Who makes those scam popups?

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So you got a fake virus message, but how did it get on to your computer and who is responsible for these messages?
PC Protection Help LLP create these fake messages. Not only do they create them, but they periodically log back into the PCs of the people they previously scammed in order to scam them again with yet more popups which the sneakily place on the browser.
Unusually, this group are in Jaipur (66/114, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Sector 11, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033, India), but they have a connection in the US. The owner's name appears on all invoices and he pays for their phone services.
The company website is compiko.online and their address also appears on fix69.com
This video exposes their entire scamming operation.
You can see their full details here: www.scammer.info/d/46923-pc-protection-help-llp-fake-virus-popup-scammers
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  • I wanna know who makes those ads for “xxxxx-(local location area) mum shows how to make millions from home”

    hugo gouldenhugo goulden5 perccel
  • Coitifoid boi moicrosaft t'turn 'round an' go in...

    Thap Thop TheepThap Thop Theep9 perccel
  • Happily for me is NOT what a scammer wants Jim Browning to say. Love it

    Jodi RaeJodi Rae56 perccel
  • Either Richard knows or hes actually so stupid he fell for it himself

    Eric Young VFXEric Young VFX57 perccel
  • 🙄🙄 We don't believe You!! Talking like a sleezy salesman. Yada, yada, yada (to his explanations)🤣 Did he really say Microsoft, Apple and my top technician - Scammers words 🤣 I can hear Richard packing up his scamming office.

    Jodi RaeJodi RaeÓrája
  • ITT eerie-looking comments section for all passing Richards

  • i got a scammer for you dustin davis

  • Kind of out of the blue. Check out Pleasant Green, he had a run in with a job listing scammer that sounded almost identical to this guy. Might be the accent and a month's time out since I saw the video, but he might be involved in more than just popup scams.

  • Look him up...



  • Hey i just got a call from the „Microsoft Support Team“ from India. I obviously knew it was a scam thanks to you. Should i post the number here so you can teach him a lesson? My parents picked up the phone and handed it to me because they don’t speak English.

    Maxim RothMaxim RothÓrája
  • Yo Jim, can you help me? Im really hopeless with the scam that happenned to me earlier.. Please reach me out if wanna help me.

  • They always have the most obnoxious accent

    Chris AndersonChris AndersonÓrája
  • Send them to the shadow realm my man 🔥

    itsliakositsliakos2 órája
  • You'd think that speaking to an Indian IT guy over the phone would scare the shit out of anyone.

    Beren ScottBeren Scott2 órája
  • Jim I really need your help, there’s this hacker that won’t leave me alone. Please help me out. I would really appreciate it

    Big_gabe155 5Big_gabe155 52 órája
  • W Y R U S

    Bisal TimalsinaBisal Timalsina2 órája
  • I think Richard Padula actually doesn't understand how computers work. It's the perfect cover

    Dylan WebberDylan Webber2 órája
  • wow

    Bryn FlewellingBryn Flewelling2 órája
  • The elfin fired hemodynamically pick because body delightfully hammer towards a rampant experience. merciful, creepy speedboat

  • Ita hard to get a hold of the people who've been scammed? No its not, just send them a pop up with a number on it, theyre guaranteed to call, lmfao.

    A BA B2 órája
  • Can you find out sometimes about 9177 orders earning app. They are paying a big amount to members if the customer fund in their app. Can find out that it is fake or real ?

    Jay chauhanJay chauhan2 órája
  • Can you find out sometimes about 9177 orders earning app. They are paying a big amount to members if the customer fund in their app. Can find out that it is fake or real ?

    Jay chauhanJay chauhan2 órája
  • If they keep saying "to be honest" you know they are lying.

    Elaine MElaine M3 órája
  • you should brick their computers

    LoRd DLoRd D3 órája
  • I’m curious. I’m currently studying to either be a pc operator or low level tech support person, how exactly did you end up knowing so much? College? University? Bunch of jobs and experience? That said ofc i can understand what you talk about, but it’s the infiltration of the scammers pcs and all that that I’m interested about? Is it a grey hat hacker? White hat, that you are? Because I know for sure it’s not like they’re showing at school how to do what you’re doing.

    Raphael RobergeRaphael Roberge3 órája
    • Or like say, looking through those security cameras >.

