Wonder Woman 1984 Pitch Meeting

2021.jan. 3.
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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Wonder Woman 1984!
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Wonder Woman was received as one of the best DCEU movies when it came out in 2017, so naturally Warner Bros wanted Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Patty Jenkins to make a sequel. That sequel comes three years later in the form of Wonder Woman 1984, which in a historic first for a massive superhero blockbuster - came out on streaming at the same time as in theatres!
Wonder Woman 1984 movie definitely raises some questions. Like why did Steve Trevor return through some random guy? Why are they using this man’s body for anything they like? Why is there a fully-fueled jet lying around at the Smithsonian and how does Steve Trevor know how to fly it? How does Diana know how to make it invisible? How did Wonder Woman get her lasso around Max Lord? How did literally everyone renounce their wishes? How did nobody wish the world to immediately end? What exactly is the message of this movie?!
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Wonder Woman 1984! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  • We need to see a report from the directors of this movie and writers ! Thy should be ashamed

  • You guys have to do Amazon Prime's The Boys, it's tight, yeah yeah yeah, it'll be easy, barely an inconvenience.

    Jason ChapmanJason ChapmanÓrája
  • Does anyone else notice that in this movie or any recent Hollywood movies: except for main cast, only white dudes are the bad dudes!

  • Man, I would love to translate this pitch meetings to portuguese!

    JabbaJabba2 órája
  • The nonchalant soil scientifically collect because locket fundamentally rot over a new aries. aloof, frequent silk

    Conner ArmourConner Armour3 órája
  • After 2020, I just can't believe that EVERYONE would renounce their wish. lol

    LaughStashTVLaughStashTV3 órája
  • Let’s think of other wishes Since it’s the 80s Wish for the AIDS crisis to stop or wish for so many lovers lost from that to come back.

    Emma BonnEmma Bonn3 órája

    Emma BonnEmma Bonn4 órája
  • I truly believe that Steve possessing other dude's body is a remain of earlier script where they meant to do something about it, but then they changed the story and forgot to get rid of this plot relict.

    Queen of NeversQueen of Nevers5 órája
  • should have called it "blunder woman"

    Roland LawrenceRoland Lawrence10 órája
  • about the body controll thing: the stone grats a wish but also takes something away.. so it brings back steve, but takes another ones life/mind.. (the movie explaines this just a million times, so its easy to miss that)

    Smile the planetSmile the planet12 órája
  • "- Who's to say? - YOU are! - Yeaaaaa..." Lost so hard xD

    Ilya MyazinIlya Myazin12 órája
  • With that one wish Wonder Woman commits rape, kidnapping, enslavement....but it's a man so it's ok.

    Victor TeslaVictor Tesla15 órája
  • she dose the thing she can do

    DhunedaprofitDhunedaprofit18 órája
  • Best part is where he says the fight scene with a giant orca whale wouldn't be interesting and the other Ryan says "I wholeheartedly disagree", indeed, that would unequivocally be more interesting, and hilarious.

    medexamtoolsdotcommedexamtoolsdotcom18 órája
  • Patty Jenkins should stick to directing.

    MichaelKMichaelK21 órája
  • Hahaha!!!! 4:48 to 4:52 is absolute gold!!!

  • That guy that Steve took over . . . he never realized the amount of time that passed after he came back? He never wondered why he woke up in a different place? Why his laundry was used?!

    Joe KingJoe KingNapja
  • 2:11 my favorite part of this video

    Abhijith SAbhijith SNapja
  • That’s tight

    Todd HoneTodd HoneNapja
  • You guys have to do a pitch meeting for the Snyder cut! Far as I can tell this is the first time a major movie is basically getting a do over and I'm fascinated to see what Ryan does with the concept of a redo lol

    Kevin McCabeKevin McCabeNapja
  • The "a plane is a plane" part felt like a BLM activist trying to convince someone that if they don't support the Black Lives Matter organization, then they don't believe that black lives matter

    Music and Books and Other StuffMusic and Books and Other StuffNapja
  • Might be your best work yet, which is saying something. Bravo!!

