Well, this isn't what I wanted to deal with right now...

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Getting COVID isn't what we needed right now... but we are going to make due the best we can in the meantime.
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  • Gws

    S D FS D F9 órája
  • The awkward moment when you have to call someone and tell them they should get tested..

    kolim jonekolim jone12 órája
  • Sorry man. Take care of yo self!

    D wJD wJ17 órája
  • Wish you a good recovery with no unforeseen issues

    Jeff LegateJeff Legate17 órája
  • Fingers crossed for you and your loved ones..take Zinc and Vit D and Quercitine (sp?) to boost your immune system.. As for the Graphic card draw..could you announce it here too please? I tried to sign up on Twitch but they want my phone number and that's not happening..

    proinseas O'Kielligproinseas O'Kiellig18 órája
    • you got cold get over it. flu is even worse

      kolim jonekolim jone12 órája
  • you know its serious when the table is cleared

    LibertyWalkBMW_M3 YTLibertyWalkBMW_M3 YT23 órája

    PBBC EntertainmentPBBC EntertainmentNapja
  • Hello Jay, No worries about content at all. The health and Safety of you and your family are absolutely number 1 in my book. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  • Phil's first edit there.. got me good!

    Kieran BeswickKieran BeswickNapja
  • That is good to be smart.

  • Bro, my heart dropped with "I was diagnosed with" thought you were going to say some kind of cancer or something.

  • Get well soon Jay! We all love you (and your team) and your videos!

    Evi HofkensEvi HofkensNapja
  • try to get a flu test. see if you also test positive. the PCR test isn't meant to diagnose a specific illness. the inventor died in suspicious circumstances after a fairly long campaign of spreading information about it.

    Justin CrediblenameJustin CrediblenameNapja
    • and smell. Remember back to when you've got influenza before. I remember it at least. #coronavirus

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuNapja
  • best wishes to you dude! wish you a good recovery

    • i hope you feel better in no time jay. Take care of yourself.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuNapja
  • Monoclonal antibodies, hope you got them.

  • Take care of yourself, we’ll be here when you get better! 😊

  • "It's been so long I'm surprised I even know how to work it".. Well, your kids are how old now? Feel better man, we'll all be here when ya get back. And best wishes for the family, tends to be a little more rough on kids

    Mash RienMash RienNapja
  • Thank God you didn't have bad symptoms

  • Get well soon to your family and team. All Keep hydrated, eating well, sleep mode for your system performance.

    palooka Lactucapalooka Lactuca2 napja
  • you got cold get over it. flu is even worse

    Editz26 SmithoniEditz26 Smithoni2 napja
  • Get well soon!

    PhathomPhathom2 napja
  • speedy recovery

    Ibrahim HajjarIbrahim Hajjar2 napja
  • Sorry to hear Jay, I've been away for a few days as you can see and just played this. I hope you're getting better and are in good order asap !!!

    SRT10 CASSRT10 CAS2 napja
  • Bless you and your family. Get well soon!

    Shooting EnthusiastShooting Enthusiast2 napja
  • Get well soon buddy.

    sicmicsicmic2 napja
  • get well brother soon

    Raven BlackRaven Black2 napja
  • i hope you feel better in no time jay. Take care of yourself.

    thoa459thoa4592 napja
  • No worries, Jason ... covid-19 has got similar symptoms to influenza. Authorities just can't spell "influenza" these days. I mean, c'mon ... influenza also counts for the lack of taste and smell. Remember back to when you've got influenza before. I remember it at least. #coronavirus

    JC RuhrskovJC Ruhrskov2 napja
  • So, it's been 8 days. Hope you and your family are all okay, Jay. Prayers for all. Get well soon...

    AMM Harun ur-RashidAMM Harun ur-Rashid2 napja
  • Had COVID myself at the end of December. It sucked. The worst lasted about a week. But when you lose your taste and smell is crazy. 7 weeks later I have recovered my sense of smell but not taste. I still cannot taste most food.

