Winter Anime 2021 in a Nutshell

2021.febr. 4.
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Wow I'm actually watching Anime again.
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  • Come on dont play my boy redo like that 😭😭😭😭😭😭 id pick both rods anytime 😭😭😭😏😏😏😏😈😈😈

    Joshua Baker-SheridanJoshua Baker-Sheridan54 perccel
  • 8:08 A Canada grind cuz hes from Canada..........

    DAdis CZDAdis CZÓrája
  • i watched the spider one it was good.

    Turtle VenturesTurtle VenturesÓrája
  • ***"I have no idea what's popular, but I know all the words of an anime song"*** basically every weeb in existence

    Ender_ GamingEnder_ GamingÓrája
  • ( Rewatches jojo's bizarre adventure because why not )

    Michael de KockMichael de KockÓrája
  • can you make a video with your opinion on beastars? its one of my favourite anime and im very interested in what you think about it.

    Wait I forgot itWait I forgot it2 órája

    tomato blasttomato blast2 órája
  • whats the intro song when the title shows up

    ScrubScrub3 órája
  • Gigguk: I dont think anyone will be defending "Redo of healer" My depraved mind: "Now hold on, hold on..."

    RealRemixRealRemix3 órája
  • did you binge the manga of ragf?

    typical gaming maniactypical gaming maniac3 órája

    American SniperAmerican Sniper5 órája
  • 1:23 sauce

    Shinji IkariShinji Ikari5 órája
  • Horimiya is my fav rom com anime till now

    Pavan KumarPavan Kumar6 órája
  • That perturbator song though.

    welcome to my gay house of terrible life decisionswelcome to my gay house of terrible life decisions6 órája
  • Wait where the [___] is dr stone

    Khiêm NguyễnKhiêm Nguyễn7 órája
  • 11:32 update: people are defending it :(

    Wesley ParksWesley Parks7 órája
  • ngl when i saw ex arm trailer thought it was a shitpost

    TrulyHurtinTrulyHurtin9 órája
  • I wonder what Mushoko Tensei's studio is gonna do when theyre not making the show.

    Ian NicholsIan Nichols10 órája
  • I wanted to watch Ex-arm but got into it and the ANIMATION OH GOD MY EYESSSS

    Wana2dmax MaxWana2dmax Max12 órája
  • THAT TONY HAWK PROSKATER MUSIC THOUGH!!! Only 90s kids will know....unless you also played the remastered version....

    GIGRoundNPoundGIGRoundNPound12 órája
  • Rance ah yes a man of culture I see

    Kaizze CKaizze C12 órája
  • ex-arm literally is just a killer bean animation

    LukasTheKiller2LukasTheKiller212 órája
  • Redo of Healer uncensored, how bad can it be? It probably just has some boob-fanservice. Oh boy was I wrong. I thought rape was taboo in media... let's say it doesn't seem like it.

    Michiel BlancquaertMichiel Blancquaert12 órája
  • Jobless reincarnation just killed my motivation to watch anything else than that show LMAO. Like for real i used to enjoy Log Horizon now its just boring AF to me

    Brian janssensBrian janssens13 órája
  • 4:22 dunkey reference baybeeeee

    Ghaccio /Ghaccio /14 órája
  • i like to think that manga readers live in a future time but in a different realm, sometimes it gets to anime and sometimes the best ones never make it there

    Maxi ZMaxi Z14 órája
  • Do Anime in minutes when attack on titan ends

    mateusz młynarskimateusz młynarski14 órája
  • Redo of Healer > Eromanga Sensei (It should be noted both are trash, but I'm taking edgy revenge fantasy over creepy incest any day of the week)

    Funny Valentine 2020Funny Valentine 202014 órája
  • + The Burst OST

    Łukasz WiśniewskiŁukasz Wiśniewski15 órája
  • Ex-Arm looks worse than Code Lyoko's digital world from the first bloody season

    Siam HossainSiam Hossain15 órája
  • Redo of healer is just pure masterclass of trash anime with what's so ever storyline But still the revenge part keeps me binging it.

    Yuvraj SharmaYuvraj Sharma16 órája
  • Shugo chara sure got a weird reboot

    Yuno GasaiYuno Gasai16 órája
  • Okay, okay, okay, despite all the perverts, I have to admit Mushoku Tensei is really good!! Yea, the perverted scenes made me sighed heavily and facepalmed and cringed and disgusted, but that doesn't mean I can't see a good anime when I watched it. Still... *heavily sighing*

    Tirza KharismaTirza Kharisma19 órája
  • If you haven't You should read solo leveling it's a really nice Shone manga that might be adapted

    Ty MuigaiTy Muigai21 órája
  • Can you do an evangelion in x minutes, a Gurren lagann in x minutes, an Initial D in x minutes, and a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in x minutes?

