When * CHAMPION * Players Get Baited By Text Chat Trick | 400 IQ Iana Bait - Rainbow Six Siege

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of Rainbow Six Siege, I create high quality by combining the funniest and most epic game moments with the best creative editing. I spend hours to make these moments fun and wonderful, I want to turn them into something new and original.
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  • 4:47 they are banning blitz next game

    Ioan JeffreyIoan Jeffrey5 órája
  • Now that I know that you can get 2 kills with an Amaru kick I need someone to get an ace with it 😂

    Dog in a DitchDog in a Ditch17 órája
  • People who play blitz in ranked smh

    NikNik2 napja
  • Jou Leute, mein Kumpel macht seit kurzem HUworld und ich möchte ihn mit diesem Kommentar etwas unterstützen (also kommt mir nicht mit Werbung sei kake) sein Name ist Itz KLN und er macht gaming und so ein zeug. Wäre korrekt wenn ihr mal vorbei schauen könntet und vielleicht ein Abo und einen Like da lässt.

    Alexander ReichenbergerAlexander Reichenberger2 napja

    Mei IsgayMei Isgay3 napja
  • Not even joking. Right after echo one tapped hip fired iana I got an ad for something amazon called "What?" Lol

    Purple_ _Squad157Purple_ _Squad1574 napja
  • I love it when you don’t show the kill cam for a kill you can’t see

    Alika HarrisonAlika Harrison4 napja
  • 8:00 this is why I stopped maining kaid and why he needs his slugs pre nerf

    Anthony IovineAnthony Iovine5 napja
    • He just missed lol

      Purple_ _Squad157Purple_ _Squad1574 napja
  • 4:09 setting ? pls tell me

    kung kean gamerkung kean gamer5 napja
  • Just watched 10 adds all unskippable, yt is dog shit

    Sam PriceSam Price5 napja
  • +

    Kyden WinsorKyden Winsor5 napja
  • MAGYAROK!! 5:37

  • Who else wants to know what the ending song was lol

    charles burthcharles burth5 napja
  • 3:57 is possibly the worst clip i have ever seen on siege

    LachloLachlo5 napja
  • Why is he surprised he got the kill at 0:40 when he literally has the high ground

    Capitan BaconCapitan Bacon5 napja
  • U never seem to disappoint us with these banger vids thanks jäger

    Pinky PiePinky Pie5 napja
  • 5:37 magyar

    Nagy BalázsNagy Balázs5 napja
  • N@is one 4 SrackeyStacks another lagswitch or playing on other servers, it will be a beautiful documented report thank you, let's fight such people ...

    MephistoMephisto5 napja
  • Me: my teammates are the reason I'm stuck in plat. Friend: stop blaming your teammates My teammates 4:00

    sockkssockks5 napja
  • I kinda hate when we don’t get to see the replays for certain plays like the Tachanka one

    Evasive 43Evasive 435 napja
    • Lmao, just to let you know, I’m pretty sure the tachanka direct impacted the guy he killed

      Timestamp ToobinTimestamp Toobin4 napja
  • Blitz play in copper elo no?

    Ndimo LefruitjauneNdimo Lefruitjaune5 napja
  • 2:53 Do u want to kill me? Kkkkkkkkkk

    Vinny YVinny Y5 napja
  • 2:17 "why do I hear boss music?"

    Hellish_ReasonsHellish_Reasons5 napja
  • I love when people send these clutch clips in, but they forget that the game info bar is ON, and we can see that they are ping abusing with 170 ping.

    Felix LFTFelix LFT5 napja
    • @João Richter remember its also lag switch as well and i do believe you can control it

      Jibreel HurleyJibreel Hurley5 napja
    • "Ping abusing" like they can help it?? Do you suggest they just don't play tha game because their internet is not the best?

      João RichterJoão Richter5 napja
  • suspect bought my friends champ acct. hes gold 2

    Sander AbellSander Abell6 napja
  • 6:11 «Нахер пошли» I love russian clips

    DeceMemberDeceMember6 napja
  • Shield hipfire logic: Ah yes, I always like to aim shots in a 45° angle away from the Tango for maximum counter-terrorist efficiency.

    RodrianiusRodrianius6 napja
  • omg these console clips hurt my eyes lol

    HotmanpopHotmanpop6 napja
  • In go4 best strats lol

    BqrniiBqrnii6 napja
  • The self is very strong in most of us; sleeping or waking, it is ever alert, always strengthening itself but when there is an awareness of the self and a realization that all its activities, however subtle, must always lead to conflict and pain, then the craving for certainty, for self-continuance comes to an end.