    Jon McClureJon McClure2 napja
    • upset stomach who died 3 days after testing positive for covid 19.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu2 napja
  • Ohhhh I thought even ur wife dumped u like bitwit

    Tanay AgarwalTanay Agarwal2 napja
    • Keep aware of symptoms like, headaches, back aches, numbness and or tingling in your extremities, etc, as in some people the virus makes its way to their brains, which ca

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu2 napja
  • Fet well soon!!

    Rev Nicholas JonssonRev Nicholas Jonsson2 napja
  • R.I.P. Jay. You will be missed.

    Major TomMajor Tom2 napja
  • you will fix it Jay. You'll overclock your immune system and help it with the right health care and this malware will pass for you and your loved ones. Cheers from Italy

    CatilinaeCatilinae2 napja
  • Get well soon mate, don't push yourself too hard.

    Shaun ListShaun List2 napja
  • Jay, you, your family and friends take care

    Sven MK808IISven MK808II2 napja
  • if you not coughing, have fewer or suddenly fell in love competely with Intel or Nvidia you should be ok Jay. Get well soon.

    Jacek LesniakJacek Lesniak2 napja
  • I won't swear but you have just the corona i had it and I'm diabetic you will be fine we will miss the energy of the channel

    Ayoub HarryAyoub Harry2 napja
  • Here's to hoping you and your family get through it just fine and come out better on the other side Jay.

    matt kmatt k2 napja
  • Stay well .I need your videos so I won't blow up my new "YAAAAAY" pc

    Dougie 91Dougie 912 napja
  • 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻❤️🖖🏻

    James RogersJames Rogers2 napja
  • Hope you, your family and your staff are feeling better and/or are healthy. Don't worry about the content, we'll be here.

    Hammered ThorHammered Thor3 napja
  • feel better

    Corey VecchiarinoCorey Vecchiarino3 napja
  • Do take care, hopefully you should have recovered by now.

    Black MageBlack Mage3 napja
  • I know I’m late but I just wanted to wish you and your family well

    Luis BurgosLuis Burgos3 napja
  • Keep aware of symptoms like, headaches, back aches, numbness and or tingling in your extremities, etc, as in some people the virus makes its way to their brains, which can cause what they believe is an immune response that can cause, brain welling, neurological damage, etc. There was recently a 9 year old girl who only had headaches and an upset stomach who died 3 days after testing positive for covid 19.

    Social Media MehamSocial Media Meham3 napja
  • Our likes are not because we like you being sick.. We just like seeing/hearing from you in general. Get well soon, Jay

    Adam JamesAdam James3 napja
  • Well that sucks, when I had it I lost 25lbs in 14 days, if I can't smell or taste, I don't eat! Get well soon.

    Mike WilcoxMike Wilcox3 napja
  • Can always stay home and do some streaming, world of warships, could get a fleet together with all the viewers. Wish you guys all the best and hope you make a speedy recovery.

    SLE DenbotSLE Denbot3 napja
  • Get well soon Jay. Sounds like you're over the worst of it. Hope you and your family are feeling better!

    Nick FaithfullNick Faithfull3 napja
  • All the best Jay, wish you a speedy recovery. My 'like' is in support. I contacted it back in October but fortunately it was very mild, hopefully yours will be too.

    Neil JosephNeil Joseph3 napja
  • Jay, pulling for you bro. I have been through the gambit with wife and son both positive. I have been able to stay negative this entire 5 weeks while caring for them both at home. If you would like some tips on precautions or help hit me up.

    Garyth DragonGaryth Dragon3 napja
    • Before that this video is sponsored by Covid-19

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 napja
  • Can I advise not taking another test. A very high amount of people will test positive afterwards (for up to 90 days) after you are no longer infectious (2 weeks after symptoms appear or your test came back positive) because it takes time for the virus to work its way out of the body. Only reason to re-take the test is if symptoms come back again after your initial isolation (this is assuming the test taken where you are is the same as the one in the UK).

