What's Your Name? | Black Clover

2021.ápr. 1.
588 801 Megtekintés

Ep 170: Asta and Liebe complete the devil-befriending ritual! Watch Black Clover on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-BC170
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  • Watch episode 170 here! got.cr/Watch-BC170

    Crunchyroll CollectionCrunchyroll Collection11 napja
    • @Chibi Liebe no

      The matrix 756The matrix 7569 napja
    • @The matrix 756 then don’t talk about it

      Chibi LiebeChibi Liebe9 napja
    • @Elver Galarga but we getting a movie next year winter I think

      MaxxMaxx9 napja
    • and the 171?: v

      Elver GalargaElver Galarga10 napja
    • is it all japanease

      Nola Made ManiNola Made Mani10 napja
  • Licita had to give Asta away, because she would have killed him and finally she's meeting someone that is not affected by her magic... i can't imagine how she must have felt and how deperate she was not letting go this time

    Lord_of_LordsLord_of_Lords3 órája
  • 0:52 The moment when your younger sibling admits defeat in a fight and asks for forgiveness

    Snir AmbayaSnir Ambaya6 órája
  • I just finished watching, but I'm wondering, will there be another season, a sequel to this anime?

    SadiqueSadique8 órája
  • I'm 25 and have cried too this so much Black clover is so good 😥😔 it's sad cause it was so much

    Red DRed D13 órája
  • Hey, he's not screaming anymore, that's an improvement.

    Natural StrengthNatural StrengthNapja
  • So yuno has that annoying spirit and asta has cool the devil lol

    Devil BushieDevil BushieNapja
  • and ep 171 wath

    Vicente FloresVicente FloresNapja
  • Is this the final episode?

    brian nguyenbrian nguyen2 napja
    • Yes.

      LuckyDaysOfRaya14LuckyDaysOfRaya142 napja
  • Am I the only one that got fairy tail vibes

    Nightcore GhoulNightcore Ghoul2 napja
  • Name of the song please

    Camilo GutierrezCamilo Gutierrez2 napja
    • "Beautiful"

      HKVCHKVC2 napja
  • This was the best Black Clover episode

    HugiboiiHugiboii3 napja
  • Looks like Yuno has some competition 👀

    Thicc YoshiThicc Yoshi3 napja
  • They are not ready for fight They are ready for win.

    Richard VrbjarRichard Vrbjar4 napja
  • Who excited for the movie tho?

    KingBallahKingBallah5 napja
  • What’s the ost for this scene

    KillweebsKillweebs5 napja
    • Treasure- beautiful

      Daniel SarDaniel Sar4 napja
  • I want to know why asta has a name similar to astaroth the devil of time. Also who is asta's dad?

    Hasan JaafarHasan Jaafar5 napja

    Artex StroomArtex Stroom5 napja
  • Asta's Mom is terrifying to just take life like nothing. That poor snake!

    ReinxRaiden ChannelReinxRaiden Channel6 napja
  • Im an german and Liebe means Love😀😀😀😀

    Gameshooter StarGameshooter Star6 napja
  • song?

    k_3NNYk_3NNY6 napja
    • @Dark Knight thank you:)

      k_3NNYk_3NNY6 napja
    • Beautiful by Treasure. The full version is released

      Dark KnightDark Knight6 napja
  • ngl I didnt think this anime would make it. All the kid did was scream for the first dozen episodes or so.

    john doejohn doe6 napja
  • well, looks like I need to pick up on the anime again, originally dropped it after the first 3 episodes since I couldn't stand how asta sounded, but after seeing this, maybe it will be worthwhile to watch

    Midnightgamer00Midnightgamer006 napja
  • Spoil

    adam hamadacheadam hamadache7 napja
  • My name Jeff 😂😂

    lakilaki7 napja
  • Black Clover Best Shonen Ever

    DanyDany7 napja
  • That thing is Liebe means in german " Love " and he is lovely to =)

    Vivehan PrivatVivehan Privat7 napja
  • It's going to be a long wait for anime watchers only 😭

    Dominika KrizovaDominika Krizova7 napja
  • I hope if thy will continue the anime...

    Khaled HaddalKhaled Haddal7 napja
  • So they're brothers, dang

    KenseiAgoraKenseiAgora7 napja
  • I got spoiled

    On JahOn Jah7 napja
  • BEAAUUUTTTIFFULLL treasure my heartu

    Vkook_Vkook_7 napja
  • Imagen you are a demon and your name is the german word for love

    MinoMino7 napja
  • Ooh what I just realized is that Asta and Liebe’s names are both derived from their mother Lichita Liebe Lich Asta ita Liebe Asta and Lichita That’s freaking beautiful ♥️

    Ritvik.JRitvik.J7 napja
  • I love black clover❤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    X.D.P HARUTX.D.P HARUT7 napja
  • Liebe is love in german btw

    RPG MafiaRPG Mafia7 napja
  • Sorry but this is such a naruto clone

    Eran BarkatEran Barkat7 napja
  • Kid Liebe is just the cutest!!!!!!!

    EmzEmz7 napja
  • What episode is this

    Dylan WilliamsDylan Williams7 napja
    • Episode 170, the final one.

