"Who is Franz Tost" Lewis Hamilton | 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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"Who is Franz Tost" Lewis Hamilton | 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix
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  • Let's face it. Very few know who Franck Toast is.

  • Hamilton is so ignorant and dumb😡

    Alex MayAlex MayHónapja
  • To be fair though I've been watching f1 for 11/12 years, and I couldn't tell you what Franz tost looks like

    tim jamestim jamesHónapja
  • One of the reasons he is not respected among f1 community

    Sumit SaurabhSumit SaurabhHónapja
  • Franz jealous cause Lewis probably gets paid more than him

  • This is an act. This why people don't like him.

    Klapsigaar en BasgitaarKlapsigaar en BasgitaarHónapja
  • Könnte sich wohl auch mehr mit dem eigenen Job identifizieren 🤭

  • "The lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep."

  • Now I would love to see an interview with Franz Tost beeing asked something about Lewis and him saying "who?":))))))

    Alex TabaraAlex TabaraHónapja
  • Savage

    Conrad SheziConrad SheziHónapja
  • "GP2 brain."

    N PN PHónapja
  • Arrogant bastard, fighting for equality but salary cap is a problem for him?? Also a huge disrespect to someone who works in Formula 1 more than 20 years, GG Lewis

    Samuel _Samuel _Hónapja
  • This is the vegan, race as one , fighting rasism Lewis, not at all for money or for fame or for his ego. Henis poor you know? and the milions he earns every year go on veggies, cuz it is expensive to be poor and vegan and all in one with the world. Jesus also had a lit of money and clothes and stuff.

  • After seeing Grojean accident... franz you should keep your mouth shut

    Luis FilpoLuis FilpoHónapja
  • Of course he knows who that is. This was arrogance speaking. And with that he was belittling. Honestly bad behavior for someone who is against racism as he should act as an excellent example. But hey... this doesn't fit his narrative and then it doesn't count, right?

    Maximum VelocityMaximum VelocityHónapja
  • Hamilton should give all his sallary to f1 for having the platform on which he can make money on internet !! Without f1, he would have nothing.

    Marian MrkvickýMarian MrkvickýHónapja
  • Sallary and budget caps work in many sports. Will work for f1 too. The rest is just bullshit. Just as it goes in one of our national fairy-tale: ´Cooking with salt is no skill. Without it, that´s a skill.´ F1 is just about money. We fans should realize what we want to support, money championship or sport championship?? Those supporting no caps support money champ. Those supporting caps are in favour of real sport !! There´s nothing in between.

    Marian MrkvickýMarian MrkvickýHónapja
  • Exactly why Hammy will never be GOAT. Arrogant prick.

  • Sounds like a troll name TBH. 😂

  • 😬

  • Oof That's all I can really say tbh😬

  • Franz Tost probably needs to go screw himself with a big roll of toilet paper.

    Neil Wells-WestNeil Wells-WestHónapja
  • I thought in all jobs you got paid your worth???

    Malique Mckay Jr.Malique Mckay Jr.Hónapja
  • It’s a shame we don’t have a driver like Senna who wanted a competitive driver in the same car to prove the he’s the best. Lewis? Ask for Max, or Danny Ric or Charles. We know that won’t happen.

    kevin nkevin nHónapja
  • French Toast should be happy to have a job since he is a racist no body

    Pascale Loiseau JoachimPascale Loiseau JoachimHónapja
  • WHO THE FUK IS DAT GUY!!!!?????😅🤣

    LS1 PowerLS1 PowerHónapja
  • Afrojack has been talking shit about you Eminem : who? . Same energy Lewis 🤣 same energy 🤣

    Devanand kateDevanand kateHónapja
  • Nice sjw comeback Hamilton. Don't know who a man who has been around longer than you and there is film of you interacting with. I am ashamed this year that I supported you from rookie until 2014. Such a dick.

  • What a arrogant dick head.

