World of Warships - Captain's Academy #31 - How to Destroyer

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Episode 31 of Captain's Academy answers your questions about how to play a destroyer. I cover torpedo boats, gunboats and hybrids. Hopefully your destroyer results will improve dramatically after this. So sit back, relax and enjoy everybody :)
If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.
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  • you said that there aren't ships that only use their main guns. well, now a lot of time has passed, we got Friesland of course ;)

    Klokgun217Klokgun2172 napja
  • Destroyers are the ones that get sunk first, prove me wrong

    papa Stalinpapa StalinHónapja
  • playing destroyers just sucks

    HakuohHakuoh2 hónapja
  • How much money does it cost to play this game ?

    WootTootZootWootTootZoot3 hónapja
  • Bad team, you pretty much carry the team.

    Gerard Albert NatanGerard Albert Natan6 hónapja
  • ICHASE I would appreciate if you would do a video like this again for dds and for other ships like cruisers, carriers, etc that are updated with the new ships in the game. If this could be redone and updated that would be much appreciated

    Joshua PattonJoshua Patton6 hónapja
  • I’m new to the game. Is it safe to assume that all Japanese Destroyers are all primarily torpedo boats?

    DjamvisDjamvis8 hónapja
    • No. The Japanese have two Destroyer trees. One focusses on torpedos the other one on Guns

      IslandiIslandi7 hónapja
  • The “k” is silent....

    Graeme GuthrieGraeme Guthrie8 hónapja
  • harugumo

    Thingy84Thingy848 hónapja
  • i have a question, what would you recomend shimikaze or the other one

    Ishaan UpretiIshaan Upreti8 hónapja
  • 33

    soarsoar9 hónapja
  • Harugumo is pure gunboat

    TheRadioactiveBanana-GamingTheRadioactiveBanana-Gaming10 hónapja
  • 17 mins the video starts your welcome shfh

    Jonathan HarringtonJonathan Harrington11 hónapja
  • torpedoes are so fuckig broken in this game, fire off 6 torpedoes at 4 km away and literally everything and it's mother can have time to dodge them. either increase torpedo speed, or reduce cooldown on using them...

    h3lix86h3lix8611 hónapja
  • Thanks for the help...........

    sneaky davesneaky dave11 hónapja
  • The Haida is a true gun boat she’s essentially an ultra-light cruiser

  • so u mean in high tiers all ships really can and will actually dodge every torpedo you release almost perfect execution?

  • The Autism Spectrum. They don't care how big you are or what you throw at them. They will walk right up and fuck your day. Kudos to all the bastard DD drivers that love to poke holes in my BBs.

    Daniel BeardDaniel BeardÉvvel
  • good guide

  • I play in tire 2 and 3 on iPhone Team HEMP.

  • New players tuning into your videos may appreciate what you mean by "Cap."

    • Thanks for the explanation. It was, in fact, a burning question right outta the gate.

      IggyIggy3 hónapja
    • For new players reading this in the future, by "capping" he means capturing enemy bases. In the gameplay portion of the video the "caps" are the circles labeled A,B,C,D

  • Destroyer? I don’t even know her! Sherren I’m sorry please come back.

    Samuel VisarraSamuel VisarraÉvvel
  • This video is so contradictory. First, you say a Farragut is a gun boat, and then you proceed to say it is a hybrid. Then, you proceed to immediately cap. Trying to learn how to use the Farragut.

  • What about British destroyers?

    Jordan JenkinsJordan JenkinsÉvvel
  • autistm dd spectrum

    Luis DLuis DÉvvel
  • Remember when concealment was a thing..

    Lv1 MagikarpLv1 MagikarpÉvvel
    • yep, it was. T-T

      Toaster MasterToaster MasterÉvvel
  • Great video that deserves an update.

  • I have finally found my true calling. Thank you so much ^.^

    USS ClevelandUSS ClevelandÉvvel
  • Step 1: get a destroyer with a 30 second torpedo reload time and it also has a top speed of 40 knots Step 2: Kill the enemy team and get all of the points while everyone else gets no points Step 3: be proud that everyone that is farming for a better ship gets no points so it takes them 3days to get a ship that would take1 day to get if you weren’t on the team.

