WONDER WOMAN 1984 - A Nonsensical Trainwreck

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Wonder Woman bad
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  • Wow this is way better then actually watching this movie

    Joseph MastrocolaJoseph MastrocolaNapja
  • You sound like a toned down Gilbert Godfrey

  • You try so hard but your humor is so bad and not funny.

    TheGoncas2TheGoncas22 napja
  • 17:54 a radar can still pick up an invisible plane.

    M. EvripidouM. Evripidou2 napja
  • Imagine everyone reversed their wish and you were pooping, would it just get sucked back up there

    Warner BryanWarner Bryan2 napja
  • Did someone say my name?

    Little BabymanLittle Babyman3 napja
  • she is a god, the amazons not...

    Renato CesarRenato Cesar3 napja
  • Wow this is such a mess.. The first movie was good.

    TheScapeGoat616TheScapeGoat6163 napja
  • your right about bassically all of this however that russian nuke thing is a real thing the usa and russia have deals to not make nukes and to be nuke free in the future so finding out the usa has created more nukes would be a disaster

    R.o.bR.o.b3 napja
  • 2:06 wait what I thought her mother was the one watching from the top I’m confused

    Baldomero AyalaBaldomero Ayala3 napja
  • Dianna is a demi goddess. The Amazonians are magical humans. Dianna already has an edge over the other Amazons.

    CarolCarol3 napja
  • Remember guys if you had a slight problem with this movie and thought it was bad you hate women.

    That cringe BoiThat cringe Boi3 napja
  • How many wishes does Naked Face Pedro need?

    HinduHillbillyHinduHillbilly3 napja
  • Max wants to save his son *whom he did not give a fuck about up until this point*

    LXA2008LXA20084 napja
  • Wonder woman can fly in some of the comics.

    Trenaye cTrenaye c4 napja
  • I hate to say it, I actually liked this movie but it could be because of the the people I was with haha

    The Actual Ghost BoiThe Actual Ghost Boi4 napja
  • This guy would be good at Cinemasins, lol. Just saw WW 1984 last week and I agree with everything you said.

    PPanda0421PPanda04214 napja
  • I think that not even furrys would like that cheetah design cause its the weird halfway point better anthro furrys and nekos and wolf girls and very few people like stuff like that

    Hati HellfireHati Hellfire5 napja
  • when the most important thing in your movie is a political movement instead of it being a movie you know it isn't going to work out well, it's like a 2 1/2 hour commercial where the dad is a idiot and the mom is smart

    Jeff AndrewsJeff Andrews5 napja
  • you sir are hilarious 😂

    Emanuel GarciaEmanuel Garcia5 napja
  • If wounder woman can make things invisible why did she not make superman invisible so he could stab doomday with out dying yeah this movie is not cannon in my book.

    jack mars 333 SBjack mars 333 SB5 napja
  • I'm all for the mental exercise of breaking things down and whatnot for analysis purposes, but far too many of these HUworld movie critics neglect to realize that most movies are just not meant to be flawless masterpieces of cinema with not plot-holes or errors in continuity. They're just entertainment pieces and they're made to be enjoyed and understood for the average everyday idiot, as well as kids. Even if it's a movie made for mature audiences, it doesn't really matter. Most people are morons, and need things spelled out for them on a regular basis. You're never going to find a movie that is flawless, or completely airtight from start to finish. So, unless you're doing these things for a simple thought exercise, you're kinda just wasting your time, and you sound like the type of arrogant asshole that deserves to be ridiculed on "r/IAmVerySmart." Just try to enjoy movies as they are, or find a new hobby.

    Jason BeardJason Beard5 napja
    • this right here, is by far the most r*tarded comment that has ever been written on youtube, not all good movies are flawless and not all of them are easy to understand

      moodymoody3 napja
  • It makes me sad that DC movies are so bad nowadays man. They have the opportunity to do some cool shit but they just choose not to ig. I’m excited for the new suicide squad tho.

    AevahAevah6 napja
  • Correction about this movie. Steve and WW raped a guy.

