndreaMatthew AndreaHónapja
  • The video is faker than ur step moms jugs

    Tommy SanpakuTommy SanpakuHónapja
  • The video is fake bruh surprised you don't realize that...

    Tommy SanpakuTommy SanpakuHónapja
  • They put it in grape juice alot but blueberry juice on its own is expensive it's like cherry juice

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvaldHónapja
  • I've never eaten fruit...also I don't like fruit... Is he still 5?

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvaldHónapja
  • This guy doesn't even deserve to eat fruits

    Lazy and sleepy AnnaLazy and sleepy AnnaHónapja
  • 5:48 Cody flips off the camera

    SummitBill. . .SummitBill. . .Hónapja
  • "He's like a BuzzFeed article in human form" 😂😂😂

    NinjaNutz ForFunNinjaNutz ForFunHónapja
  • 12:27 As a norwegian person i was getting a little stressed there 💀

    Astri MAstri MHónapja
  • Risky, especially since your audience definitely overlaps with theirs lol

  • i used to watch buzzfeed videos all the time when i was like 11

  • Caillou grew up

    Ben ChangBen ChangHónapja
  • He says, “did I just watch a minute and 25 seconds to head a blueberry is not bad” while we’ve been waiting 8 minutes to get to the point of the video. SMH

    Jonathan RicksJonathan RicksHónapja
  • This is fucked ..👥

    Stanley-Gerald KayStanley-Gerald KayHónapja
  • Cody my dude, you gotta try blueberry juice. Shots amazing.

    temporal teleportertemporal teleporterHónapja
  • I want him to react to buzzfeed unsolved supernatural it’s so funny

    Carrot_ TopCarrot_ TopHónapja
  • Worst of Buttcheese

    RED GyaradosRED GyaradosHónapja
  • The reason this Buzzfeed video exists is that they could make content out of this and it doesn't matter if it's good content but it's content. Also why the fuck is he like I hate fruit so I'm gonna try fruit for the first time.

    Lopi DopiLopi DopiHónapja
  • You can’t eat too much meat you can only work out too little #gainz

  • how the fuck does this guy not have scurvy

    olive muskolive muskHónapja
  • Ryan: I am extremely scared like what is going on with this pineapple? Ryan 2 minutes later: pineapples are so extra! *smiles and grabs pineapple.*

    Nontobeko S.Nontobeko S.Hónapja
  • What’s up, I’m Martha, mother of 3, and I hate babies

    Knuckles The EnchiladaKnuckles The EnchiladaHónapja

    I am a Unicorn and I don't believe in HumansI am a Unicorn and I don't believe in HumansHónapja
  • **its going to be the fucking fruit guy, I know it**

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    paranthaman rajiparanthaman rajiHónapja
  • “I like that it doesn’t have seeds or eggs or anything” WHAT. Fruits have seeds. That’s what makes them a fruit- I CANT

    Nina GoldsmithNina GoldsmithHónapja
    • @Nabeel Nitro Is that supposed to be some shitty attempt at a joke or do you really think mangos don’t have a seed?

      Oh NoOh No2 napja
    • Mango, the fruit without seed

      Nabeel NitroNabeel Nitro12 napja