What If You Don't Blink for 30 Days?

2020.nov. 9.
2 147 633 Megtekintés

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What If You Don't Blink for 30 Days?
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  • 1:37 gay movie theatre, big gay Al botton left

    Nathan W 26Nathan W 26Órája
  • Did that little shit blink at 1:08?

    moncho masterdogmoncho masterdogÓrája
  • 1:07 how did i blink twice ._. 1:47 here blink twice again ._.

    Sonic El Erizo ProSonic El Erizo Pro2 órája
  • 0:19 he didn’t bet the world record it’s the guy who never seen two pretty best friends

    Jake UgovJake Ugov2 órája
  • I tried to not blink from start to end of the whole video. 3 minutes without blinking!!

    MrOddDemon - PlayzMrOddDemon - Playz4 órája
  • 1:16 there is a picture of big gay al from south park

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer5 órája
  • Actually arnold blink at 1:08

    Carlo Kai CruzCarlo Kai Cruz5 órája
  • Staring contest *EXTREME*

    Jake the destroyerJake the destroyer5 órája
  • I just saw arnold blink in one minute

  • Who else blinked in this video

    I am here to get wooshedI am here to get wooshed7 órája
  • Conclusion: Your eyes will disconnect from your body.

    baconFLOY YTbaconFLOY YT7 órája
  • Your wrong keith

    Travis CastilloTravis Castillo8 órája
  • What I think I do in staring contests:

    Plant - RobloxPlant - Roblox8 órája
  • Good Good! *now do it in front of SCP-173*

    aes k01aes k019 órája
  • Hi blinked

    Audrey CorbinAudrey Corbin10 órája
  • 1:48 Excuse me, You just blinked

    ThatDimyDriverThatDimyDriver10 órája
  • This is what also happens in Anime shows, they don't blink

    LaxitixLaxitix11 órája
  • I beat you blinked while reading this comment

    NoobNoob12 órája
  • wait... ARNOLD DIDN'T LOOSE HIS FINGER???!?!?!

    Semi TrockSemi Trock15 órája
  • Chinese guy: Gets a world record of not blinking for 57 minutes Gamers playing on their computer for +10 hours: *Pathetic.*

    SiPlugSiPlug16 órája
  • You would not blink for 30 days

    A BunnyA Bunny16 órája
  • Morgz already tried this

    hell nohell no17 órája
  • i love how theres just a picture of big gay al as a movie poster

    juggernaughtyjuggernaughty18 órája
  • *when he says McDonald’s, it just makes me cringe*

    UltraVioletUltraViolet18 órája
  • Imma just keep my eyes closed

  • 1:08 he Blinked

    Suelayman DeumahSuelayman Deumah19 órája
  • 1:08 but he just blinked

    VRgamerVRgamer19 órája
  • Fun fact: Arnold didn't lose a finger but lose 2 eyeballs.

    Ben DrownedBen Drowned20 órája
  • Por si el canal conoce ah Arnold aún no ah traducción al español yo tengo la solución esperen que voy ah traduccir para que lo leean

    Soy Principiante Nivel 1Soy Principiante Nivel 120 órája
  • Well. At least he didn't lose a finger.

    howl mayahowl maya21 órája

    The Great PapyrusThe Great Papyrus21 órája
  • arnold on blunk 5 times this whole video

    OD dubs 26OD dubs 2621 órája
  • 1:49 did anyone saw him blink?

    DemeNStriUS DDemeNStriUS D22 órája
  • Arnold,How do u feel Bro,how do u feel

    Andrei BubuAndrei Bubu22 órája
  • 1:07 Arnold blinks twice

    mehdi baydounmehdi baydoun22 órája
  • What If You Don't Blink for 30 Days? 1:08 1:47 1:49

    PabloPablo23 órája
  • "They are not ghost, they are doctors!" -𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐕𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞

    syedkamranhabibsyedkamranhabib23 órája
  • 1:08 he blinked 2 times

    Max NazwiskoMax Nazwisko23 órája
  • Video: What if you Don’t Blink for 30 Days? Arnold: 1:08 1:48

    Atharv GowerdhanAtharv GowerdhanNapja
  • 2

    Zack TDWZack TDWNapja
  • 1:06 didnt he just blink

    Adam AmsyarAdam AmsyarNapja
  • Thumbnail: 24 hours. Title: 30 days

    Game LOL64Game LOL64Napja
  • challenge accepted

    Tiny ObitoTiny ObitoNapja
  • The thumbnail is AAAAAAAAAAH

    The Dabbing SquidThe Dabbing SquidNapja
  • 1:08 Arnold blinked

  • You will blink when light mode appears like a flashbang.