    Peter PandaPeter Panda6 napja
  • "He just dropped the gun. Isn't this America?" That is the best phrase I have heard in the last month

    Alex HamerAlex Hamer6 napja
  • I'm a furry but she looked ugly

    Amber SandersonAmber Sanderson6 napja
  • That Nicholas Cage cutout in the background really turns me on.

    AwfulMusikAwfulMusik7 napja
  • Man the movie is just so fucking long, you know a movie is bad when it doesn't even follow the basic 3 act system. Act 1 is a hour fucking long, while act 2 is short and just filled with useless shit and Act 3 has the worst story writing with Cheetah and that bullshit "fight" with Lord

    Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves7 napja
  • Bro give her a break she is Wonder Woman!!🦸‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️

    RJ SmithRJ Smith8 napja
  • The actor in 9:48 also plays the mandalorian in the Star Wars The Mandalorian series.

    ZeroverzeroZeroverzero8 napja
  • I think her anthem was stolen by marvel

    reubenli1234reubenli12348 napja
  • This wonderman is completely different from the one in BVS & the Snyder Cut... like seriously WTF.

    JaybuckODTJaybuckODT8 napja
  • 1:04 no mans land*

    Mio ulvinMio ulvin9 napja
  • WW1984 Willy's Wonderland 1984

    Jim The GreekJim The Greek9 napja
  • Wow, this guy is SOOO brave. takes a jab at Trump. We all know what that means.

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin9 napja
  • Wait. How they can reproduce?

    ThanosThanos10 napja

    N008145N00814510 napja
  • Gal gadot too

    Jacob HungarlandJacob Hungarland10 napja
  • WW84 *imidietly thinks : World War 84? '-'*

    GastyGasty11 napja
  • In the highway scene, when she lassos onto the rpg, condsidering how lightweight rockets are and how strong Wonder Woman is, all that would happen is she would pull the rocket down from weight alone so that it nosedives straight into the ground. Fuck me this scene is so stupid

    Captain DepressoCaptain Depresso11 napja
  • What a fucken mess

    jordan hardingjordan harding12 napja
  • The president in this movie is not amarican

    KaiserKaiser12 napja
  • I’ve just realized I spent the last 45 minutes of my life as a write an essay or as I tried to but instead I watched this

    Ballistic catBallistic cat12 napja
    • Thats the best dude hahaha

      The Actual Ghost BoiThe Actual Ghost Boi4 napja
  • Do snyder cut

    Hiro KunHiro Kun13 napja
  • wow that's a lot to take in.

    Jojo SiaoJojo Siao13 napja
  • Good GOD one more comment...THIS was the movie?!? Again THANK you Alien holy FUCK I’m glad you sweated this film so I didn’t have to!

    Tenth NailTenth Nail13 napja
  • ...thank you sir. Yes, vid was longer than usual: But this is the burn this movie so desperately needed. This and ScreenRant Ryan doing the “pitch meeting” on this garbage shite. Swear to god, the # of people that swore to me “eh, it’s a pretty good movie”....🖕 Perfect example of media going off the fuckin rails so badly, people can’t even recognize shit anymore. Elvis...THANK you sir. Burn this piece of turd to the damn bowels of hell please👍👍👍

    Tenth NailTenth Nail13 napja
  • 22:13 If her body is able to handle the stress of moving faster than bullets and pushing a truck sideways like that, she would undoubtedly have a good level of bullet resistance.

    StevDoesBigJumpsStevDoesBigJumps14 napja
  • put the speed on 1.25 :)

    Ed HunterEd Hunter14 napja
  • Hold on, wamen has glasses on. Wamen gets powers and glasses go off. I love how this is the main transformation into a beautiful cheetah looking thing?

