When guys try too hard to be cool.

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There are those guys who always try way too hard to act cool.

  • Cool guy: wears sunglasses the way they do Also cool guy: poke themselves in the eye

    kashyapi sanyalkashyapi sanyal5 órája
  • Jhony bravo...

    jesal bhutajesal bhuta6 órája
  • hmmmmm...

    HasKutu AçılışlarıHasKutu Açılışları7 órája
  • him:😎im cool the cool girls:😎🤙HOHO!

    Donata SkardziuteDonata Skardziute9 órája
  • This is all middle school boys

    Lili BethLili Beth10 órája
  • I thought everyone did this

    foxy loverfoxy lover10 órája
  • Me: Tries hard to do something elegant Also me: *trips and falls down on face

    Sofiia BogdanovskaSofiia Bogdanovska11 órája
  • 0:42 OMG! It Was The Funniest Moment. LOL

    Zain ZaidZain Zaid11 órája
  • HE JUST JUMPED INTO MUD FOR USSSS!!!??? Remember that moment

    Meenakshi TyagiMeenakshi Tyagi13 órája
  • Michael Jackson will be sad to see this

    Agriyanto EmilioAgriyanto Emilio14 órája
  • The end killed me 😭

    blissful multistxn シblissful multistxn シ16 órája
  • Your turn has ended. Now, nature's turn.

    Sukamal DashSukamal Dash19 órája
  • Satisfactional ending

    Loziho Paul VitsuLoziho Paul Vitsu20 órája
  • Cartoonz in Mafia Among Us be like:

    Captain RyeCaptain Rye23 órája
  • Relatable...

    jofredbob IIIjofredbob IIINapja
  • daddy.

    Jkraeg ProductionsJkraeg ProductionsNapja
  • U good

    Most BegumMost BegumNapja
  • Wah

    Meerab ZaidiMeerab ZaidiNapja
  • This should be "when i am alone".

    Yashaswi TiwariYashaswi TiwariNapja
  • When people try to act cool it looks cringe

    Kryptonic DragonKryptonic DragonNapja
  • 0:42 LMAO

    محمد سعد زمان۔۔۔۔محمد سعد زمان۔۔۔۔Napja
  • I love ur vid its so funny

    Mishika NandaMishika NandaNapja
  • The dance walking ruins it all

    DemonWolfGamingDemonWolfGaming2 napja
  • I am impressed by his human psychology

    Vasu jamVasu jam2 napja
  • He just lost something in the mud. Trying to get it back in a cool way. :)

    Kabir BhuttoKabir Bhutto2 napja
  • Mr. Daniel I appreciate the content! Thanks for being you and doing what you love! I hope you have a good time doing what you do! Again thanks and thanks for starting your channel!

    BeYouTodayBeYouToday2 napja
  • This is me when im home alone

    TubMezTubMez2 napja
  • I can't ,so funny 😂😂😂

    Дария УзаковаДария Узакова2 napja
  • What kind of cartoon is he

  • I love the ending

    Zinoo KangZinoo Kang3 napja
  • I’m at a doctors office where everyone’s quiet. You made me bust out laughing with that last scene. Lol...

    I miss 2019I miss 20193 napja
  • Dude's house is always so clean

    Gelliza QuiambaoGelliza Quiambao3 napja
  • Unexpected Climax😂🤣

    Neha NathNeha Nath3 napja
  • Lol

    Monky DollqueenMonky Dollqueen3 napja
  • Last part 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Siddhant GuptaSiddhant Gupta3 napja
  • Que the michael jackson music 😅🤣😂😆😅

    Ice CreamIce Cream3 napja
  • A great way to show my friend Kurt

    LuluYTLuluYT3 napja
  • Watching in 2021

    Yash RanaYash Rana3 napja
  • Want part 2

    Yash RanaYash Rana3 napja
  • Did i just saw Ace ventura xD

    samuwaiisamuwaii4 napja
  • Just keepin' it crispy.

    ItsRealyReallItsRealyReall4 napja
  • Who is this guy and why is he so cool?

    TaipTaip4 napja
  • The end was definitely my favorite part

    Mariann LarrivéeMariann Larrivée4 napja
  • that one kid tryna impress the girls

    YourOldCoffinYourOldCoffin4 napja
  • True and the end was best😂

    D4nixl 13D4nixl 134 napja
  • I'm a girl & I still to this...

    MinMin4 napja
  • My garbage ex 🤮🤮

    Airwrecka H.Airwrecka H.4 napja
  • 0:40when it was your time to show the girls who’s boss....

    CloudyBoyCloudyBoy4 napja
  • 0:42 RIP

    Samarth WagadreSamarth Wagadre4 napja
  • 28: to 37: was perfect

    Mushfiq MehzabinMushfiq Mehzabin4 napja
  • 100% Respect for this dude going in the mud just for are entertainment!

