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ETHAN huworld.info/to/2S7CGceq5tsuhcVyACdA3g
JACKSEPTICEYE huworld.info
NAKEYJAKEY huworld.info/to/Sdma21fnJzgmPodhC9SJ3g
TOMSKA huworld.info
JON COZART huworld.info
ERIK huworld.info

  • I feel like jacob was underrated af

    boris smalovboris smalovNapja
  • it’s larray.

    Elina OssiaElina OssiaNapja
    • Shut up

      Woody On A RealWoody On A Real15 órája
  • Elise Ecklund is

    Pixelart205 iMoviesPixelart205 iMovies2 napja
  • i legitimately started crying aat the intro for ethan. f you jack memento mori

    MelodiousMelodious2 napja
  • 8:42 REALLY JACK!? what the fuck man!

    mariosucks101mariosucks1013 napja
  • The yiay live we deserve

    SorenSoren4 napja
  • Was anyone able to read jacksepticeyes answer in the last in one? It got cut for some reason

    Susan NathanielSusan Nathaniel5 napja
    • It says "got pregnant after getting assaulted" weirdchamp

      Susan NathanielSusan Nathaniel5 napja
  • Make this the new YIAYTIME

    BeanMuchuBeanMuchu5 napja
  • Maybe this is just me but NakeyJakey absolutely killed it every single round

    RoninRonin6 napja
  • Still waiting for "are you funniest than a HUworldr" where all the funnier than a yter winners compete in a big are you funnier match

    DeckedOutPistolDeckedOutPistol6 napja
  • triggered that erik didn't win

    Chris-ChanChris-Chan7 napja
  • "I drew master chief with yiddies" Jakey Jakey and Jakey attorneys at law 2020

    JamVJamV7 napja
  • Which brown haired white boy is superior??

    Tally BlueTally Blue7 napja
  • Second time I watch this and I'm still hurting laughing, thank you guys for these

    John MJohn M7 napja
  • trick question. its a bunch of white dudes so obviously none of them

    mayrus yaeryumayrus yaeryu7 napja
  • wait is that norbert moses in the thumbnail

    NincoticNincotic8 napja
  • "huh, why'd they cut out jacks answer in the last bit?" *pauses at 12:53 * "oh..."

    MorganMorgan8 napja
    • I can't read jacks, what we does it say?

      Susan NathanielSusan Nathaniel5 napja
  • Why wasn’t there “I love you likegarfiekd loves lasagna” I am so disappointed

    Harry DolanHarry Dolan9 napja
  • Jon Cozart was so underrated, i liked his answer best almost every time

    Kaiya NortonKaiya Norton9 napja
  • EEF is the best

    SEBESEBE9 napja
  • This is what yiay time should have been

    notagoodideanotagoodidea9 napja
  • Were markiplier?

    Memes EngineerMemes Engineer9 napja
  • This is what yiay time should be like

    Xe588Xe58810 napja
  • We need this to be a series.

    Alex WelchAlex Welch10 napja
  • white man

    Benisl DavisBenisl Davis10 napja
  • This isn't "who's the funniest HUworldr" this is "who's the funniest average white dude"

    Jill KaplanJill Kaplan10 napja
    • Wow somebody needs to get laid and have a social life. No need to make this a white thing. Racist

      Neo NovusNeo Novus7 napja
    • Your comment made me lost even more faith in humanity

      David ValenciaDavid Valencia9 napja
  • This is 10000x better than the HUworld Original. Everyone is being themselves and genuinely having fun.

    Alexa GomezAlexa Gomez10 napja
  • there are 2 Jacks here and neither are actually named "Jack", and their actual names rhyme. Fuck.

    Josh456Josh45610 napja
  • YIAY Time looks different

    Brandon C MaximumBrandon C Maximum10 napja
  • Here after the YIAY Time reboot

    musyrifomusyrifo10 napja
  • 5:36 The way he’s holding this paper feels intimidating and I don’t know why

    The IllusionistThe Illusionist10 napja
  • lmao why was Jack's question skipped at the end?

    621LJP621LJP10 napja
  • The good version of yiay time....

