*WORLD RECORD* 210,000 ARENA POINTS!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #1147

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In todays Fortnite video we have put together clips of some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane videos from the new season. New map, secrets, dances, challenges, new locations, new skins, new weapons, and more! Can we smash 30,000 likes for Episode 1148 Tomorrow?
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  • 6.14 romania n

    Not kamo not foundッNot kamo not foundッ14 órája
  • 0:34 he had a rift fish but he didnt use it, bruuuuuuh

  • I think he’ll get 600.000 or 700.000

    Adrijus ButenasAdrijus Butenas2 napja
  • 2:56 anybody else notice fresh and Nrg benjifishy was playing!!

    shashank venkateshshashank venkatesh2 napja
  • 6:15 prima oara cand dau de un roman la clipuri de astea

    MatzMatz2 napja
  • 6Billion

    Elliot ThomasElliot Thomas3 napja
  • at 6:14 it was in battele lab

    Antonino AversaAntonino Aversa3 napja
  • 2:37 that’s both of those 2. People are my best friends from school

    Tycow 34Tycow 343 napja
  • 4:00 no entiendo

    ᴠɪꜱʜᴏツᴠɪꜱʜᴏツ4 napja
  • وييين العررررب

    B3BO _HDB3BO _HD4 napja
  • woh

    B3BO _HDB3BO _HD4 napja
  • amazing

    CR4SH3RCR4SH3R4 napja
  • 4:36 look at the killfeed E 11 blaster

    Beauty bestowBeauty bestow4 napja
  • 2:50 this man is LMAFAO

    HujikaHujika5 napja
  • Pretty sure the bus driver still hold the world record for the most Arena points

    SherzySherzy5 napja
  • 6:05 did anyone see that lamaa?

    Cesar PalaciosCesar Palacios7 napja
    • @چالش 200 سابسکرایب بدون ویدیو nice

      Cesar PalaciosCesar Palacios6 napja
    • Me

      چالش 200 سابسکرایب بدون ویدیوچالش 200 سابسکرایب بدون ویدیو6 napja
  • Marzz could go for a 1 mil points

    FakerFaker7 napja
  • 2:02 that guys laugh tho

    Kiki_Da_MonkeyKiki_Da_Monkey7 napja
  • 3:05 look at their names lol

    Videet MehtaVideet Mehta7 napja
  • You came for 0:56 Code bcc or else😈

    Uransanity rix is the goat ツUransanity rix is the goat ツ7 napja

    Nani CloydNani Cloyd8 napja
  • 6:18 romanasii baa

    David FatDavid Fat8 napja
  • 1:40 " what"

    Geovanny Hernandez614Geovanny Hernandez6148 napja
  • 3:05 Wall hack

    M4tty Forev3rM4tty Forev3r8 napja
  • There was a time when bcc uploaded 2000 arena points world record

    Viswambharan P GViswambharan P G8 napja
  • Hahaha this is so funny 😃😐

    David DusseljeeDavid Dusseljee8 napja
  • I have 3600 point

    Norulhuda AbdullahNorulhuda Abdullah8 napja
    • In arena

      Norulhuda AbdullahNorulhuda Abdullah8 napja
  • 3:01 fake fresh and benjy

    Henrik TafjordHenrik Tafjord8 napja
  • Like si solo venias po la skin de thegrefg

    SeileX15SeileX158 napja
  • 4:56 that clip is honestly just too funny 😂

    Gamekiller KillerGamekiller Killer8 napja
  • Meet Marz ow! He currently has no life 😃

    CawnerCawner8 napja
  • By the way Mars has hit almost 300,000 points

    Fox on nugFox on nug8 napja
  • 309452 points

    TIL RoyalTIL Royal8 napja
  • 2:40 kids re so bad they played a pub game like a scrim and still died

    V U A L ÈV U A L È8 napja
  • 0:58 he is the legend and the best one how did he get it this is impossible

    king of dark 1357king of dark 13579 napja
  • U spelled it wrong it Marzz_ow but not a difference and the ow means over watch

    X8 HYDROX8 HYDRO9 napja
  • Meet marz ow the person every pro doesnt like do you want to know why? Are you sure? He blocked every single one of them on twitter for no reason

    MrMooMooPlayzMrMooMooPlayz9 napja
  • ok

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  • Who watch 0 : 46 in slow mode

    Zain khaniZain khani9 napja
  • 3:09 BRUH.

