What the HELL is Tripping the Rift? (Forgotten ADULT CGI Cartoon)

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Do y'all remember this adult CGI show from the early 2000s? No?! Buckle up lol
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  • I'm going to HUworld HECK for this one

    • Have fun with all the Gacha life cringe

      BerryCherriBerryCherri13 napja
    • I found it hilarious, should mention that the pilot was more revealing while the rest of the show was less so.

      Iron Lord 2014Iron Lord 201422 napja
    • Hey man if you combine Steroid 60's (a.k.a 90's) and the early golden age of the internet youll get what you flippin deserve.

      Anti PeternityAnti PeternityHónapja
    • Yessssssssssssss

      James BurrisJames BurrisHónapja
    • Its worth the trip. give mama susan my regards.

  • Poopy bute

    The Mikey Shorts.The Mikey Shorts.7 órája
  • I came here to see why it’s shit and I’m leaving 4 minutes in because you’re right I’m too young (14) and I’m uncomfortable and these characters look really weird If anyone sees this though can you summarize the reasons why it’s shitty because I love the what the hell series

    Fi FiFi Fi17 órája
  • “Remember that channel? And if you don’t, you’re young, get off my yard.” Me, fourteen, understanding the sexual vibes but basically only recognizing the word Simpsons:

    Fi FiFi Fi17 órája
  • No idea what Love, Death, and Robots is but I looks so cute

    Fi FiFi Fi17 órája
  • I own the whole show on DVD I f*cking love the show

    Spike 92.3FMSpike 92.3FM2 napja
  • Something I hate when people are trying to make adult comedies is they think everything has to be a sex joke or that male and female characters have to be sexualised all the time. Like uhhh no they don’t adults aren’t just there for sexual jokes or sexual looking characters in adult cartoons 🙄 like yeah it’s fine to make sex jokes and have sexual characters but if that’s all the show is about. Then it’s gonna be pretty repetitive and boring at some point through the episodes.

    Mikan TsumikiMikan Tsumiki3 napja
  • *“Blow on that little purple thing sticking up”* *(Only legends will understand)*

    MicrowaveableSaladMicrowaveableSalad5 napja
  • Please do The Book of Life next pleaseee, it's such an amazing and underrated movie! 😭

    Maecy PacuribotMaecy Pacuribot6 napja
  • I remember watching this one!

    orastellaorastella7 napja
  • I swear I saw this as a toddler bc so much was oddly familiar and I did watch SyFy.

    BloodyNosesBloodyNoses8 napja
  • Tripping the rift? More like tripping on crack.

    TheHalloween TurkeyTheHalloween Turkey8 napja
  • I hate bojack horseman

    Eliot the TurtleEliot the Turtle9 napja
  • Do you know what a clussy is? You should not.

    Feeling HealingFeeling Healing9 napja
  • Why is it that “mature adult shows” are always really really immature with the type of sex jokes middle schoolers make?

    AilaAila9 napja
  • This show gave me so many of my squicks, which is the opposite of what you want in a sexy show.

    KorilDKorilD10 napja
  • You should probably check out love and darph before it’s gone

  • I use to watch it every night!

    Parker PshebniskyParker Pshebnisky12 napja
  • Ah, you mentioned Reboot, Saber. Maybe you can do a full video of that series for those who never heard of it.

    Chrys Rhykys CalhounChrys Rhykys Calhoun12 napja
  • Yeah, Futurama does have better qualities than Tripping The Rift.

    HolyCross9HolyCross913 napja
  • Tripping the rift was my favorite show on Sci-Fi back in 2004 - 2005 and I've never forgotten it. I occasionally check the interwebbings to see if there's any sign of a reboot to no avail of course.

    MrAIMrightMrAIMright13 napja
  • Oh man, I remember this show. It was my grandmother, of all people, who watched.

    Mighty MarloweMighty Marlowe14 napja
  • I absolutely lost it when he said “Gus has the big gay”

    queenvie808queenvie80815 napja
  • Chuckles Austin went on to produce the new She-Ra show. Quite a big departure.

