Why Haas will (probably) leave Formula 1

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The writing's on the wall if you ask me. Haas are in the mud at the back of the Formula 1 field. By far and a way the slowest car, and both drivers are rookies - and struggling. And if you ask me, I don't think the name is going to be in Formula 1 for much longer.
Here's why.
Go give uncle Aldas' take on this a watch n'all.
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  • This video was finished before the rumours came out on Thursday suggesting that Gene is looking to sell up his stake. WHAT TIMING. So yeah, that's why I don't mention those rumours. Maybe I can just see the future eh. Oh, and go give Aldi's video on this subject a watch n'all. huworld.info/flow/vide/nm2nqJyoetXUr6o

    TommoTommo21 napja
    • @Ditiro Motene lots of money may go in I'm sure not much ever comes out

      Mark MitchellMark Mitchell7 napja
    • @Dackyc92 what aldi oh there's time yet

      Mark MitchellMark Mitchell7 napja
    • @chris l I ' m talking about the man make the video and the fans who want Haas to be such a great American team..not you espesially...Parnelli referend to F1 history like that...and RAM was a real American tryout...I suggest Haas had to bring Ford back in F1...

      Κωνσταντίνος ΚωνσταντίνουΚωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντίνου15 napja
    • @Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντίνου you must have misread my comment. I said NOTHING about a great American team.

      chris lchris l15 napja
    • @chris l A great American team ???!!! He have to check Parnelli ( Mario Andretti's first team ) or " Skoal Bandit RAM in 1984 )...

      Κωνσταντίνος ΚωνσταντίνουΚωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντίνου15 napja
  • I hate to say it, but besides pinning their fate to a cheating Ferrari team, Haas’s biggest problem is Guenther Steiner. I love watching him, but his management style is TERRIBLE. He demoralizes his drivers and engineers, and is pervasively, constantly, overwhelmingly negative. That is not how you create a championship team. Look at any championship team in any sport from the last 20-30 years, and none have been led with a management style like Steiner’s. GET RID OF STEINER!!

    Daniel AkermanDaniel Akerman21 órája
  • Hey American from the south here, n e v e r c a l l m e a y a n k e e.

  • I know Dodge isn't really interesting in hybrid technology, but I would love to see a "Plum Crazy" American constructed and operated team in the paddock.

    Noah NeuhausNoah NeuhausNapja
  • I'm surprised they stayed in as long as they did. So much money for absolutely no return on investment. What a colossal pain in the rump Formula one has made itself to any other team but Mercedes,Ferrari and Red Bull.

  • Seriously wanted Haas to be a viable team. Don't feel that Steiner is the man for the job. With them bringing Mazepin on this year I have stopped following. I wish the best for Schumacher. Have followed F1 since the 70's. Really want an American-based team in the sport but not happy with the Haas direction. American here and also a Subscriber.

  • Gene Haas must be one of the dumbest people in F1. Came with big fortune and leaves with a small one. He was after marketing and sales of his CNC machines and instead of becoming a major sponsor of any current teams, he chose to waste so much more instead creating a team. Its like buying a restaurant when all you need is to eat a steak. He is lucky to have had the services of Gunther, for without him his F1 participation would have been more expensive and shorter.

    utube321piotrutube321piotr2 napja
  • All the yanks stand up

    cjconsolicjconsoli2 napja
  • bino o

    Nacho CheeseNacho Cheese2 napja
  • guun uh

    Nacho CheeseNacho Cheese2 napja
  • Hendrick F1 team?

    Hunner DHunner D2 napja
  • Don't call us Yanks. We all hate the Yankees, except New Yorkers.

