Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild Wings Taste Test

2020.júl. 6.
2 630 892 Megtekintés

In today's episode of FOOD FEUDS, we're pinning two arch enemies against each other to decide which is better, Buffalo Wild Wings or Wing Stop! GMM #1770
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  • But BWW won round one and round three which is 2/3 of the wing rounds

    Misa AmaneMisa Amane3 napja
  • I would like to see you compare cars the same way you compare food (I am sure many fans will share the same opinion). This will push this show towards a very good position and it doesn't need to be big production mainly dashboard cameras.

    Samer HousseinSamer Houssein4 napja
  • I love the saga of dirk and patty

    patrick blakepatrick blake4 napja
  • I’m sorry I said it boneless wings are just chicken nuggets

    CaptainCoCoaPuffsCaptainCoCoaPuffs5 napja
  • I don’t like dry wing but I like the crunchy skin

    CaptainCoCoaPuffsCaptainCoCoaPuffs5 napja
  • Wingstop is where you go when you want wings, period. BWWs is where you go when you want a sports bar that serves wings

    Jason GeymerJason Geymer5 napja
  • Just applied at wingstop hope I get the job!!

    circuswannabecircuswannabe5 napja
  • Duffs is the only good wing place

    Abraham EcklerAbraham Eckler6 napja
  • Wild Mikes is best no cap!!👌

    TheRatKingTheRatKing6 napja
  • how is wingstop lord of wings when the only things that beat buffalo wild wings was the fries and dessert.

    William DamronWilliam Damron8 napja
    • Because its cheaper and taste better

      Gabriel david AlbizuresGabriel david Albizures7 napja
  • Wing stop is better

    Pugboyy GamingPugboyy Gaming10 napja
  • Wing stop won because of the fries and dessert so explain how they are lord of the wings if they lost the wing battle 😂

    XenoMaaX 8XenoMaaX 810 napja
  • When I tell you in real life those wings are skimpy! They're skimpy😂 those are prompted wings

    Parts shooterParts shooter12 napja
  • Wing stop is better than Buffalo Wild Wings because, Buffalo Wild Wings have giant wings.

    Jannah .Jannah .14 napja
  • Wingstop vs Colorados wing shack

    Tanner NelsonTanner Nelson14 napja
  • can we talk about how Rhett cleaned these wings???

    Krystin OsborneKrystin Osborne15 napja
  • I ordered wing stop as the battle was coming to a conclusion hahah 😂

    Panda 93Panda 9315 napja
  • @1:54 best intro ever 😂😂😂

    ThaGoodSingh _ThaGoodSingh _15 napja
  • Those are nuggets!!!!!!!!!!!!

    killer_Viperkiller_Viper16 napja
  • It was a sin they didn't try BW potato wedges instead of the fries. They would have won.

    Kyle BlanchardKyle Blanchard16 napja
  • Would like to see them try every flavor at BWW

  • I love theses guys!

    Cj JohnsonCj Johnson16 napja
  • Everyone complaining about price go on Tuesday and thirsday

    andrew brownandrew brown16 napja
    • Yeah but on Tuesday and Monday you get one wing at wing stop for 49 cents which I argue is a better deal than the wing specials at bww

      TheManofGlueTheManofGlue13 napja
  • I'm be honest buffalo wild wing dry asf

    Dwc 4lifeDwc 4life16 napja
  • Wing stops the goat

    Cxs ZakajCxs Zakaj16 napja
  • Y'all should try PDQ .

    ReyProductionReyProduction16 napja
  • So wingstop won not because of their wings, but because of cheese fries and a brownie

    MisterChase28MisterChase2816 napja
  • I remember i accidentally ate a Mango Habanero wing at BWW in the 1st grade. So Wingstop wins it for me

    Obama PrismObama Prism17 napja
    • It’s called b dubs

      Savageboi LolSavageboi Lol11 napja
  • Who else thinks when they called the “owners” it was completely fake and they didn’t even try to hide it

    Gaming PandaGaming Panda17 napja
  • So bww a sad sack of shiii 😂

    XrisXøXrisXø18 napja
  • As an indian watching the video I'm wondering why would someone order a 100 wings!!

    Tushar KattempudiTushar Kattempudi18 napja
    • only one answer: americans XD

      Lovevideos CollectionLovevideos Collection17 napja
  • The only time I eat Buffalo Wild Wings is on BOGO Tuesdays. And I always order takeout to avoid hefty tip. Any other day of the week i will choose Wingstop.