    Dread Pirate RobinDread Pirate Robin15 napja
  • I hope you will take about Game Over (a short live show that aired on UPN) and maybe other adult video game animated shows that aired around in the 2000s era.

    KevtheGamer02KevtheGamer0216 napja
  • This show has gotten the award for being the only show that ive seen at every single half price books ive ever been to

    That one robotic artistThat one robotic artist17 napja
  • I genuinely love this type of early 3D. It's charming.

    RoyalbanditRoyalbandit17 napja
  • Classic Horney Trash 😎

    RoyalbanditRoyalbandit17 napja
  • I remember this show.

    Susan HeplerSusan Hepler18 napja
  • I like your funny words magic man

    RenRen19 napja
  • When you get a Game of Lust ad during this.

    Taylor YorkTaylor York20 napja
  • Why does Chris Moeller look like Arin Hanson?!?

    Justin HumphreyJustin Humphrey20 napja
  • You should do a review of paradise pd and home much it entirely sucks.

    InMySpareTimeInMySpareTime21 napja
  • i normally like the antagonist more than the protagonist, i like it when the show sometimes takes it a few episodes where they focus on the bad characters making you feel sympathetic for them or just making them a awesome character. example i liked how they took thanos and made you think of him as more of a good guy doing the wrong for good intentions. if a show can have good story and a antagonist like that i'm sold

    random personrandom person22 napja
  • 3:09 boomer Saber strikes again

    Zippy _DiffyZippy _Diffy22 napja
  • pardon me, XAVIER RENEGADE ANGEL never really stuck out??? i literally *still* go back and watch that shit from time to time. edit: clown tiddies you say?

    EzellloharEzelllohar23 napja
  • Jee... yeah... I remember this... thing... I guess Im a bit older nowadays 😅

    Edwin Antoine Morales BarahonaEdwin Antoine Morales Barahona23 napja
  • Saber: Chuck Austen Me, an X-Men fan: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NO NO NO

    King GobKing Gob24 napja
  • i remember catching commercials for this show all the time as a kid, but never actually watching it (probably wouldn't have been allowed to lmao). i do remember my favorite joke from the commercials tho, which was something like 'if a big bang had actually created the universe, then /i/ would have been a part of it.' that really made me laugh as a kid for some reason

    masha ghostmasha ghost24 napja
  • The only thing I remembered about this until this vid was the voice actress constantly changing for the sexy robot and that the background dude from Howard Stern had a part.

    James DJames D24 napja
  • Omg I just realized that this video was made on my birthday. Happy birthday to me, huh?

    Jacob HardingJacob Harding25 napja
  • I just love how you try to scrutinize a show meant to just be fun and allow you to just turn your brain off for a few minutes and laugh. This thing aired on a channel that played a lot of really intellectually endowed shows, why not have one or two that mixes them all together and makes fun of them in this manner with a lack luster story line?

    Anthony StrongAnthony Strong25 napja
  • I thought I dreamed this show... (EDIT) I thought I wet-dreamed this.

    Micah BuzanMicah Buzan26 napja
  • The quality of this movie almost looks like it inspired Food Fight! Or tried to look the same...

    S1lentS1lent26 napja
  • Wow That show was crazy & fun lol 😂😂

    The chef steffonThe chef steffon26 napja
  • Beatiful

    CyyxcCyyxc26 napja
  • the pilot was so funny... but yeah they could never make this nowadays

    Cid AndrewsCid Andrews26 napja
  • The episode where 6 is trapped in a spider's web about to be eaten and the Octopus Captain is more concerned with trying to find this Magoffin so his life can be saved, that was perhaps the best part of the show. I loved 6 because I kinda wished all of the characters in this show could have looked as beautiful like her. Instead we also get a ugly alien girl that seems to stray too hard on that radical feminism vibe and going back into the early 2000s, you could tell they were kinda predicting the future there.