    THCTHC3 napja
  • One of the big 3 ought to buy them out. How about Scuderia Rosso Corsa?

    srinitaaigaurasrinitaaigaura3 napja
  • The reason Gene told Roman to go take care of his family is because Gene has been a team owner for so long and can tell Roman is a wreck looking for a place to happen. Watch how many Indy cars he wrecks. You mock the man for looking out for romans family

    Crazy KikiCrazy Kiki3 napja
  • Mazepins lack of drivability sure isn't making the decision a tough one, smh

    Phil BuellPhil Buell3 napja
  • I think Gene Haas commenting on Grosjean was him being worried about his mental state. It's not like the dude hasn't been crashing like crazy for years.. right now, from the outside, it seems like he's a guy who will eventually die on the track. I think Gene has the same concern and wasn't willing to finance that.

    Kyle WKyle W3 napja
  • As an American, I love F1 and have loved it since the 60's. Having an American F1 team, plus the opening of COTA about the same time, was as they say, " high Cotton." Well... COTA has held up it's end of the bargain, but Haas' lack of competitiveness, has been... disappointing. Gene is not a billionaire. Any F1 owner that is not a billionaire, doesn't have an all world sponsor, or is backed by a major manufacturer, is simply shoveling money out the door. Gene should run for the hills while he still can afford to. If a Russian oligarch buys the team, I hope they successfully add to the competition in F1 and are not just a back marker.

    John MulveyJohn Mulvey3 napja
  • By far the biggest issue that Haas is facing is Gene Haas himself. But if he goes, the team is safe, Guenther made sure of that. I don't think people realize that if he hadn't signed Nikita, Haas would have literally had zero chance of surviving for 2022 and beyond. They'd have had to get everything and more in 2021 to get what they need, which is prize money and sponsoring, and still would have fought for P8 at best, and probably lost. Now, they are saving money, working towards 2022, and they got their future secured. Whether that is under Gene's ownership, or someone who actually wants to be helpful instead of being their biggest enemy that buys up the team, the team under whichever name is safe until at least 2025.

    Louis GreschnerLouis Greschner3 napja
  • Actually f1 is beating indycar in ratings right now.

    silencejamessilencejames3 napja
  • Haas is definitely the Russian dream now.....

    Joe HuangJoe Huang3 napja
  • Gene Hass is not rich enough, to run a Formula 1 team..............you have to be a billionaire............and he`s not !!!!!

    Onkel MarvinOnkel Marvin3 napja
  • Great news that American fans are following F1 cause let's be honest the Indy ar thing is boring. On the other hand we should be worried cause we know whatever the American touch they want to Change, look at what they tried to do with football (ESL).

    Sandile MfekaSandile Mfeka4 napja
  • I mean subscribed

    Familie De zwartFamilie De zwart4 napja
  • So i am Dutch but i am subscribt

    Familie De zwartFamilie De zwart4 napja
  • Because now haas f1 is nothing but a joke and better today than tomorrow

    SlackerFromDkSlackerFromDk4 napja
  • American here; everyone here I’ve ever met that watches F1 doesnt root for HAAS. Americans that watch the sports are probably just like everyone else; either fans of the great (or historically great) teams like Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, and hell even Williams. Or they’re fans of a driver like Hamilton, Vettel, Leclerc, Norris, etc. Most of the Americans “supporting” Haas at the moment are Schumacher fans just putting up with Haas to support Mick.

    DevinThe242DevinThe2424 napja
  • I wish a US or Canadian company purchased Haas and turned it into a good (maybe not top) team that can score points and give us great races. That Mazespin guy really needs to go, he is well out of his league!

    Dominic BazinetDominic Bazinet4 napja
  • No way I no idea was Italian 😅

    Matt DonnellyMatt Donnelly4 napja
  • Im just happy that mick outdrives his teammate so much. Was really scared that his promising career would been cut short with haas

    displeased Catdispleased Cat4 napja
  • subbed what a great video. also I'm having a flying guess at your accent, because I'm getting to learn the different british accents. I wanna say east-london ? Am I close ?

    Roberto FontigliaRoberto Fontiglia4 napja
  • Gene Haas made a valiant effort, had some real success and he deserves a ton of credit, financial investment aside. If MazeSPIN's father buys the team, all it will do is keep his spoiled brat son in the sport until the FIA decides he's too much of a liability to be on the same track with competent drivers and pulls his superlicense..