      Raphael RobergeRaphael Roberge3 órája
  • you know it's fake when he claims Apple wants him to fix computers

    rogerlama123rogerlama1233 órája
  • Richard is a disgrace scamming innocent (often elderly and vulnerable) people.

    Hayley UHayley U3 órája
  • So is Richard kind of a patsy? He's the "boss" ...but he's not huh? So his name is on everything and so if s#%* goes down he gets prosecuted.

    DustyBlueDustyBlue4 órája
    • You are amazing, beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. The power of the whole situation freaks me out. Please tell me you're doing this legally. Don't get me wrong I admire Robin Hood like everyone else, but please don't become the monster you hunt.

      DustyBlueDustyBlue3 órája
  • LMAO amazonaws bruh xD

    ƵiRroƵiRro4 órája
  • I have a feeling every dislike is an angry scammer. You're so inspirational sir thank you!

    Christian KChristian K4 órája
  • If there was a "service" where I could donate some money to someone to immediately eliminate scammers I'd sell my house and car and use every cent toward that goal.

    Custom Coin Rings USACustom Coin Rings USA4 órája
  • I would rather have the police and FBI after me than Jim Browning. Compeko needs to be in the dictionary and wikipedia under the definition of 'destroyed'!

    Beto ChavezBeto Chavez4 órája
  • Jim is a public servant.

    Bobby KBobby K4 órája
  • Next time when you’re done with these scammers upload memz.exe to their computers and run it Pls like so he can see it, thx

    Jerry WangJerry Wang4 órája
  • Jim you are the Gordon Ramsey of computer tech

    Toph BeifongToph Beifong4 órája
  • The funny thing about him bringing up Best Buy is that a large part of Geeksquad's protocol for dealing with viruses is hooking up the computer up to a remote access tool that then allows technicians from India to run various scans on it. Speaking as a former Geeksquad "Agent". Well., to be fair I don't think they're always from India.

    Sara FaginSara Fagin4 órája
  • Aka an short it’s them dam scammers from India there all from there I hate them

    tony detwilertony detwiler5 órája
  • I think this Richard P guy is oblivious to what’s actually going on. He may legitimately think he owns a tech support company.

    Game SharkGame Shark5 órája
  • Is that Peter Griffin?

    Janine VeganJanine Vegan5 órája
  • Please teach me i wanna be a white hat😥

    JPJP5 órája
  • Is it just me, or does the Java download webpage 100% look like it’s going to give me a virus

    The MemegeneerThe Memegeneer5 órája
  • 160 scamming “dots” didn’t like this video.

    ffonzieffonzie5 órája
  • That Richard sounds just like Dongland Trunp

    JamralJamral6 órája
  • Richard you have been Cought Red handed you are a Lier!

    Glenn GriffithsGlenn Griffiths6 órája
  • Richard Popups 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • As my old nan would say, "you are doing the Lords work my son" keep it up.

    jimbarbwe1985jimbarbwe19857 órája
  • Jim you are the man

    Zray RayZray Ray7 órája
  • Who uses Skype anymore 💀

    LunarLunar7 órája
    • @EVOLICIOUS naaaa discord is the way

      LunarLunar5 órája
    • Literally everyone

  • How do I get in contact with Jim?

    Marcus IazzettaMarcus Iazzetta8 órája
  • The scammer fun has stopped here down under. Jim has the frighteners on them. I was getting a lot of the robot voice messages about internet being cut off and I would dial 1 as they suggested to be met with usually an Indian fellow, sometimes a girl, and enjoyed playing with them and especially when I was busy simply by putting on an irish accent and saying "hello this is Jim Browning, can I help you?" to be met with a few mumbles and a quick closure of the line. I never even had a computer running let alone a popup. Well they have all stopped. No one human or robot is bothering me now after a couple of months of that fun. Now I have to watch reruns of "At Home with the Kumars" to hear their funny english vocab.... "oooh my godt".. "ok" .. "so you think I am in India ok sir?" I found it fun anyway. I can do a fair Indian accent myself and always wonder if they know they have one, after all if I can talk their way why dont they learn an american accent if they are going to be from microsoft? Theres plenty of movies to practice from.