    Snow BallSnow BallÉvvel
  • What's capping

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez2 évvel
    • Capturing enemy bases, during the Fubuki gameplay he showed the circles labeled A, B, C D are the "caps"

  • Thanks for the video man! I really need help because i just started playing this game and im on tier v on the gearing line, so yeah i didnt know what to do and idk how to thank you enough!!! U got my sub and bell! Tysm bro love you

    GoldHorseyGoldHorsey2 évvel
  • I'm looking for videos on how to run a destroyer and all I find is videos like this showing how good you are. Not learning a goddam thing here?

    Gary BourgetGary Bourget2 évvel
  • At 16:00 in the video, if that were me, all the battleships would be firing on me and I would have been half hull or less before I fired a single torpedo. I guess I need to stop playing against the bots.

    Johnny MacJohnny Mac2 évvel
  • Personally, I tend to go attack cruisers, other destroyers and aircraft carriers because they can be killed with 2 torpedo rounds. Battleships need 4-6

    Epic gamer channelEpic gamer channel2 évvel
  • Fighting suggestion... Battleships have npot LEARNEd something important. Battleships were not designed for Ship to ship.. Long range is for ground bombardment..its not Accurate. Cutting 1/3 to 1/2 range makes you a Good killer.. So, I prefer to Go annoy the BS, and get them into battle..CLOSER..and wuith cruiser and Destroyers, WE can charge the enemy, on contact.. Battlesbhips have longer View and bigger guns, and the smaller ships can Rush the enemy on contact IF' we work as a team of 4+..AND ITS NOT HARD..

    Ed ashEd ash2 évvel
  • I thought it was "this is how to destroy her"

    Bernard RabacaBernard Rabaca2 évvel
  • +iChaseGaming 1. Where do the pan-asian destroyers fit into this? 2. Certainly go get dreadnought in here!

    Jevin LiuJevin Liu2 évvel
  • Is Vll Leningrad torpedo boat, hybrid or gunboat?

    Nicky GuptaNicky Gupta2 évvel
  • One of the disappointing things I find in these tutorials is, as with this one, the video was made in 2016 and the last comment was in 2017. This make me think comments and questions made are futile since it appears these presentations are no longer followed. So new players or those attempting to learn a new ship are no longer supported. Another frustration, several ships and some new countries have been added, but even in the tech tree, not shown. Next, the type of ship being used in the demonstration. Why use a vessel that is well armed? Why not use a basic vessel with limited armament? This video is an example. How many destroyers have three 5 torpedo tube launchers? If the player has a ship with two 2 tube launchers or a ship with one 3 or 4 tube launcher, tactics will be different.

    Ken PepperKen Pepper2 évvel
  • I appreciate you read Shimaka*ze* correctly instead of reading as Shimakase like the rest of the western world does

    MIO9MIO92 évvel
  • So... ;)

    Jarod997Jarod9972 évvel
  • Ty man after watching this vids i able to dish 90-100k dmg as DD at mid tiers and lot of captures xD

    J. S.J. S.2 évvel
  • It's really great video! So many useful tips. But it would be useful for more experienced players i think Found good article for newer players - You can find there basic tricks on Destroyer game strategy, briefly and clearly :)

    Vladius TenVladius Ten2 évvel
  • This presentation seems to be obsolete. DDs are used mostly for torpedo runs, in my experience. And I have too much experience, if there is such a thing.

    lam bdalam bda2 évvel
  • you save me to be a noob

    il_vendicatoreil_vendicatore2 évvel
  • I identify as Kiev on the destroyer spectrum

    JonathanJonathan2 évvel
  • I really like your videos and thank you ! Could you make a separate channel or playlist were you make videos for new or newer players. Many things you show are T7 and higher tiers, which is very good but for new player the amount of information and depth of information is overwhelming. In example what I was looking for is how to play T3-5 cruisers , destroyers, battleships etc when you don't have that 10 point captain yet. Sure advanced players I think they also time to time play low tier ships, but majority of people are beginners under 1000 battles or so... I think there are some corners that while give one advantage are not nearly as important as basic stuff.... In example how to play Wakataka, or Isokaze when you just don't have that Concealment captain perk... Thanks again for your channel.

    gyrostabilizergyrostabilizer2 évvel
  • why does your cv keep on dying

    MarkrMarkr2 évvel
  • Where does the Kagero fit on the "Torpedo-Hybrid-Gunboat" chart?