    Jack CamardaJack Camarda4 napja
  • I would rather have a terrible Russian team, than a terrible American team.

    Harry MeyerHarry Meyer4 napja
  • Haas' errors seem to be in tying their prospects to all the wrong entities: -Ferrari's fake power unit -Rich Energy's fake money -Mazepin's fake humanity

    FighterCKFighterCK4 napja
  • I never understood Hass using a dalara chassis. Dalara have a lousy f1 chassis history, showing us racing chassis just never translate to f1. Then unluckily hamstrung by the fallout from the Ferrarri engine debacles. But as significantly, as shown by the netflix shows exposed, Gunther was forced to focus all his time trying to get money and sponsors, instead of management, as Gene Hass rapidly cut basic funding to the team, over the last 3yrs. Our biggest concern should be that we cant loose any more teams before f1 becomes a race to race crisis. If it takes Ukalai to keep a grid of 10teams in f1, then so be it. I just hope Rich energy dont come back in, as rumored, in any way or form.

    Alec BrownAlec Brown4 napja
  • Makes an 18 min vid with ads first 5 min is an ad fuck you bud

    Zacery HammondZacery Hammond5 napja
  • Just got into F1 found you from donut’s content!

    Chase NicholsonChase Nicholson5 napja
  • Hass f1 is dead too me as an American we need a new american team with american drivers

    dom, raider nation,raised royaldom, raider nation,raised royal5 napja
  • the Issue is clearly... F1 is not a world wide Cup its 99% european Cup, as a Millionare from US I would not invest a dime in euro as F1 clearly has one little tiny issue... they are RACIST as fuck against anything that comes outside from Europe.... DRIVERS, TEAMS, SPONSORS ETC.... Europeans only want the money and vews from the world nothing more

    Moi MonMoi Mon5 napja
  • Apart from mazepin, lance and stroll, isn’t lando’s dad also super rich?

    The Missing LinkThe Missing Link5 napja
  • The reason we Americans are getting F1 is because 80% of the sports Americans watch have become political shame fests

    Jigamanx2Jigamanx25 napja
    • Watch f1 a lil more you'll see its worse if you thought American sports where bad f1 is all political

      dom, raider nation,raised royaldom, raider nation,raised royal5 napja
  • hass sounds like ass these days

    Jose Lima DelgadoJose Lima Delgado5 napja
  • Oh, look, it's Comrade Tommo with a sham of a video, pretending to be informative while being just a flameboy. And this coming from a guy that doesn't even like Haas to begin with. Dude, I get it, you're are biased, we all are. It is a sport and we all have our favourites. But stop pretending you are anything but political with your shameless diatribe. I get it, you are a commie billionaire-haiting F1 fan. Do I need to remind you that of all the sports in the world, F1 is the most elitist one? Who do you expect to bring in the dough? The Little Sisters of the Poor? Or the Labour party, once they are done sharing the spoils of war? And why is money from petrol worse than money from fashion? Fuel is a basic resource. Luxury fashion is not and, most often than not, it is based on force or poorly paid workers in SE Asia. The last time I checked with people working in the oil industries, they are decently paid, even if the work is hard. Why do I have the strange feeling you are OK with billionaires like Soros but you hate Mazepins cause that's what you heard in the media is cool to do? Are you a tribunal and have decided he is a corrupt oligarch? Is he cheating on his taxes that, I bet, you think are too low? Oh, about that and your lame low blow at Gene's time behind bars. You see, not everyone is rich and without any personal obligations to move his business in Monaco like some drivers we know and love. But yeah, that is not tax evasion, cause he did it legally, right? Oh, and that thing at the end about politics, pure bollocks. And I am not even Russian. But your projections are so outrageous that I doubt anyone believes you when you are pretending not to milk the political tensions fueled by the media. Then again, there are many sheep following media the way you do... so I wouldn't be surprised.

