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Weird Amazon Movie Trailers
Cody Ko


    Jordan BerkeJordan Berke15 órája
  • Anyone else notice the Neil breen movie in the recommended section? Petition for Kurtis and Cody to collab

    Alisha RampersadAlisha RampersadNapja
  • pt.2?

    Livi HoffmanLivi HoffmanNapja
  • Cody and the detective literally have the same ear pierced with a ring... he's the detective but younger.

    Livi HoffmanLivi HoffmanNapja
  • We not ganna talk about Chicken Feet as one of the dudes code names🤣🤣

    Jacob LammeringJacob Lammering2 napja
  • Did anyone else notice the girl from family matters in the BBQ gang trailer?

    Brookie cookieBrookie cookie3 napja
  • y there an echo

    basim mp4basim mp43 napja
  • Isn’t Sheri Johnson (seen in two of f the trailers) from Family Matters?

    Julie FJulie F3 napja
  • So this is how red letter media find movies

    Alex FallotAlex Fallot3 napja
  • No Cody of course this trailer makes sense, what do you mean? I go to law school and I’m a smart man... Wait, wait wait what? What does that mean?

    Piccleface222Piccleface2224 napja
  • Nah man that makes sense I go to law school. And I am a smart person person

    gabehavengabehaven5 napja
  • dude yeah it does man yeah it makes sense total makes sense to me i'm genius i go law school

    Yours Not TrulyYours Not Truly6 napja
  • lol

    Ameen hcr2Ameen hcr26 napja
  • That guy in the Barbecue Gang is just chilling with his bros and I love him.

    LVBBoiLVBBoi6 napja
  • Can't believe they got Johnny Cage in the Barbecue Gang.

    LVBBoiLVBBoi6 napja
  • Ngl, that last one sounded really interesting aside from the last bit and the title. A recovering alcoholic detective whose sponsor is the chief suspect in a murder case? But also he consumes his victims literally up the ass.....

    Lelouch Vi BritanniaLelouch Vi Britannia7 napja
  • Love the 3 seconds of Mr.robot music at 14:19

    Amir.EmadianAmir.Emadian11 napja
  • Video starts at 4:00

    eduardo mendozaeduardo mendoza11 napja
  • I ended up watching Caroushell and Llamageddon with a friend before, and boy were they rough. They were soooo bad, but so fun to make fun of.

    Little Miss FlufflesLittle Miss Fluffles12 napja
  • Yo isn’t that Laura’s friend in family matters

    Bryson CochranBryson Cochran13 napja
  • He really bought the movie? Madlad!!

    Androgynous MaggotAndrogynous Maggot13 napja
  • 9:38 ahh I have one of those! It’s really fun but putting red tea in it looks like it’s bathing in blood which kinda scared me as a child

    mangew :3mangew :314 napja
  • Please watch 'Llamageddon' it's the best thing I've ever seen.

    Abbie CataniaAbbie Catania14 napja
  • Still no fat goatee Cody to honour the amazing, "butt boy"

    Quentin CappaQuentin Cappa14 napja
  • I would suggest you check out the low budget monster movies. Best three hours of my life and every trailer ends with the destruction of a helicopter, plane, or boat.

    First LastFirst Last16 napja
  • I was thinking of frictionless then you pulled out the book lmaoooo

    Nicholas SimmonsNicholas Simmons17 napja
  • If you haven't seen this movie, comment viewer, please good god watch it. Absolutely life-changing. Everything my friend and I read about Deaundra hurt our brains. Fucking wild as hell.

