What was the best Sidemen Sunday video of 2020?

2021.jan. 9.
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  • Why is so many Harry on thumbnails?

    MP 10MP 109 órája
  • I would place escape room way down to begin with, but monopoly, paintball, sidemen spend 100.000, strangers roast the sidemen and even the fall guys video up a bit on that list. The tinder via zoom call wasn’t that entertaining either imo.

    Jelle KlompJelle Klomp22 órája
  • Has to be sidemen tinder 2

    JM SkillzJM SkillzNapja
  • Harry and Josh organise the best videos

    Adam HollowayAdam HollowayNapja
  • Imo, the worst vids this year were paintball and takeaway. I also couldn’t get through the monopoly video.

    Mersiha DzidicMersiha DzidicNapja
  • I've seen a few times the sidemen have said the fall guys video was really bad but I think it is actually one of their better videos like it's quite funny, Edit: their a few others as well like the trivial pursuit and jeopardy that are decent

    Pasha NamirPasha NamirNapja
  • Is it just me that realised that JJ and Harry are always in thumbnails together 😂

  • 15:02 first thumbnail without ksi

    Carlopes03Carlopes032 napja
  • Damnnn JJ dating belle Delphines sex tape was dead ... saying what we’re all thinking

    TCXTCX2 napja
  • At 24:20 in the video ksi seems to keep going off screen to come back moving his nose and then go back.......#ksiisacokehead

    Evan WellsEvan Wells2 napja
  • There’s so many videos that I thought were goated or very solid. Suprised to see them in did the job

    Nassim HamaouiNassim Hamaoui2 napja
  • Mukbaag

    Harun HFJHarun HFJ2 napja
  • Pub golf

    TizzleTizzle3 napja
  • theyy toook coulda been on more sidemen to literally

    blazes brotherblazes brother3 napja
  • I literally loved the bingo and back to school videos.

    SurtrSurtr3 napja
  • Is it just me that thinks that sidemen online school deserved better.

    i love your videos Krems Zachariasseni love your videos Krems Zachariassen3 napja
    • For some reason they didn't want to talk about it i wonder why .

      Tony ATony ANapja
  • The spend $100000 in 5 minutes is one of their best vids ever but it was made this year

    Brody MeyersBrody Meyers3 napja
  • Where is BM1 boys? help

    Josh SealJosh Seal3 napja
  • I'm just here from the tiktok of JJ doing ❄ anyone else...

    Callum MortonCallum Morton3 napja
  • Best video in my opinion is definitely the second among us video

    LucidLucid4 napja
  • what’s a yellow card

    madhav takkarmadhav takkar4 napja
  • Anyone else like the moresidemen channel better than the sidemen channel?

    Rod RowsRod Rows4 napja
  • Ksi’s opinion clearing didn’t matter here everytime he said something no one agreed

    RxgueRxgue4 napja
  • bro back to school was HILARIOUS. i loved it

    Cori RoseCori Rose4 napja
  • Only harry would make a full breakfast during filming🤣

    Brandon yeatesBrandon yeates4 napja
  • Think about all the kids seeing this video, where KSI is sniffing cocaine... Their idol is not the same anymore...

    Kristoffer Blichert-ToftKristoffer Blichert-Toft4 napja
  • Come dine with me was proper stinky ngl

    Tomos LloydTomos Lloyd4 napja
  • are we going to ignore harry just cooking hahahaha

    MJ WMJ W5 napja
  • camping is the best

    jacob jgerkenjacob jgerken5 napja
  • Josh dragons den was the best vid of the year

    Michael’s LawyerMichael’s Lawyer5 napja
  • what is JJ doing? 24:21

    Simon PerssonSimon Persson5 napja
  • Top 3 (in no particular order) 1. Race across uk 2. All of the road trips 3. Spend 100,000 all three (for yourself, for someone, for someone online)

    Charlie BannahCharlie Bannah5 napja
  • Pub golf stands undefeated, the rest honestly don’t matter🤣

    Millie CMillie C5 napja
  • hes just blowing his nose you titheads

    amer alkhateebamer alkhateeb5 napja
  • Notice how JJ is on every.single.thumbnail.