    Mark WaltonMark WaltonNapja
  • "That's not Steve" A "D" is a "D"

    Clarque Quent • 50 years agoClarque Quent • 50 years agoNapja
  • Seems like the last few pitch meetings there is tensions between Screenwriter and Producer now the screenwriter is threatening about the producer on his back maybe they should do a Pitch Meeting: Producer v Screenwriter Dawn of Getting off my back lol jk.or maybe find another version of a screenwriter seems like this one is getting a little irritated lol

    Nathan HendersonNathan HendersonNapja
  • A blind and slightly deaf kid: I wish to see and hear fully. Yayyyy. Wonder Woman: You must renounce your wish. Kid: oh. Back to suffering I guess.

    Lucas WoldLucas WoldNapja
  • It's not rape if the victim doesn't remember? So many possibilities...

  • A plane is a plane! .. I can't argue that

    jazziel tottijazziel tottiNapja
  • Man, am I freaking tired of superhero movies.

  • Honestly i think the actual film does address the whole wishes thing and how its all a lie of sorts, but im not gonna get on pitch meetings back about it

    OIEgSaS32OIEgSaS322 napja
    • I mean, by that point it doesn't really matter if they manage to bring some small logic into this mess, it's like giving electrical chocks to a corpse.

      Dyke ElephantDyke ElephantNapja
  • Cheetahs aren’t even apex predators

    Red BaronRed Baron2 napja
  • This movie was dogshit, what happened. The first one was great

    cerooscuascerooscuas2 napja
  • Don’t believe too many guys would mind her using there bodies

    60zeller60zeller2 napja
  • Awesome man! I’m still laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Rupak DuttaRupak Dutta2 napja

    Endoe KronicEndoe Kronic2 napja
  • Every other video 50k views. Pitch Meeting: Millions Of views! You would think they would scrap everything else and just go full force on making these 2x a week on every movie possible.

    Kevin CamposKevin Campos2 napja
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the Dreamstone work like a Monkey's Paw?It gives what you want but takes your most valuable possession?Cheetah gained the power of a demigoddess but lost her empathy and humanity,Diana gained the love of her life(even if through a not so nice way)but loses all her power and divinity. Cheetah and Diana wanted these things so much they hesitated to give up even when their own ethics and essence where at stake.They gave their "souls" for their dreams. When people say"oh but people with deficiency",they're forgetting that whoever wishes to the stone is technically giving their most valued possession for it,the ways this can backfire are devastating.Imagine if a hungry kid asked for infinite food,but lost their ability to digest food,or if someone asked for their disease to be healed,but the disease instead spread to everyone that person loved leaving that person completely alone.I can't say for most minorities,especially those with disabilities or bad life conditions,but I personally wouldn't want to lose who I am or the people I love for a wish,especially if that meant I would live with the guilt.After all,the guilt of what their wishes caused is what inspires them to give up on their wish. I'm not saying the movie has a perfect point,I just thought that some people missed it since it's so extreme. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Ramon LuizRamon Luiz2 napja
  • sounds like the craziest movie of all DC movies (including Batman and Robin)

    bozo the clownbozo the clown2 napja
  • What happens to this guy's consciousness while Steve's controlling his body? Who's to say? You are! Yeah!

    TheReaverOfDarknessTheReaverOfDarkness2 napja
  • Sure helps the timing of the joke when you spam us right at the punchline. Like... the literal definition of a shameless weasel. Have a little self respect.

    Happy KillmoreHappy Killmore2 napja
  • When SJW eat ones brain

    ChronoireChronoire2 napja
  • That was hilarious!

    YTMegiddoYTMegiddo2 napja
  • Pitch meeting on the pitch meeting of pitch meeting

    Cow GodCow God2 napja
  • I have so many questions like yoh! 💀 what the hell did I just watch

    BlackQueenBlackQueen2 napja
  • "A guy that she knew for a couple of days, seven decade ago." Loved this. Way better than Honest Trailers.

    z414141z4141413 napja
  • Ahahaha! Nail it!!

    Fernando LaraFernando Lara3 napja
  • Just say the rock is semisentient and sometimes on a whim decides "I hate you and or your wish so screw you right now" and that can suddenly explain the rock being inconsistent.

    Youtube UniversityYoutube University3 napja
  • I'm boy

    mohamad 576mohamad 5763 napja
  • if this movie was for woman...why did my wife tell me to put it off and stop wasting her time , its like almost 3 hours long and she couldnt watch past the magical plane scene , she literally gave up!!!

