What Sleeping With Two Snuggly Huskies Is Like..

2020.nov. 6.
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This is What Sleeping With Two Snuggly Huskies Is Like!! We’ve always been curious to see what Kakoa and Sky are up to during the night and it was funny to see how crazy Kakoa sleeps! Also make sure to Check out @That Pug Pablo & Co video to see what sleeping with three pugs is like it was super funny and cute!! I will link his video below! Thanks for watching guys :)
Pug Pablo Video Sleeping with Three Pugs - huworld.info/flow/vide/nbCRzYfTosOsmoA
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    My Mountain HuskyMy Mountain Husky21 napja
    • Omg do it again

      James RobbinsJames Robbins8 órája
    • I have a Siberian husky he’s a rescue😊

      AtOmic_ PkAtOmic_ Pk10 órája
    • I like u guys u are so awesome

      coco tercerococo tercero20 órája
    • My German Shepard dose that kind of stretch

    • 2:42 i have the same alarm

      Soͥngͣoͫkuツ KillγouSoͥngͣoͫkuツ Killγou2 napja
  • Next video : Whole day with Huskies :)

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  • My dog drops his toys on my face middle of the night smh.

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    Walt BismarckWalt BismarckÓrája
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    Sivaslım 58Sivaslım 582 órája
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    Frank SmithFrank Smith2 órája
  • So some dogs have better life than us.

    KronkiKronki4 órája
  • 3 minutes of pure joy

    SlimeTheAmazingSlimeTheAmazing5 órája
  • The guy and one of the huskies barely slept all through the night! 😅😅😅

    Ritu BanerjeeRitu Banerjee5 órája
  • 10 m views for sleeping dogs is crazy

    Tumbal TumbalanTumbal Tumbalan5 órája
  • *This is why my 4 huskies have their own room.*

    Hemtai LordHemtai Lord6 órája
  • what happens if you want kids where do the husky's go?

    Bob JerryBob Jerry6 órája
  • You guys have a very disrupted sleep.

    Sy HiSy Hi7 órája
  • Aww this is how 👇🏻 cute they are as a family

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  • Me and my husband sleep with our cat, the cat insists, and our cat always tries to get as close to our faces as possible

    braindamagebraindamage10 órája
  • Guys just be twitching

    PhoeberiaPhoeberia10 órája
  • No nighttime shenanigans with two large doggos between you.

    Mik MoenMik Moen10 órája
  • 1:40 the dream

    AD JrAD Jr11 órája
  • a small part of me just wanted some random cat join in

    --11 órája
  • 2:48 old Top Gear be like. Clarkson "Ahhh what do think of that???"

    Lucas BolekLucas Bolek12 órája
  • Looks like the worst night sleep ever

    work in progresswork in progress12 órája
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    Marisa RamalhoMarisa Ramalho13 órája
  • I tried to sleep with my dog and a hour later i got this recommended 😆

    Team RocketTeam Rocket13 órája
  • One of the dogs stayed on guard the entire night.

    Cambodian River PigCambodian River Pig13 órája
  • They should be outside watching over ☝️

    Nathan ChangNathan Chang13 órája
  • My back hurts from watching this

    Gavin CooperGavin Cooper13 órája
  • how do you guys sleep so far away from each other

    sarikatimmisarikatimmi14 órája
  • In order to sleep, you must pretend to be asleep. 😳

    GarfieldGarfield14 órája
  • Jup i know the fealing. It goes under the bed on the bed.... Everywher he wants...

    Sanel ŠabanovičSanel Šabanovič15 órája

    Mind yourbusinessMind yourbusiness16 órája
  • Why aren't they in the kennel outside?

    Mucky VagrantMucky Vagrant16 órája
  • HUworldr: Watch how our huskies sleep with us 10 mil people: Nice

    Jake LJake L17 órája
  • 7204872705

    Daniel LarsonDaniel Larson19 órája
  • I toss and turn at night, even after I’ve fallen asleep. There’s no way I’m sacrificing my bed space and leg room for my dog, I don’t care how much I love them 😂

    Alex G ReidAlex G Reid19 órája
  • Mine puts his head on my pillows and takes half of the bed, just like a human would😂😭😭💀💀

    Ur.local. antUr.local. ant19 órája
  • Funny dogs....get a bigger bed or attach a smaller one at end.