    Immortal SugimotoImmortal Sugimoto19 napja
  • Both are so bad at eating wings

    RandamusRandamus20 napja
  • The productive silver july boil because donna immunophenotypically balance apud a unusual lipstick. chunky, outgoing frown

    Kevin BudzischKevin Budzisch20 napja
  • If I'm eating at home then Wing Stop taste better. If at restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings taste better.

    Andre 3000Andre 300021 napja
  • I love BWW even though most my friends love Wingstop. The funny thing is every time we ate at BWWs all the food disappeared and we even ordered more at times with no leftovers. Yet at Wingstop there was always leftovers and we never ordered extra. My friends agreed I was right but they still claim Wingstop is the best. How?

    R463DTBR463DTB21 napja
    • When u like sum u tend to leave left overs to eat it later

      Dwc 4lifeDwc 4life16 napja
  • Boneless wings are not wings. Has to have a bone

    hockeytaint22hockeytaint2222 napja
  • Fire wings

    jack recherjack recher23 napja
  • More like lord of the side dishes lol

    QU0B3N 9999QU0B3N 999923 napja
  • Wingstop here in Akron Ohio has some Dry ass wings

    Johnnie JrJohnnie Jr23 napja
  • Lord of the wings : Bww Lord of the others : wingstop

    Tyler McCarthyTyler McCarthy23 napja
  • Everyone stop what you’re doing and tell me where i can get links shirt.

    EnviousEditorsEnviousEditors24 napja
  • The fries screwed BWW which I agree bc the cheese fries aren’t that good and go bad quickly

    Riley AbercrombieRiley Abercrombie24 napja
  • You should have done pluckers

    TyTythebosss 1733TyTythebosss 173325 napja
  • 100 for 119$? Dude why ? No wing should cost more than a dollar a piece!!!!

    AurteekayAurteekay25 napja
  • BWW charges 15$ for 10 wings? Enough said right there. Wing stop wins. Not to mention wing stop has way better sauces and fries

    AurteekayAurteekay25 napja
  • 11:43 you can visualize..the POTATO lol

    Aaron VueAaron Vue25 napja
  • So your telling me wing stop only won the rounds where there were no wings in the competition, other than the dry seasoning wings that I haven’t ment anyone who gets those anyways

    Sniperpro199Sniperpro19925 napja
  • Wing stop automatically wins because 1. THE RANCH 2. The garlic parm wings 😜

    Kd LohryKd Lohry26 napja
  • B dubs is only better to go hangout at

    Pierce BakaevPierce Bakaev26 napja
  • Wing stop lemon pepper wings 😍😍

    IRNG DylanIRNG Dylan27 napja
  • Buffalo wild wings is easily better but its wayyyyy overpriced

    brzyybrzyy28 napja
  • Bdubz mango habanero is a 10 from me.

    Zack ScruggsZack Scruggs28 napja
  • BWW was ahead just on wings. Their onion rings may be my favorite thing on their menu though.

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim28 napja
  • Buffalo should’ve won they have the best wings highly underrated wings top only won because there fries

    raulitoraulito28 napja
  • I should really stop watching these while on a diet

    Daniel BusserDaniel Busser28 napja
  • Buffalo Wild Wings > Wing Stop

    Kevin DurantKevin Durant29 napja
  • Wingstop is superior.

    MelanieMelanie29 napja
  • Brooo i need a wing stop in my tiny towm

    Jinx RedfoxJinx Redfox29 napja
  • Ignore the fact that BDubs won the wing part of the taste test!

    Benjamin TorresBenjamin Torres29 napja
  • I just don't think wingstop is anywhere close to BWW, if you're main food is dry, not juicy, and overall just not comparable to the other place's main food, then it's just not better. That's just my take tho

    Luis VegaLuis VegaHónapja
  • Hooters is the best

    Mr. ClancyMr. ClancyHónapja
  • Yall needa mess around and come to the wisconsin and get some legend larrys. Best wing place

  • I like both but the fries at Buffalo Wild Wings are good

  • Buffalo Wild Wings won every category with actually wings, and the only reason they lost is because of the fries, which they don’t even advertise-they are just a small side dish.

