WHEN THE TEAM WON'T HELP in World of Tanks!

2020.dec. 2.
148 486 Megtekintés

In World of Tanks we all get the kind of teams that just won't help! Today Tiberius96 won't give up on carrying them in the LTG!
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  • The dislikes are from that LTG's enemies and their friends - lmao :P

    BeholderGuardBeholderGuard5 napja
  • This tank was quite good. I remember I had purple stats after 70 battles and 2 marks of excellence. But I sold it after researching LTTB. I also did Steel Wall once :)

    Kacper KempistyKacper Kempisty8 napja
  • Good player

    Ivan ŽlůvaIvan Žlůva17 napja
  • All of that was really mostly possible because of how completely retarded the opponent team was.. Like seriously. Can we please enable the mod that show player skill? We might be able to see the entire host of tomatoes on the enemy team. The Caernarvon using only HE... what the absolute fuck.

    secutersecuter18 napja
  • What?! That NEVER happens!!!

    CogzedCogzed19 napja
  • Not hard VS idle BOTS

    Gixxer983Gixxer98321 napja
  • That was pure class, gg buddy.

    Christopher StewartChristopher Stewart27 napja
  • Omg this game was insane. The teamwork in the end was hella nice. I was like GoGOGo. What a great job.

    xiKASPRRzZ 505xiKASPRRzZ 50529 napja
  • Which Equipment would you suggest on the russian Lights?

    couchpotato 429couchpotato 429Hónapja
  • The OI was saying No :(

  • the gun is bad for its aiming time but high roll more often compared to t3485. Acceleration is bad, once spotted very hard to get away.

  • "probably about 60 meters but you need to be within *50 meters for that to work*".....and that right there is why i hate the spotting system... there is no reason a tank should be able to get THAT CLOSE without being seen when they're on the god damned move... ON THE MOVE.

  • The title should be "When your team barely helps you." Cause I had a game earlier today where a Matilda in a t6 game literally decided not to play cause they were bottom teir. How do we win with that?!

  • LTG - The Frankenstein-Pancake-Panzer.

  • Good job Indian panzer, very cool

  • Why does Quickyschutzie use plural form when talking about individual tankers?

  • Tiberius96 by any a C&C fan?

    nick hemmersnick hemmersHónapja
  • What a game

    Hatem GFHatem GFHónapja
  • Unreal replay. This is one of the only real strategic wins I've seen not just luck. Respect tiberius96.

    Sergey TrusevichSergey TrusevichHónapja
  • 15:59 second on xp, third on damage

  • Which is quite often.

    Mad Dog TannenMad Dog TannenHónapja
  • How can I send you my replay? I didn't find how, maybe I'm blind and I don't see it anywhere.

    Jan ŠindlářJan ŠindlářHónapja
  • U mean: "When play with team of NOOBS"

    In sajderIn sajderHónapja
  • 10 Players below 1k DMG, phew wonder how he doesnt rage at his team, thumbs up for that!

    Graf ZeppelinGraf ZeppelinHónapja
  • stupid aisa

  • ohh thats normal.......if you click the play button dont hope for help from the teammates :D

  • The LTG is really a hidden gem. Loved that tank, due to its sneaky nature.

    Robin KhnRobin KhnHónapja
  • wow, good work man...

    Jorge GarciaJorge GarciaHónapja
  • Except for the barn of a turret its a low profile.

  • Awesome match

    Jman MackJman MackHónapja
  • FARM. maybe romanian Clan.

    Nistor Romanian BlackirdNistor Romanian BlackirdHónapja
  • Next episode: "When the rest of team: POLAKS"

    Borisz PengeBorisz PengeHónapja
  • Hey don't blame the allies. The enemy were just as useless idiots And I'm allowed to say that, because QB called them idiots as well :3

    Jussi RaitoniemiJussi RaitoniemiHónapja
  • HE spamming Cent AX LOL

    Lee GreenwayLee GreenwayHónapja
  • Tiberius.... Like the Tiberius Method?


  • 👌💪

    Matt AndrusMatt AndrusHónapja
  • on console, this map is so meh for lights lol. i 3 marked all the russian lights, fun line. considering switching to pc for comp play as well. i play comp on console and have about 4300 recent wn8 and 3k total. should i switch to pc?

    Jacob EadsJacob EadsHónapja
  • Klaus Bomb

    Northern Ninja RunnerNorthern Ninja RunnerHónapja
  • I like to call the LTG the "Ugly Duckling"

    Steven CookSteven CookHónapja
  • shit teams all this week, but i managed to finish td15 in the Stank 3.9k and 5 kills on a lose, no help from team cause all they wanted to do was camp, tier fucking 9 btw

    Alex SteinAlex SteinHónapja
  • Look at the crew configuration, does the driver spin around with the turret when it moves?