    Joshua HeuvelJoshua Heuvel3 napja
    • I'm a girl and it makes me want to lit someone on fire.

      Dyke ElephantDyke Elephant3 napja
  • You forgot the part about how everyone was only supposed to get one wish but Barbara got two

    Female FightersFemale Fighters3 napja
  • Ryan Boss:but steve flew a plane is the 1950 so he cant fly that plane- Film theory: *_i agree_*

    Princess CutePrincess Cute3 napja
  • WW84 destroyed in 8 mins

    Praveen HBPraveen HB3 napja
  • All the more affirmation why NOT going to see this film in theaters, despite the COVID-19 safety precautions in place, was seriously the Best idea

    deadmandirector3deadmandirector33 napja
  • Poor man he probably has a family

    Mookan KandiahMookan Kandiah3 napja
  • oh god, I can't. I can't do it. I got two minutes into the pitch meeting and it's already the dumbest thing I've ever heard. nope. can't. we're done

    feralnerd5feralnerd53 napja
  • "A really good guy she knew a couple days 7 decades ago" LMAOOOO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Project StormProject Storm3 napja
  • What do you think lil Bruce Wayne wished for? Wonder why in Batman V.S. Superman the traumatic time his parents came back to life and then he wished them away to avoid mutually assured destruction wasn't more of a plot point. Also easy fix should be a new catch phrase

    Brian HelmickBrian Helmick3 napja
  • We can all agree this movie pretty much ended Wonder Woman. Such a terrible movie, ended up turning it off and hour and a half in 😂

    Coop ShanksCoop Shanks3 napja
    • They have started on another one. I can't decide if that makes me happy or sad. The movie will of course be a train wreck but it also means another pitch meeting.

      Dyke ElephantDyke Elephant3 napja
  • Loved

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue3 napja
  • This video here is the best way to "watch" Wonder Woman 1984

    Zahramiik ShinryuZahramiik Shinryu3 napja
    • The pitch videos has saved me many hours of my life.

      Dyke ElephantDyke Elephant3 napja
  • Make a pitch meeting for The umbrella academy.

    Gloriousgospel HenryGloriousgospel Henry3 napja
  • My God! I can't believe I spent part of my life without watching these.

    Claude S. WhitacreClaude S. Whitacre4 napja
  • The pitcher guy is getting really aggressive with “getting off his back” now.

    Vermillion ToasterVermillion Toaster4 napja
    • The fact producer guy still got back on it shows he has balls.

      Dyke ElephantDyke Elephant4 napja
  • Soo everyone gave Up their chance to Have anything they wanted after hearing something we say to 7 year olds (nothing good comes from Lying) Not to mention "theres no shortcuts in life" coming from an Immortal Super powered Literal Goddess

    who the Fuck is thiswho the Fuck is this4 napja
    • Apparantly no-one asked for the one wish you should ask for - unlimited wishes.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue3 napja
  • DC is making comic book movies look super silly... They were the ones Scorcese should've complained about...

    Deadly Mesh DesignerDeadly Mesh Designer4 napja
  • If this movie took place in 2020 Everyone: wishes for Covid-19 to be gone Wonder woman: nope

    Zandler BaloloyZandler Baloloy4 napja
  • Pitch meeting for True Lies please

    tinashe chitakunyetinashe chitakunye4 napja
  • Me: Hey maybe there’s still hope for the DCEU *Hears about how this movie made way less than the first one* Me: It’s my own fault for having hope

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name4 napja
  • Does anyone else besides me want to actually work in an office that looks like the one he's in? I know it's a weird thing... I'm talking about Pitch Meeting guy's office, if you didn't realize it .

    Scott W.Scott W.4 napja
  • I like this Pitch Meeting, not the film itself. Heck, I find myself here every day rewatching this. Can this video have multiple Like buttons?

    Archon RyeArchon Rye4 napja
  • Remember how the '80s had a lot of really bad writing? Well, they totally went full '80s.

    The SapienThe Sapien4 napja
  • He’s really funny.

    dcoog anmldcoog anml4 napja
    • He uploads way more funny videos on his channel called Ryan George.

