When you sleep through your alarm.

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When you realize you slept through your alarm and the panic begins.
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  • If I'm ever late I'm just phoning in sick 😂

    TrebuchetTrebuchet38 perccel
  • 歯磨き、ほぼ意味なくて笑う

  • its sooo true hahaha

    Burning-AimBurning-Aim4 órája
  • Gone like that as quick as a flash

    Unknown-IPlayzUnknown-IPlayz4 órája
  • did he left the door open . lol

    Kevin JacksonKevin Jackson6 órája
  • I feel stressed almost depressive when I see this

    Bernd Das BrötchenBernd Das Brötchen6 órája
  • Me watching this while being late 👁👄👁

    Eli KEli K6 órája
  • Well i've never been late but i imagine a lot of my friends doing this

    GryffinClawGryffinClaw7 órája
  • I would just skip the shower

    Ahmed ShakeelAhmed Shakeel8 órája
  • I do this everyday but it still takes me and hour and a half.

    Djinn DjinnieDjinn Djinnie11 órája
  • *Dislikes are from alarms because you didn't wake up...*

    SantaSanta12 órája
  • Now do it with full bladder.

    Nemo D333Nemo D33312 órája
  • I really hoped he’d fall off the stairs but SO relatable

    Crystal LightsworthCrystal Lightsworth15 órája
  • Why am I watching this

    Crystal LightsworthCrystal Lightsworth15 órája
  • wow ur so talented on how u do this

    PurplePineapplePurplePineapple15 órája
  • Plot twist: he woke up early before his alarm went off

    RSSAlarmsRSSAlarms16 órája
  • 0:23 i dare u to spam that with nyan cat theme

    InfuZcraftInfuZcraft16 órája
  • المعنى الحقيقي تاع دقيقة نوجد روحي

    Amine AmineAmine Amine16 órája
  • Give me a break, you don't shower if you're in such a rush.

    TheoreticallyDanTheoreticallyDan17 órája
  • Him: **Super Sanic Speed** Mom: It's Saturday! Good- oh where is he?-

    -B E A R--B E A R-17 órája
  • Speedrun in real life

    Simba's Piano ElipseSimba's Piano Elipse18 órája
  • bro! that was SMOOTH💯💯😁

    Zoya Jalal AliZoya Jalal Ali22 órája
  • He did not brush his teeth good

    Samantha JoannaSamantha JoannaNapja
  • You run a lot dude

    Sirius ChengpionSirius ChengpionNapja

    Jordan PersaudJordan PersaudNapja
  • and then he realised that its sunday :P

    Truth DefenderTruth DefenderNapja
  • Notice how the carpet moved when he ran. He ran faster than James Charles could say “hi sisters”, lol Edit: I have to reference James Charles

    Londyn BoviaLondyn BoviaNapja
  • Best Cardio

    B PB PNapja
  • Love this guy, everything is so relatable😂

    Ali HAli HNapja
  • Me all the time

    Kaydence SanchezKaydence SanchezNapja
  • If that men was me,i don't care anymore about been late to school or late to date😂😂😎😎

    Aihan OfficialAihan OfficialNapja
  • When you trying to speedrun the game

    5aDNeSs5aDNeSs2 napja
  • Жиза

  • What if then he realises its Saturday! 😆

    YL CreatesYL Creates2 napja
  • At the end it should be oh shoot it’s tomorrow

    Abdurahman GardadAbdurahman Gardad2 napja
  • Did I switch the stove off ?

    Adit MagotraAdit Magotra2 napja
  • Plot twist he had an hour to spare

    Tim RudieTim Rudie2 napja
  • Relatable...

    Zechariah BeesonZechariah Beeson2 napja
    • E

      Zechariah BeesonZechariah Beeson2 napja
  • i was expecting him to come back up " FUCK ITS SUNDAY!"

    ilpilgrimilpilgrim2 napja
  • To anyone who’s been late to work would you say this is an accurate representation?

    Mitchell NeuhoffMitchell Neuhoff2 napja
  • relatable

    Fenrir- -ChanFenrir- -Chan2 napja
  • 0:08 so we're not gonna talk about how that landed... ok

    Christopher LucasChristopher Lucas2 napja
  • It’s funny that I jump into my pants the same way even without being late 😂

    Lucy SchoenLucy Schoen2 napja
  • I got to the hospital cause i ran so hard to school and it's literally 1km far away from my home 🤚😬

    CloudyXdreamsCloudyXdreams2 napja
  • I always be forgetting my mask

    Tahj JasmineTahj Jasmine2 napja
  • Me: trying to sleep after 12 hours of studying The neighbor living above me:

    Ou-samaOu-sama2 napja
  • I just have him 2M subs :>

    lolwinkyfacelolwinkyface3 napja
  • Girls thinking this is an exaggeration 🤣

    UnderTailsUnderTails3 napja
  • me: taking my sweet time

    Zaid KhanZaid Khan3 napja
  • That’s me on a day to day basis

    Sara JamalzaiSara Jamalzai3 napja
  • POV: it’s a Saturday

    AwesomeGuyAwesomeGuy3 napja
  • Must be a world record of hyperactivity.