    Super JuustoSuper Juusto2 évvel
  • Could you do an updated version with the ships in the game now?

    ChaunceyChauncey2 évvel
    • +1

      Player 1Player 16 hónapja
  • lool. red green yelow se what he did there haha :)

    Jan DalipiJan Dalipi2 évvel
  • i got a world of war ships ad for this video...why tf would i be watching this is i wasent playing?

    zhang Billzhang Bill2 évvel
  • ok Chase, I like what you share when there's a relatively even number of DDs/CAs/BBs and there's room to play the role. I've just played three games in a row where I'm the lone DD, or one of two on my team, vs 4-5 CAs. I go in to cap/engage the enemy DD and get melted by the CAs. How do I adjust for that situation? Typically I've been playing gunboat & hybrid DDs.

    roguephoenix7roguephoenix72 évvel
  • are german destroyers Hybrids? or TP boats

    K Shreyas MaheshK Shreyas Mahesh2 évvel
  • i would love to see book marks for you tube where you can click on a certain point on the video where you can start the video and maybe three different areas to skip to hopefully someone will start too see the beauty in this add on will back to learning how not to be a noob peace

    anthony martinezanthony martinez3 évvel
  • Excellent video man! Really helpful. You really go above and beyond when making your videos. Two thumbs up.

    Seth and CamilleSeth and Camille3 évvel
  • Thank you. Your videos are incredibly in-depth and my play/survivability immediately got better. Damage has improved now that I take angle into account.

    RedDragonEmporerRedDragonEmporer3 évvel
  • ty that helps a lots thought all was same lol

    GingeGinge3 évvel
  • If only the team knew the individual roles and didn't fuck up and screw me over

    Nabil BsatNabil Bsat3 évvel
  • Where is Smith the Tier 2 Destroyer from USA on the Destroyer Spectrum ? (It is a premium ship and can be obtained only trough new player invite codes)

    FlóFló3 évvel
  • What crosshair is that? The one you use without horizontal line?

    byxlbyxl3 évvel
  • how do i change the health bar of the enemie. the one im having right now doesent show how mutch health the target has or anything like that

    Linus EklindLinus Eklind3 évvel
    • Linus Eklind go to settings - controls - alternative interface on

      Jonathan GaoJonathan Gao3 évvel
  • big stupid Battleship players sailing in straight lines

    Some Irish GuySome Irish Guy3 évvel
  • I go and cap, then I get raped totally.

    Barney WobbaBarney Wobba3 évvel
  • Why is the Farragut on here? It's a cruiser if I'm correct.

    Lil Ranger64Lil Ranger643 évvel
  • how do you manage to switch to the torpedo vision all the time?

    rigdigwusrigdigwus3 évvel
    • On my controls its z but maybe its something different on your controls just press everybutton afer you use your torps 😉

      Hanno van BaarleHanno van Baarle3 évvel

    swordandkeyboardswordandkeyboard3 évvel
  • Question, where's the v25 in the spectrum?

    TeddyTeddy3 évvel
  • Hey Chase, can you please make a video going over the entire USN destroyer line? I'm trying to get through them and I'm really struggling with it. Thank you!

    UltimatuUltimatu3 évvel
  • is this up2date?

    StefanS.StefanS.3 évvel
  • yawn

    iron maniron man3 évvel
  • At 20:16 you can hear sirens in the background 😂😂

    TheNikolas24TheNikolas243 évvel
  • Nice job on those tuts! They state everything that I was searching for :) I was able to improve quickly using them!

    NullPointerNullPointer4 évvel
  • So informative and educational!

    Linus HerrLinus Herr4 évvel
  • Thank you chase ! What about the skills ? You already did a vid on them, but things changed a bit since... Could we have your point of view on it please ? Nice video, greettings from France !

    AlexAlex4 évvel
  • great work

    biggman Johnsonbiggman Johnson4 évvel
  • i want akizuki in game

    Timon SobotaTimon Sobota4 évvel
  • honestly the gearing is just the best vs any 1v1 destroyer and its the best vs rest of the ships due to its flexibility

    Marildo KusturaMarildo Kustura4 évvel
  • when should i use AP in USN DDs?

    epicmetalnessepicmetalness4 évvel
    • @iChaseGaming should i use AP on other DDs?

      epicmetalnessepicmetalness4 évvel
    • very close range against say around 5-6km? Usually just HE :P

      iChaseGamingiChaseGaming4 évvel
  • Nice video. I personally love playing USN destroyers even got the Sims which I had some good games in the 5.5 km torps are better than the long range ones I really only use them when I meet ships around a corner. Destroyers are like the only ship I'm actually good at.

