What Happens If You Plug 100 Chargers in an iPhone? Instant Charge!?

2020.okt. 9.
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I wanted to scale it up this time and try wiring 100 chargers together to see if it would be faster then a single charger! Both iPhone 6S's were on iOS 14.

  • Nothing To Say😂🤣

    DiW AsHDiW AsH7 perccel
  • It won't explode?!

    mina kmina k8 perccel
  • I totally forgot the clock on the clock app actually works.

    ThatGuyTyarusThatGuyTyarus9 perccel
  • That's why the iPhone12 doesn't have charger

    FellQsStein163FellQsStein16314 perccel
  • It still took around 45 minutes for it to charge to 50% with 100 chargers. I'll stick to my android thank you very much 😂

    Samarpan AgarwalSamarpan Agarwal16 perccel
  • i was expecting that the 100 charger will boost at 100% in just a minute

    Ms MichimaeMs Michimae18 perccel
  • ”Definitely not worth it guys, don’t go ahead and try to make a 100 homemade chargers” Thanks for the tip I guess my plans for the night have changed then ...Lol

    CasandraCasandra21 perce
  • Anyone else watching the clock app

    Random FlipsRandom Flips26 perccel
  • Imagine his electricity bill

    FamiliesFlourishing1FamiliesFlourishing145 perccel
  • What is his electric bill

    Rowey gang gamingRowey gang gaming45 perccel
  • That one person who has no chargers has left the chat

    Lacey RaelynnLacey Raelynn45 perccel
  • Imagine his electric bill

  • But You have 4 missed calls and 1 message dude

    Varun BhardwajVarun Bhardwaj54 perccel
  • Plzz charge my phone

    Prem gamingPrem gamingÓrája
  • Me: my phone doesn't have a charger Apple employe: sorry we are out This guys:

    The gacha kidThe gacha kidÓrája
  • That’s like $3,000 worth of chargers, is this guy made of money?

  • Bruh, wtf. I've bought a Huawei P Smart Z (2019) and it charges faster with 1 charger than these with LITTERALLY 100 chargers. I love iPhone.

    Panayiotis MuharibPanayiotis MuharibÓrája
  • Filming at 3 AM dedication

    Chaky MilkChaky MilkÓrája
  • I'm gonna be honest here No one searched for this

    Aman AdarshAman AdarshÓrája
  • My phone went dead just watching this vid

  • That poor battery...

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  • Me : thinking........... What should i comment

    Teaching is badTeaching is badÓrája
  • Do this with a samsung and it'll be one *explosively* fast charge

    Zhaevion ReyesZhaevion ReyesÓrája
  • Whos idiot wanna try dat when the input of charging is limited

    Kim Patrick Shane LeeKim Patrick Shane LeeÓrája
  • New goal: Buy 200 fast charging Samsung chargers

    Johel LeónJohel LeónÓrája
  • Imagine untangling that

  • why destroy it while u can give it to me for online classes? IM WAITING SIR!

    itsnotromar 'itsnotromar 'Órája
  • Airplane mode does shit to maximize slow charging and it accelerates the battery charging stupid

    dogie king kingdogie king kingÓrája
  • You know nothing about technology

    dogie king kingdogie king kingÓrája
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/1oOD2Z2XqMPHj2c Ko

    Harsh Prajapati• 14 years agoHarsh Prajapati• 14 years agoÓrája
  • Instant charge

  • I can’t imagine stripping all those wires...fuck

    ATLien nATLien n2 órája
  • Is apple sell this kind of charger bet everyone will buy it now :)

    ItsJellyfloodItsJellyflood2 órája
  • wow uh fast

    Momo YaoyorozuMomo Yaoyorozu2 órája
  • *"Have you seen my char-"*

    Jamvo EnajeJamvo Enaje2 órája
  • Why does my samsung chargers faster then the iphone with 100 chargers??

    VmoutinhoVmoutinho2 órája
  • You mean 99?

    Chroma PlayzChroma Playz2 órája
  • Step it up a notch?.. how big is your notch bruh

    Aditya KrishnaAditya Krishna2 órája
  • Battery health???

    Mensa Anamua KwofieMensa Anamua Kwofie2 órája
  • 1000 next time

    BotbluesBotblues2 órája
  • not worth the time, man

    _The. Real__The. Real_2 órája
  • Boom?

    MinebloxMineblox2 órája
  • 1k chargerspls

    hawshhawsh2 órája
  • This hurts me to watch actually when he cuts them off. Have one charging cable for my phone

    Tom BorchardTom Borchard2 órája
  • Why is he filming at 3 am

    KNK209KNK2092 órája
  • Я одна русская?🗿

    Умка КурбановаУмка Курбанова2 órája
  • Voltage remains the same in parallel. Some basics of electrical engineering could have saved thousands of dollars I guess!