    Wilder-Skylar WebbWilder-Skylar Webb17 napja
  • I’m in agreeance with you

    Phoebe SpencerPhoebe Spencer18 napja
  • I have Fred manatee

    Anal FissuresAnal Fissures19 napja
  • Where do they keep that book in the library? The Non-Friction section? 😎

    TommolotapusTommolotapus19 napja
  • For real, the CarousHell trailer was awesome

    Mr. MillerMr. Miller20 napja
  • Cody. Please listen to me. HUworld movie Twisted Pair. Please

    gamble2709gamble270921 napja
  • That one girl is from a 90s sitcom “family matters” n there’s another from like a Madea movie or something

    Expensive TasteExpensive Taste22 napja
  • I am in agreeial cody that this does not make sense

    sucks to sucksucks to suck22 napja
  • you don't have a charger 7:20 8:12

    Mr boss dog7441Mr boss dog744122 napja
  • This makes perfect sense. can’t explain the barbecue Gang is after me.

    Marceline AbadeerMarceline Abadeer23 napja
  • That trailer slamming

    Undead KrakenUndead Kraken23 napja
  • I think these people bought the props and made the films around them

    OverTheLine ComicsOverTheLine Comics24 napja
  • Just noticed your hairy arms for the first time ever after literal years...

    Jasmine ReJasmine Re24 napja
  • This video was made frictionlessly

    Big BoiBig Boi24 napja
  • Im they’re just making funny movies and ur being a hatter

    JackenapeJackenape25 napja
  • Cody lmao. There are literally so many shot out mf’s and your videos keep me sane I swear 🤣 same mind.

    Alexa KozAlexa Koz26 napja
  • Wait is that Cherri Johnson from Punnky Brewster?

    LTGryphonLTGryphon27 napja

    Jack DiGregJack DiGreg27 napja
  • And you don’t have a charger 🔌

  • I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • plz react to who killed captain Alex

    Yoko FrenchYoko French29 napja
  • This is one pissed off unicorn😂😂. I died

    Kaija MannieKaija Mannie29 napja
  • My second question was for me: Where was my stash of crack (JK)

    Exotic ButtersExotic ButtersHónapja
  • Yeah so I watched Diamond Cobra vs the White Fox and I promise you the trailer makes more sense than the actual film. There are probably dozens of subplots and they introduce a new character every other scene and the music is so loud that you can barely hear the dialogue at times, and the special effects are a mockery. The entire movie is a fever dream, and it's difficult to put into words how bad the movie is. There's just so much happening at once; there's no way to keep track of it all. It's hard to imagine the movie even making sense to the person who wrote the movie

    Monti KorbelleMonti KorbelleHónapja
  • omgsh no way my roommate has that manatee tea infuser and i love it sm

    Lillian RoseLillian RoseHónapja

  • The one girl in that trailer is Maxine from Family Matters lol

    Anon YmousAnon YmousHónapja
  • i get it and i go to law school

  • The different times being because of what I’m guessing is a time machine and the plots all come together by the near end. The charger she had been asking about could have been for the time machine which would be important to the plot line.

  • You gotta check out birdemic. Best trailer ever

    Henry ZamoreHenry ZamoreHónapja
  • Not me getting an Amazon prime video ad 😂

    jessica roosjessica roosHónapja
  • You should check out "This is the End" on Amazon. The min long one, not the Seth Rogen one.

  • Fun fact. In second grade, inspired by Goosebumps, I wrote stories of my class and myself being tormented by "the barbecue ghost". Yes, that was his name. No, I don't know where I got it from either. Hearing "Barbecue Gang" gave me flashbacks, and the funniest part is that I think my second-grade self-insert fanfic was more coherent and well-written than the film.

    Yawning LionYawning LionHónapja
  • 9:37 I have a manatea, it's great.

    Nathan YoungNathan YoungHónapja
  • No I get it I'm a smart guy I'm a smart man

    fuwaze kwan uwufuwaze kwan uwuHónapja
  • can we please talk about the fact that butt boy got THREE AND A HALF STARS?!

    Sarena LanyonSarena LanyonHónapja
  • Hey man. You do you, and i'll do maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. uppity up.


    3ch0 Metztli3ch0 MetztliHónapja
  • the barbecue gang is gonna take over the logang

    Xander Waldie-TempleXander Waldie-TempleHónapja
  • I will spend $5.99 to rent to see this movie I NEED to see it. I NEED to see how "so you dont have a charger" fits in

    Maeve DicksonMaeve DicksonHónapja
    • I believe she's a hacker but idk the trailer is so wierd

  • 11:35 i have that cat shirt

  • Yeah I did bring the horse. I felt I needed to share that experience with everyone.