      Jo JoJo Jo4 napja
  • You HAVE to do a Hallmark Christmas movie pitch meeting. Maybe for next year. 😁

    raidingtombsraidingtombs4 napja
  • So, is no one going to talk about how purple he looks in every light? Maybe I'm just high, but..

    Tokyo BluesTokyo Blues4 napja
  • This one was GOLD!!

    amaru derwentamaru derwent4 napja
  • This was probably the easiest movie to spoof a pitch meeting for. There were so many plot holes that it was offensive to plots...and holes.

    Keith BonneyKeith Bonney4 napja
    • I don't know what the opposite of a plot hole is but you would have a much easier time just counting those instead.

      Dyke ElephantDyke Elephant4 napja
    • I have to say, this was a really good one!

      dcoog anmldcoog anml4 napja
  • Apparantly no-one asked for the one wish you should ask for - unlimited wishes.

    James BennettJames Bennett4 napja
  • Ah yes. The movie that made me wonder about 1,984 things about how screen-writers think nowadays.

    SenseofNoneSenseofNone4 napja
  • The writer of this film is a _grapist._

    Daynaris BarathionDaynaris Barathion4 napja
  • I actually like the movie despite so many bad reviews and now I'm not sure anymore. Lol

    silentj624silentj6245 napja
  • WW84 = a big budget Fairly Oddparents episode. Change my mind.

    NJGuy1973NJGuy19735 napja
  • This video's script and execution are GOLD

    Something UnusualSomething Unusual5 napja
  • Wouldn't Bruce Wayne wish for his parents to not get murdered. Also, WW seemed to be extremely publicly visible in the 80's so wouldn't she have been on Bruce's radar long before the events of Batman vs Superman.

    Rocinante 2309Rocinante 23095 napja
  • Do Tropic Thunder next!

    Cobi CeronCobi Ceron5 napja
  • When will companies notice he just wants to read your scripts for you before its filmed so Ryan can question everything wrong in the plot.

    FrattersFratters5 napja
  • What if someone wished to feed their starving child :')

    Nick BishopNick Bishop5 napja
  • wait wait she can fly !!!!!!!!

    David TongeDavid Tonge5 napja
  • I wish this movie was never made See what I did there

    FilmBuff CriticFilmBuff Critic5 napja
  • Pretending is tight

    Truth tellerTruth teller5 napja
  • if Barbara wished to be an apex predator wouldn't she become a human ?

    Hello thereHello there5 napja
    • She also didn't say it had to be an apex predator on Earth. She could as well have turned into some crazy alien creature.

      Dyke ElephantDyke ElephantNapja
    • first guy ever to make a spear was like: i made this stick sharp now we can go and throw it at animals to hunt

      Hello thereHello there4 napja
    • @fettel1988 yeah but we used our brain and we figured put how to make sharp sticks

      Hello thereHello there4 napja
    • If we were faced with the animal kingdom and we had no tools, we are lower than middle-tier.

      fettel1988fettel19884 napja
  • She has a little flirty moment like "I had sex with your body"??

    jayteegamblejayteegamble5 napja
  • I thought it was a good movie, emotional.

    Hannan ShahidHannan Shahid5 napja
  • Gal done great as WW shame she had to work with a shitty script tho

    Mike LittleMike Little5 napja
  • It is apparent that this must've been the actual pitch meeting for the movie

    Jake StarrJake Starr5 napja
  • I wish barbara could've turned into an ostrich

    Panborlang MarbaniangPanborlang Marbaniang5 napja
  • I was thoroughly disappointed in the movie compared to the first one. I was hoping he would bring up the scene where one woman fought all the men to stop them, and wonder woman has her armour but that story seems more interesting

    Nithin SaiNithin Sai5 napja
  • The she is still longing for Steve because she will outlive anyone she dates. She trusted Steve with her secret. In saying that, how does she keep getting a job in the same field? She is a female Highlander I guess.

    ray carrollray carroll5 napja
  • 2:10 might be one of the best moments in Pitch Meetings ever

    Maria BreMaria Bre5 napja
  • She removes her glasses which as you know make people automatically more attractive I see what you did there, Ryan

    sanjay kumarsanjay kumar5 napja
  • Loved

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon5 napja