    MichaelsStuffMichaelsStuff14 napja
  • ngl you left out a lot of details and made ppl think that the movie is BAD and not just have some inaccuranties,like the green screen galasses for example, just think, why would they have a green screen on set if it's all practical effect, like come on, some glasses have tinted reflexions wich can explain why a white wall would be reflected as green, like damn Elvis you usually represent films pretty accurately but here, big oof my man, you made my sister hate the movie without even watching it and she always says that it's trash, i just gave it a try and wouldn't you guess, the movie was a lot better than what she described , for reference we have the EXACT same taste in movies since we always watch them together since i was born,but still man i like your other videos it's just that this one wasn't quite your best one, but still i didn't say that this film was pefect , like i said it has some inaccuraties and i get why some people don't like the movie , but the thing is that they have watched the movie and made their own decision on it , so please try to accurately represent the movies you make videos on in the furture, but they're still funny so i give you that.

    BadzyllaBadzylla14 napja
  • Wonder woman has in the comics a invisible plane to

    Rick KamerlingRick Kamerling14 napja
  • Furries do not claim cheetah 😤

    Sleepy KappaSleepy Kappa15 napja
  • Just call barbara the beautiful word barbruh

    Aleksander KlaasAleksander Klaas15 napja
  • She was falling with style

    CH3RRYC0KE DrawingCH3RRYC0KE Drawing16 napja
  • Never add a child video man. Never

    Daily Talk with kapil SharmaDaily Talk with kapil Sharma16 napja
  • God damn it man. 1 million+ followers AND you never watched Justice league animated series to know WW can fly? Do your research right

    Daily Talk with kapil SharmaDaily Talk with kapil Sharma16 napja
  • This guy looks like the son of Pedro Pascale.

    Daily Talk with kapil SharmaDaily Talk with kapil Sharma16 napja
  • she fly'sin the comics

  • This movie feels like it has about 5 different.plots.

    kreatyvkamz17kreatyvkamz1716 napja
  • Great video man ,logical as well as very hilarious

    Aakash SinghAakash Singh16 napja
  • Its her auntie lol😂

    Natalia PracianoNatalia Praciano16 napja
  • Um AkcHuAlY sHe WaS lIkE 800 yEaRs OlD iN tHe StArT oF tHe MoViE

    lo llo l16 napja
  • 5:12 “pining over her lost love”. I see what ya did there

    Ben SheavesBen Sheaves16 napja
  • I’ve never seen the movies but in the comic Wonder Woman can fly

    SparkleSparkle16 napja
  • Nobody going to talk about how a decommissioned fighter jet just happened to have enough fuel for a trans Atlantic flight to Cairo? And the fact they pretty much had to jump out midair because they can't land a UFO in an airport?

    Anonymous JoeAnonymous Joe17 napja
  • If everyone took back their wishes at the end what happened to the dude who wishes for coffee?

    Dyllan AndersonDyllan Anderson17 napja
  • She can fly

    Anthony WolfeAnthony Wolfe17 napja
  • The movie also doesn't know how radar works. She made the plane invisible, not intangible. Which was demonstrated by the plane still affecting the fireworks and clouds. Radar would still see it.

    Mark PetersonMark Peterson18 napja
  • I had to watch this movie at the theatres for a school project... biggest waste of time 😭😭

    Onions Have LayersOnions Have Layers18 napja
  • Hot fuzz

    Bradley SandersBradley Sanders18 napja
  • The movie was an abortion..Got my $ 20 refund from Amazon Prime Video! There is a God! Could not even view pass the 1/2 Mark.......😭

    Bipbop66Bipbop6619 napja
  • Anyway, thank you for saving me almost 3 hours of nothing

    Giuseppe FiorenzaGiuseppe Fiorenza20 napja
  • Funny how this woman empowering movie show that only the coolest woman can be the empowered one.

    Giuseppe FiorenzaGiuseppe Fiorenza20 napja
  • It falls into so bad it's good for me, so many bizarre choices.

    StormwernStormwern20 napja
  • Pedro Pascal playing Magical Max

    Jeffrey PhillipJeffrey Phillip20 napja
  • Someone else has probably said this but, on the island of the Amazons Wonder Woman was like one of the only children there in some interpretations, other interpretations involve the Amazons questing off the island to find men to... against their will to have children. So yea.

    Ajay FictionAjay Fiction20 napja
  • Please review Frankenfish!

