Woodturning - The Coffee Spoons

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Little late with this project, was supposed to be last weeks. The project is turning a pinecone into two coffee measuring spoons. The cone was dried fully in the oven before casting into epoxy.
My website - mjturning.com

  • Absolutely unique and magnificent! 💪👍😊

    Veronique PeltierVeronique Peltier4 órája
  • Beautiful

    Neppie's WorldNeppie's World4 órája
  • This is not suitable for food. Poison materials.

    Andrey NaralchukAndrey Naralchuk4 órája
  • This is the most practical thing I’ve seen made using woodturning. Nice!

    Michael FourieMichael Fourie5 órája
  • Absolutely beautiful

    Samantha JohnsonSamantha Johnson5 órája
  • Oh to have access to a workshop kitted out like this ☹️ The only limits is your imagination

    JohnJohn5 órája
  • Ein Meisterwerk.

    Norbert K.Norbert K.5 órája
  • За это время столько полезного и ценного можно было сделать!

    Александр СтрельниковАлександр Стрельников5 órája
  • Blown away

    Shandi ShandiShandi Shandi6 órája
  • there were a couple of times I was wondering what the heck you were doing till the light bulb came on. Nice work, very cool piece!

    speedbuggy16vspeedbuggy16v6 órája
  • So the end buyer is going to scoop coffee with... hardened epoxy?

    Jack CJack C6 órája
  • Прямо огонь!!!!!

    Александр ЕфименкоАлександр Ефименко6 órája
  • You scared me when you cut it in half lol

    Karyn McDowellKaryn McDowell6 órája
  • Beautiful coffee spoons!! Great job👏🏼 ❤️ 🥄

    Marisol CoronaMarisol Corona6 órája
  • Биение заметно очень

    Алексей СавивскийАлексей Савивский7 órája
  • Thats amazing my guy i never knew how awesome woodturning could be

    Steven MejiaSteven Mejia7 órája
  • cool coffee spoon

    John KangJohn Kang7 órája
  • Fantastic!!!

    Frank ColliasFrank Collias7 órája
  • Abonnieren in mein Kanal HUworld

    Daniel CostaDaniel Costa7 órája
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    Daniel CostaDaniel Costa7 órája
  • 'Plastic-turning

    5switch095switch097 órája
  • My heart dropped when it broke off

    Mike BabooshMike Baboosh7 órája
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/l6Br1G2qfq-5gHw من فضلك ادعمنا بالإشتراك بالقناة .

    عالم سندسعالم سندس7 órája
  • All that to do that you have time to spend I admit it's nice great design but it's still all that to do that

    Delores McDelores Mc8 órája
  • I thought epoxy wasn't food safe? Is this for decoration?

    Sade McAllisterSade McAllister8 órája
  • Heyyyy, I'm just microwaving some pinecones, wby?

    rawrrawr9 órája
  • What if you don't drink coffee?

    20alphabet20alphabet9 órája
  • That would have been an awesome gear shifter.

    SeeItLikeItSub2ItSeeItLikeItSub2It9 órája
  • Афигенные ложечки)

    Санчоус ПанчоусСанчоус Панчоус9 órája
  • Absolutely Beautiful!!

    John LangleyJohn Langley9 órája
  • Unbelievable

  • I must say that is one of the coolest lathe videos and projects on HUworld thanks Buddy !

    Craig MonteforteCraig Monteforte10 órája
  • Wonderful.🌹🌹🙏

    Món ngon Việt - HànMón ngon Việt - Hàn10 órája
  • Can I use all these sounds for a horror movie I’m making?

    Tanner YatesTanner Yates10 órája
  • This.Is.SO.Interesting. Gotta know, where does one acquire this skill?

    Prima MurdockPrima Murdock10 órája

    RadicalRalph RussoRadicalRalph Russo10 órája
  • YOU are one off “CENTER” FREAKSHOW !!!!!! I love it !! Keep following the voices in your head !!

    Terry HerreraTerry Herrera10 órája
  • It looks to me that you are running the lathe in reverse for your first cuts. It looks like a dangerous way to do these cuts. At the end of the video you are running the machine forwards.

    Terry HorlickTerry Horlick10 órája
  • Those are so cool they make me consider drinking coffee lol

    Corey BlackburnCorey Blackburn10 órája
  • Beautiful. Was the metal container used to put it in a vacuum or under pressure? Why?

    PaulPaul10 órája
  • Amazing skill. Would love to see the two halves put back together with a killer bright LED in the center.

    Brandon SasnettBrandon Sasnett10 órája
  • That is so beautiful very talented with your hands and your mind with the tools.

    DK / KK Dave / KimDK / KK Dave / Kim11 órája
  • That’s beautiful would love to buy several would make great gifts

    Danielle TerryDanielle Terry11 órája
  • Que trabalho da porra! Oxe

    Fabio RibeiroFabio Ribeiro11 órája
  • Lindo trabalho 🌺🌺🌺

    Rô SanaRô Sana11 órája
  • And how much do those cost?

    Stephen KlickStephen Klick11 órája
  • I have never seen one of those I have never touched one of those I'll never by one of those

    Jan R AquinoJan R Aquino11 órája
  • Avoid resin / polymer addicts! Use timber only.....

    Phil BrennanPhil Brennan11 órája
  • Fantástico. 👍👍👍👍👍

    Ed JulioEd Julio11 órája
  • Polymer involvement! This could have been achieved completely in timber - but Matt involved plastic -polluting the planet needlessly & with no additional beauty or functionality - WHY?

    Phil BrennanPhil Brennan11 órája
  • That is cool how do I eat one

    Jacob MarcumJacob Marcum12 órája
  • Wow super beautiful, and the patterns are amazing.