    _Naikeen __Naikeen _4 napja
  • The best way to be cool is not to act cool.

    Vedansh MehrotraVedansh Mehrotra4 napja

  • *every* *guys* *trying* *to* *be* *cool* _me_ _trying_ _to_ _fit_ _inside_ _fridge_

    Irham HillIrham Hill5 napja
  • So cringy to watch

    LimitLimit5 napja
  • me: **watches vid** Also me: "hmm, these ideas aren't that bad after all" Also Also me: **uses some ideas to look slightly cool**

  • Me After Watching Myself In Front Of A Mirror:

  • Lmao and the result is even more cool for viewers

    D3V1LM4XD3V1LM4X5 napja
  • Salute to you what you did at last you fall into muddy just because of our laugh and you did it we laughed 💕💕💕

    radhakrishan loveworldradhakrishan loveworld5 napja
  • Nickelodeon in a nutshell

    YILI YIYILI YI5 napja
  • 0:42 when guye try to be dirty XD

    Bati Al khatibBati Al khatib5 napja
  • Coolness overloaded

    Abdullah waqarAbdullah waqar5 napja
  • The best part is noone is even around

    FanofjambiFanofjambi5 napja
  • These explain 2nd grade boys in my imagination

    XxyuossXxyuoss5 napja
  • 0:42 *to be continued*

    Gusti satya DanuwangsaGusti satya Danuwangsa5 napja
  • Omg he looks like ab de Villiers 😱😱 👇

    DhruvDhruv5 napja
  • So true! Lol love ur vids

    -Foxy_playz--Foxy_playz-5 napja
  • Wow!! What a cool way to fall!!

    Zaid KhanZaid Khan5 napja
  • He is cartoon character comes to life

    pohon togepohon toge5 napja
  • The exaggerated swagger of a youtuber...

    hyperx72hyperx725 napja
  • there hidding there high.. need to be sober in situation but there strobed.

    heather dawnheather dawn5 napja
  • My brother 247

    aoRBXaoRBX6 napja
  • This couldn’t be more accurate

    Nicholas ScaranoNicholas Scarano6 napja
  • 0:28 ;-;

    poojasweetsteampoojasweetsteam6 napja
  • Almost Casey Neistat

    Vishal RathodVishal Rathod6 napja
  • Sims 5 is weird

    NoneExistentChannelNoneExistentChannel6 napja
  • Cringe funny

    Bro LifeBro Life6 napja
  • This guy fell in a puddle just for a video. That’s the dedication we need

    Rhys KingRhys King6 napja
  • 0:42 When guys try too hard to be cool

    clintmovezclintmovez6 napja
  • how many glasses did he break.

    ibrahim ahmedibrahim ahmed6 napja
  • I liked the part where he was cool

    JokuJoku6 napja
  • The way he just shmoves around is just full of the exaggerated swagger of a narcissist

    Refined ReforgedRefined Reforged6 napja
  • My anxiety when he was throwing the glass: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    Mai Mee Tang KhaMai Mee Tang Kha6 napja
  • Me when I was 9😂

    Me. 10 years agoMe. 10 years ago6 napja
  • Title: when guys try too hard to be cool Me: aka 24/7

    Gina ConnorGina Connor6 napja
  • 0:42 among us sound

  • The ending 🤣🤣🤣

    umabati sarangthemumabati sarangthem6 napja
  • Cool

    berserker kid gamingberserker kid gaming7 napja
  • Omg poor him he fell lmao 😂

    Perla VasquezPerla Vasquez7 napja
  • That one uncle:

    Yep it's LovelyYep it's Lovely7 napja
  • This video made me realize how stupid I act because I subconsciously do most of this stuff

    epicgamerepicgamer7 napja
  • 0:41 i would NOT be willing to do that for a video damn 😭

    ellamynt r3achaellamynt r3acha7 napja
  • this is and i quote, “ the one freshman who thinks he’s too cool for school and nobody likes him but he thinks everyone does “

    TheCool7urdTheCool7urd7 napja
  • *the one nerdey kid trying too be cool*

    Alexander FortuneAlexander Fortune7 napja
  • this dude is the definition of 'cha cha real smooth'

    J.D SimpJ.D Simp7 napja
  • I have been watching him for months and I now know the whole plan of his house.

    Susmith 2017Susmith 20177 napja
  • 0:42 Daniel is so down to Earth

    Agile DanishAgile Danish7 napja
    • 😂 😂 😂

      Alexandria HauserAlexandria Hauser6 napja
  • It's so sad it's true 😭

    Ariana ZAriana Z7 napja
  • that on kid in class:

    Sim TricksSim Tricks7 napja
  • girls show to party: You:

    ReconicFNReconicFN7 napja
    • @Praneet-P lol

      ReconicFNReconicFN5 napja
    • Also you(Me included): 0:42

      Praneet-PPraneet-P5 napja