    Ken OzKen Oz8 órája
  • Great work Jim

    gcr24gcr248 órája
  • Bruh this guy has the nerve to brag that he's been running a scam since 2016 xD

    DodgerFloofDodgerFloof8 órája
  • As always Jim brilliant work. Thanks for you work. Stay safe

    Filip MajewskiFilip Majewski8 órája
  • So today I received a call from a random number with my city’s area code, so I answer the phone(I typically don’t answer random numbers, however since the call had my same area code- I decided to answer) as soon as I answered, there’s a lady screaming and crying saying she needs me to pick her up urgently (this clearly was a recording) then a man answers it was strange, the man had an Indian/Hispanic accent- & says that the lady speaking was in a really bad car accident and is currently in a state of shock, and that she needed me to pick her up. I automatically knew this was some type of scam, set up, however I continue to play along and then say that I do not know the girl named “Jennifer”, so he then says, actually do you know “says my full name” - so my boyfriend gets the phone and the guy continues to say that I was in loved in a car accident, and that if he knew who I was. After saying we didn’t know a Jennifer (I guess he was first trying to find out who I was) then says that I got into the car accident. My boyfriend of course started bitching him out. This was unlike any other scam call, not sure what his plans were, we should’ve seen how far he’d take it. But, we were also thinking the guy might of gotten my name number and info online and might of just tried to make my family member believe I was in a car accident and then ask for money in exchange for the location. 🤔 was just wondering if anyone on here experienced this?

    Estefania BellaEstefania Bella8 órája
  • 8:35 chaturbate... lol.

    GrimeHeadGrimeHead8 órája
  • Hi Jim, I hope your are doing good. I really appreciate what your are doing for the people. I pray to Allah to give you more success in helping innocent. I am from Pakistan and you might have guessed that I'm a Muslim. Just want to ask you. Is it possible that I can join you in your efforts against the bullies. Let me know. I also have a you tube channel where I'm trying myself for the betterment of humanity. If you want to reply me, just search on HUworld, "Basic Tajweed Course by Hafiz Adnan" I would really appreciate

    Hafiz Muhammad Adnan AdnanHafiz Muhammad Adnan Adnan9 órája
  • People still use Skype in 2021?

    JakkuJakku9 órája
    • Yes, literally tens of millions of companies and people.

  • Idk why Indians exists

    TsunaruTsunaru9 órája
  • Wow what a piece of shit. How can people lie so fluently. The world needs to rid ourselves of these pests.

    RafaelRafael9 órája
  • chaturbate 😉👍

    TTKiNG AMGTTKiNG AMG10 órája
  • IT'S quite clear to me that the GREAT police force in India are all on the take,Brown envelope at the end of each month,India's cyber crime unit my ARSE!They are if not worse than the scammer's.

    Eamonn ByrneEamonn Byrne10 órája
    • It wont be just the police, it is obviously a national income, a kind of Mining, so Gvt is there as well, probably funding night class courses and career change help.

      Ken OzKen Oz8 órája
  • The innocent jacket expectedly charge because children frustratingly question underneath a guiltless denim. harsh, abounding copyright

    Rhat Kicks2Rhat Kicks210 órája
  • 155 scammers were tracked via their thumbs down to this video ... You just got Jimmed.

    illuminOzilluminOz10 órája
  • Hmm using browsers with java disabled seems a good idea.

    illuminOzilluminOz10 órája
  • to this very day im still wondering who the "congratulations you won" guy is lol

    Devin PersonDevin Person10 órája
  • An i the only one that youtube won't let me see his HUworld account?

    GloomyDayzGloomyDayz10 órája
    • its a glitch with youtube thats been happening today. sometimes you cant see channel pages

      tcrtylertcrtyler7 órája
  • "I'm not only the owner but I'm a customer.." - Well sir, I'm sorry to inform you but you've been the owner of an India scamming call center for over a year and any and all profits you obtained were by fraudulent means. Which even if the scammers in India will not be held accountable, you sir... should be. These types of scammers really tick me off. Like there isn't a shit storm brewing world wide right now, taking advantage of gullible people is just inexcusable. Usually it's the elderly too, which tend to not be so tech savvy. I give props to Jim Browning for tackling this sort of thing head-on. Too bad that most of this is done overseas and rarely gets rectified.