    The Plane Crazy FreakThe Plane Crazy Freak12 órája
  • This is very cool. I could never understand why three cups are used to mix up resins. Just pour one into the other unless of course you have to use a larger cup than the first two. Have anyone ever used fibreglass resin in place of the common resins?

    Crustyswede1Crustyswede112 órája
  • Thats what i call having too much extra time or nothing to do all of that for a spoon WOW!!

    juan roblesjuan robles12 órája
  • Firstly, b-e-a-utiful work! Secondly, I'm robbing that buffing wheel trick, simple, elegant, genius.

    Will MorrisWill Morris13 órája
  • Awesome!!

    Josh WebbJosh Webb13 órája
  • I’ve always wonder watching these videos making kitchen ware: are these resins really safe for food?

    MrSpikegeeMrSpikegee13 órája
    • As long as you're not dipping it in your coffee or licking it, should be safe if it's used for dried foods.

      Kratos GodofWarKratos GodofWar7 órája
  • It's so beautiful 🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖

    მარიამი Mariamiმარიამი Mariami13 órája
  • Nice click bait.

    WinterfarWinterfar14 órája
  • Wowowwoowowowoowowowoowowowo 😱😱

    Esteban Ramírez OrdazEsteban Ramírez Ordaz14 órája
  • Put 😡😡😡

    Esteban Ramírez OrdazEsteban Ramírez Ordaz14 órája

  • Один хуй, они пластиковые !!

    Andrey AfanasyevAndrey Afanasyev14 órája
  • Que perdida de tiempo

    X NnX Nn14 órája
  • I had no idea what I was watching, but it was so mesmerizing.

    Mary LMary L14 órája
  • beautiful!

    Deerheart Studio ArtsDeerheart Studio Arts14 órája
  • Ohhhh....a door knob! It would go perfect in my house! That's what we need. A door knob.

    Aleysha KluverAleysha Kluver15 órája
  • To be honest,, all that work for 2 little coffee spoons,,waste off materials,, just use ordinary spoon 🥄

    David BlackDavid Black15 órája
  • Ну и белка 🐿️...😊👍

    Руслан ПримакРуслан Примак15 órája
  • pointless waste of time, energy and materials. Nice metal spoon costs 1 Euro

    Brudger FrudgerBrudger Frudger15 órája
  • Beautiful

    Martha HernandezMartha Hernandez15 órája
  • I'd kinda like to see you make a pinecone buttplug.

    Drive it Like ya stole itDrive it Like ya stole it15 órája
  • Incredible! Now that’s craftsmanship!

    Kazuma KiryuKazuma Kiryu16 órája
  • I will never have or create something so nice

    Fritz SalanderFritz Salander16 órája
  • Ничегосебе.

    Соня НеизвестнаяСоня Неизвестная16 órája
  • Кто бы знал!

    Вежливый МастерВежливый Мастер16 órája
  • Wow! That’s some pretty amazing craftsmanship right there.

    Caleb LabonteCaleb Labonte16 órája
  • А ты тоже подумал, что это дверная ручка или ручка КПП?😀

    Илья СухоненкоИлья Сухоненко16 órája
    • Было бы более нужнее, чем это. Ну, что же каждый по своему с ума сходит. Эбокситку жалко.

      просто Татьянапросто Татьяна6 órája
    • Да

      volvo f16volvo f1615 órája

    маргарит карамфиловмаргарит карамфилов17 órája
  • I’m fully dumb. I thought he was going to wood turn JUST the pine cone loool I was so excited to see what happened

    EmilyEmily17 órája
  • Gorgeous. Well done 👍

    kristichipskristichips17 órája
  • Food grade epoxy?

    Igor UrismanIgor Urisman17 órája
  • Nice work. But I have a question. Is there a way to recycle all that stuff, which was cut off in the beginning? Can it still be used? Because, if not, it's too much waste. We should think about such things today.

    Schelby LOSchelby LO17 órája
  • Super kanał super filmiki 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Zbigniew SiwiecZbigniew Siwiec17 órája
  • Vaya gilipolleces... para eso hay que estar jubilado y tener tiempo de sobra

    Joaquin consecuenteJoaquin consecuente17 órája
  • Beautiful

    Michael KnightMichael Knight17 órája
  • I just spent seven minutes watching someone make a spoon...A SPOON!!! sigh. Quarantine getting to me.

    Hammer NailHammer Nail17 órája
    • what do you make? Other than people wanting to leave...

      DeminicusSCADeminicusSCA14 órája
  • Хочу ведро эпоксидки. Де купить?

    ВзрывотехникиВзрывотехники17 órája
  • I mean it's cool not gonna lie but it would have been best to use less product I feel like it could have been reasonable for bigger spoons but those a real small

    vent floconvent flocon17 órája
  • But is it dishwasher safe? lol

    Michael Steven SpielbergMichael Steven Spielberg17 órája
  • Что это я смотрел?

    Serg TundraSerg Tundra18 órája
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    NEST SO2NEST SO218 órája
  • phenomenal ! you da man

    Brain ClerkBrain Clerk18 órája
  • Six foot eight foot bunch

    Luk BLuk B18 órája
  • Where do I go to order some of these beautiful items?

    Tid Bits N Garden TalesTid Bits N Garden Tales18 órája
  • And where does all the und waste go?

    Vanessa AtalantaVanessa Atalanta18 órája
  • Great idea!

    Flugschüler FluglehrerFlugschüler Fluglehrer18 órája
  • GOOD JOB nice

    Bennet DreyerBennet Dreyer18 órája
  • Это шедевр. Для ценителей ручной работы. Спасибо!

    Let's create Давай создаватьLet's create Давай создавать19 órája
  • 👍👍👍👏👏

    woan Naowwoan Naow19 órája