    AraBigBlueAraBigBlue9 napja
  • 6:15 romania

    ΨManuu ay лолΨΨManuu ay лолΨ9 napja
  • 3:51 i dont get it

  • Everyone report the car bug

    An EPIC Ordinary GAMERAn EPIC Ordinary GAMER9 napja
  • Weak

    Brian HopkinsBrian Hopkins9 napja
  • ITS argentino 100k arena twich:Palermo

    The Santi aThe Santi a9 napja
  • Hey!!! And Building? His more to 210k

    Lionel RamisLionel Ramis9 napja
  • 1:34

  • 3:00 These kids are stealing names from prosXD

    Filiz ArslanFiliz Arslan9 napja
  • Do not forget to use code BCC in item shop

    Dangerous Gamers BrotherhoodDangerous Gamers Brotherhood9 napja
  • 3:05 that kid that always steals your loot xD

    exotic tripexotic trip9 napja
  • 6:15 Probabil primul roman care a aparut la BCC

  • Fake with Arena points when this was a boy and no bots in arenz

    MetherMether9 napja
  • 2:55 man's building 1080p60 with bamboo XD

    Euan ThurnimEuan Thurnim9 napja
  • 0:55 here looking at 😊😊😊😊

    Fresh LlamaFresh Llama9 napja
  • Who else came back for the nostalgia 😔😔😔

    RyxN DrixRyxN Drix9 napja
  • Marzz dont have life but he have fortnite

    Лука МарковићЛука Марковић9 napja
  • He had this record last season aswell

    yanniplayzrobloxyanniplayzroblox9 napja
  • 6:05 he missed a Lamma

    CooperCooper9 napja
  • Second last bois

    For LizardFor Lizard9 napja
  • 6:10 romania

    TRYHARD SergiuTRYHARD Sergiu9 napja
  • The third clip i saw it on tiktok

    Hero XHero X9 napja
  • 0:56 is this what you came here for use code bcc and stay safe

    dramrita sdramrita s9 napja
  • at the dot min 3 there is a fake fresh and nrg bengifish

    NMNX GamingNMNX Gaming9 napja
  • 最初のbgm 好きです

    !???!???9 napja
  • How was that fresh and nrg bengyfishy

  • I am pretty actual record is 289,1k set by Marzz_Ow but he has been getting less and less points over the last seasons

    ComixcsComixcs9 napja
  • I only have 128k lol =(

    nocreonocreo9 napja
  • 1:21 is what you came for . Make sure to use code BCC in the item shop

    SyncthSyncth9 napja
  • just change your name to BCC fortnite.... its a disappointment what this channel has become

    KEIBOKEIBO9 napja
  • 0:36 😡😡

    i'm qweri'm qwer9 napja
  • 4:55 that's me LOL

  • I still miss the old cod videos

    Jack andersonJack anderson9 napja
  • Npc's eversince they were added have that insane aim

    Ethan DonkorEthan Donkor9 napja
  • What happened to BCC Trolling?

    Xtreme Sk8rsXtreme Sk8rs9 napja
  • 0:34 Why didn’t he use the rift fish?????

    buck3tb01buck3tb019 napja
  • It annoys me that people hate on Marzz bc he plays to much arena

    SuolSuol9 napja
  • Línea Agustín 5q

    tamalito 123tamalito 1239 napja
  • hes so humble

    J4xm 420J4xm 4209 napja
  • 4:00 I dont get it

    FangFang9 napja
  • That was the best ending ever 😂

    Codey GiuffreCodey Giuffre9 napja
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    Maggiej hernandezMaggiej hernandez9 napja
  • .

    Guilherme xGuilherme x9 napja

    xlightningxlightning9 napja
  • Most seasons Marz has the worlds 1# place on points, an he isn’t new, you’ve already done videos about Marz so, repeated content

    ShiRaul ProShiRaul Pro9 napja
  • I think marzo w will hit 300,000 points because there's still 2 months left

    Ana Dadula medinaAna Dadula medina9 napja
  • Thats not even world record lol. The highest is 260k😂bruhh

    jusky.jusky.9 napja
  • 1010101010 seconds

    Benji Luna OrtizBenji Luna Ortiz9 napja
  • Since when can mobile,Xbox and pc play together I thought mobile couldn’t play the newer version of Fortnite

    Mo moneyMo money9 napja

    el nova yt pro HDTPel nova yt pro HDTP9 napja
  • 400k

    KENT AlipaoKENT Alipao9 napja
  • 2:00 a kid in the chat said, ‘I wonder what Ortiz be doing with hid fingers🧐”

    Da roblox kidDa roblox kid9 napja
  • At 4 mins what happend the guy was just emoting

    YousTubeYousTube9 napja
  • Wuts so impressive about sniping someone while there running?

    SlothChimesSlothChimes9 napja
  • 2:56 Why is that kid pretending to be Fresh?

    Craig RobinsonCraig Robinson9 napja
  • It’s marzow

    xd tawishxd tawish9 napja
  • How are the building graphics so detailed???

    Mander PlayzMander Playz9 napja
  • Ey, TheGrefg en la miniatura!!!

    Ricardo RojasRicardo Rojas9 napja
  • 0:56 is what you came for

    StratifyStratify9 napja
  • 0:56 is what you came for! Remember to use code BCC in the item shop ❤️

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