  • 9hs of sleep?

    eltano06eltano0620 órája
  • when the doggos were sleeping butt to butt in the beginning>>>>>>>

    Abby GAbby G20 órája
  • That puppy face tho🥺🥺cute!

    Marie ByrdMarie Byrd20 órája
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    LING YING EN MoeLING YING EN Moe20 órája
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  • Hello/Hola/Aloha is we still in quarantine? Hello security some real frequency CORRUPTED SKINCOLOR SEARCHERS BEING ADDRESSED OF OFFICE BUSINESSES HOURS. YES REBELLS IN THERE TOO.

    Katrice HenryKatrice Henry22 órája
  • That guy be like: 👉👆👇👈☝️👇👆👉👈👇👇👆👉👇👈☝️👇👆👉👉👇☝️👈

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  • 0:12 when I want to sleep but my dog doesn’t want to

    Diamond ButterflyDiamond Butterfly23 órája
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    Shadowgirl 101Shadowgirl 101Napja
  • 2:49 the dog stretches more than me

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  • i love how animals and people all sleep the same its cute

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  • I’d be too scared of accidentally kicking the dog

    Ahri VederciAhri VederciNapja
  • And i thought dogs were supposed to guard our houses at night !!!!

    utthara 83utthara 83Napja
  • What was that outro in the end

    N BN BNapja
  • To be honest, this doesn't match my definition of snuggling. My dog in under the covers with me, I hold her all night. She's my teddy.

    Ben RajanBen RajanNapja
  • Then the dog flies up the sky at 3am.

  • Paws-R-Normal Activity :P

    Shahan CheongShahan CheongNapja
  • I think I smiled throughout the whole video

    Tino RuizTino RuizNapja
  • These huskies are adorbs, but there’s got to be way more human cuddling in this fam

    Anna FedorovaAnna FedorovaNapja
  • there is a beautiful family ❤️❤️ it looks like me mom my brother my cat and I haha

    Aɴᴀ Dᴇ Lᴀ RᴏsᴀAɴᴀ Dᴇ Lᴀ RᴏsᴀNapja
  • 1:10 sky literally sat on kakoas face lol

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  • Your two huskies, take up less space in bed than my Jack Russell Terrier. Not only that, he also steals the covers. And they say that dogs are mans best friend.

  • I have a red Siberian huskie

    Isabella GrubbsIsabella GrubbsNapja
  • I love my big dog, but i have a full size bed so eventually he ends up sleeping in his own bed cos i end up kicking him (softy) in my sleep :( lol

    Irma GabrielaIrma GabrielaNapja
  • Nah I’ll pass. No animals in bed for me. Also what do they do when they wanna do the wild thing? Do the dogs watch?😳

    Phil WestberryPhil WestberryNapja
  • This looks so uncomfortable I can’t do it and I have a Pomeranian lol I already tried but either he will get pissed off from my moving around and go lay on his own bed or I will tell him to get down cuz he’s in the way. I guess if you’re a really deep sleeper this would work perfectly.

    Da GhulDa GhulNapja
  • They will protect you

    ŁĒŒ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 애니라버ŁĒŒ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 애니라버Napja
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  • Why was watching a dog sleep interesting

  • Hello random people who get it recommend

    the realthe realNapja
  • Dude, Do you have sleep apnea? You move around way too much. Look at your wife, she hardly moves. You need a CPAP machine so you can sleep through the night.

    Thonati mThonati mNapja
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    Blue ArasgaBlue ArasgaNapja
  • Love it! Actually sleeping with a Husky in bed is really calming. Mine loves to cuddle so she sticks to me. When she does i feel her as my own baby...we have an amazing connection...i wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world

    Cristina Rozalia RobinCristina Rozalia RobinNapja
  • OMG they are soooooooo cute😘😁

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