    The roe TeamThe roe TeamHónapja
  • My LTG doesn’t have that camo rating or gun. Must have it pimped out completely great game though

    Ian BirdIan BirdHónapja
  • Really insane battle

  • Has anyone else noticed StickBoy ended with 666hp? :D

    Jiří MollinJiří MollinHónapja
  • nom nom nom it up

  • More than 1,000 blind fire dmg. Nice!

    Mr. CMr. CHónapja
  • NA, EU, RU: "omg why isn't my team helping" SEA: "wait, you guys are getting help?"

    Justin CaoJustin CaoHónapja
  • Waaait a second! Is this a team game now or what?

    Barnabas CsongradiBarnabas CsongradiHónapja
  • the LTG is amazing, i am using it to get behind enemy's team lines and kick them in the butt :D Its a great flanker also, because is so low... LTG can out circle and eat up the Burrasque no problem

  • Mybe you should do article about "when yoir team helps" because this is the rearest thing in WOT. Seems like most of WOT players are 3 years old. Even a fucking win is very hard to get. Something should be done that restricts braindead kids to play this game. I KNOW WG dont care, cuz they got loads of money. But gameplay changed for worse years ago and its only getting worse and more frustrating. Random games are disaster...every single game whole team goes 1side like there is some fucking huge magnet there, tjan they all stop and 9 times out of 10 whole team dies. And im fucking serious about that. Even if u get like, i did many times 8 kills or more out of 15 tanks 3/4 of your team has 0 kills and 100 dmg in tier8 battle. Do something about this WG robbing cunts!

  • 6:08 That was indeed a max roll there.

  • You can better say when is the team helping

  • I got a legit Fadin's in my M40/M43 on El Haluff. Less than 2 minutes left I started moving out, had to tell the mauschen on my team that it would be a draw if we didn't kill their arty and started off heading down the slope of the valley to head to their cap to find them. Under a minute left and full bore down the slope when I get a ping that I spotted their arty on our side of the valley heading up hill between two boulders (we were south spawn). I turned towards and didn't wait for full aim, didn't even go into overhead aim view. Just shot gunned them from like 200+ meters with my 16th and final shell, and BOOM! One shot, one kill, Fadin's Medal. So what if it was arty, I still got the dam thing. Replay is on WOT replays too. Though it's old enough that you'd have to pirate an old client to watch it.

  • I've played 12K games and I can count on one hand the number of battles where teammates actually helped each other. All other games it is uniscums pushing people so they can steal the shots, trying to TK lights, sitting in the corner with arty, suiciding in the first 30 seconds or just afk.

  • Well played!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maarten van RoestMaarten van RoestHónapja
  • Ltg very underrated . I loved my time in this tank.

    Alix SkyAlix SkyHónapja
  • was soll man bei kommunistischen Nazis, die über Spiele ihre faschistischen Idiologien ausspielen?!

    Tita HochtiefTita HochtiefHónapja
  • Progetto afk

    altinabio bgd011altinabio bgd011Hónapja
  • wp stickboy

    Kevin CarrollKevin CarrollHónapja
  • Pretty easy to do that much damage when half your enemies don’t even bother to fight back or turn their attention to where they’re getting shot from.

  • I have a shitty youtube channel. Check it out!

    Lothric PaladinLothric PaladinHónapja
  • ,,when the team wont help'' more lke ,,low tier mm in a nutshell''

    Денис КановДенис КановHónapja
  • Quacky, what is your take on Panther M10 with a turbo and high octane? It would push top speed to 60, if mounted in the appropriate slot. The turbo plus 110 octane would also take power to weight up to 18.25. Thinking this would allow it to become a truly solid flanker and much more flexible.

  • good player in a tomato war 10.35 i would have rushed the borrat when he missed 1 shot

    Sami LaihanenSami LaihanenHónapja
  • nice beard!

  • Huge game in the ltg, i rather the ltg at the lttb xD

    Christophe RegnierChristophe RegnierHónapja
  • On this day, stickboy became stickman.

  • Another perk about that scout, it is good at ramming enemy scouts.

  • Legendary

  • Hey, I got 2 MoE on that scout

  • Show full crew skill set before you show a show off must have their 7 skill set crew in there you do not show tank set up as well poor tube

    Michael ClarkeMichael ClarkeHónapja
  • LTG is a very capable and fun little light tank, on of the better Tier 7 lights actually. And Tier 7 being the sweet spot for light tanks in WoT means it's very good.