    Jainendra TiwariJainendra Tiwari2 órája
  • Something is not ok there why only 2x faster. I will understand when he will gonna conect 2 charger at the same time but 100 and only 2x better? No something is not ok

    TheBlackTheBlack2 órája
  • Why does everybody ignore HOW MUTCH USELES ENERGY is wasted FOR A DAMN VIDEO.

    Your lovely SymptomsYour lovely Symptoms3 órája
  • So that's where my charger went

    Kiseki KashimoriKiseki Kashimori3 órája
  • O celular vai carregar Rapidão STONKS

    João ArthurJoão Arthur3 órája
  • You just wasted 5min of time...

    Vihaan SharmaVihaan Sharma3 órája
  • Malayali like ade

    all gameing star superall gameing star super3 órája
  • Him:"testing 100 charger plugs" Electrical:

    Sha_ RobloxSha_ Roblox3 órája
  • i’m surprised no one looked the time he decides to do this..

    Zahra HaqueZahra Haque3 órája

    BkNostale 98BkNostale 983 órája
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    Aisha AlabiAisha Alabi3 órája
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    Aisha AlabiAisha Alabi3 órája
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    Aisha AlabiAisha Alabi3 órája
  • This cant be healty for your phone

    Antonio KristoffersenAntonio Kristoffersen3 órája
  • Simply use a 15 W chargerbyou will get the same result since the max power transfer to an iphone 6s is 15w

    Ahmad EzzeddineAhmad Ezzeddine3 órája
  • He stole my apple 🍎 charger 😉

    Gaming STGaming ST3 órája
  • I'm wondering how crazy his electricity bill is

    Just The VoidJust The Void4 órája
  • he has tiktok

    cokediecokedie4 órája
  • Looks like gang bang to me.

    Damn SonDamn Son4 órája
  • Hi

    Air StrikeAir Strike4 órája
  • 6S sounds like success

    Discord DragonDiscord Dragon4 órája
    • Hi

      Air StrikeAir Strike4 órája
  • 4:50 what is the song ?? I heard it on the trailer of train simulator

    LoTFi RamouLLoTFi RamouL4 órája
  • Never heard of Android's fast charging?

    Comp UtterComp Utter4 órája
  • Who else expected a blast?

    Ali RazaAli Raza4 órája
  • I don't need sleep! i need answers!

  • Why did I expect to blow out

    Angela June Y. SeriñoAngela June Y. Seriño4 órája
  • Ibinenta mo nanaman ba ang iyong kaluluwa sa masamang elemento kaya kung ano ano nanaman ang pumapasok sa iyong utak kaya naisipan mong gumastos ng malaki para bilhin lahat ng charger sa apple store at ipagsamasama ang mga charger sige gawin mi na Ito para sabay sabay tayong sumabog 👉🙂👈

    Princess Manilyn CerbasPrincess Manilyn Cerbas4 órája
  • Bruh ok boomer it literally would just burn the battery it will overheat how fake Edit: like a chinese charger can just randomly over heat your phone easily

    DanDCoolDanDCool4 órája
  • Por isso faltou energia aq em casa, esse carinha pegou energia de todo mundo kkkkk

  • It’s gonna blow up

    KrissyRose Animallover2020KrissyRose Animallover20204 órája
  • Dad: “Where did my charger go?” TechRax with this insanity: “No idea”

    Gaming TimeGaming Time4 órája

  • Are you gonna call those people back?

    LuckyPlaysLuckyPlays5 órája
  • now I understand what my parents saw when I used my charger at night and the electricity bill was quite high ... and more when they left the TV on at night

    - Dqmc- Dqmc5 órája
  • When someone sees no chargers an hour ago and saw this be like: There is something wrong i can feel it

    HEAVEEEN123HEAVEEEN1235 órája
  • How many asian kids worked for those chargers and you destroy them :(

    Marlon MierMarlon Mier5 órája
  • Biden and Trump Election battery edition

    Ivan El MichoacanoIvan El Michoacano5 órája
  • That iphone doesn't support that much watt power Easy science

    Monika GoyalMonika Goyal5 órája
  • High expectations

    Bright SokosokoBright Sokosoko5 órája
  • But it still went for 3 hours

    YipyipYipyip5 órája
  • You could have gotten 5 100w chargers

    Furious killerFurious killer5 órája
  • 2:53 ~> ✨ you're welcome ✨

    ミlia_berryミミlia_berryミ5 órája
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    Uk ShieldUk Shield5 órája
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    Uk ShieldUk Shield5 órája
  • WOW 2am

    Revanya KalenaRevanya Kalena6 órája
  • hi

    Gian PalamingGian Palaming6 órája
  • it-its t-t-too much i feel like my head hurts *faints* *dies*

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  • is it just me or this guy lives in fanf

    Munther Ansari VRMunther Ansari VR6 órája

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  • very stupid idea allthoe

    Chhalkapat GamingChhalkapat Gaming6 órája