    Blue Lightning FilmsBlue Lightning Films10 napja
  • This is what YIAY Time should be

    EngeiEngei11 napja
  • This should be the new HUworld Red thingy.

    Luke RybaLuke Ryba11 napja
  • Jacoby Slaycoby is brutally underrated

    Darky ThingDarky Thing11 napja
  • This is what the Game Show should be lol

    Seanie BoiSeanie Boi11 napja
  • I swear, Erik is one of funniest people Ive ever seen, I didnt even watch this yet and he got my vote

    CorruptedCorrupted11 napja
  • Eric

    Freddy FazzbearFreddy Fazzbear11 napja
  • This is a thousand times better than yiay time

    Paper BenniPaper Benni11 napja
  • They all just really want kids

    Someone you know or may notSomeone you know or may not12 napja
  • I like this so much better than the gameshow that HUworld edited

    Moviesman8Moviesman812 napja
  • Jakey got ROBBED during this

    Mike TibbitsMike Tibbits12 napja
  • The picture of Jack in the thumbnail is too cursed.

    「Tar1」「Tar1」12 napja
  • I just learned that jacksfilms and jacksepticeye are two different people.

    So VidushiSo Vidushi12 napja
  • This I my favorite of Jack’s videos

    pengupengu12 napja
  • I feel like this is what Yiaytime tried to be but like Good

    Self-conscious messSelf-conscious mess12 napja
  • Hey I hate to be a dick but there are way funnier youtubers, I mean in the thumbnail YOU are the only one who is even remotely funny...

    Pink DroidPink Droid13 napja
    • @faze joe watch out, or jack'll have to bring back ygs

      RandomPigYTRandomPigYT12 napja
    • faze joe Ahh ok thanks

      Pink DroidPink Droid13 napja
    • This was just some game he did with his freinds to promote his board game. Their 100% are funnier youtubers.

      faze joefaze joe13 napja
  • This is better yiaytime

    MiscellaneoMiscellaneo13 napja
  • THIS is what YIAY time should have been. No annoying editing, no filter, no corporate control, just Jack and some friends having fun.

    Captain CalciumCaptain Calcium13 napja
    • Honestly. If he did it like this I would happily watch every episode repeatedly.

      Sage the AquariusSage the Aquarius9 napja
  • Make your game show like this ffs

    Naomi PandeyNaomi Pandey13 napja
  • I kinda expected Yiay Time to be like this

    Ling Ling KimLing Ling Kim13 napja
  • YIAY time: Who are you? This video: I'm you but better.

    kerbkerb13 napja
  • The YIAY show we wanted

    Benjamin HoBenjamin Ho13 napja
  • THIS HUworld! THIS is what we want from a YAIY game show! I ju- the fuggen- **sigh of acquiescence**

    Salty ColaSalty Cola13 napja
  • Watching this after watching his youtube original show pilot, this is what yiay time should've been

    Ethan BlakeEthan Blake13 napja
  • who's here after the premier of YIAY TIME

    Jairah InocenceJairah Inocence13 napja
  • I am late to this but I love Erik's background. He is a real one.

    BlandcoBlandco13 napja
  • POV: You just watched YIAY TIME and wanted to feel something other than eternal pain.

    anklemonitoranklemonitor13 napja
    • How did you know

      Savannah 0Savannah 012 napja
    • yeah i had to do some serious damage control after sitting through that, here's hoping he returns to this stuff soon...

      Vikrant SinghVikrant Singh13 napja
  • 1:07 "it's 12 at night where Tom is" meanwhile in Sean's head "what in the almighty Fu- im also in England what are you on about "

    Call Me NoahCall Me Noah13 napja
  • After that awful first episode of "yiay time" I came here to feel better. This is the Jack I know and love.

    PierOfSadnessPierOfSadness13 napja
  • This is so much better than YIAY Time in every definition of the word “better”

    Gabby BGabby B13 napja
  • Came here to see what a yiay show should be like.

    WhazHisFace Is Doing His BestWhazHisFace Is Doing His Best13 napja
    • Me too man me too. I only hope that since it's the pilot maybe over time they will give Jack more control

      The All RounderThe All Rounder13 napja
  • I don’t see Supermega anywhere

    Joel MulliganJoel Mulligan13 napja
    • :(

      The D’sThe D’s13 napja
  • The only one who needs no introduction is JackSepticEye.