    UK Tech NoobUK Tech Noob3 napja
    • You look so sick

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 napja
  • Covid scam. Jay gets sympathy for covid after weeks of poor benchmarking performance for his LN cooled GPU's

    hamyncheesehamyncheese3 napja
  • As long as it's home and studio just you and not going into shops or gas station etc you shouldn't pass it on to any more people. Really sucks though, get better soon.

    Kim RosezKim Rosez3 napja
  • Good luck to you and your family.

    BillBill3 napja
  • Get well soon!

    Alejandro RoigAlejandro Roig3 napja
  • Payers for you and Yours. Get well soon, take care of that Family.

    Joseph KleshickJoseph Kleshick3 napja
  • get well soon jay health first i know work is a thing we need to do and enjoy but whit bad health it needs to come 2e place! and take care of youre wife and kid maybe they will get it worse then you better to stay together

  • Phil should be live on Zoom (or anything else) to gives his reactions while filming. Get well soon Jay!

    Alexandre GordonAlexandre Gordon3 napja
  • Get well soon

    Henrik DanHenrik Dan3 napja
  • 1:42 I was promised test stuff details, but missed it... Anyway, be safe, and take care of your fam as well.

    1st_Luis1st_Luis3 napja
  • I hope you get better my friend, I really love your channel and enjoy very your content very much, best wishes for you and your family and I hope you all get well soon.🙂

    That 6.0 F100 GuyThat 6.0 F100 Guy3 napja
  • 96.5 is normal.

    Rene DRene D3 napja
  • Please just stay home for everyone's safety. I hope your and your family recover smoothly :)

    Mira ScarfiottiMira Scarfiotti3 napja
  • Probably false positives . Rener Gracie took a test everyday for 14 days . Lets just say that him and his brother Ryron Gracie had different results every day for 14 days straight . Wouldnt trust that test wo taking more then a couple . Rener/Ryron Gracie from the Gracie family that started UFC

    The Silent OneThe Silent One3 napja
  • Damn, sounds like you have a cold. Get well soon

    Jordon De AnnonJordon De Annon3 napja
    • @hamyncheese oh, safe 👊

      Jordon De AnnonJordon De Annon3 napja
    • @Jordon De Annon He has a cold/allergies. You saw through the charade of "I have COVID" That means that you aren't a mindless gawker of JayzHalfBrain channel.

      hamyncheesehamyncheese3 napja
    • @hamyncheese huh?!

      Jordon De AnnonJordon De Annon3 napja
    • Ding Ding Ding! You have proven to be too smart for JayztTwoCents content and followers. Please advance to a thoughtful and productive phase of life where the inanity of this kind of content and community is left behind

      hamyncheesehamyncheese3 napja
  • You look so sick

    Ghost GamesGhost Games3 napja
  • Before that this video is sponsored by Covid-19

    EpicNovaEpicNova3 napja
  • hey jay are you sure your haven't overclocked yourself too far? jokes aside get well soon and after that video i wish i could subscribe to your channel a second time

    Valentino MagafasValentino Magafas3 napja
  • Stay safe brother. Our family got it back in December. Luckily for us, it wasn't extreme, like a mild to moderate flu. Not saying it isn't bad for some people, but hoping you're like we were, and you get over it quick.

    David WarnerDavid Warner3 napja
  • You yanks are just crazy. Here in Aus you gotta isolate at home just pending test results. None of this "just ducking to work while I actually HAVE covid" stuff. Boggles my mind!!

    SenZubEanSSenZubEanS3 napja
  • Hei Jay! Just watched this vid. Sorry to hear about you getting the infamous virus going around. Hope you and your family recover fast.

    Robert IvanovRobert Ivanov3 napja
  • Mate..... I hope you're recovering and recovering well. Hoping your team and loved ones are ok.