    OdinOdin20 napja
  • This movie was as bad as I’ve ever seen

    Jeff ButlerJeff Butler21 napja
  • Imagine if at the end as a monkey paw effect. Pedro becomes the next literal wishing stone

    Nelo AngeloNelo Angelo21 napja
  • If they set the movie to 1969, the title of the movie would attract multiple times the audience this one did. I just wonder if the reviews would be allowed to be posted on YT.. ;-)

    Buffalo de BillBuffalo de Bill22 napja
  • Oh man, the feminists are going to go crazy. Brb gotta go make some popcorn.

    SyendSyend22 napja
  • 6:47 I need a green screen of this moment

    Aaron WallsAaron Walls22 napja
  • The first thing you wish for with a stone that gives you infinite wishes is to never lose the stone...

    TheRaven901TheRaven90123 napja
  • I've always thought the amazons where just that...they arent gods ..that's why Diana at 8 can out perform them because she is the one that's half god....🤔

    RnS EntertainmentRnS Entertainment23 napja
  • How da fuck is Wonder Woman kid goku level after master Rossi training

    Sym RiotSym Riot23 napja
  • I just found your channel and for the most part like it, but I have two notes to pass on from a new viewer. 1. Please dont be political on a film review channel, big turn off. 2. Do some minor research on the character before you mess it up. This movie is truly a disaster for all the reasons you've mentioned, but it isnt a whip ffs, its a bloody lasso man.

    Douglas SinclaireDouglas Sinclaire23 napja
  • 2:50 im sorry that was the most stupidest comment i have ever heard, so your saying that everybody should just act calm after they just saw a man DROP A GUN. Whether you live in America or not why would someone bring a gun to a mall unless there going to use it.

    Film FreakFilm Freak23 napja
    • Your a moron holsters exist for reason an they do have malfunctions just like everything else or someone just wants pocket carry not as secure but doable. if your afraid of someone responsibly carrying a firearm maybe stay at home.

      erueka6erueka621 napja
  • Ah I remember when 2 hours and 30 minutes was considered a long movie, thanks zack Snyder

    its_niko 69its_niko 6924 napja
  • Boob armor is actually a really bad idea.

    AuraStomeAuraStome24 napja
  • That wasn't her mother who stopped her and you will know why she was competing against older women if you've watched the first film.

    Juan Marcus LopezJuan Marcus Lopez24 napja
  • I hate how at the start of the mall scene you have 2 men slobbishly eating big ass burgers and they’re fucking fat asses. It’s like jeez they think men are that gross.

    Anthony AlbanoAnthony Albano24 napja
  • So you're telling me, that Batman who in the comics is all about no killing, kills a bunch of random goons and for them its perfectly fine, yet Wonder Woman, who killed Shazam as Billy Batson (a child) once out of "safety for people", in this universe, cant bring herself to kill the guy who's trying to end everyone for his own benefit....makes sense

    Ronald RomeroRonald Romero24 napja
  • I watched the Snyder cut recently she’s just tossing dudes across the room and smacking there heads on the wall and I’m pretty sure they’re dead because blood went everywhere

    Howdraw /GamingHowdraw /Gaming25 napja
  • plot hole 1 : max could have just made someone wish that all of his enemies (wonder woman included) stop existing

    Dark _RevolutionDark _Revolution25 napja
  • at least it was better than justice league

    Jobob JoestarJobob Joestar25 napja
  • WW 1984 is just a female remake of the Christopher Reeve's Superman movies. I don't know anyone would want to remake those but okay

    J VillainJ Villain26 napja
  • Uh, I mean, he shoudn't be carrying a gun into a public area in the first place, even if it is for self defence. He was holding that kid so he woudn't have been shot or arrested, because if they did shot him, the kid would have died without WW. If he ran, he would have been caught just as quickly.

    Mateja IvanovMateja Ivanov26 napja
  • Awww man

    William RuppWilliam Rupp26 napja
  • You actually look like Pedro

    Adler VianaAdler Viana26 napja