    Joseph McGowenJoseph McGowen4 évvel
  • Nice video! Teach me some systematic things about dds. And i have a question: I think japanese dds are not really good for capping, at least the first one rushing into a cap. Because if there is a russian dd or us dd in the cap or trying to head to the cap, the japanese dd is doomed. And japanese dds maybe end up sunk or running out of cap. Maybe japanese dds are better to support us or russian dds capping. And japanese dds are really good at capping after the middle game, especially at the end of the game.

    Idontlike BigbrotherIdontlike Bigbrother4 évvel
  • Thank You very much ichase for making this video. Since watching it, my Russian and American destroyers game play has DRAMATICALLY improved. I was really struggling with DDs before, but by following your general strategies I have been able to able to finish the last 50 games with over 1000 base experience each. Most games I finish near the top and and it is not uncommon now to find myself having a decisive impact on the match. I still struggle with the Japanese line, but any improvement is nice to have. Thanks again :)

    Douglas OakDouglas Oak4 évvel
  • Thanks a lot. iChase. I also like to know the difference of all CA. CV. and BB. and graphics like hybrids gun. boat. assistant boat. and so on. thanks a lot. Love you bro.

    jerry leijerry lei4 évvel
  • As a committed DD player, I find that I go capping and the cruisers and Battle ships don't cover me and leave me to simply die. They run at 1/2 speed to aid you, only to arrive find my floating remains. They never protect the gains I make capping or worst yet, they wait till I die so they can cap themselves, me being a delay for their pleasure.Not one shot fired. But boy do they shoot when going in.

    Robert QuilesRobert Quiles4 évvel
  • Always enjoy your videos! Why do you not display your invite code? Doesn't it grant some credit and bonus to new players? Isn't there a referral system?

    TheRealSpoonyTheRealSpoony4 évvel
  • music so goddamn loud at the beginning..then silent voice volume. great

    EliteOps1EliteOps14 évvel
  • In IJN dd's i fire guns almost as in USN's. I find it funny when i fire on a IJN dd and all they do is trop .

    Jorge MiguelJorge Miguel4 évvel
  • Do some thing like this for all ship classes

    mikesky formersmikesky formers4 évvel
  • perhaps a 'how to torpedo beats' :-D And no, Akitsuki will not be a pure gunboat. it's torpedoes actually will inherit the very long range as found in current tier 8-X JP destroyers.

    Joseph SwiftJoseph Swift4 évvel
  • how to battleship or lower tier training

    James HuangJames Huang4 évvel
  • I recently took a break from USN cruisers, and switched to IJN DDs, and omg I went from not very good in coop or randoms, to scoring much points in randoms

    sfs2040sfs20404 évvel
  • without teams you can´t get much - try the EU server nowadays

    juxtaposeismjuxtaposeism4 évvel
  • Hi iChaseGaming :) Can you review the Prinz Eugen please? Thanks, I want to know if she is worthy :)

    Martine Maxine CaulfieldMartine Maxine Caulfield4 évvel
  • You should add annotation how DDs should deploy smoke: 1/4 of speed to lay smoke for themselves when detected Fullspeed when laying smoke for other ships and not detected

    Fobios TGFobios TG4 évvel
  • Well caping in a Torp boat is nice and good but never indipendent. most hybrid/Gunboats will run you down in the T7 to T9 range.

    Sascha WagnerSascha Wagner4 évvel
  • Good video. I think it is important with good in game examples as well as "powerpoint" style presentations

    ymer234ymer2344 évvel
  • Based on what your saying I'm assuming the Blyskawica is more of a gunboat hybrid......? Kinda Gremyashchy area ish?

    Raytha83Raytha834 évvel
  • Look at the spam that this Tirpitz is having, LOOK AT IT!

    BarcelBarcel4 évvel
  • great vid man. learned a lot of info that I was unsure about. I learn something every time I watch one of your vids. keep up the great work

    avatarjr1avatarjr14 évvel
  • 不開dd

    ReaperReaper4 évvel