    Roy WoutersRoy WoutersHónapja
  • Aah this is why we love Lewis. Such a positive presence

    Harshit MathurHarshit MathurHónapja
  • What an uncultured swine 😂

    Silent WolvesNLDSilent WolvesNLDHónapja
  • This guy is wrong for doing Franz tost like that

    David MashishiDavid MashishiHónapja
  • The most powerful "who dat" in formula 1 yet 😂

    Prashanth DkPrashanth DkHónapja
  • 0:20 the reporter just going speechless that lewis said "who's that"

    Prashanth DkPrashanth DkHónapja
  • Lewis Toasted Franz

    Rohit DuaRohit DuaHónapja
  • Lewis was like: who the fook is that guy!??

    Mihael JelašMihael JelašHónapja
  • Why is that big of a deal? You’re not required to know every single man in the paddock if you don’t interact with them. People are so quick to judge someone they don’t know based on pure nonsense

  • The team principal of a team who has beaten you twice. and after seeing this he might do it again.😀

    Nimesh AgarwalNimesh AgarwalHónapja
  • The arrogance he is showing here now ,is out of all proportion. Firstly, he knows very well who Franz Tost is. And secondly to ask so much money in this day and age ($ 50 million) and then say we must be good to each other and we must save the world. What a lot of nonsense comes out of that man.

    F1 Simracing DenyVPSF1 Simracing DenyVPSHónapja
  • Haha...Not a fan of Lewis but this.. was GOLD! I think driver salaries are the one thing that shouldn't be capped! Just wish LH was less woke and he might get himself more followers.

  • The market dictates the money. Mercedes pay Hamilton his £30 million or whatever, that is up to them. I struggle to think he wasn't trying to give the ol' disrespect to Tost there. I cannot believe you could be involved in F1 at high level for a long time and not know who that is.

  • 0:24 you can bear Lewis mutter "never heard of em but..."

  • Am i the only one that thinks f1 drivers deserve to get payed 10mill up depending on the skill level

    Madmaddox 9Madmaddox 9Hónapja
  • Just shows what a jumped up arrogant arsehole he is. Franz is one of the longest serving and most well respected guys in the paddock and for lewis to say that shows a total lack of respect

    CD 975CD 975Hónapja
  • I seem to remember Frank Williams saying similar and winning nothing. Two years later he paid Nigel Mansell a record sum to win him a World Championship.

    Paul TrenchardPaul TrenchardHónapja
  • Who is Lewis Hamilton ?

    cooking musiccooking musicHónapja
  • That’s a bit too much imo

    Ponti VidsPonti VidsHónapja
  • Sounds like Franz is butthurt

    Kevin NolanKevin NolanHónapja
  • Yooooo what? How?

  • This is unbecoming of a champion.

    Norbert JanssenNorbert JanssenHónapja
  • Haha who is that gotta love lewis

    Shahin WieOWieShahin WieOWieHónapja
  • haha

    Snowcone GuySnowcone GuyHónapja
  • What an absolute wanker Lewis is

  • Lol he's reaction is just spot on.. what a ridiculous preposition lol.. they should just be happy being there? Lol really?

  • Savage

    Marcel PolmanMarcel PolmanHónapja
  • Who ?

    Tavares limanTavares limanHónapja
  • Lewis was thinking of french toast.

    J. GalactusJ. GalactusHónapja
  • Salary cap is bullshit. How can u establish a hierarchy between drivers with that? Should a 7 time world champ earn the same as someone who hasn't even had one? I get that they are trying to reduce costs but this isn't one of the ways to do it.

    Rohit ChhetriRohit ChhetriHónapja
  • Lewis doesn't need to know about Tost. He won't give a fuck about who is the principal of a midfeld team wich he will never drive for. He is fighting against racism with a dominant rocketship, and then at Instagram

    mindugi ;)mindugi ;)Hónapja
  • Never heard of him...what a buffoon

  • hahahahhhhhaha hahahhhahah

    sepp schoisssepp schoissHónapja
  • Tost: I’ll take everything from you Lewis: I don’t even know who you are

    Bustin JieberBustin JieberHónapja
  • Scorching put down of Tost

  • They cut when Lewis says "What is an Alphatauri? Can I eat it?"