    Jaaz deJazzJaaz deJazz5 napja
  • Another humiliation for what's left of a declining sport. The targets for 13 different winners for the 23 races seems too far away to save this sport. It reminds the viewers of global warming... Everyone knows its happening but no one wants to change the end result. With advertisers spending money on other sports, cars lacking sponsors and the failure to attract another two teams to the grid you would have thought steffino Deminicarli would have resigned this week. The same pointless result will be repeated in Monaco if the world bothers to watch at all. The sport needs to deliver on the BSC Consulting Groups proposals of using BTC weighting of cars, compulsory 3 pit stops at Monaco, and provide far more free to air coverage for those left with any interest in this failed sport... With mercades deciding whether to continue as team owners F1 can't put the hard decisions beyond Thursday this week to save what's left of the sport.

    blooskys1blooskys15 napja
  • In my opinion, the ownership of the Haas team basically 100% comes down to how well they do in 2022. If they're a genuine midfield contender and can attract additional sponsors, then the team may well remain under the Haas name. But if 2022 is a bad season, then there's pretty much no way they'll still be Haas in 2023.

    b0omb0om5 napja
  • It’s funny cuz she sucks in nascar

    Ben DeutschBen Deutsch5 napja
  • Hass have a great record in Indycar, it was that team that Mansell won the Indycar championship with. We were told after a couple seasons they would be on it in F1. Indycar and F1 are very different formulas though and they have found that out the hard way. Agree with all you say here.

    Darren AMDarren AM5 napja
  • Oh yes Günther Steiner is an italian. The comes from the same beautiful region like me, South Tyrol in the north of Italy. But his motherlanguage is not italian but german.

    Chr MChr M6 napja
  • Gene Haas has always been shit at running a race team, in Nascar his team was complete shit until Tony Stewart came in and was able to make an alliance deal with Hendrick Motorsports. Haas's Nascar Team is good because of Stewart, Tony is the motorsports genius of the Nascar Team and Gene just signs the checks.

    CTM ProductionsCTM Productions6 napja
  • The most possible reason why Gene Haas still wants to stay in F1 is that they have a deus ex machina coming up for the next regulations change next season. If it's not that, then they're waiting to sell to Uralkali. Btw, if Liberty wants an american team in F1: just bring Ford back!

    MaX FrostMaX Frost6 napja
  • The american Minardis

    MercyShot83MercyShot837 napja
  • After Imola, Mick made Nikita look as if he was driving a great war-era tank

    Gabriel PalileoGabriel Palileo7 napja
  • 100% agree Tommo. Hate to see them go, but it seems inevitable at this point.

    TMGTMG7 napja
  • While Mezespin Sr. got his start in oil & gas, Uralkali is a fertiliser company.

    boyiscolaboyiscola7 napja
  • If Haas leaves f1 is it possible for team Chevy (corvette) join the sport? they are in the making of the Zora, which will be a hybrid Corvette C8

    KuehnlefarmsgamingKuehnlefarmsgaming7 napja
  • Gosh I hope no one takes their place. They would be just as slow if they joined from fresh.

    Daniel JonesDaniel Jones7 napja
  • I just remember growing up in America and it was always "AH, NASCAR BEST RACE HURR DURR".(Still doing it for Dale, though) Indy Car doesn't even touch Nascar's attention, usually. Nobody really talked about F1. I regret only recently learning about Niki Lauda and James Hunt in my late 20s and not much sooner. Let alone the modern field with Hamilton dominating. I hope it can really pick up in the mainstream.

    Mc LovinMc Lovin8 napja
  • I'm an American. I can't root for Haas this year. I don't even think of them as an American team. They're totally beholding to a Russian oligarch and gave his brat a car. Reminds me too much of Trump. Just another Russian stooge.

    Louis GalliLouis Galli8 napja
  • Thia was a good theory for DTS next season you should label as spoiler just in case

    Franco RomeroFranco Romero8 napja
  • Unfortunately your comments are spot on. I used to really like the Haas approach to things, but now ... I'm only able to watch the seven minute summary found on the F1 YT channel - mostly to ensure that Sir Lewis bags his eight world championship.