      Infinite EdgeInfinite Edge7 napja
  • I just realized that Asta has no magic because of his mom, she sucks away life and mana...

    Dylan MasonDylan Mason8 napja
  • Bro that was so a nice scene🥶

    Bruno RabischBruno Rabisch8 napja
  • Liebe is German in English Love

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha8 napja
  • The show was getting better and better and better and now it ended😢😢

    Hokage EvanHokage Evan8 napja
  • why did you cancel the anime it was so good you did not need to do that

    keepitez my guykeepitez my guy8 napja
  • What next for black clover

    TherzKillazeverywer4TherzKillazeverywer48 napja
  • Can someone tell me the name of the song ?

    faber yesid bermudez pltafaber yesid bermudez plta8 napja
    • Beautiful by Treasure

      Infinite EdgeInfinite Edge8 napja
  • Wholesome moment

    Greguimninja ProGreguimninja Pro8 napja
  • What kind of Naruto is this?

    esca monesca mon8 napja
  • What the name of the song?

    MischiefOtterMischiefOtter8 napja
    • Beautiful by treasure

      Keon GillardKeon Gillard8 napja
  • He should of said he his brother

    Mini SenpaiMini Senpai8 napja

    RisenSenseiRisenSensei8 napja
  • So is the anime finished completely or is it just the end of a SEASON not a SERIES

    Music Man19684Music Man196848 napja
    • @Prip that’s upsetting, I started watching the anime last month and I really enjoyed it, sad to see it go so soon

      Music Man19684Music Man196847 napja
    • @Music Man19684 maybe it's probaby dependent on how the movie performes

      PripPrip8 napja
    • @Prip so it’s just taking a break then

      Music Man19684Music Man196848 napja
    • End of the anime for now but not the hole series

      PripPrip8 napja
  • Anyone got a name for the song playing here?

    Nicholas HoskinsNicholas Hoskins8 napja
    • U can tell u skip the endings lol its beautiful by treasure

      Keon GillardKeon Gillard8 napja
  • Would've been cool if he said it in his devilish language lol.

    Thiçc RəınerThiçc Rəıner9 napja
  • is it just me but the music fits perfectly with the situation

    KceeKcee9 napja
  • do anyone knows where they publish next season or episode 171?

    Arianit GashiArianit Gashi9 napja
    • Anime is on break cause they’re making a Black Clover movie

      THE ACETHE ACE9 napja
  • but I need more ;__;

    AnimelorddAnimelordd9 napja
  • Asta: we can be friends Me a jujutsu kaisen watcher: or maybe... BROZZA'S

    yeahyeah9 napja
  • Alright people let's not forget that YUNO IS ALSO THEIR BROTHER

    ReloadingDragonReloadingDragon9 napja
  • Immer wieder geil das deutsche Wörter im Anime vorkommen :) arigato gozaimasuuuu

    Shock4sShock4s9 napja
  • any idea when the anime will continue with ep 171?

    theg0dlymetheg0dlyme9 napja
    • maybe in a year, but for now we are waiting for the film

      -_Gin_--_Gin_-9 napja
  • As sad as it is the anime is terrible because of the art for it. The budget for it sucks and the team that makes it is awful at taking the mangas story and replicating it correctly, not in a way that the story is necessarily different but by making the scenes we don’t want to watch or care for appear more frequently and longer and by making the ones that matter the most feel lackluster.

    DynamitezVerdeDynamitezVerde9 napja
    • @DynamitezVerde budget rarely has to do with how an anime looks. Studio Pierrot paid actually kind of good compared to other productions, but their schedule was absolute trash and they suffered from a constant lack of organization from part of the higher ups.

      Magnus ArtifexMagnus Artifex3 napja
    • @Jiren exactly, their team is small because their budget is small bro

      DynamitezVerdeDynamitezVerde6 napja
    • Its not the Budget the team is just to small and they have the half of the time you need for a episode

      JirenJiren8 napja
    • You tripping fr

      Nonso_Nonso_8 napja
  • The song for this is beautiful

    Iris CruzIris Cruz9 napja
  • Asta's mom is kind of a baddie

    UI SpongebobUI Spongebob9 napja
  • This is alot like naruto and kurama, they have alot in common actually.

    Just a random guy with a gunJust a random guy with a gun9 napja
    • I guess but not really

      ChilledChilled9 napja
  • Naruto can never

    Speed Is koolSpeed Is kool9 napja
  • Ittadori: WHY CANT YOU BE LIKE THIS Sukuna: *laughs maniacally

    KK9 napja
    • Maybe in future. Who knows?

      Ekin ÖzyurtEkin Özyurt8 napja
  • *Who else will feel empty? Until a movie comes out, Time to rewatch this*

    あるかあるか9 napja
  • the song made me cry

    xD LEOxD LEO9 napja
  • The story for asta's mom HURTS I hope liebe tells asta about his mom soon since they're basically brothers But what hurts is that she said she basically gave up asta because she could take mana away??? And asta had no magic so there would've been no issue :(

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza9 napja
    • Also the lifeforce.