    Carson ChaputCarson ChaputHónapja
    • Well BWW is sooooo much more expensive

      Yourrussiancomrade AlexYourrussiancomrade AlexHónapja
  • I only like boneless wings screw the bone in versions.

    Morrigan KASAMorrigan KASAHónapja
    • Just buy chicken nuggets also whats the difference between chicken nuggets or boneless wings

      Yourrussiancomrade AlexYourrussiancomrade AlexHónapja
  • Wing stop is way better it’s cheaper and tastier

  • Wing stop is the goat. BWW is alright but ehh. They got more flavors at bww but wingstop is just top tier

    iknow rightiknow rightHónapja
  • Wingstop is way better

    909 Montana909 MontanaHónapja
  • OKAY GREAT VIDEO now it's time to stop watching youtube and call Wingstop to place my order lol! The fries are way better than BWW in my opinion and the lemon pepper is my go to with a side of atomic sauce and ranch to go with it as well and IM TELLING YOU ITS BOMB ASF!

    Jenny LopezJenny LopezHónapja
  • The standings when it comes to the wings bww won

    Tyler TerwilligerTyler TerwilligerHónapja
  • “When a brownie is bad it’s real bad, but when brownie is good it’s better than good cake.” -Link Neal 2020

  • Bro y’all have been a thing since I was born in 07 like u guys are so funny to watch to this day

    I Zxl l HimselfI Zxl l HimselfHónapja
  • You guys should taste each other's spooge

    R GR GHónapja
  • Sorry but wing stop is better

    Journey BoyJourney BoyHónapja
  • Wingstop is the best hands down. Buffalo Wild Wings is not good at all.

    Phantom GamingPhantom GamingHónapja
  • the two businesses using rhett&link content on twitter is pretty funny

  • Wingstop win

    Adrian LewisAdrian LewisHónapja
  • I like Wingstop I think Wingstop one

    Adrian LewisAdrian LewisHónapja
  • I can't say wingstop won bc Ive never tasted buffalo wild wings

    Lucky_ swagger990Lucky_ swagger990Hónapja
  • Hello the 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% people that see this

    Dood LuckDood LuckHónapja
  • 13:15 FACTS

  • I would love to try this challenge but it’s to expensive

  • If you just score the wings by points then Buffalo Wild Wings won but they lost because of the fries ans desert points but, Both are very good!

    Caliboss NelsonCaliboss NelsonHónapja
  • But they are chicken nuggets

    Julie HippJulie HippHónapja
  • I’ve noticed all Wingstop employees are bilingual. At least here in Texas!

  • i had wingstop last night, it's so good

    Analyssa EcleviaAnalyssa EcleviaHónapja
  • boneless wings are nuggets.

    Dumb BitchDumb BitchHónapja
  • Aren’t those chicken legs??

    Antti JalovaaraAntti JalovaaraHónapja
  • Wing Stop is the best hands down !

    jose hernandezjose hernandezHónapja
  • Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets with sauce

    RolanticZ LiveRolanticZ LiveHónapja
    • @Caleb Angell Exactly !

      RolanticZ LiveRolanticZ Live17 napja
    • Completely agree. Boneless wings are WEIRD

      Brian CooleyBrian Cooley20 napja
    • that’s why they’re better

      jacobistubular Fartsjacobistubular Farts21 napja
    • Wow what a completely original groundbreaking opinion. You are so unique.

      Caleb AngellCaleb Angell26 napja
    • Chicken nuggets are grinded chicken, boneless wings are like mini chicken tenders with sauce

      Raul GascaRaul GascaHónapja
  • BonChon got the best wings

    Tyrdiel -Tyrdiel -Hónapja

    iAvoid vTMiAvoid vTMHónapja
  • where them lemon pepper wings from wingstop

  • Wingstop. Is. Superior.

    Jolly Green GiantJolly Green GiantHónapja
  • They need to try the restaurant called "Lord of the wings" so they can decide who the king chicken wing is

  • 14:02 Did you just said "Jifs"?

    Amit LevyAmit LevyHónapja
  • So buffalo thinks there a class above wing stop, the taste test showed them to be overpriced and underwhelming

    Ashley SutherlandAshley SutherlandHónapja
  • If link wouldn’t have been the other critic bww would have won

    Gucci CupcakezGucci CupcakezHónapja
  • Watching this after working a 10 hour shift at wingstop was a bad idea 💀

    • 😂😂😂

      GlassCity MattGlassCity MattHónapja