    Peter JespersenPeter Jespersen8 napja
  • Do you think he'll move the team to Russia? No point in keeping it in Kannapolis, no one will accept it as an American F1 team.

    Brandon CascadeBrandon Cascade9 napja
    • Unless there gonna hire an american driver there is no point in having the team in America there a joke calling themselves the american team

      dom, raider nation,raised royaldom, raider nation,raised royal5 napja
  • Uralkali is not an oil company, they make pesticides Get your facts straight man

    coolerneocoolerneo9 napja
  • This guy looks like the British Mazepin

    pyromcrpyromcr9 napja
  • a buddy of mine basically forced me to watch "drive to survive" over the winter, and I loved every minute of it. I subscribed to f1 tv so I can catch the races, and my maiden season as an F1 fan is off to a very exciting start. watching max and ham go at is going to make me a life long fan.

    Kevin SchartKevin Schart9 napja
  • I always get a chuckle when someone says Haas didn't do due diligence with Rich Energy. The didn't even Google Rich Energy. I did when Rich bid on Force India and I found a nearly bare Facebook page and a website someone slapped together in 15 minutes.

    Chris AgnewChris Agnew9 napja
  • StewartHaas isn't doing that great in NASCAR either.

    Mutant RyeffMutant Ryeff9 napja
  • I came here from josh

    marc Jonesmarc Jones9 napja
  • Yo. Excited about a Miami GP and my uncle travels to Texas pretty frequently for the US grand prix

    Link ScarletLink Scarlet9 napja
  • I would have subscribed.....until you told me too. seems your ploy works enough for you

    David PandoDavid Pando9 napja
  • Mazespin is there just because his daddy has money......LOTS of money.......I am still not a huge fan of Lance but at least he seems like a decent driver and had a way better career preF1 than Mazepin ever had.

    TeddyWestside412TeddyWestside4129 napja
  • TLDR: because he thinks they will. No proof, no circumstantial evidence, no conspiracy theory, just good old "I think so". What would be the motive for uralkali to buy the team? They wouldn't get more exposure than they are now. Would that help them from a technology standpoint? Is their owner a motorsports fan? Was it his lifelong dream to own an f1 team? You might as well have said ferrari should sell to ups because they had a shit 2020.

    Brian TBrian T10 napja
  • Is it possible that gene thinks roman is highly likely to crash even before 2020 and just sees indycar as less safe given the ovals?

    Brian TBrian T10 napja
  • Fi has never been U.S based. CAN-AM -IMSA-SCCA those cars are more fun to watch, and others if the FIA doesn't want our money. let the eurosnobs get the money go to the middle east markets and so be it . we dont need the FIA for U.S motorsports.

    Jason HarrisJason Harris10 napja
  • Ohhh why does lance get so much hate he won f2 by 140 points and he's the youngest podium sitter in f1

    Edo BlackEdo Black10 napja
  • You dumb they literally said that that they were using the same car but they spent all 2020s and 2021s budjet on 2022

    Edo BlackEdo Black10 napja
  • Maybe haas goes and Porsche coms

    Philipp GutzeitPhilipp Gutzeit10 napja
  • @Tommo; regarding the Italian Stallion Gunther - he is from an area called Südtirol (city of Meran), part Austrian/ part Italian, and most people talk German and Italian there. I go there every year for skiing (wife goes shopping in Meran) - as always, very entertaining video!

    Tom R.Tom R.10 napja
  • cuz they suck?

    TheGuyWhoIsAustralianTheGuyWhoIsAustralian10 napja
  • It's far from an American team... yes the owners American but other than that... there is no other American representation on that team no driver no crew members... I've always been against it being called America's F1 team

    D.j.O'ConnorD.j.O'Connor10 napja
  • I actually thought Lawrence stroll had more wealth than Dmitry Mazepin. When I googled it, it showed Stroll 3.2 Billion US and Mazepin 1.2 Billion US. Maybe you referring to their respective companies wealth or something. Aside from all this, I'd also be disappointed if the only American team quits. I'd like to see them in F1 as a sustainable team. Hopefully the new rules make it that way.