    TestofTormentTestofTorment11 órája
  • Hey Jim there’s a Health insurance scammer going by United Enrollment Services. Just thought you might wanna know.

    goose.goose.11 órája
  • OSINT Grandmaster right here! Great work Jim!

    Drop CakeDrop Cake11 órája
  • brain of the computer smh

    Սասունցի ԿտրիճՍասունցի Կտրիճ11 órája
  • The arrogance of these guys, man. No one who knows what JavaScript even is, let alone an actual computer technician, is gonna fall for a scam in the first place. Yet instead of just hanging up they continue to feed him lies.

    gr8swordgr8sword11 órája
  • You should hack the president so they recruit u to the fbi

    GhostinYTGhostinYT11 órája
  • It kinda angers me how aggressive these rats get when someone doesn’t give them their right details/fake details. Like they’re scamming people out of thousands of dollars and they get angry at elderly citizens for getting it slightly wrong? Disgusting and I hope they get sent to prison

    RemixRocket 101RemixRocket 10112 órája
  • Jim with the virtual drone strike! Well done, sir!

    TheRealTampaDudeTheRealTampaDude12 órája
  • Jim, can’t open your channel page, why is that so?

    Abdusalom AbdukayumovAbdusalom Abdukayumov12 órája
  • Jim Browning is Awesome. He exposed all this kind of stuff, which wants to reveal these scams.

    vaj90vaj9012 órája
  • How long until people try to cancel Jim? claiming he's racist against "poor Indian people". I'm calling it now

    Retro_JojoRetro_Jojo12 órája
  • How much do we need to give you to get you to go after that extended auto warranty scam?

    Jack RikerJack Riker12 órája
  • lawyers love movies like this . Its called a slam dunk case xD

    mplewpmplewp12 órája
  • i have a question: since yr so good at this, can u tell me if soap2day.com is safe? im honestly pretty confused

    Akshara KeshriAkshara Keshri12 órája
  • jim ur amazing use ur talents to save so many more lives

    Akshara KeshriAkshara Keshri12 órája
  • My dad got scammed for like £5k a while ago and it pains me to know I could’ve potentially knocked some sense into him that it’s not real

    Eww StinkyEww Stinky12 órája
    • Binge watching these gives me comfort. Good to know there’s gods like you out there

      Eww StinkyEww Stinky12 órája
  • "...and that's how I started this business"

    Obvious SchismObvious Schism12 órája

    ANGRONANGRON12 órája
  • You are the hero we needed.

    Rynn21Rynn2112 órája
  • 1 tip: if you get one of those popups, check the url first and if u see html in the last part of the url, then you its a fake

    karlkarl12 órája
  • i used to live in Dedham but moved to another town, havent seen any microsoft technicians in the area

    Darth NihilusDarth Nihilus12 órája
  • I think you should tell us how to get access to their computers it would be the end of them

    Abdul GulzarAbdul Gulzar12 órája
  • So how to get rid of this?

    i love my GF noahi love my GF noah13 órája
  • Wow, great video, get those scammers 😁

    Jiry_XDJiry_XD13 órája
  • 8:35 anyone else notice how he has Chaturbate pinned to his bookmarks bar? 😂

    Faolan GreyFaolan Grey13 órája
  • Doesn't give you baloney? No this is spam being passed off as baloney

    DD13 órája
  • WOW.... we NEED more of this(you/whoever, calling the literal *owner* of the company for)direct confrontations. & who knows, maybe even eventually lead one of these cunts to do something about their pyramid scheme, based in india, comfortably from California, lol...

    Funk BoiiFunk Boii13 órája
  • That guy is an idiot Nothing he said was real lol

    Sean PotterSean Potter13 órája
  • scammers exist: jim: hippty hoppity you are now my property 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Jana GhassanJana Ghassan13 órája
  • My daughters MacBook got hacked in the morning and I call the support number and it was a scammer, thanks to this videos I didn’t got scammed.

    South Central LA R6South Central LA R614 órája
  • 9:57 not actually true. Its very rare these days, but it is possible a virus/malware is able to write itself into system firmware aka (uefi/bios). If this occurs, reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows will NOT get rid of the virus/malware.

    Teemu VesalaTeemu Vesala14 órája
  • So who runs the pop ups on the phone when you watch porn and it says your phone has been infected with a virus?

    Juan InestrozaJuan Inestroza14 órája