When two supra meet

2021.márc. 1.
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  • Never Thought That Cars Are Farting...

  • “I ain’t got no gunnn”

    proto35proto354 órája
  • Everybody gangster till their exhaust starts speaking morse code

    Ren AmamiyaRen Amamiya6 órája
  • Only in USA When in other countries, they think of you as a wank wank

    A Dead ChannelA Dead Channel8 órája
  • Anyone realize the guy who was filming said: *the red one- the red one is thw impostor*

    project_anti YTproject_anti YT13 órája
  • Alternative title:Supras arguing about the best turbo among them

    Shalini MathurShalini MathurNapja
  • This od so so gooooooood

    Olek WronaOlek Wrona2 napja
  • When my dad farts

    Jason wilsonJason wilson2 napja
  • j

    Ercan SamanErcan Saman2 napja

  • Little do we realize, they're actually communicating with eachother in the language of the Supra.

    ChopstormChopstorm3 napja
  • Got dam whippersnappers

    303 Garage303 Garage3 napja
  • Blue Supra: pop pop pop pop paap paap....... Red Supra: Hold my beer 🍺

    Andy BarnesAndy Barnes3 napja
  • The red Supra shut the blue one the fuke up

    battle field 5battle field 54 napja
  • Because whoevers two step backfifes the loudest proves... Smh

    Dave IauccoDave Iaucco4 napja
  • “Dispatch, shots fired I repeat shots fired”

    F08JT 1F08JT 14 napja

  • I feel like the red one said "ShUt ThE fUcK uP" Because he did 4 shot times and shut the f up has 4 words :/. im f*cking weird

    Numberless VidsNumberless Vids5 napja
  • Blood and Crip gang taking shots.

    OneTwoThreeOneTwoThree5 napja
  • Godzilla vs kong looks amazing

    セスS e t hセスS e t h5 napja
  • Supras*

    Tarik KunovacTarik Kunovac5 napja
  • The talking of supra haha

  • Red = speed

    ナバエリアスナバエリアス6 napja
  • They were shit in the 90's and they are still shit now. There i said it.

    dudley savvadudley savva7 napja

    NoobyGaming NoobyGamingNoobyGaming NoobyGaming7 napja
  • Damn... if that happen in the wrong neighbor, they would get real return fire... LoL

    Tommy LeeTommy Lee9 napja
  • Wow, you have a divorce.

    عليعلي9 napja
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍👆🤩🤩😍😍🇮🇶

    مصطفى السيدمصطفى السيد9 napja
  • This is more rare than finding diamonds in Minecraft and Actually live to use them bro mk4 Supra’s are goated

    That old mobile Player guyThat old mobile Player guy10 napja
  • Omfg my fking ears

    Juan-pablo WalkerJuan-pablo Walker11 napja
  • They’re communicating.

    r e v e l a r e_ XVIIr e v e l a r e_ XVII11 napja
  • Her: “and that’s how we met”

    ReeceVlogzReeceVlogz11 napja
  • 90’s kids hear a loud bang you duck like it’s danger. Present day kids hear a loud bang “where’s my phone there must be a car revving it’s engine up in there parking lot.”

    Jesus RodriguesJesus Rodrigues11 napja
  • On this episode of natural geographic we see the wild supras in there natural habitat with the male trying to find a mate.

    Hick Station With DaRebelHick Station With DaRebel12 napja
  • The only thing supra have to do while in public is showing off.

    xxbcccookiesxxbcccookies12 napja
  • It’s a battle of h Th e sentry

    Leo PlaysLeo Plays12 napja
  • I live Supra

    Karol BitKarol Bit12 napja
  • I'm more interested in the guy riding a bike

    gta 6 is still canceled sozgta 6 is still canceled soz13 napja
  • AK Supra 97

    Ridez OsmonRidez Osmon13 napja
  • Of you listen closely u can hear it actually saying stfu

    Beew BoowBeew Boow14 napja
  • what type of supra is the blue one

  • their communicating

  • The best 🔥❤👌

    J. ALPAJ. ALPA15 napja
  • Close your eyes and listen to this, tell me what you hear. I hear fireworks

    dezenerdezener16 napja
  • Nottin like da supra tatatatatatata breee

    A CA C16 napja
  • 12 year olds joining the chat

    DanyooDanyoo16 napja
  • 💕💕💕🇰🇭👍🔥I love you supra

    Na MaNa Ma17 napja
  • They make a 3rd ome

    Maxwell MillsMaxwell Mills17 napja
  • the red one sounded like a gun probably was a call about it 😂

    XxToxicDevilxXXxToxicDevilxX18 napja
  • Language of Jdm gods

    Pro ProPro Pro18 napja
  • Damn supra still a legend

    Obsidian nitroObsidian nitro18 napja
  • new language unlocked nice speak and I think I should learn this language

    Eymen KayadelenEymen Kayadelen18 napja
  • How Childish

    Azhar SiddiqueAzhar Siddique18 napja
  • 911: what’s the problem? Karen man: I hear 2jz s outside

    David is playing gamesDavid is playing games19 napja
  • Two supras meet! Fart sounds started and 12 year olds are saying "it's a suprrrraaaaaa"!

