Weekend Warmup! 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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We're back! Join Will Buxton, Lawrence Barretto and David Alorka ahead of what is poised to be a mouthwatering race weekend in Portugal.
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  • Great as usual ! It would be nice to have subtitles enabled if it's possible please

    Claire PClaire P10 napja
  • can anyone speak on that VERY NICE WATCH Lawrence Barretto is wearing ?? l wish l knew.... 04may2021.dellthecomputer

    lnjinn Tunnlnjinn Tunn11 napja
  • This was so much fun to watch! I guess we are all still learning that we need to learn how to unlearn so we can learn!

    Matej BordonMatej Bordon13 napja
  • Oreo

    WąsiuWąsiu13 napja
  • I find it very hard to listen to these 3 young men , it’s all bla bla unstructured nonsense .

    Rene ReneRene Rene13 napja
  • Learn is new haas joke

    DayDreamer ForexDayDreamer Forex13 napja

    Nikki Balanga-anNikki Balanga-an13 napja
  • I wish they would actually hire decent presenters instead of over excited morons just to fill their black quota to appease all the sjw's.

    DarthplebiusDarthplebius13 napja
  • Knock out qualifying is exciting and sets the tone of the race. Sprint qualifying won't be as exciting and will destroy more cars making Sprint qualifying more expensive and dangerous.

    Roger StephensRoger Stephens13 napja
  • Man I miss the days when Will was presenting by himself. It felt more intimate

    Borislav GeorgievBorislav Georgiev13 napja
  • Feels like the new guy don't bring anything to the party. PC placement?

    ThomasLaangThomasLaang13 napja
  • Schumacher will be next champ in few years

    Jehangir MushtaqJehangir Mushtaq13 napja
  • Schumacher is best

    Jehangir MushtaqJehangir Mushtaq13 napja
  • I think Danny Ric is not getting enough recognition for how he is adapting to the McLaren seat. When you look at the results Carlos and him have had similar results (with Danny Ric actually outqualifying Carlos). Danny Ric qualified 6th in Bahrain and finished 7th with Carlos qualifying and finishing 8th. In Imola, Danny Ric qualified and finished 6th and Carlos qualified 11th and finished 5th. Justice for Danny Ric please.

    Nouf MattarNouf Mattar13 napja
  • I mean lets get rid of these ridiculous masks.

    Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson13 napja
  • More of David please, fresh face, great diversity and a london accent, moving with the timgs F1 great job in signing this lad!

    RaGe F1RaGe F114 napja
  • It's so clear alorka has no personal opinions but just a script to keep him there... Weekend warm up is no longer what it used to be.

    Juan Antonio MonzónJuan Antonio Monzón14 napja
  • These presenters are awful. Where are they getting these lot from . Lawrence especially get rid

    Nick TaylorNick Taylor14 napja
  • leather vest....jesses dude :)

    Ruben KaiserRuben Kaiser14 napja
  • Surely there's a black guy out there to tick the token diversity box but actually knows something about F1.

    Harry WraightHarry Wraight14 napja
  • Too many commentators, gets real complex for such a simple report!

    J EJ E14 napja
  • Thanks Will for believing in Alpha Tauri! Gasly podium dream!!!!

    Dominator775Dominator77514 napja
  • Thanks for the shout out to Montreal from the Benetton F1 team (it's a thinker) and... KIMI!!!

    Michel CrepinMichel Crepin14 napja
  • please remove Barretto from the screen, he's an annoying girl...

    Guido DJGuido DJ14 napja
  • Mazapin has NEVER won any category he has ever entered, even karts. How is he qualified to be in F1?? Pinnacle of motorsport or rich kids playground?

    415 s30415 s3014 napja
  • Tsunoda's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is very endearing.

    Duskraven377Duskraven37714 napja
  • I want subtitles! I'm am deaf!

    Philip FletcherPhilip Fletcher14 napja
  • I found happiness when i found this sport

    Matt 3gMatt 3g14 napja
  • Those masks look ridiculous.

    Gordon SimmsGordon Simms14 napja
  • David's arms are very shiny. Serc-wits hahahah (carlos interview)

    Rebekah LRebekah L14 napja
  • Okay. Weekend Warmup is unknown dudes talking, not drivers driving. Pass.

    Carl SitlerCarl Sitler14 napja
  • Enough with the masks! Jesus! They were only to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed A YEAR AGO! No hospital was ever overwhelmed.

    Carl SitlerCarl Sitler14 napja
  • Who remembers the last time F1 tried something new with quali? It was scrapped after the first race.

    TechnautsTechnauts14 napja
  • Carlos definitely isnt the best performing driver to change seats. That accolade goes to Perez.

    Peter Spencer-SmithPeter Spencer-Smith14 napja
  • Thank you, everyone, for this free input.