    Mystic JoshMystic Josh5 napja
  • 10:01 is that tobi's natural laugh?

    edik bazaaredik bazaar5 napja
  • I actually really liked the Basketball video and thought it was one of the better videos, the talent show on the other hand was just a giant cringefest

    JenCathJenCath5 napja
  • 24:20 what’s JJ up too 🤔🤔

    Luke BaughLuke Baugh5 napja
  • Am I the only one who like creatures beat like if he remade it with the same beat it would be soooo firee

    Bounded GamingBounded Gaming5 napja
  • I really liked A-Z tbh

    Adam TroutAdam Trout6 napja
  • i feel like KSI was doing something like drugs went he bent over and kept sniffing at itching and keep turning off his camera

    ArchieJArchieJ6 napja
  • It’s so funny. I LOVED fall guys irl. Lol. Maybe it was the editing?

    Kris15716Kris157166 napja
  • Can we get a zoom on the video thumbnail before they start talking about it?

    Nadir Bait SaleemNadir Bait Saleem6 napja
  • Why is Harry cooking on a camping stove?

    LauraLaura6 napja
  • This is so weird because the list is pretty much opposite to how most of us would rank it

    Zach FreezeKZach FreezeK6 napja
  • No one: Absolutely no one: W2S stans and fangirls: hahahahahah harry said yes so funny fuck me harry hahahahahahaiahzhsh

    emi_ BEASTemi_ BEAST6 napja
  • Camping trip ,come dine with me ,hot ones

    Charlie YoungCharlie Young6 napja
  • Minute 24. What is KSI doing...

    Harry YeomansHarry Yeomans6 napja
  • Damn ethan made a lot of the bangers last year

    vatito patito potito polito potatovatito patito potito polito potato6 napja
  • 31:30 can someone explain JJ camera? again??

    Linards ZvirbulisLinards Zvirbulis6 napja
  • No one: Ethan: It's above escape room 🤣

    HH6 napja
  • do sidemen drug test

    Devon DewarDevon Dewar6 napja
  • Meanwhile ksi is taking a bump and they didn’t edit it out 24:10

    ReboundRebound6 napja
  • Disagreed so much with the boys thought was good and what wasn’t. Lol

    Abba BAbba B6 napja
  • 11:24 Simon, JJ didn't get eaten by a lion, Babatunde did. Get it right

    Raj BohraRaj Bohra6 napja
  • I agree with Ethan man, escape room should have been in 'Coulda been MoreSidemen'

    VarjVarj6 napja
  • 1) Spill you guts 2) Muck bangs 3) Blind Date

    XXgusteleXXXXgusteleXX6 napja
  • 1. Pub golf 2. Tinder 2 3. Mukbang 4. Hide n Seek with Cal 5. Split or Steal

    SJ FootballSJ Football6 napja
  • They have to get into arguments about how much videos they come up with

    Fried PickleFried Pickle6 napja
  • So Simon didn't make any Sidemen but has the most power for MoreSidemen. I get it now..

    SifuDinSifuDin6 napja
  • Dude really said dead sex tape🤣🤣

    Michael ThomanMichael Thoman7 napja
  • My top : Among Us 2 Pub golf Monopoly

    Akshay MukundAkshay Mukund7 napja
  • I think dragon den should have been a Goated

    Ivy the elemental heartIvy the elemental heart7 napja

    Megan RoseMegan Rose7 napja
  • boys when youre discussing the video, place the thmbnail on the bottom for us to see what youre talking about :)

    Akshay MukundAkshay Mukund7 napja
  • The compilation was the only one I didn’t watch.

    Eric AsdereiEric Asderei7 napja
  • We need a sidemen twister vid for the lols

    harry Robertsharry Roberts7 napja
  • List is fucked

    Steffan jonesSteffan jones7 napja
  • I think the camping video was hands down the best video of the year! just a vibe to watch and so many funny moments!