    NirmitiNirmiti14 napja
  • When he announced the game show I kind of expected this, instead of brand friendly corporation but youtube has other ideas I suppose

    Alvaro LubisAlvaro Lubis14 napja
  • This is like a better version of YIAY Time

    DoctorHeroDoctorHero14 napja
  • this is what yiay time was supposed to be

    Jerry BerumenJerry Berumen14 napja
  • now THIS is how to do yiay time right

    AndyDoesThingsAndyDoesThings14 napja
  • returned to this after yiay time, man, these videos feels that they are from a parallel universe

    SnorangeSnorange14 napja
  • What yiay time should have been

    ConservativeZoomerConservativeZoomer14 napja
  • I wish the Yiay game show was more like this and less of the family friendly sound effects

    Harry BateHarry Bate14 napja
  • This is what the YT Original should've been.

    Rex BennyRex Benny14 napja

    • @NERD reddit good, tik tok bad amirite

      Sammy K.Sammy K.Napja
    • @Rex Benny the target audince are redditors and the show felt like it was for tik tok kids

      NERDNERD2 napja
    • YES

      NERDNERD2 napja
    • @f0xy It just completely missed the target audience

      Rex BennyRex Benny9 napja
  • This is the vibe "the yiay game" should have

    sebastian holstesnsebastian holstesn14 napja
  • Yiay time should’ve been more like this

    Eli P-FEli P-F14 napja
  • Am i the only one that noticed that jack skipped Seans answer with the clickbait one?

    Mari RoosMari Roos14 napja
  • Where's Will Smith

    Mr. HenryMr. Henry14 napja
  • erik saying jack is a master at baiting and no one laughing :(

    Dobeye EshelDobeye Eshel14 napja
  • damn tom got fat holy shit

    UnoriginaIUnoriginaI14 napja
  • EEF'S introduction is the most passive-aggressive shit i've ever seen

    נדב ברוכיםנדב ברוכים14 napja
  • I like how jack didn't win a single round, he's getting old

    GDNashitGDNashit14 napja
  • Can we talk about how Jakey and Erik are the funniest guys on this platform rn?

    The Schastny ShowThe Schastny Show14 napja
    • Absolutely. Erik is fucking hilarious.

      Sage the AquariusSage the Aquarius6 napja
  • This is basically the pilot of the YIAY show

    Snopple WoppleSnopple Wopple14 napja

    SheridanSheridan14 napja
  • 12:35 what... Was Jacksepticeye's...?

    U.S.A. TIMEU.S.A. TIME14 napja
  • “Dick in yo ass we no make a child” will always and forever be my favorite answer

    Alex GilkisonAlex Gilkison14 napja
  • "You know him from his HUworld channel-" Me: Markiplier? "-Crank Gameplays." Me: Oh.

    Vinny ArtVinny Art14 napja
  • Tomska EASY

    Geek / DuskGeek / Dusk14 napja
  • Obviously the Joker parody would be called Poke Her

    Tyler Joseph SchommerTyler Joseph Schommer15 napja
  • Erik will always be the funniest in my heart

    UmbryUmbry16 napja
  • Jesus Christ Tomska got fat

    EPrimeifyEPrimeify16 napja
  • I can answer your question right away. It's Scott the Woz. Not even a contest.

    SchlaughtSchlaught16 napja
  • where's flightreacts?

    FlareXXXFlareXXX16 napja
  • Shut up intern 2

    I can't think of a cool name.I can't think of a cool name.16 napja
  • "I'm white, and that mild salsa's NOT MILD" spoke to me

    Jilian HandfieldJilian Handfield16 napja
  • I hate the stans, they're all simping for Ethan when he wasn't even funny half the time

    Inky SplatsInky Splats17 napja
  • It’s Erik. It’s just Erik

    fuckmorgabfuckmorgab17 napja
  • Only men here, and none of them are black... That's bad for representation, Jack.

    GarGar17 napja
  • Tom was clearly the most hurt one

    VikzelVikzel17 napja
  • Look at all those white dudes

    Just IceJust Ice17 napja