    Cobra6 GamingCobra6 GamingHónapja
  • I think it looks cool cuz of the cupola bit tbh

    rain #4701rain #4701Hónapja
  • Really well played. :-)

  • We should call Russian heavies antidepressants because they have no gun depression and they cure my depression...

  • Why are we celebrating a Light that was doing a TD role, instead of spotting for the actual TDs?

    • Which video did you watch exactly? He pinged all the way to the team to shoot the targets but they didn't manage to do it. Guess you would wait in your spotposition and just watch your team fall... he started to play td cause the team wasn't able to hit spotted tanks, but he doesn't have armour to use so it would be a stupid idea to jump on any tank. Do I really have to light your mind up about this?

      Tímea BakosTímea BakosHónapja
  • Only me noticed this or Eagle 7 players are weird mostly

  • What an amazing match, i really enjoyed watching this one

    Rens VerhoefRens VerhoefHónapja
  • The LTG is still my favorite soviet light

  • Every tank he's shooting are standing there like they were afk. Not to take away anything from he's result, but I wish I had enemy's like those. Haha

    Burn in HellBurn in HellHónapja
  • i did 1235 damage on Valentine AT and everyone said i was helpful

  • verry good player,almost better than me

  • I dont think I have seen worse use of ammunition that this :D

    Janis KarklinsJanis KarklinsHónapja
  • i think the team actually want to help. But they always act like they are on their own timeline - and not in a live multiplayer 15 minute round. Especially if you scout - your team is not aware that you create opportunity. Then you may die 5 minutes in, suddenly they will progress forward - blind ofc because you died now. Why this is ? I dont know.

  • When I saw the title: “Isn't it always happened?”

  • Just a normal match Really rare when the team is help you

    Márk BeckMárk BeckHónapja
  • This has got to be the Hong Kong server

    Adam SlaterAdam SlaterHónapja
  • Why was the ad for this video two anime girls choking each other

    Harun IbricaHarun IbricaHónapja
  • 2 tanks afk, great game

    Unangwata TaroUnangwata TaroHónapja
  • See women? You don't have to be tall to have a long barrel.

    The kingdomThe kingdomHónapja
  • I would say in the beginning he didnt help his team and not the other way around. Staying in that passive bush und let his mates all die. The rest good gameplay!

    Oliver DubbelOliver DubbelHónapja
    • @Tímea Bakos that's true as well

      Oliver DubbelOliver DubbelHónapja
    • @Oliver Dubbel i guess he wanted the ebr out of game first. He reached the normal passive spot bush too soon, ltg didn't have a chance to take it after that. And I don't understand, why the heck that tank next to him went forward while it was clear if the ltg couldn't spot yet, he won't be able too... it wasn't Tiberius fault, his team died like this. In a situation like this I try to kill the ebr ASAP (I'm usually play meds) in a safe range...

      Tímea BakosTímea BakosHónapja
    • @Tímea Bakos he spottet them too far on their own side, if he would have just take one bush further to their side they would never be able to come that far.

      Oliver DubbelOliver DubbelHónapja
    • He should have shoot instead of them or what? 😂 really guys. He spotted all the tanks and the team couldn't do it's role

      Tímea BakosTímea BakosHónapja
  • Oh team mates can be at times extremly frustrating - like worse than the actual enemy

  • yes, a maxroll 375

  • Ever went to asian server before?

    Kenneth FortugalezaKenneth FortugalezaHónapja
  • This game is so bad looking try War thunder

    Chaotic GamerChaotic GamerHónapja
  • I bet QB was getting vietnam flashbacks when he was watching this replay and saw that an Indien Pz. was Tiberius's last hope of winning this match and it being prokhorovka too 😅

  • Well played to this ltg. He did have paid actors in every direction but that didn't detract from his skill.

    P. GriffithP. GriffithHónapja
  • Great game by the ltg, that Indien was lucky he was camping the whole game.

    Best Wot ReplaysBest Wot ReplaysHónapja
  • Me, thinking like a hero, jumps in to help an ally when he is crying out loud help being surrounded by 3 enemies and tracked. I go in like a hero, taking and doing damage, getting killed in 20sec, all to see that ally simply ran away without helping me .... Another time, jump in to help arty on my light tank, shot twice by own arty (3 arty game as usual), stunned and got killed by enemy ebr. Decided to Never ever ever to help any other bugger in my team. After that such a peaceful time in wot games when I see my Allies crying for help and getting killed when none in the team ever bother to help ... Such a satisfying feeling !!!