    TBoneTonyTBoneTony26 napja
  • Holy shit I forgot about this

    f00ky3w2oobf00ky3w2oob28 napja
  • my teen years were defined by tripping the rift, drawn together, MXC, viva la Bam, wild boyz, HBO's real sex, HBO's cat house, wonder showzen, and every thing ever run on adult swim.

    itsalieitsalie28 napja
  • Oh god-

    The Staicu SquadThe Staicu Squad28 napja
  • I remember this show from back when it was on. It was hot trash then, too. Have you seen _Duckman_?

    LaikaLycanthropeLaikaLycanthrope29 napja
  • Dude, have you seen Duckman? And yeah, I remember this show from when it was on, it was hot trash then, too.

    LaikaLycanthropeLaikaLycanthrope29 napja
  • Dude. This memory

    SNES Slap BabySNES Slap Baby29 napja
  • Brooooo I fucking LOVE Xavier renegade angel lmao.

  • Oh god... I think I vaguely remember seeing this as a kid. However I also somewhat remember thinking it looked dumb at the time and stopped watching it pretty much immediately.

    Trainer ShadeTrainer ShadeHónapja
  • *inhales with consern* what the fuck

    random stuffrandom stuffHónapja
  • Honestly I rewatch it every couple of yers. Shit's hilariously dumb.

    Seth HarveySeth HarveyHónapja
  • greatest show on Sci Fi ever next to Lexx.

    chris weaverchris weaverHónapja
  • This was made by a simp wasn't it. 😐

    Mike JonesMike JonesHónapja
  • I remember watching that from time to time at night on Teletoon when I was 6 or something

  • Fun fact. Here in Argentina they pass that show in the adult swim segment that cartoon network had, starting at 1 am.

    Frank RedfleyFrank RedfleyHónapja
  • Thanks dude now I’m going to watch it

    Red DaysRed DaysHónapja
  • DUDE WTF!!! I remember seeing the dvd box of this in a blockbuster and I remember I was like "yo wtf"

  • I’m one minute in and I’m wtfing, new record🎉🎉🎉

    Catherine SheffieldCatherine SheffieldHónapja
  • Can you do a video about love death and robots. Please

  • why do in some bad movies and shows like this, we would mostly like the villain character-

    ADED 43 ソマツ ON HIATUSADED 43 ソマツ ON HIATUSHónapja
  • im on acid am i yes i am on acid wtf for what the FRICK HUworld

    Aziah OsorioAziah OsorioHónapja
  • Six of nine is not even sexy if you find her sexy your going in bed sad😭😭

    ski mask the scum godski mask the scum godHónapja
    • This movie was made by the early 2000's simps

      ski mask the scum godski mask the scum godHónapja
  • I remember watching this at age 7 or 10

    Dominic AlmazanDominic AlmazanHónapja
  • Odd? Yes. Weird? Yes. Confusing? Yes. But by god was this trip worth it!!

    LoneFighter 1LoneFighter 1Hónapja
  • Tripping the Rift is Adult in content but adolescent in execution. It is a perfect example of how being "edgy and mature" often betrays its marketing attempts to appeal to children. Because after watching it what audience does it seem to be directed towards? I'd say nerdy teens

    Chris TraceyChris TraceyHónapja

    Jewel CloudJewel CloudHónapja
  • Did you ever do a video on the 1980 film heavy metal I cant remember if you did or not but if you haven't could you do a vid on it I think it would be a great vid

    The Gopnik BanditThe Gopnik BanditHónapja
  • I'm still at the start of this video but you mentioning it made me wonder if you ever HAVE done a video on Xavier Renegade Angel, and if not I would love to see that someday! Xavier Renegade Angel was one of those strange fever dream things I always woke up to in the middle of the night when I left my TV on and I didn't think it was real until I randomly found it again as an adult. Then I got really into smoking a lot of weed and watching Xavier Renegade Angel, and I'm STILL like 99% sure that couldn't have fucking been a real thing

  • All about that Clown Booty.