    Magic SteveMagic SteveHónapja
  • This makes total sense. Everything you say is right. Wow. I’m so amazed by your always-rightness. Great job Cody!

    Your MomYour MomHónapja
  • Honestly I think “Boys in the Trunk” would be a better title than “Butt Boy.”

    Owen VaughnOwen VaughnHónapja
  • I want to know where to get that fullsend hat lmao

    Kris bencomoKris bencomoHónapja
  • *The preview to this movie is my sleep paralysis nightmare 😵😭*

    Holly HoodHolly HoodHónapja
  • “what the crappin gosh is that?” 💀

    Lily CLily CHónapja
  • Anyone else going to by the sleep mask?

    Emily HensleyEmily HensleyHónapja
  • Cody please watch Kung Pow Enter The Fist...please

    Savana HubbardSavana HubbardHónapja
  • please watch jesus christ vampire slayer

    Haley GregoryHaley GregoryHónapja

    Ooga AwooOGaOoga AwooOGaHónapja
  • Yo Cody you need to research a little more about ExpressVPN before doing the ad for it. The VPN actually does see all the traffic that goes through it. I mean at least somebody has got to see that traffic if they actually wanna give that info to you. And your ISP does see all the websites you go to, but not specifically what pages you visit on that website. So they know you went to pornhub, but don't know you watched hot wet stinky farts compilation #53 or whatever you're into.

  • “And you don’t have a charger? *🎶DUNNDUNNNNNNNNN🎶*

    Randy WarrenRandy WarrenHónapja
  • Your 🫔✋🏼

    Anna Anna AnnaAnna Anna AnnaHónapja
  • thought u were rockin a full sail university hat at first n tbh think that’d be cooler

    Zahra SanieZahra SanieHónapja
  • It makes all the sense Kody how about don’t be such a pussy or an ass and be a taint, alright, nice talk, bye.

    Joy KeddyJoy KeddyHónapja
  • i love the band hinder

  • i really want cody to let us know how fred is doing

    oliver addisonoliver addisonHónapja
  • It doesn’t make sense Cody😭💜

    Anna BoyntonAnna BoyntonHónapja
  • Man you gotta watch axe um it’s hilarious if you can understand it

    Cody McNealCody McNealHónapja
  • Yo that "Caroushell" trailer would be actually good if they had better special effects and a better plot

  • Its literally just hot chicks ft gang instead of hot chicks... right?

    ᴊᴀᴍɪᴇ ᴊᴊᴀᴍɪᴇ ᴊHónapja
  • Wait does plum have the girl from the first movie

    Judd PenkaJudd PenkaHónapja
  • Cody buys a green screen and doesn't know how to act

    Olivia UralOlivia UralHónapja
  • Not the barbeque gang NOOOOOOOO

    Miles HarmonMiles HarmonHónapja
  • Why is that Laura’s best friend from family matters? Am I the only one that noticed that?

    Rico DrillanovaRico DrillanovaHónapja
  • This looks like something I would’ve on IMovie made when I was 5

    Kaas KaasKaas KaasHónapja
  • Damn, that really is one pissed off horse

  • Cody talks like an english 101 professor when he says “lets see if we can wrap our heads around this”

    Isabella AndereggIsabella AndereggHónapja
  • yeah watching this with headphones i was wondering the same thing about the narrator audio

    Stratton Whats_His_FaceStratton Whats_His_FaceHónapja
  • more

  • butt boy sounds like an awful movie but i’m ngl that trailer was very well done

    Katy JohnsonKaty JohnsonHónapja
  • Not gonna lie I’d pay 15 dollars to watch this masterpiece

    Brianna TracyBrianna TracyHónapja
  • just bought that headset kinda dope

    Rebecca PomarolliRebecca Pomarolli2 hónapja