    Gamer StudioGamer Studio19 napja
  • And here we see the mating call of the 2jz, as the other 2jz accepts this call they will begin their 1/4 mile long journey so they may conceive a new liter of Supras in peace

    Evan BlosserEvan Blosser20 napja
  • Yooo are those Supras?

    Bhargav RokadeBhargav Rokade20 napja
  • *"What are you doing step-Supra"*

    I'mTotallyAin'tSus •w•I'mTotallyAin'tSus •w•20 napja
  • The red supra was like “you not ready yet”😂

    quixperquixper21 napja
  • Supra

    Zero TwoZero Two21 napja
  • Fake vents

    Joshua BuchJoshua Buch22 napja
  • The railroad crossing: am I a joke to you

    Treinpepijn07Treinpepijn0722 napja
  • Aventador left the chat

    Jo BJo B24 napja
  • Go sorry

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia24 napja
  • Where do you ho

    Daniel GarciaDaniel Garcia24 napja
  • Sounds like they’re hitting some garbage cans with a bat when he was revving the blue one

    Hollywood GamingHollywood Gaming24 napja
  • When the gate lifts, they race

    CanadianBoardCrewCanadianBoardCrew25 napja
  • Where’s a rocket-propelled grenade when you need one?

    MrTangentMrTangent25 napja
  • My corvette could beat both them in a drag race :)

    i am depressedi am depressed25 napja
  • When Supra’s are going to rob a train

    Acewolf 787Acewolf 78726 napja
  • Gaaaaaay

    offPlanetoffPlanet26 napja
  • Dodge demon has entered the chatroom:😈💀

    deez nutsdeez nuts26 napja
  • Yeeaaahh shots fired shots fired

    tgm willytgm willy27 napja
  • the red supra sound was amazing

    m a s o nm a s o n28 napja
  • I like cars

    Benson SertuneBenson Sertune28 napja
  • Uhh ..... I literally don't know if it's good for supra or any other cars for this burnout

    Alok 504Alok 50428 napja

    Cool Donut999Cool Donut99929 napja
  • The Red One 🔥🔥

    Parth AgarwalParth Agarwal29 napja
  • Crips vs bloods

    Arc anonArc anon29 napja
  • That does sound like an AK tho

    Big JBig J29 napja
  • It ’s delicious if you grill it with that.

    ケーニグセグはスウェーデン製ケーニグセグはスウェーデン製29 napja

    Josuke HigashikataJosuke Higashikata29 napja
  • My friend just got one of these that been all professionally decked out... it's freaking sick! I thought I wanted one really bad before I saw what his was all about! There just so awesome its sad thinking about how I'll probably never get one

    Brandon sBrandon s29 napja
  • Gang shoot outside are getting outta hand 😬

    Bad Acid TripBad Acid Trip29 napja
  • في التطعي هنا الرجة

    مدير باري تيوبمدير باري تيوب29 napja
  • Red supra by far won that one

    hilham 89hilham 8929 napja
  • More junk

    Jon PrysokJon Prysok29 napja
  • You get unde that hud and hear that monster growl

    Fan Of NobodyFan Of Nobody29 napja
  • Everyone gangsta until supra meets another supra

    Black SwordBlack Sword29 napja
  • Blood vs crip😈🙅🏾‍♂️🔫

    ElweesElwees29 napja
  • I bet blue out tracks red

    ShawnShawn29 napja
  • You’ll have never been to a truck me and gets loud as fuck I’m not even kidding

    The diesel kidThe diesel kid29 napja
  • Hate dumb people

    MrBrian99999MrBrian9999929 napja
  • Lol sounds like the mating call of the wild urban douche bag. Pop pop pop goes the douche bag

    Rick GiRick Gi29 napja
  • One might say its a Brap Battle 😎

    Kajmere WilsonKajmere Wilson29 napja
  • Ko je to auto🤔154

    Luka StanicLuka Stanic29 napja
  • “ it’s a battle “ “ aww nah red one “😂

    Darion BussDarion Buss29 napja
  • Daddys money or drug money ?

    Dennis B -TrainsDennis B -Trains29 napja
  • Civic shows up

    Preston MurphyPreston Murphy29 napja
  • Ghey

    Nitrous9976Nitrous997629 napja