Which Animals Would Lewis and Seb Choose To Be? #Shorts

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If Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel could be any animal... what would they be?
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#F1 #Shorts

  • I mean, Lewis is already a dinosaur... :)

    qwevavenqwevaven14 napja
  • Lewis: I want to be a trex Bono: grrrrrinnnnnn there Lewis roarsome job mate

    Shelden SummersShelden Summers14 napja
  • seb wants to be a sea gull

    Tejas SharmaTejas Sharma14 napja
  • coffin dance

    mare tosevskamare tosevska15 napja
  • f1 drivers choose their fursona

    JorklesJorkles15 napja
  • Can we pls get Seb and George’s press conference ???

    Izzie HardyIzzie Hardy15 napja
  • We need someone to make a fanart of lewis as a t-rex on a merc f1

    Karl Vincent Arlantico ArlanticoKarl Vincent Arlantico Arlantico16 napja
  • Lewis is always gonna be a peacock 🦚 that owns a mirror factory. Seb is a Wolverine Daniel is a wombat Kimi is any sort of snake Lando is an 10 week old English Staffordshire pup

    john strawbridgejohn strawbridge17 napja
  • I would be a bird and ruin hamilton's race like how it did to seb in Canadian GP back then

    Naim NasohaNaim Nasoha17 napja
  • Lewis and Seb chemistry is adorable . I remember one time , there was a break or something and the reporters asked Seb "What are your plans?" . Lewis intervened and asked Seb "Another baby?" and Max said "Ok Keep pushing". As Seb is a father of 4 kids 😅 For me That was one of the many best moment between them .

    anan thuanan thu17 napja
  • Semms like Lewis is gonna have Seb for lunch

    Thelegend 27Thelegend 2717 napja
  • Rawr Rawr Rawr!!!! 🦖🦖🦖🦖

    Christian DomingoChristian Domingo18 napja
  • This is the best journalism you can come up with?? Feels like I’m stuck on a transatlantic cruise with pre teen journalists.

    Craig C.Craig C.18 napja
  • Animal that contain ten second penalty

    Luu Duong HyLuu Duong Hy18 napja
  • F1 cars are fast because each sticker = 50hp

    twelve.twelve.18 napja
  • But Seb, you are already an underdog... It's yoke please spare me

    S. ChoS. Cho18 napja

    Jude Lee PillaiJude Lee Pillai18 napja
  • F1 does Furry -Friday- Monday… 🤨

    RunoratsuRunoratsu18 napja
  • Idk why Seb and Lewis act like dog and cats in the track

    Formula 1 ClipsFormula 1 Clips18 napja
  • At least, if Lewis had T-rex arms, it would finally give a chance of finishing first to the other drivers!!!😄😄😄

    MlalikMlalik18 napja
  • (title rodo) what is lewis and seb's fursona?

    skadoodles1234skadoodles123418 napja
  • Love how seb sidesteps the word owner you never know who's gonna overreact over nothing

    jordan grantjordan grant18 napja
  • Perfect Amazing Fantastic 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa18 napja
  • Yeah a T-Rex big head and little arms 🤣

    diogors6diogors618 napja
  • Lovely. I would be a bird.

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueen18 napja
  • That's a great banter, it really is

    rzodkiewrzodkiew18 napja
  • Now imagine a T-rex handling a Formula 1 steering wheel xD

    Socrates NicolaouSocrates Nicolaou18 napja
  • Grande Vittoria!

    Luca PreviatiLuca Previati18 napja
  • Seb is lazy, we get it

    Alan HanglinAlan Hanglin18 napja
  • I can totally image Lewis a dinosaur- and it's *glorious!*

    Diana MaioruDiana Maioru18 napja
  • You'll still be able to handle the steering wheel with those tiny t-rex hands Lewis

    Chitraansh Popli.Chitraansh Popli.18 napja
  • I love this

    OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice OhOhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh18 napja
  • Some folks in the chatroom are asking if world health onazination let the dogs out and some are affirming that indeed, "who let the dogs out".

    Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
  • Funny

    Maxi FMaxi F18 napja
  • I wanna be a koala coz it sleeps all the time lol

    H N NagarathnaH N Nagarathna18 napja
  • I'd choose to be a chupakabra. That's a dog, a rat or a pig, basically.

    Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
  • Lewis is so funny , he become my day better

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira LopesEnilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes18 napja
  • Flying reptile Lewis. Close

    Chaos The baryonyxChaos The baryonyx18 napja
  • The animal I would like to be: toto wolff

    Brasil PolíticoBrasil Político18 napja
  • Pterodactyl were carnivores and scavengers. Lewis is plant-based....is there any logic? Or Lewis is falling for the food agenda to gain some more sympathy?

    Elvinak1Elvinak118 napja
    • It was a silly hypothetical question that was answered as such, it's really not that deep.

      gary the fishgary the fish18 napja
  • Probably a cheetah and a turtle

    John BarberJohn Barber18 napja
  • When Lewis said T-Rex with little arms I immediately thought of the Meet the Robertsons movie.

    Aaron McGeeAaron McGee18 napja
  • That was kinda funny 😂

    Billy TV GamingBilly TV Gaming18 napja
  • En español porfa no emtendi

    Santiago LópezSantiago López18 napja
  • the content I really need to see on a racing site.....

    XMLXML18 napja
    • you are so right and keep dropping the facts on them.

      Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
  • Seb: breaths🙂 Lewis: really 🤨

    Fabled_Ninja285Fabled_Ninja28518 napja
  • I hope this proves that the whole kids-asking-questions thing is just a dumb idea.

    John LevenJohn Leven18 napja
  • Fyi Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs

    Wali MilesWali Miles18 napja
  • DinoSir Lewis Hamilton

    The Deamon MeteorThe Deamon Meteor18 napja
  • You get to ask Seb a multi world champion a question and you ask that 🤦‍♂️ real nice. I'm just kidding if anyone took me serious 😂

    StealthStealth18 napja
  • That is what makes Lewis the champion he is. Undoubtedly a brilliant driver driving the best machinery, but prepared to get the elbows out as wide as the rules allow. Just like a dinosaur it needs to be all teeth and claws to win.

    Tony McDonaldTony McDonald18 napja
  • Lewis would be a Snake 🐍

    BeeGee BadBeeGee Bad18 napja
  • "pterodactyl? a flying dinosaur" me, a paleo nerd: [dies]

    BarkyOnyxBarkyOnyx18 napja
    • @redburoc pterodactyls aren't dinosaurs, they're pterosaurs

      iLikeToShankiLikeToShank18 napja
    • please explain your highness

      redburocredburoc18 napja
  • Did Seb used two jackets in a time?

    Riegel Vega Аι.τRiegel Vega Аι.τ18 napja
  • F1

    Piotr KobielusPiotr Kobielus18 napja
  • But t rex eats meat🤣

    Emeritus Ch.Emeritus Ch.18 napja
  • Lewis quickly realising he'll have small hands and is disappointed thata T-Rex is not a practical option is what all of us have gone through when we were kids.

    Akmal IbrahimAkmal Ibrahim18 napja
  • Seb ♥️

    Nicola FoxNicola Fox18 napja
  • *The first vegetarian T-Rex*

    May KelvinMay Kelvin18 napja
  • Lewis' laughter is so awesome I love it

    AgileBruteAgileBrute18 napja
    • I love it so much too

      Diana MaioruDiana Maioru18 napja
  • I assume Lewis meant Pteranodon, but my answer would've been a feline.

    TheJokerit19TheJokerit1918 napja
  • I feel like Lewis is trying to one-up Seb every time he gets the chance. On-track and off-track.

    SandalphonCPU • 210 years agoSandalphonCPU • 210 years ago18 napja
  • Dogs love to s🅱️in around their tail. Curious

    ZapleXZapleX18 napja
  • Love how lewis want to be the prehistoric meta thing 🤣

    ixitixit18 napja
  • Please give pray for kri nanggala 402🇮🇩🇮🇩😭😭

    Wahyu ArdiansyahWahyu Ardiansyah18 napja
  • Clicked faster than last time!

    Still I Rise4485Still I Rise448518 napja
  • Pterodactyl Lewis: Bono, wings are gone

    Lord OmiotekLord Omiotek18 napja
    • *proceeds to set world air speed record*

      Shivalingaraj K LingaiahShivalingaraj K Lingaiah16 napja
    • Haha! This should be in the top comments.

      prayaga mahati kaushikprayaga mahati kaushik18 napja
  • Vettels next form eren yegar

    NeoNeo18 napja
  • what animal do you want to be? Lewis: *dinosaur*

    sickeningsickening18 napja
  • Lewis' laugh was so innocent, like a child

    Hamza ChaudhryHamza Chaudhry18 napja
  • I lost my job last year during the pandemic 🌍 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🙏🏾🌍☀️

    Life Is My OpportunityLife Is My Opportunity18 napja
  • lewis describing a t-rex is how i imagine yuki is described by us...