    Dhameer GovindDhameer Govind11 napja
  • Sadly I fear you are correct about Gene Haas exit being eminent. As a Yank I have done my part to convert a few (10) of my fellow bloats to the sport of F1. To give context they are all major fans of American style football. Well, I can proudly say after showing them a race before the NFL game broadcast they have become very educated fans of the sport and race strategy 👊👏 Can you say planned Mancation to Miami 2022!!

    karlos swiftkarlos swift11 napja
  • Yeah, Gene has been running a motorsports team, yadda yadda yadda, but the dude moving to Indy had just come within a hair's breath of buring to death. Did Gene word the statement weird? Sure. Do I understand where he was coming from? You bet.

    Scott JacobsScott Jacobs11 napja
  • UralKali F1 seems like a foregone conclusion, but F1 wont grow in popularity in the US until there is a legit American F1 driver...which isn't happening any time soon.

    Thomas LeafThomas Leaf11 napja
  • marzepan!! and schu arevpretty crap lets face it

    Sean ThompsonSean Thompson11 napja
  • but we need to fire him anyway

    Sean ThompsonSean Thompson11 napja
  • no he is german sorry

    Sean ThompsonSean Thompson11 napja
  • Hass Showed promising when they first came on board it’s a shame really

    Shine AutomotiveShine Automotive11 napja

    Jude_IllusionJude_Illusion11 napja
  • 1:15 indeed they were brilliant at the start but have since gone south ! Yup agree with K Mag comments you made. Hindsight's a lovely thing.

    Daz not DazDaz not Daz11 napja
  • Boring guy....terrible 😴

    David CoteDavid Cote11 napja
  • HAAS will keep on F1 in 2022

    DAV3DAV311 napja
  • I'm not sure about that. Haas knew they will be last and focused on the 2022 season. They knew they wont get any glory in 2021 and what it will cost them. The first 3 races are exactly how expected. What make you think they give up now ?

    joe popesjoe popes11 napja
  • You keep saying the US doesn't support F1, well, we do, problem is its not on a over the air channel, its stuck on ESPN. Most racing fans have ditched cable and satellite. Who wants to spend money on ESPN when the only thing you will watch is F1? There are to many other racing formats to consume.

    TheBlueberry606TheBlueberry60611 napja
  • Yeah Günther Steiner is italian but he is from South Tyrol which is an autonomy where you speak German because it belonged to Austria until 1945. So, yes technically he is italian, but not an italien speaking italien. It would be more accurate to call him tyrolean.

    TheSistChannelTheSistChannel11 napja
  • Long time American F1 fan here, Gene needs to sell the team. At this point he is damaging his motorsport legacy. Letting a Russain flag be draped over his American car, frankly it's sad and embarrassing. Can't sell out much harder then that.

    James WallingJames Walling11 napja
  • drop haas, bring in koenigsegg.

    OpiOpi11 napja
  • I'm British but I have a Russian mother, and at one point in my life I had duel Russian citizenship. The Russian people have their own problems at home with state corruption and poverty being the geopolitical issues they care about most, the Mazepin's and Formula 1 aren't at the forefront of their minds I don't think. Daniil Kvyat is a much better reflection of a real Russian person I think, Nikita has clearly spent most of his life living outside Russia enjoying the perks of Western life.

    Craig TCraig T12 napja
  • How did Mazepin get his superlicence. He is a shit driver.

    Jerry OlcsvaryJerry Olcsvary12 napja
  • The production quality of your videos is next level. Transitions are buttery smooth and effects are high quality. It honestly looks very professional. I’m curious if you do most of the production yourself or if you have some help putting the videos together.

    Zach AZach A12 napja
  • 4 car grid in a couple years.

    Timmy BTimmy B12 napja
  • P5 or P fouyave?

    Toms onfireToms onfire12 napja