    Adrian CageAdrian Cage3 napja
  • Why is this so true?

    Harriet WashingtonHarriet Washington3 napja
  • I think this is the video where he broke his ankle.

    Adaora EzehAdaora Ezeh3 napja
  • Takové ráno nechci nikdy zažít, proto si dávám alarm 2x a ještě o půl až hodinu dříve než odcházím :-)

    Jana WawJana Waw3 napja
  • Heehee! Hilarious, and true!

    wordreetwordreet3 napja
  • This man is honestly faster then a cameraman 😂

    L1ght NákámuráL1ght Nákámurá4 napja

    Manny MASSAWEManny MASSAWE4 napja
  • dream in real life:

    2512potato2512potato4 napja
  • ...and then he realised its the weekend

    Siobhan O'ConnorSiobhan O'Connor4 napja
  • 48 Seconds Thats A New Squadron Record

    SpectreSpectre4 napja
  • I was stressed watching this 😂

    Smitty SSmitty S4 napja
  • Oh it's Sunday

    shezarvince dofzshezarvince dofz5 napja
  • Her: Why don't you come over? Him: Oversleeps Her: My parents aren't home. Him: Gone in 47 seconds

    Jedi ElsaJedi Elsa5 napja
  • Dream speedruns

  • Everyone put a big fat F in the chat for Daniel because he sprained his ankle

    •L é m o n••L é m o n•5 napja
    • F

      •L é m o n••L é m o n•5 napja
  • Me when I got the whole week of early shifts week...😁

    Donna ReidDonna Reid5 napja
  • Dude's resting heart rate must be about 200 lol

    John Patrick MoranJohn Patrick Moran5 napja
  • Plot Twist :- it was a sunday

    Captain AmericaCaptain America5 napja
  • He forgot his mask....

    YehvaRoyall XDYehvaRoyall XD5 napja
  • Me so many mornings😏

    steve theredsteve thered5 napja
  • 0:08 nice shot

    Phạm Thanh NghĩaPhạm Thanh Nghĩa5 napja
  • and thats a new record - 48 seconds

  • Most anime characters when their late for school:

    Healed RandomHealed Random6 napja
  • All under 50 seconds

    VeroVero6 napja
  • me watching this : sweating

  • When you speedrun your day be like

    Dillan BolsterDillan Bolster6 napja
  • Speed run

    Francesco SementilliFrancesco Sementilli6 napja
  • My reality. Wow, he's efficient.😮

    Sofija Sofy GrebnarovicSofija Sofy Grebnarovic7 napja
  • tbh this guy is very fast

    Umer ShaikhUmer Shaikh7 napja
  • when you are late on a date

    1W04 Chan Yat Nam1W04 Chan Yat Nam7 napja
  • If I can get ready that fast, I would've never been late to school.

    TheGlintJawTheGlintJaw7 napja
  • My mind : Do it put in 2x... Me : Not again

    Kunal ChauhanKunal Chauhan7 napja
  • So its possible to ready within 0.49 sec😅

    Fa PeacefullFa Peacefull7 napja
  • Crush: my parents are not home Me:

    littleKBoi [Prod]littleKBoi [Prod]7 napja
  • Bruh, everyone should learn to be able to do this

    Sofia HedsundSofia Hedsund7 napja
  • Yeah right

    Lazy ClayLazy Clay7 napja
  • When you're late for work and on your last warning. You also need the job. = This !

    Steve DSteve D7 napja
  • Sorry but your meeting was... ...tomarrow.... :|

    Max JaywalkMax Jaywalk7 napja
  • 5 wings fan

    prasannaprasanna7 napja
  • dont think anybody is capable of moving this fast ofther than you

    Space MonkeSpace Monke7 napja
  • 💩💩💩💩 left where is this

  • this is me today

    juicyslugssjuicyslugss7 napja
  • Well in that case I just call my boss saying I'm sick. :-)

    JPTJPT7 napja
  • Speedrun any%

    Martin SiroisMartin Sirois8 napja
  • Thumbnail could have been better🤣

    Rishav SpeaksRishav Speaks8 napja
  • So, this is what it looks like, if you was in a anime.

    RoyalRoxiaRoyalRoxia8 napja
  • Too bad its Sunday!

    Kyle KinkadeKyle Kinkade8 napja
  • I would straight up just jump down the stairs head first into the door

    • PogChamp_Max •• PogChamp_Max •8 napja
  • This is so me when I'm running late which is pretty much every day. I do everything the morning of too.

    Trinity LTrinity L8 napja