    Aura NurmiAura Nurmi14 napja
  • Top Gear line up in a couple of years

    Captain PickleCaptain Pickle14 napja
  • The week end starts here... Can't wait

    Nikhil J VNikhil J V14 napja
  • Pls pls remove Lawrence......can't understand a single word from him......there are so many talented people with best accent out there........ begging you F1........

    John WickJohn Wick14 napja
  • Guys post the press conference video

    Mayank AgarwalMayank Agarwal14 napja
  • Someone should tell the guy that it's pretty useless to have an FFP2 mask with a beard.

    bosselbossel14 napja
  • Imagine forgetting you spoke to Fernando

    John JJohn J14 napja
  • These face masks that they are wearing again are so stuipd and pointless. I can see their nose holes……With that the case they can just simply not wear one at all.

    Antonio BräuerAntonio Bräuer14 napja
  • Head on his Head

    John JJohn J14 napja
  • David's beard should have it's own mask

    Manne DiManne Di14 napja
  • If you no longer go for a gap that exist you are no longer a racing driver.

    Samuel LloydSamuel Lloyd14 napja
  • I think nobody needs these sprint races, now you have two strong teams again and no team has a dominant position. So for what? It's easier to overtake thanks to DRS, I don't see any point on the new Saturday.

    sifknsifkn14 napja
  • Loving the Casio Royale, Will!

    Trevor .BortzTrevor .Bortz14 napja
  • I think Bottas' day's at Merc & F1 are numbered.

    T JT J14 napja
  • Lewis aka Mercedes, have been a favourite, inevitably, for 7 seasons now.

    Lee GaleaLee Galea14 napja
  • yuki's talking is more jittery than me playing f1 2020 with a keyboard

    butterbrodbutterbrod14 napja
  • While I hope for the best, I have got a Bad Feeling about the Sprint qualifying. The drivers have walked around the elephant in the room, saying they know they should avoid incidents, but I think they'll Go for it in the one chance to get grid position. I fear that we'll see crashes. I don't want to be a naysayer or prophet of doom, but I have bad dreams about three races of multiple pile -ups before they go back to the three session Qualifying. I will be happy to be wrong. David.

  • Loving the addition of David to the mix!

    Tanner OscapellaTanner Oscapella14 napja
  • Thanks to you three guys!

    Don StarnesDon Starnes14 napja
  • Lawrence & Will, 2 of the best in the business 💪🏻💪🏾

    Mike PlattMike Platt14 napja
  • Formula 2 is where they should trail things not Formula 1

    Errol NeptuneErrol Neptune14 napja
  • There was Senna vs Prost, Häkkinen vs Schumacher, Alonso vs Vettel and Rosberg vs Hamilton. *Now it is Verstappen vs Hamilton!*

    BoyFromBelgium18BoyFromBelgium1814 napja
  • Don’t forget to vote for Mazepin for driver of the day on race day :)

    AlexAlex14 napja
  • Two's company, three's a crowd, why change a wonderful format and partnership?

    Andrew GurneyAndrew Gurney14 napja
  • Aston Martin should have hired the hulk... Instead of the bald German.

    Roland LawrenceRoland Lawrence14 napja
    • Bald German has podiums.....

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock14 napja
  • I like how the new guy has found a way to keep those ridiculous f1 masks covering his nose whilst they speak.... grow a huge fk off beard :D

    V8HiluxV8Hilux14 napja
  • Plz bring back f1 v10 or v12

    YT Beast 1YT Beast 114 napja
  • What happened to the "paddock pass"? Miss em!

    Federico TamayoFederico Tamayo14 napja
  • Nice to see a more diverse line up here, it's about time you prove you're not racists.

    M BM B14 napja
  • Here in Montreal... we are also gutted not getting F1 again!... :(

    Alexandre HuotAlexandre Huot14 napja
  • Pérez, Ricciardo, & Gasly for the podium!

    Timmy SchnitzelTimmy Schnitzel14 napja
  • “He’ll change the way he races” a Mercedes

    NalgeniusNalgenius14 napja
  • Sprint Qualifying - NO NO NO NO. Heard the statement that for those of us who work - you can just record it and watch it after the fact - Well thanks a lot. The fans get up at all hours to watch coverage from around the world so let's change it so they are at at work - that test their loyalty.

    Jim SJim S14 napja
  • Why don’t they change the rules again instead of in favour of red bull, do something for Renault to win.

    DavidDavid14 napja
  • "Trying Something" the problem is they keep trying to fix the one thing in F1 that's NOT broken.

    Number 9Number 914 napja
  • yeah, the result of diversification is Will surrounded by coloured people. No, I get it, but isn't it too much into your face?