    Bill NguyenBill Nguyen3 napja
  • Feel better soon

    Derek LordDerek Lord3 napja
  • get better Jay

    The BeyonderThe Beyonder3 napja
  • Very sorry to hear this news I hope you and you family are doing well. I am new to this tech scene, and as someone that works in the live music industry I would literally laugh out loud at the thought of HUworld stars, the "music" stars anyway. So now that I have been on furlough I'm into everything and anything.to keep my mind busy and my mind has been opened up fully to HUworld and can appreciate what you do. I used to love building/fixing computers as a kid and younger adult and now I'm blown away with what's happening in tech nowadays. I enjoy your videos, very informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work and ill keep watching!

    Chris GChris G3 napja
  • same here, whole family got positive test, it sucks but we keep pushing through, take care and stay safe

    Mlody SWDNMlody SWDN3 napja
  • Hope you get through this with your health intact, Jay. We'll be supporting you here on HUworld either which way, but your health and recovery is the most important thing right now 👍

    LaDe CRLaDe CR3 napja
  • Chill and get well

    DJgregBrownDJgregBrown3 napja
  • Have a speedy recovery Jay. Hope it will be just a boring quarantine for you, no serious symptoms.

    marius icamarius ica3 napja
  • Man take care of yourself and don't worry about content, we'll be still be here to help in any way!

    Jon GortonJon Gorton4 napja
  • I hope you and the family have a speedy recovery

    Rob ClaytonRob Clayton4 napja
  • Well...............that fuckin sucks..............sorry dude

    Kevin JarvisKevin Jarvis4 napja
  • well fuck

    Echo5 WiskyEcho5 Wisky4 napja
  • Content is secondary, health is priority. Get well soon Jay.

    WintorialsLiftWintorialsLift4 napja
    • For Jay, content is always secondary. Being a clown is his priority.

      hamyncheesehamyncheese3 napja
  • 99.999999% survival .. youll be fine

  • Get well soon, Jay. My wife and eldest daughter had it too. They got over it. They had the same symptoms as you.. similar to a bad cold. I never tested positive for some reason although I was in close contact to them both. Go figure.

    lpuig73lpuig734 napja
  • Take care of yourself Jay, were here with you!

    TpbmodsTpbmods4 napja
  • It would be helpful if you told us HOW you got infected. So that way the rest of us can avoid such a mistake. I find the anecdotal examples helpful.

    James JoyceJames Joyce4 napja
  • Damn, sorry to hear that you and the family are sick. Our prayers are with you. Be safe and get well soon.

    Wingnutt 1Wingnutt 14 napja
  • Get well soon Jay!

    GRiLaKaGRiLaKa4 napja
  • G'day Jay, unsure if you read this but loving the show, so does my 12yr old son.Just got him a ROG Strix GT15 i7-10700/16GB/512GB SSD/GTX1650 4GB Desktop for Xmas/B 'day Used to build PC's back in the mid 90's but tech moves so much these days and hard for an óldman' like me to keep up, hence why I watch your show! Wish you and family all the best to get over this hump.

    WookieeliciousWookieelicious4 napja
  • Take care of yourself...

    S VoigtS Voigt4 napja
  • Get well soon.

    Michael McDevittMichael McDevitt4 napja
  • So many content creators are symptomatic and some are just ignoring it thank you for not ignoring it and stay strong it will scare you my thoughts are with you and your family dude

    doug keyesdoug keyes4 napja
  • Food is gonna suck

    AbysmaIAbysmaI4 napja
  • to hell with the content man take care of yourself over the content.

    Douglas JeffriesDouglas Jeffries4 napja
  • I’ve had it for 11 months now. Worst year of my life. My wife has been totally fine though. If it doesn’t last, your asymptomatic or have mild symptoms consider yourself very lucky.

    Dr LulzDr Lulz4 napja
  • Hope you recover soon.

    TheDonorakTheDonorak4 napja