    Mykola RielandMykola Rieland6 napja
  • Whenever you see 16:9 aspect ratio, its a console player 😂

    Jager MainJager Main6 napja
    • Ultrawide monitor

      Joshua JamesJoshua James6 napja
  • 2:42 thats me!

    Baby L3murBaby L3mur6 napja
  • Console clips are so pathetic

    PiterPiter6 napja
  • What the song for the Mario remix ?

    SVLust72SVLust726 napja
  • Console R6 gives me cancer

    Meta CubeMeta Cube6 napja
  • عالی

    Matin FarshidiMatin Farshidi6 napja
  • I don’t get why a camp would go outside for a finish

    TrxpRenixTrxpRenix6 napja
  • You know what this 9 minute video needs? 6 commercials.

    Mark PMark P6 napja
  • How you gonna fall for that. I’m silver and I won’t fall for that

    DareCoasterDareCoaster6 napja
  • I don't know what I just watched 🤣👏🔥

    killers.l lkillers.l l6 napja
  • "calculated BTW" yeah I think so 🤔

    Mohammad Hussein HamedMohammad Hussein Hamed6 napja
  • I like how youtube puts 5 ads within a 10 min video

    Crooked RootsCrooked Roots6 napja
  • 0:35 I'm surprised people know of this, me and my friends have been using this for a long time thinking we was the only people who knew this spot. Quick tip if you plant with monti on that door, and have a capitao outside smoking the gap with flames and smoke its stupid. and when the plant is done you have a kali or glaz watching from the truck. i also forgot to say someone goes on repel to stop window runouts early on.

    MrVibezMrVibez6 napja
    • He made a video about it

      Quincy WillisQuincy Willis6 napja
  • 3:30 I'm here to vote for Biden

    DanielDaniel6 napja
  • 6:21 Shera khelle....

    OriOri6 napja
  • Hey guys if you see this comment I hope your having an awesome day and don’t ever give up. I just wanted to let you know that I’m trying to hit 1k b4 the year ends and if you would like to subscribe, I stream siege and fortnite pretty much every time I’m online so if you would like to tune into some streams and sub to me that would be awesome. Love you guys!

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  • 500k de inscritos parabéns

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  • 5:32 are we not going to talk about how this happened?

    Mama JoeMama Joe7 napja
  • lets go i am in the echo one on club house

    KillerJamieG yeetKillerJamieG yeet7 napja
    • Hopefully I will get in one of these

      Spirit SlaySpirit Slay6 napja
    • Congrats u too

      Spirit SlaySpirit Slay6 napja
    • @Spirit Slay im at 2:42

      Baby L3murBaby L3mur6 napja
    • Congrats

      Spirit SlaySpirit Slay6 napja
  • I love how the precise canadian speaks fluent Korean

    jhuvxjhuvx7 napja
  • Best part of the vid: outro

    antjol15antjol157 napja
  • How do i get my clips to you

    Great BanditoGreat Bandito7 napja
  • 500k

    Score 90Score 907 napja
  • 2:14 Jäger: *slams Aces ass * Ace: *dies * Lol :'D

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  • 5:31 is so calculated

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  • 0:44 earn 5k in 2 days huworld.info/flow/vide/r5BwroLUb7jHhJ4

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  • Did Zero say somthing when he knifed Maestro on Favela?

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  • On en parle que ça parle en francais

    dragon 31dragon 317 napja
  • русские вперёд!

    DextorDextor7 napja
  • 2:52 Why is this guy so excited about the aim assist doing its job? Console peasant.

    Vasil ZaharievVasil Zahariev7 napja
    • Stoopid bish

      Baby L3murBaby L3mur6 napja

      Cheese MonsterCheese Monster6 napja
    • Aim assist? You really think on console there is aim assist on multiplayer matches? Ahahahahahaahahahahahahah

      Power StefanoPower Stefano7 napja
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  • 3:33 Console players btw.

    FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan7 napja
    • Yes yes

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  • The new outro is beautiful

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  • this call😂😂 "boom"

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  • The amount of ads and clickbait titles are getting out of hand

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  • 3:58 When IQ get this holo?

  • so fucking dirty but nice 0:30

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  • 0:51 why wouldn't you show the kill cam there 😅

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  • 06:20 let's go! 😄

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  • 4:00 I've never seen a team panic that hard hahahahahah

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  • Clips from 0:40 till 1:54 is basically the prime examples of "1 shot headshots are totally balanced"

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  • 500 k ♥️♥️

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  • clickbait liar jager didn't vault the window kitchen

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  • Hello

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  • did you get my clips??

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  • BRO WHAT ARE CONSOLE PLAYERS? Every time I watch these and I see these console clips it physically hurts me

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    • Shut up

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  • We console players look like noobs compared to pc 🤣

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