When the Controller Dies from the NPC's Perspective

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He made it this far just to do that?
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  • A

    ZeddyZeddy9 perccel
  • when ubisoft is talking to their QA team

    QuietGraveQuietGrave16 perccel
  • What a stupid videogame boss, everyone knows you are supposed to hide behind explosive barrels, not under chandeliers

    Parquimetro95Parquimetro9516 perccel
  • is this mocap?

    Elys Vaughan-ThomasElys Vaughan-Thomas24 perccel
  • awesome 😂👌

    NeoGen NormaNeoGen Norma32 perccel
  • What is happening

    General Memelord 69General Memelord 6943 perccel
  • It's obviously a warehouse where chandeliers are stored.

    Alex K.Alex K.54 perccel
  • This is gold 😂 Dont mind me, just adding this to my Art playlist

    Ninjen S NNinjen S N55 perccel
  • What uncharted game is this

    Dom LlamaDramaKingDom LlamaDramaKingÓrája
  • OOWIEE!!!

    Lorik Qui'inLorik Qui'inÓrája
  • that's some uncharted type shit

  • This is what the new face animation thing was ment for

    Yis PintoYis PintoÓrája
  • Lets call Him One punch man

    Yis PintoYis PintoÓrája
  • Has anyone else noticed Trent Lenkarski sounds like sounds like H Jon Benjamin?

    namco003namco0032 órája
  • 10 Gaurds 😭😂

    Payton AcremanPayton Acreman2 órája
  • This logic cant apply to dark souls lmao

    Lucas de Carvalho Andrade MazaLucas de Carvalho Andrade Maza2 órája
  • The one realist that's always at the bottom of the pyramid scheme but really REALLY should get a promotion, or two.

    Number ZeroNumber Zero3 órája
  • Uncharted 2 man. I love uncharted 2

    zen4everzen4ever3 órája
  • Isn’t that basically the final boss fight in max payne 2?

    JAKILLA201JAKILLA2013 órája
  • Why does this look so familiar to a game I used to play? 😂😂😂

  • Why is this so clean

    AaronAaron3 órája
  • Ah yes the old 3 hit boss

    Devon MinnickDevon Minnick3 órája
  • Why watch real life when you have this

    Secret FBI DoggoSecret FBI Doggo3 órája
  • 😂

    Raj KrishanRaj Krishan3 órája
  • This reminds me of Battlefield Friends...

    W / ALLW / ALL4 órája
  • You absolutely need to crowdfund a full-length movie.

    ShadowXIIShadowXII4 órája
  • 0:04 Wait a Min, That is Peter's dialogue!

    Blue MoonsBlue Moons4 órája
  • Is that death sound from uncharted?

    Idon't LikeFurriesIdon't LikeFurries4 órája
  • We have won but at what cost*

    •Hʏᴀᴋᴋɪᴍᴀʀᴜ••Hʏᴀᴋᴋɪᴍᴀʀᴜ•4 órája
  • Bro, Among Thieves OST. Fucking love it. Incredible way to end a great video.

    MicroMicro4 órája
  • Oh no one of these channels

    Eric MauchEric Mauch4 órája
  • “sam guy who tok down tirty of our elicopte” “yeh” “ze cuy we shot with rpg an he fall out the plane into oshin atac by shark on boat and boat explode” “yeh thats the guy”

    Huy Vũ Tuấn PhạmHuy Vũ Tuấn Phạm5 órája
  • “you pucnh hm” “yeh” “an he die” “mhm”

    Huy Vũ Tuấn PhạmHuy Vũ Tuấn Phạm5 órája
  • I'm pretty sure that's the music they play when you die in Uncharted :)

    Maurice WardMaurice Ward5 órája
  • 2:50

    King BigBlueKing BigBlue5 órája
  • *gets killed in skyrim* Enemy, talking to my corpse: nobody here now

    av0cad0av0cad05 órája
  • "It's not like there's another guy." 𝙋2 𝙝𝙖𝙨 𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙙

    ElCrick ThomasElCrick Thomas5 órája
  • This gives me like major energy of that HBO series Barry

    Muhd DinieMuhd Dinie5 órája
  • Make more of these and I mean it please make one of these I left

    Noah GeorgeNoah George5 órája
  • XD

    Williams30 1459Williams30 14595 órája
  • True that

    Noah GeorgeNoah George5 órája
  • im just confused of what the fuck this art style is... its cool and different but unlike anything ive seen before...

    ZagradovskaZagradovska6 órája
  • Soooo...... Uncharted in a nutshell

    SonictheporcipineSonictheporcipine6 órája
  • Uncharter death music be like:

    Leibniz ArcoLeibniz Arco6 órája
  • Are these people?

    Child loverChild lover6 órája
  • This was actually very creative

    live for Jesuslive for Jesus6 órája
  • Can't say how much this has happened to me, but while in subnautica, to Reaper and Ghost leviathans

    J KJ K7 órája
  • My god, just imagine what it would be like if the animation style wasn't abso-fucking-lutely abysmal garbage!

    Kenneth ComptonKenneth Compton7 órája
  • The guy who blow up 30 helocopter... u punch him... and he die?