      LuckyDaysOfRaya14LuckyDaysOfRaya149 napja
  • Only Asta could make a devil his friend. Better yet, why not become friends with your brother you only now get to meet. I swear I was about to cry when I first saw this.

    Squidnugget65Squidnugget659 napja
  • what i wanna know is why did licita abandon asta, but keep liebe. Don't get me wrong I'm happy we finally got to see her but why did she give asta up and keep liebe?

    • Her body absorbs magic and life energy from whatever is near her. That's also the reason why Asta has no magic. She took all of his magic while she was pregnant. And she had to abandon him because otherwise she would have killed him. And because Liebe had no magic to begin with, she couldn't take his magic. And because he is a devil, she couldn't take any life energy from him...

      Mehmet AliMehmet Ali9 napja
  • Nice team ☺️👍

    gudtergudter9 napja
  • i cant believe why it's over ?

    yunus cakiryunus cakir9 napja
  • years ago: yo you wondering who is Asta sta mom creator: welp out of ideas I will just make a Asta as a girl Now: THIS VIDEO FAKE😡

    Dylan WilsonDylan Wilson9 napja
    • What?

      ChilledChilled9 napja
  • The dumbest mistake they ever made was cutting this anime. I reckon it was top tier..

  • Bleach moment right here

    Ray RayRay Ray9 napja
  • 0:51 that sound effect tho

    Niko SNiko S9 napja
  • Friends? Asta, that demon is literally your BRODAAAH.

    Spiral 01Spiral 019 napja
  • Stronger together unite as one Devil Union

    JMJM9 napja
  • Nice last episode we finally saw Asta mom, but the other question is, ho is Asta father?

    HanimeHanime9 napja
  • SADGE it's over whyyyy!!

    Xavier Ince PierreXavier Ince Pierre9 napja
  • Why did they end the clip right there bro

    ZenkaiZenkai9 napja
  • how did Asta's mom have a child, if she can't be near people?

    Hamza AhmedHamza Ahmed9 napja
  • Really like the song anyone know the name please?

    FallenShinobi _FallenShinobi _9 napja
    • @FallenShinobi _ the song is called Beautiful by Treasure. You should check out the anime also. It's really great. It had a lackluster opening but kept getting better

      Dark KnightDark Knight6 napja
    • @Mehmet Ali thank you never watched the anime it was a recommended on HUworld

      FallenShinobi _FallenShinobi _9 napja
    • It's the 13th ending bro...

      Mehmet AliMehmet Ali9 napja

    Alexiz CGAlexiz CG9 napja
  • Asta Reminds me of Emma from promise Neverland

    Matthew MendoncaMatthew Mendonca9 napja
  • I'm looking forward to the day when Yami initializes Liebe into the Black Bulls. :D

    Apocrypha22Apocrypha2210 napja
  • Great ending to the anime for now. The fact that they are brothers and both have a crazy good reason to fight (specifically Dante since he hosts Lucefiro) is going to make their form together so overpowered.

    jethawk1172jethawk117210 napja
  • Just going to say it Asta>Deku

    wolf bloodwolf blood10 napja
  • After 170 episodes, Asta made friends with Liebe who turns out to be his adoptive brother by his mom (that is now confirmed). when he finds out then I think he will finally experience true joy.

    Two PieceTwo Piece10 napja
  • Both are brothers now the question is, who banged their mom who dumped Asta at the church? Where's Maury when you need him to find their father.

    GigaHellblazeGigaHellblaze10 napja
    • why did you say it like that I’m laughing so hard

      초치초치9 napja
  • Licita is probably smiling down at both of them right this second

    The Man With the Annoyed FaceThe Man With the Annoyed Face10 napja
  • My name is Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas

    Retsu UnohanaRetsu Unohana10 napja
  • Liebe means love

    IbroPlatinIbroPlatin10 napja
  • Tuesdays will never be the same again.

    Rene CruzRene Cruz10 napja
  • Yuno was blessed with high Magic and is a King Asta had nothing and his Mother was some lonely Noone but he worked hard to be the one he is now That really suits

    E. v. K.E. v. K.10 napja
    • @Matthew St. Cyr Yeah Details

      E. v. K.E. v. K.6 napja
    • Yuno isn't a king just yet; he needs to be coronated first before he can have that title. Right now, he's simply the crown prince.

      Matthew St. CyrMatthew St. Cyr6 napja
  • Such a bad show

    Dino GtDino Gt10 napja
    • @Emir Koç people like him such an ew

      Yus KeYus Ke8 napja
    • Says its bad Doesnt give any reason Clearly you didnt watch it at all and just jumped on the bandwagon or dropped on the first few episodes

      Emir KoçEmir Koç8 napja
    • Go ask ur mom first

      Yus KeYus Ke9 napja
    • Any arguments to deliver?

      Mehmet AliMehmet Ali9 napja
  • Two of the biggest baddies come from the clover kingdom Asta mom and secre 🙏

    jonathanjonathan10 napja
  • Even tho it will be a long wait I honestly can’t wait for it to return

    Andres geoAndres geo10 napja
    • It will be minimum of 3 years if the movie isn't super successful.

      ZenonZenon10 napja