    Trent FleagleTrent Fleagle21 órája
  • Paul from jobless reincarnation is among the anime characters I am jealous of lol

    Samina MeerSamina Meer22 órája
  • hey gigg, did you read dorohodero? I know you were excited for season 2, but it wont be here for a while and let me just tell you reading the manga is worth on this one

    javi fjavi f22 órája
  • gigguk is the videogamedunkey of anime

    nielniel22 órája
  • early 2020: anime fan mid-end 2020: simp 2021-now: back to anime fan and somehow more simp this is me

    RexxelRexxel22 órája
  • They should make another season of Toradora

    Cuppa KiwiCuppa Kiwi22 órája
  • Redo of Healer is what we call in the biz a "pizza cutter" show. All edge, no point.

    Mushu Porkie-pieMushu Porkie-pieNapja
    • Why does it need a point, does hentai need a point?

      Mir Waiz UsayedMir Waiz Usayed15 órája
  • Pov you're an anime fan in 2020 was pretty accurate for me

    Makoto YukiMakoto YukiNapja
  • Oi oi do jujutsu kaisen in 8 minutes or any other anime

    Kurumi TokisakiKurumi TokisakiNapja
  • Anyone who likes Kaifuku Jutsushi deserves to die

  • Jobless Reincarnation is literally the best isekai anime this season.

    Its Soo Funny!Its Soo Funny!Napja
    • Eh, i like to flip between Jobless Isekai and the Spooder Isekai.

      HellMinion88HellMinion8814 órája
  • Havent watched redo of healer and don’t plan to but anyone who got offended at the first episode of goblin slayer is an idiot. The anime was not supposed to be for kids so if you’re a grown up, can’t handle things like that and decided to watch it anyway and still think it’s offensive you’re just an idiot. It was used as a plot point, as lore and to show how big a threat goblins are.

    Ultimate Chaos ForceUltimate Chaos ForceNapja
  • Not only Smash, but Guilty Gear too?

    Wildy DuceWildy DuceNapja
  • I love mushoku tensei since the main character is a faking rule34 addict

  • It looks like it was animated in Go Animate Mobile

  • @gigguk have u interest with Wonder Egg Priority?

    Muhammad Naufal AriqMuhammad Naufal AriqNapja
  • Hey, I was wondering if you could make some sort of video over Youjo Senki a.k.a. The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

    Viktoriya Ivanovna SerebryakovViktoriya Ivanovna SerebryakovNapja
  • I love quintuplets so much please talk about it 😀 also Nino best girl (yes I've read the manga)

    Christopher BandaChristopher BandaNapja
  • God bro the cracking sounds

    KindaBad MealKindaBad MealNapja
  • The messed up part about redo of a healer is that I find so many people defending the main character saying he should've done more and how they would've done the same thing too. ( Mostly on tiktok not HUworld)

    • They're on Instagram/reddit too :( It's been a while since I was legit disappointed in humanity

      Wesley ParksWesley Parks7 órája
  • Jesus loves you and He forgives repent

    whyareyoureadingthis gracewhyareyoureadingthis graceNapja
  • I defend redo of healer... FIGHT ME BITCHES

  • Horimiya is one of my animes of the season. Bottom Tier Tomozaki is simply just a tutorial on how to get a girlfriend 1. Horimiya 2. Quintessential Quintuplets S2 3. Bottom Tier Tomozaki 4. Attack on Titan 5. 2.34 Yeah you heard me, I dropped Re:Zero

  • Intro song? Pls?

    Fabricio PezoaFabricio PezoaNapja
  • Ex-Arm looks like it was made by the people that occasionally looked over the shoulder of the animators for that Iron Man cartoon that came out like right after the movie

  • Im going to say it right now. Wonder egg priority (Except episode 1 and 2) sucks

    Lord VermireLord VermireNapja

    The VoidThe VoidNapja
  • this is what i expect from anime fan

    Eccentric NameEccentric NameNapja
  • Redo of Healer is god tier as a hentai but extremely questionable as an anime

    Nguyễn TrinhNguyễn TrinhNapja
  • I’m glad someone used the Furi OST in their video. That soundtrack slaps. Edit: after watching the full video there’s so much good background music I’m so proud.