    Daniel TDaniel THónapja
    • It's those roadblocks on wheels you lapping every race.

  • iq 44

    Grzegorz StrzygaGrzegorz StrzygaHónapja
  • I’m sorry I stopped listening when you said less money.

    Sim Racing VeteranSim Racing VeteranHónapja
  • " If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. " xd

  • Beautiful way to insult

    Balraj TavanandiBalraj TavanandiHónapja
  • Seriously, who the heck is French Toast

    Joseph BasumataryJoseph BasumataryHónapja
  • franzj presents

  • Paid over 50mil a year and doesn't even know who is the competitor's team principal. Very unprofessional and unrespectful. Should earn even less, he's just extremely lucky to compete in an ultra rich environment. Truck drivers are paid much less to be more professional than him. So don't be a Karen.

  • "....aaand... what is Alpha Tauri again?"

  • 1|0):30 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    tech unittech unitHónapja
  • Engineers Saying drivers need less but prob want more the fact of it is if someone wasnt willing to risk their lives going 330kph we would have no sport to watch and looking back at all the dealths amd tragedies that have hit this sport i think paying a driver willing to put it on the edge at all times seems fair i mean we got the lebrons making so much n they shoot a basketball

    David AddleyDavid AddleyHónapja
  • Frank took the jab at Lewis, this was not Lewis being arrogant asshole, this was Lewis taking a jab back to piss off Franz. Explain to me what a salary cap will do. Lewis isn't going to leave Mercedes for Haas just because they pay him equal now...

    Am NaahAm NaahHónapja
  • Principal of AlphaTauri or whatever the fuck it’s called

  • What a piece of shit

  • Cnt !!

    lange71 krakapoilange71 krakapoiHónapja
  • Lol 😂

    Allen MooreAllen MooreHónapja
  • Imagine being so GREAT that you don't even remember the previous greats..

    Onkar IndurkarOnkar IndurkarHónapja
  • When it comes to roasting, I think FT, Lewis really got in there...

    Thinking HumanThinking HumanHónapja
  • Perfect reply !!!!

  • F1 drivers are paid less than golfers or football players.

    DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuffDudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuffHónapja
  • Lewis is a staunch socialist...until it comes time to start counting his money that is...

    Speed 781Speed 781Hónapja
  • Love that “ who’s that “ exactly Lewis some twat who hasn’t got the best driver in the world in one of his seats. Bet he would change his mind if did get a chance to have Lewis Hamilton in his car.

    Stephen TomlinsonStephen TomlinsonHónapja
  • Not something expected from a 7 time world champion who doesn't know the team principals name in the paddock working week in week out. More of a arrogant approach.

    Afif Shah Sadip SevenAfif Shah Sadip SevenHónapja
  • Oops... but even so, Lewis is definitely getting a pay raise.

  • so arrogant

    Steve xxSteve xxHónapja
  • OMG. lol 😂

    Alfi Aflahal MuflihAlfi Aflahal MuflihHónapja
  • lewis must be say : i am f****** stupid

    Egemen Mert ÖnolEgemen Mert ÖnolHónapja
  • Uber f1 Work for Nothing and be happy

    Ryszard TyborowskiRyszard TyborowskiHónapja
  • Apply cold water to burned area.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 legend

    Louis AndrewsLouis AndrewsHónapja
  • :(

    Franz CastroFranz CastroHónapja
  • 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    Wesley WilliamsWesley WilliamsHónapja
  • French toast wouldn’t be saying that if Kvyat or Gasly won 7 constructor and world championships would he!!

    Kevin MosesKevin MosesHónapja
  • I think this was his reply, not an actual question

    Doğan YazgıDoğan YazgıHónapja
  • Classic Lewis passive aggression

  • I don't get it. If someone thinks it's ok to pay his employees 1B a month, that's his fcking money and his fcking business.

    Toms RiverToms RiverHónapja
  • Who’s Lewis Hamilton 🤔

    Mad1 BMad1 BHónapja