    Jensherman JansenJensherman Jansen7 napja
  • 24:19 someone get this on KSIs reddit

    That One guyThat One guy7 napja
  • Jj sniffing coke needs to go up top on his reddit

    W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FFW1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF7 napja
  • The 100k video needs to be so much higher. The latter half of the video where they're handing out the gifts is banging

    George SmithGeorge Smith7 napja
  • The thumbnail makes it look like Vikk has a manbun and tbh it doesn't klook bad

    Fezark MusicFezark Music7 napja
  • How did back to school get bottom was hilarious

    Richard FallonRichard Fallon7 napja
  • Yo when they were saying the lockdown calorie challenge was like meh i was fuming. Thank god they remembered that was the rice and cheese pot debacles

    Nicknight12Nicknight127 napja
  • You guys need to react to people rating these because I think the viewers have different opinions spelling bee was helarious the cooking show where Simon got mad was very solid

    no uno u7 napja
  • 24:48 jj doin something cheeky there or what😂

    Jamie :DJamie :D7 napja
  • I thought come dine with me was solid 😂

    Hamza HamadHamza Hamad7 napja
  • Fam Spelling Bee was so hilarious i would put it top 3

    Djordje MiticDjordje Mitic7 napja
  • Back to school was way better than they say and it annoyed me haha

    Sean MonjeSean Monje7 napja
  • The sidemen rating a video that the fans clearly loved : *it did the job*

    stephani3 the phytoplanktonstephani3 the phytoplankton7 napja
  • 0:52 jj said 53 then when evryone else said 52 his face

    Rohan PrasadRohan Prasad7 napja
  • @behzinga what r u eating my g

    sickrodrigosickrodrigo7 napja
  • This basically which vid made them the most bread contest

    JeffJeff7 napja
  • Is Jj sniffing limes at 24:16

    Charlie SatterthwaiteCharlie Satterthwaite7 napja
    • No😂😂🤦‍♂️

      Theprogamer 123Theprogamer 1237 napja
  • I think they need to stop rating them by “we wouldn’t have put that much effort into more sidemen” and instead by “was it entertaining to watch or film??” bc a few of those were funny to watch even if they didn’t put effort in, and vice versa

    Yo Gabba GabbaYo Gabba Gabba7 napja
    • Innit

      Hashir KhanHashir Khan4 napja
  • 29:27 what video was this

    YoungBalmainYoungBalmain7 napja
  • Pub golf, Split or Steal, Discord Talent Show, The Race and Spill your Guts were my favorite videos

    JT0 BazJT0 Baz7 napja
  • They just like to drink all the time

    william meulenkampwilliam meulenkamp7 napja
  • I wish they didnt take the group names so literally. Blame covid even if it actually ismt caise of covid. Its a TIER LIST. So should me in TIERS best to worse. More sidemen group messes it up too. Should be second worse tier not just has to be a game show and bad

    JustinTimeJustinTime7 napja
  • The more Sidemen tier kinda fucked the list a bit

    JustinTimeJustinTime7 napja
  • Come to Denmark to do a pub crawl when COVID is over, then you can all see how you actually drink! 😂

    Maja Steenberg BitschMaja Steenberg Bitsch7 napja
  • Bingo, come dine with me, spill/fill your guts. Camping, and hot ones or the weight gain would be my top 5

    The person I'm replying to is sexy af,The person I'm replying to is sexy af,7 napja
  • I thought Pub Golf and Hot Ones were the 2 best videos this year Edit: and Camping

    MikeyBoyMikeyBoy8 napja
  • Without a doubt pub golf!!

    advntresadvntres8 napja
  • No jj nooo 24:19

    close the Chanelclose the Chanel8 napja
  • how the fuck did they just put sidemen go to school in blame covid

    Shon BregerShon Breger8 napja
  • Sidemen Sunday idea: Supercar driving experience. Top Gear associated ideas

    Sascha BehrensSascha Behrens8 napja
  • Lie detector was goated guys cmon I still watch that video 😂

    Cod_y890Cod_y8908 napja
  • Around about 23-25.11 KSI sniffing somet

    YanowhoitisszzYanowhoitisszz8 napja