    Citrall LanotusCitrall Lanotus7 órája
  • Elizabeth Afton: We got him. We got the guy. William Afton: This is the same guy that chased us for 40 years across different locations? Elizabeth: Yep. William: The the same guy who survived being disembowelled by a giant scooping machine? Elizabeth: Yea. William: The guy who survived being trapped in a poorly designed maze with me while suffering from hallucinations due to oxygen deprivation?" Elizabeth: That's the one. William: You walked up to him and screamed at him? Elizabeth: Mmhmm. William: And he died? Elizabeth: Yea. William: Okay, I guess that's good.

    The Accountant Behind the SlaughterThe Accountant Behind the Slaughter7 órája
  • I love the break of character at the end

    LX _Sw33tLX _Sw33t7 órája
  • That was accurate.

    Pyptron _Pyptron _8 órája
  • I literally would not know what a chandelier is if they didn't fall on people in games and movies.

    Vincent UrquhartVincent Urquhart8 órája
  • Anyone else get nick cage vibes from the bearded guy.

    Rebel SavageRebel Savage8 órája
  • *controller reconnects* player stands up player runs to warehouse player shoots chandeliers boss dies player wins

    okok8 órája
  • Why is nobody talking about the leg twitch at the end, there might be another part

    Ches PhendshilChes Phendshil8 órája
  • AC7 but from counts prespective Most of the time: Doing nothing and following trigger Some of the time: Actually firing something

    SpheroJr 3289SpheroJr 32898 órája
  • This was the best short I've seen on youtube period.

  • Just let him reload his save files... Then you'll see then you'll see!

    ᳒8 órája
  • The voice acting of the super normal goon is really really funny lol well done

    PurpleFreezerPurpleFreezer8 órája
  • Those videos makes me cringe

    Mathieu MartinMathieu Martin8 órája
  • Finally HUworld recommend something good for a change and its not ten years old .

    titan Shawntitan Shawn8 órája
  • What uncharted isn’t on Xbox!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!

    Donald 333Donald 3339 órája
  • I can feel the feeling of that person after his controller disconected

    Pablo André Coca MurilloPablo André Coca Murillo9 órája
  • This is basically the entire Uncharted series

    Sz WSz W9 órája
  • Mmmm this art style is nice

    Seth JordanSeth Jordan9 órája
  • This looks like Archer. The mustached guy can't say a sentence without saying "I mean". DUMB!

    Corey XBOXgamer88Corey XBOXgamer889 órája
  • I know I should’ve changed it

    TheMidnightTrainTheMidnightTrain9 órája
  • Arkham games be like

    NoMoreMinionsNoMoreMinions9 órája
  • The gards are more intelligent then the boss....woaw

    wapankiller12wapankiller129 órája
  • 👏

    N8's Gr8 AdventureN8's Gr8 Adventure9 órája
  • The uncharted music I’m dead😂

    KrazyKid76KrazyKid7610 órája
  • I want this to be a series like archer

    MaxwelldaboonMaxwelldaboon10 órája
  • The uncharted death sound. 😂

    Mr. SunnyMr. Sunny10 órája
  • *”well he was just standing there and I punched him, and he died.”*

    ManUNkindManUNkind10 órája
  • Tony lazzuto!

    Jamie RJamie R10 órája
  • Part 2

    EveEve10 órája
  • Why does the beard man sound like bob from bobs burgers

    Anthony GolezAnthony Golez10 órája
  • Nice use of the uncharted death motif

    Naval ComicNaval Comic10 órája
  • Did he also set up the boxes so the guy would hide behind them?

    boumbhboumbh10 órája
  • How do I buy stock in Joel Haver productions?

    Uhohhotdog GamingUhohhotdog Gaming10 órája
  • After seeing the vid on how these are made, I can't help but see them consciously trying not to blink.

    Denis MaweDenis Mawe10 órája
  • The funniest thing is that the boss doesn’t even try to confirm the kill, he just takes the grunt’s word that the guy is dead

    Nick KoeNick Koe10 órája
  • “Must have run off”

    FrontLineTexan 21FrontLineTexan 2110 órája
  • Game pauses when controller dies so this is dumb

    dylbonesdylbones11 órája
  • Uncharted 2 in a nutshell

    Gulzar KundanGulzar Kundan11 órája
  • How did you even make this lol😆

    PLUGGOD ?PLUGGOD ?11 órája
  • cool effect, how is that possible?

    Charles B.Charles B.11 órája
  • I remember that death music but where

    Phantom EaglePhantom Eagle11 órája
  • He survived all that and yet they set two guards that weren't expected to beat him with any ease

    Bar GrossBar Gross11 órája
  • When the villain has good relationship with his minions

    Potatoes _XDPotatoes _XD11 órája
  • lmaoo he can't hold his laugh at the end

    Kuraini MusicKuraini Music12 órája
  • They animated it so realistic

    L1GTH1NG G4M1NGL1GTH1NG G4M1NG12 órája
  • They look like bud Spencer and Terence hill

    The Internet CrusaderThe Internet Crusader12 órája
  • nah hes just afk

    no uno u12 órája
  • legends say the player is still looking for more batteries to this day.......

    BrandBrand12 órája
  • it’s been four days. it’s become a ritual for me to watch this every day

    oroshitomioroshitomi12 órája
  • Lmao the uncharted 2 death music

    ForrestForrest13 órája
  • This screams adult swim. Love it!

    Eoin BurnsEoin Burns13 órája
  • So true especially when playing online games

    James DukesJames Dukes13 órája