    Igor DiachukIgor Diachuk15 napja
  • Formula 1, can you guys reduce the track sound a bit while commentators speak? There's no regulation of the sound levels while broadcasting practice sessions, qualifying or race. I can't hear a lot of the commentating especially during shots of the pits. Even the music and track sounds are louder than their speech. Even while showing the results!

    Vivek ChandrakantVivek Chandrakant15 napja
  • how are Will's sunglasses staying there?

    Nigel WakeleyNigel Wakeley15 napja
  • Every day I'm starting to appreciate channel 4 presenters........... I wonder why

    GoranGoran15 napja
  • Love the unbuttoned dress shirt. Bringing me back to my days in highschool in the 90's.

    borzycrnborzycrn15 napja
  • Great to see a more genuine more relaxed on camera 🎥 relationship between the three of you 🤩. Great update thanks 🙏🏻

    Rik TyeRik Tye15 napja
  • 2 commentator >3

    Suraj PundhirSuraj Pundhir15 napja

    David Thomas Gordan RandallDavid Thomas Gordan Randall15 napja
    • Excellence is boring? Oh ok.....🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock14 napja
  • Podium for Leclerc

    Ibrahim ArifIbrahim Arif15 napja
  • Going all out on the diversity hires, aye? We see through you, you know. Getting these WOKE gap-fillers in rather than interesting people with, you know, insights.

    James RJames R15 napja
  • team oreo

    kurt craigkurt craig15 napja
  • Cheers boys! Love this segment. Lawrence you’re the best love your input buddy.

    funkitupyo62funkitupyo6215 napja
  • I really miss the old format of the weekend warmup with the slow walk and hearty discussion. This artificially injected high energy conversation is quite discouraging.

    gotterdammerunggotterdammerung15 napja
  • all drivers know, the all fans know it. we love tracks like these. Imola Portimao, Spa, Silvertone, Monza, Suzuka, mistake you get punished

    Brian AsciakBrian Asciak15 napja
  • glad to see more of lawrence barretto again! always on point with his analysis.

    GregorGregor15 napja
  • I'm so hyped for another Verstappen vs. Hamilton Battle

    KRYPTONITE JulesKRYPTONITE Jules15 napja
  • Hard to understand them with masks

    Stephen TranterStephen Tranter15 napja
  • Amazing how many annoying accents you have over there in the UK. Which dreadful accent is this David guy speaking? Makes my ears bleed.

    Michael HansenMichael Hansen15 napja
  • Interesting that George Russel says this is NOT the last time !!. Looking forward to the rest of the season to see what his tactics are.

    368143681415 napja
  • I am FUMING that audience is not allowed in Portimao!! SOOO dissapointed

    W1es InspirationalW1es Inspirational15 napja
  • Daniel P3 this race

    Tuhin DeyTuhin Dey15 napja
  • Hamilton got lucky again by not ending up 1 lap behind.

    Mark KnoopMark Knoop15 napja
    • 🙄. Get a life.

      Ave JalyAve Jaly13 napja
    • @Kevin George don't worry we will never get our sports back. It's an investers game.

      Mark KnoopMark Knoop14 napja
    • Don't worry mate he'll retire soon. Then you can have your sport back.

      Kevin GeorgeKevin George14 napja
  • "you spoke to kimi, how is kimi" "a man of many words" 😂😂😂

    Brad ForrestBrad Forrest15 napja
    • @Roland Lawrence It's the Finnish way

      DymodeusDymodeus13 napja
    • According to David coultard kimi sings like a canary after a few beers...

      Roland LawrenceRoland Lawrence14 napja
  • So even f1 playing politics. What's the point in the 3rd presenter here other than skin colour? Just because someone's not white, doesn't mean they are fit for the job. Keep f1 to sports ffs!!!

    Relic Hunters WalesRelic Hunters Wales15 napja
    • Wow.....you are living proof why both Mercedes are painted black! Your mom must be proud!🤣

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock14 napja
  • Who is that bear at the right?

    Youri MeijerYouri Meijer15 napja
  • The constant switching between Lawrence and the new affirmative action hire makes these reports disjointed.

    WiseGuy02WiseGuy0215 napja
  • Django is back

    MrAttack23MrAttack2315 napja
  • Whos this, David guy? Did he litterally wrestle his, way into f1. Guys a unit. Also how different could 3 presenters be? The ahot all of em. Made me giggle

    Andy.mtb. VlogsAndy.mtb. Vlogs15 napja
  • I just hope Leclerc gets a podium

    Shubham AnavkarShubham Anavkar15 napja
  • sergio did not struggle on the GP because of the car though, he struggled becuse he struggles in the wet. He usually is the first driver to go out in the wet

    lexus lfalexus lfa15 napja
  • I want one of those F1 mask! Lol

    soulademicssoulademics15 napja