    Epic GamerEpic GamerNapja
  • I really liked the Horimiya manga (now it sucks), but the anime kinda sucks cuz it puts a lot of drama that u dont really feel in the manga.

    bernardo pereirabernardo pereiraNapja
  • is no one gonna talk about how good redo of the healers voice acting is, like ep 2 I've never heard voice acting so good like that before.

  • Since Attack on Titan is in its fourth and final season, I wonder what the “In 9 minutes” would be like for Season 2 and 3.

    • Well I hope he does one for s2, s3 and s4🤷‍♀️

  • Where is No Game No Life Season 2 ._.

    [Xinfinity] Avoozl[Xinfinity] AvoozlNapja
  • Just wait till April... Jojo part 6

    The QuiccVelociraptorThe QuiccVelociraptorNapja
  • What you sayin ? Redo of healer is for the cultured

  • What’s the clip at 9:20 from, anyone have a clue?

    TheSliderKidd 86TheSliderKidd 86Napja
  • I don’t mind him not mentioning it since he wanted to focus on the new stuff, but can we talk about how great Dr.Stone: Stone Wars has been. This new season is killing it, I’m enjoying it so much

  • whats the sound from like 14:26t to 14:34 bc i have heard it before but i cant figure out where

    Julius DollerupJulius DollerupNapja
  • That spider one is a ripoff of slime ?

  • я от ДжоШизо

  • Best year for Anime in my opinion

  • Seven Deadly.. 0:48 Seriously, isn't anyone going to point that out?

    Critika [Salihmeylani]Critika [Salihmeylani]Napja
  • Attack on Titan season 4 where it hits every expectation we want🥰. I wish those Mappa haters watches this

    John r. FamsJohn r. FamsNapja
  • Idk if anyone know but what is the song he uses in the opening.

  • Transition from Ex-Arm to Super Riser was beautiful

    Fall KerchooFall KerchooNapja
  • "..because i dont wanna slap you with my dick!" *scene of degeneration*

    The massive duckThe massive duckNapja
  • the virgin Keyaruga : betrayed,r**** and almost killed for 3 years and become non-humanity human the chad Master chief : working with no pay for more than 10 years,got betrayed,lost many friends,and still fight for humanity

    Manuel MendozaManuel MendozaNapja
    • @Ashen one haha,you can't do it,i'm remember the link

      Chips DubboChips DubboNapja
    • @Chips Dubbo

      Ashen oneAshen oneNapja
    • @Manuel Mendoza lol

      Chips DubboChips DubboNapja
    • @Chips Dubbo ey we have a same pp

      Manuel MendozaManuel MendozaNapja
    • @Red Hartsocks well,japanese making a weird stuff

      Samuel CorrionSamuel CorrionNapja
  • Redo Of Healer : Exist *Carefull Healer,What are you doing is heresy*

    Manuel MendozaManuel MendozaNapja
  • you want a good anime?just go watch halo legends,trust me,you won't regret it :)

    Manuel MendozaManuel MendozaNapja
  • As someone who's read jobless incarnation I'm a bit sad as it's gonna take 20 years for them if they want to finish the anime

    Pyry HaveriPyry HaveriNapja
  • You missed kemono jihen, which has potential.

    Pyry HaveriPyry HaveriNapja
  • Re:Zero is the best isekai and my favorite anime of all time!

  • What is the song in 1:41

    Michelle SmithMichelle SmithNapja
  • *Im gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move*

  • smh anime 2021 is isekai arc

    AssaunAssaun2 napja
  • your sense of humor is very high

    Jiang Shean LimJiang Shean Lim2 napja
  • atleast people arent arguing about AoT vs FMAB in the comment section

    Archit PatroArchit Patro2 napja
  • Redo of a healer scarred me because holy shit I was expecting a normal isekai. Like I had no warning, I didn’t read up on it, I didn’t check Twitter, I just saw it and started watching it and immediately had to bleach my eyes.

    Rainbow GummysRainbow Gummys2 napja
  • Love the Superman for skate

    Austin KreiderAustin Kreider2 napja
  • I like the BGS background music where you talk about egg priority

    Phong Der beschtePhong Der beschte2 napja
  • promise neverland broke my heart because the s2 sucked

    Bijal shakyaBijal shakya2 napja
  • ohh shit! im a fucking weeb..

    【romanchikku】【romanchikku】2 napja
  • Someone forgot sate a live and my hero

    dark star379dark star3792 napja
  • Wait I thought I was watching the animeman this whole time wtf

    KanzuKanzu2 napja
  • quarantine forced me to watch anime and i dont regret it

    merhakim tanomerhakim tano2 napja