    Jazryl MulintapangJazryl MulintapangNapja
  • Talented for not being talented

    Kathy Z PotatoKathy Z PotatoNapja
  • Just damn the at the end

    the imposterthe imposterNapja
  • 1:08 HE BLINKED

    Gameboy NuniGameboy NuniNapja

    Joshua ClevelandJoshua ClevelandNapja
  • i doesnt like this

    Caprina SCaprina SNapja
  • I don’t blink for 10 hours while I’m sleeping

    Kreek more Like smackKreek more Like smackNapja
  • hmmmmmmm herrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Rogers FamilyRogers FamilyNapja
  • i dont wanna blink anymore

    Banana CowBanana CowNapja
  • My eyes kinda hurt now

  • 1:08 Arnold Blinked at that moment

    Saul Savage-CollinsSaul Savage-CollinsNapja
  • welp that's scary

    Old RepublicOld RepublicNapja
  • But.. 1:08..

    Breeze Posts CringeBreeze Posts CringeNapja
  • Big gay al

    Simp 22Simp 22Napja
  • 1:47 he blinked?

    im comingim comingNapja
  • i watched this whole video while not blinking.

  • 1:48 look Arnold blinks

  • 1:37 Big gay al

    The lol's Channel OfficialThe lol's Channel OfficialNapja
  • --- ----- ------- 👀 -- 0 --- -------- ------ ---- Noice

    UV!Horrorhorrorkillerdustgorefellswapswap SansUV!Horrorhorrorkillerdustgorefellswapswap SansNapja
  • Oof

    dylan serranodylan serranoNapja
  • 1:07 Arnold blinks even though he can't!

    Taieb MadadiTaieb MadadiNapja
  • 1:30 my reaction when I have homework

    Bumping Good Times The Vermonter!Bumping Good Times The Vermonter!Napja
  • I love the mc Donald scene Narrator: hi Arnold you got fired from mc donalds were all good at simething

  • Ha Star Gays

    O H Y E A H Y E A HO H Y E A H Y E A HNapja
  • 1:07 Arnold blinks

    dj ender 58dj ender 58Napja
  • They spelt pharmacy wrong

    l-Apex Panther-ll-Apex Panther-lNapja
  • If you don't blink, SCP-173 won't chatch you

    Jan JankoJan JankoNapja
  • Anyone else now thinking about having to blink

    xSM BisxuitxSM BisxuitNapja
  • Arnolds scream always gets me lmao

  • 1:53 FOR IDIOTS thank me later

    Saksgr YTSaksgr YTNapja
  • Hey Arnold i have not got sleep for days and im tired you need days off and i need sleep cus we both have tough times

    Minibotnicke 7274Minibotnicke 7274Napja
  • I don’t want to do a staring contest again...

    Random dudeRandom dudeNapja
  • He blink in 1:46

    נעמי קוסקובנעמי קוסקובNapja
  • You will never sleep

    Dolgin FamilyDolgin FamilyNapja
  • 1:08 but he blinked so....

    yuki chenyuki chenNapja
  • ok

    IanIan2 napja
  • who is watching this in 2020

    Elijah's AnimationsElijah's Animations2 napja
  • 1:47 he blinked

    JesusFollower 1JesusFollower 12 napja
  • What if mr.beast just did a challenge called dont blink for 24 hours

    henlo 124henlo 1242 napja
  • Blinks twice in the chemist.

    Craig AdamCraig Adam2 napja
  • 2:52

    toy chicatoy chica2 napja
  • This time Arnold he lose his eyes

    aiden jay supremoaiden jay supremo2 napja
  • Why did arnold blink at 1:08

    GeeTh3NerdGeeTh3Nerd2 napja
  • What would happen if the earth turned in the opposite direction?

    Son KakarotoSon Kakaroto2 napja
  • this gives me so anxiety lol

    param bhatnagarparam bhatnagar2 napja
  • Why there's a butt

    Rolie QuintoRolie Quinto2 napja
  • i mean 1:08

    Nathan SimeonNathan Simeon2 napja
  • 3:00 he blink lol

    Nathan SimeonNathan Simeon2 napja
  • Title: "What If You Don't Blink for 30 Days?" Thumbnail: 24 hrs

    HydroGamingHydroGaming2 napja
  • Arnold just blink i see on her house

    jackson playsjackson plays2 napja
  • What the heck

    Ian NazIan Naz2 napja
  • Arnold blinked when he was holding the doll and i thought he glued his eyes

    Iszaiha Torres ContrerasIszaiha Torres Contreras2 napja
  • Omg

    beaconnight 1234beaconnight 12342 napja
  • i did not blinked for 68 minutes tho-

    Katelyn Chloe's World (KC)Katelyn Chloe's World (KC)2 napja
  • i just notice arnold just blinked at 1:07

    NandoxTvNandoxTv2 napja