    House HendoeHouse HendoeHónapja
  • Xavier Renagade angel is a low key masterpiece.

    Yellow OrbYellow OrbHónapja
  • 3:07 No moron we live In different countries.

    yeety 72yeety 72Hónapja
  • What about the one with the fries and shit?

    Anything MotorizedAnything MotorizedHónapja
  • The clown looks kinda like Flappy the clown from Fairly Odd Parents.

    Suing for IntelligenceSuing for IntelligenceHónapja
  • Plz do Lexx

    Sarine LunarisSarine LunarisHónapja
  • I-i have the dvd set with all 3 seasons on it cause my grandma thought it was a kids show.... Gus is my closeted gay baby.

    Alunatic spouse of syndicateAlunatic spouse of syndicateHónapja
  • my grandpa helped make tripping the rift

    Zoe Hue BermudezZoe Hue BermudezHónapja
  • Man this threw me way back

    Dumbum BumbumDumbum BumbumHónapja
  • Nice choice of music especially you chose home head first

    Ari LozanoAri LozanoHónapja
  • I discovered the original 'Tripping the Rift' well before the creators sold the concept. I recall they had an update forum on their website and had frequently to explain to their fans why the series was taking so long to produce. As it progressed the studio was edging the creators out of the show. The original guys wanted to limit the number of characters and stay closer to the premise of their short, which was mostly a rivalry between Darth Bobo and Chode. All the other characters were tossed in by the studio and their creative department. I got the general impression the studio just wanted to make a quick buck by cashing in on 3D animation while it was all the rage. I strongly suspect that because 3D was so popular and new at the time the studio did not feel a need to make the characters more interesting or to improve at all on the animation. It is my guess that they knew the show would crash and burn and so the least amount of effort they could put into each episode was good enough. The software was available to make the models look a hell of a lot better. Keep in mind that in 2001 'Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within' was released and it had top of the line animation. I recall being impressed by the fact one of the main characters had her hair blowing in the wind and you could see the individual strands. In short, my opinion is that the production studio saw a money maker, made an offer and effectively destroyed what could have been a really fun show.

  • Chose an his android 6of9, will never be forgotten. Maybe lost.

    Amin JonesAmin JonesHónapja
  • you've really been liking that angry frown emote lately.

  • Broooooo I always think about this show, but I never was able to remember the name. Everytime I looked it up I could never find it

  • Is it just me, or does "Six" look like Lisa Rinna in hotter days?

    Hydjra SierraHydjra SierraHónapja
  • I remember this oh god it sucked but funny af sometimes

    Matthew MorrisMatthew MorrisHónapja
  • I’m guessing that this show has a lot of um “fan service” I’d any gets my drift

    Andrew KecskemethyAndrew KecskemethyHónapja
  • Oh my God! Xavier! I forgot about that show! That and Superjail used to throw my brain for a horrible horrible ride.

    Midnight FenrirMidnight FenrirHónapja
  • *me seeing this:* Oh, yeah--that was a thing, wasn't it?

    shaun browneshaun browneHónapja
  • i can assure you i never forgot this show. it lived rent free in my mind growing up.

  • P*rn hub: aw shit here we go again

    Avanti RobinsonAvanti RobinsonHónapja
  • *sees thumbnail* Is that supposed to be tentacle hentai?

    Smol GalSmol GalHónapja
  • The original Internet cartton was glorious and would be burned at the stake in today's political climate. The attempt to turn it into a series was..........Almost as bad as Discovery, the rebooted star treks, or the last trilogy of Star Wars movies.

  • This show is basically "here's a titty, laugh now"

    Augustine SycamoreAugustine SycamoreHónapja
  • Whenever Xavier: Renegade Angel came on I always felt like I wasn't on near enough drugs to comprehend it. And I was on a lot of drugs.

    Local Swamp MonsterLocal Swamp MonsterHónapja