    RastornorRastornor18 napja
  • Both still have childlike minds...love it....just two Champions,🍾 chewing the fat about what Animal to be🤣🤣.. keep this up guys🏁✌

    A BA B18 napja
  • What a boring answer from Seb

    Hamza ChaudhryHamza Chaudhry18 napja
  • I would be a Brown Antechinus....Google the reason why...(wide, evil grin)

    Glyne MartinGlyne Martin18 napja
  • who let the dogs out...

    RastornorRastornor18 napja
    • world health ornazination let the dogs out? i didn't knew that.

      Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
  • 👓

    EthelEthel18 napja
  • I like these kids questions. The drivers loosen up, answer with funny answers and they make the kids very happy. Please let them keep doing this.

    AxwellingtonAxwellington18 napja
    • This will clearly be temporary because it’s still the start of the new season, you won’t be seeing things like this when the Championship becomes beyond intense.

      3series35i -3series35i -18 napja
    • I feel this might only become redundant over time.

      TheJokerit19TheJokerit1918 napja
  • è italiana😂

    Luigi De RisoLuigi De Riso18 napja
  • Lewis is (sorry would) make a great snake

    Fast H RacingFast H Racing18 napja
  • I love f1

    ClrMiniaturasClrMiniaturas18 napja
  • Kimi would choose to be a Grizzly Bwoah.

    Traverse SeniorTraverse Senior18 napja
  • Hahaha Lewis is the best lol, Seb was like, you could be a dog, but I would be a bird hahah dafuq

    C SC S18 napja
  • Kimi will probably choose bhoahtterfly.

    DaPhucDaPhuc18 napja
  • Just retire Vettel it's getting embarrassing

    Geert MatthysGeert Matthys18 napja
  • the blonde haired blue eye'd german probably didn't want to be a genetic abomination like a pug though, he probably wants something more pure bred

    kodi kodikodi kodi18 napja
    • I forgot to put "lol" after it in order for you to catch it.

      Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
    • @kodi kodi , did you laugh at mine?

      Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
    • @Mu Chi someone didn't get the joke lol

      kodi kodikodi kodi18 napja
    • any breed is fine as long as it has a long tail to denote high royalty value.

      Mu ChiMu Chi18 napja
  • Mazepin would be a goat 🐐

    SzillarSzillar18 napja
  • Yo 62 commenter is me

    Shashank ReddyShashank Reddy18 napja
  • Seb probs want to be a seagull so he could tell the seagulls he missed off

    Zessi ZybalaZessi Zybala18 napja
  • I want to be an ant. One bite to a human, and i can end my life ASAP

    Akmal HaziqAkmal Haziq18 napja
  • Doggo vettel and Sir pterodactyl

    Mr GuestMr Guest18 napja
  • Vettel: Dog Lewis: Really? Roscoe: '-'

    Gaurang ShuklaGaurang Shukla18 napja
  • F1 Milking Sewis Content

    Bay SeaBay Sea18 napja
  • surprised lewis didn't say black panther, seems like his kinda thing :^)

    burnzy3210burnzy321018 napja
    • well that's borderline racist lol

      Invincible Vettel 5Invincible Vettel 518 napja
  • Aaaaaaaa

    Furkan selim bb BulgurFurkan selim bb Bulgur18 napja
  • Seb: “I wanna be a dog” Also Seb in Bahrain: who let the dogs out?

    LegibleGraph25LegibleGraph2518 napja
    • Whoo whoo whoo

      Safwan ChowdhurySafwan Chowdhury18 napja
  • Now I want to se a t-rex drive an F1 car

    Vettel TunaVettel Tuna18 napja
  • Please someone photoshop Lewis with tiny arms

    Jarod 144Jarod 14418 napja
    • @Jarod 144 maybe photoshop him its kida wierd, maybe a draw idk

      pablonpablon18 napja
    • And Seb as a dog

      Jarod 144Jarod 14418 napja
  • Kvyat trynna be a torpedo tho 🧨

    Ace05Ace0518 napja
  • Vettel drives like a dog lol

    MarkMark18 napja