We Have Lift Off: Fails of the Week (January 2021) | FailArmy

2021.jan. 8.
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Happy #FailFriday! It's time for the Fails of the Week!I t's time for the Fails of the Week! This week we have a wannabe bodybuilder making a big mistake, one a trash bin full of trash pandas, and more!

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  • 2:31 That was almost a perfect Rules Of Nature drop.

    Student Zachary MaldonadoStudent Zachary MaldonadoÓrája
  • 1:25

    Cooper BuchmanCooper Buchman4 órája
  • A soundtrack and sound effects are not needed. They're making the videos annoying.

    Hector PerezHector Perez4 órája
  • That guy in the snowmobile has no survival instincts he just stood there when his buddy was coming at him full speed

    Eliseo MartinezEliseo Martinez20 órája
  • Makes fun of people; uses a word like: "aero-dynam-icy" Who are you? George Bush Jr.??

    Jo BuJo Bu23 órája
  • cccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    Ralf HeRalf HeNapja
  • i think most people agree the sound fx ruins the vibe hard. it's like gabbie when she started selling merch of her own meme and it absolutely killed the mood

    mike jamesmike jamesNapja
  • 7:00 guy has me crying! 🤣🤣 Who shit in my shoes Abigail ?

    Crystal SmithCrystal SmithNapja
  • at 1:41, did you blur out a Trump 2020 and thin blue line flag? Your insane. I dont care who you are, everyone has a right to vote for whoever they want and support our men and women in blue. 74 million people voted for Trump. you do realize that right? Police officers are killed every day protecting citizens in local communities every day. You do realize that right? When fail army decides to blur a political candidates marketing materials, and the materials that show support to our first responders, I say i am not a subscriber anymore. Peace means agreeing to disagree. Not "my way or the highway". So sad what our country has gone to.

    Garrett TalbotGarrett TalbotNapja
  • @ 7:09 you know abigail ate that jumbolie !

    Boi ChaozBoi Chaoz2 napja
  • Ok this is why I prefer animals. Rabbit hurts, people laughing dog takes care. Hate people

    Ohne NameOhne Name2 napja
  • The dog was a porch pirate XD

    Oüber foxOüber fox2 napja
  • 06:45 - The way this guy goes down the stairs tho

    Rain ManRain Man2 napja
  • Not complaining about sound effects... But two times the same clip in different videos? Also: mentos and coke is a "joke" from 2015....

    Christoph PollChristoph Poll2 napja
  • Buddy said "aerodynamicsy"

    joshua bartunekjoshua bartunek3 napja
  • if its a tiktok, just dont post it. Hate all the blurred stuff every other video

    Laga BagaLaga Baga3 napja
  • The Guy in the 0:51 s, I have anything but respect, He literally took the bullet for that Kid 👍🏼👏🏼

    David GuerraDavid Guerra3 napja
  • I find it hilarious that they blurred the trump flag in the boat clip😂😂😂

    Kevin EmbreyKevin Embrey4 napja
  • I feel so sorry for the woman falling off the yacht. Water looked cold..... But hey, hopefully it was lots of Moet...

    Franco GoncalvesFranco Goncalves4 napja
  • 0:53....WELL, he won't be having any more kids!😲😲

    Andrew EstesAndrew Estes4 napja
  • Oh my gosh I made it! That was pretty funny!

    Bradley SmithBradley Smith4 napja
  • Dont. Put. Music.

    BajocontinuoBajocontinuo5 napja
  • 2:53 "You're gay"

    Abad BrimanAbad Briman5 napja
  • this made me laugh so hard, i peed my pants. not just a little pee, but now i don't have to go pee until tomorrow. its 11:00 my chair is soaked, so is my carpet. send help what made me laugh so hard? 6:30

    Boop That Cat GamingBoop That Cat Gaming5 napja
  • This was weak and as fuck. Your not even trying to get good videos anymore

    Drib JerpDrib Jerp5 napja
  • music not needed just annoying

    Bane of KreeBane of Kree5 napja
  • Now we know why you see so much used gym equipment at yard sales.

    Karen HobgoodKaren Hobgood5 napja
  • thug dog

    Lil Ghost Big Young AriLil Ghost Big Young Ari6 napja
  • Roided out Chip Foose? at 4:05

    noTICEmenoTICEme6 napja
  • Very Funny 😂😅😅

    Tejas MhatreTejas Mhatre6 napja
  • 2:27 The guy says: "The problem is, I'm not even scared about Paul. I'm scared that... " And then the guy falls.

    YoctoporyYoctopory6 napja
  • Boring

    Barb WireBarb Wire6 napja
  • Anybody know the source of the weightlifting clip at 4:00?

    Dark ViperDark Viper6 napja
  • 4:11 guy playing with an airplane is my type of mind :D

    Michal LisMichal Lis6 napja
  • Did that guy really have his kid on a leashe while he tried to take a nap? Lol wtf?

    Chris EnglandChris England6 napja
  • 5:12

    mistycal gamermistycal gamer6 napja
  • Failarmy you suck as usual.

    Copycat SingersCopycat Singers6 napja
  • 0:55 No more kids for yoooou he says

    Gregory AshtonGregory Ashton6 napja
  • The crabby hair accordingly back because surgeon intracellularly box per a rigid doubt. careful, charming wednesday

    peebus smeebuspeebus smeebus6 napja
  • Did you really have to blur a TRUMP flag at 1:40? Can't believe people are that sensitive. Biggest fail of the video goes to Fail Army!!!

    Jonathan McCabeJonathan McCabe6 napja
  • 5:14 6:14

    Jad Slash GamingJad Slash Gaming7 napja
  • 4:36 Molotov out.

    Beast 8293Beast 82937 napja

    LukeBailey182LukeBailey1827 napja
  • Humans laughing at the bunny they placed on the cup and the dog comes to see if it's alright.

    LukeBailey182LukeBailey1827 napja
  • I honestly don’t mind the sound effects

  • 07:51 "... it didn't hit nothing", soooo it hit everything?

    Daniel BangDaniel Bang7 napja
    • Most people won’t understand this. I’m surprised no one is talking about the guy on the left that clearly abandoned his area and it was his fault it fell.

      Gregory AshtonGregory Ashton6 napja
  • Oh god that coke man 😅

    Jung KookJung Kook7 napja
  • That one with the dude throwing the mentos into the Diet Coke. 😂 😂 lord save my stomach

    Second Coming97Second Coming977 napja
  • 1:45 we're blurring out the Trump flags, now?

    JohannVFJohannVF7 napja
  • lol. You blurred out a Trump flag.

    Stud Muffin AthleteStud Muffin Athlete7 napja
  • you guys suck now

    Random frogRandom frog7 napja
  • smegma

    Freddie BeltranFreddie Beltran7 napja
  • 4:15 Where's the fail I don't see it...

    Jake RichesJake Riches7 napja
  • the sound effects make it worse. They are not funny, plz stop!!

    Harry SetrakianHarry Setrakian7 napja
  • You don't drive a boat. You pilot a boat.

    TheTrainStationTheTrainStation8 napja
  • The friend at 5:12 is the best part.

    Ehud ben-GeraEhud ben-Gera8 napja
  • The way that dude slid down the stairs when he made it. :]

    barron butlerbarron butler8 napja
  • 👍👍

    Karim TVKarim TV8 napja
  • She totally ate that jambalaya.

    TimetonutTimetonut8 napja
    • Abigail!

      TimetonutTimetonut8 napja
  • Is that a Trump flag blurred out on that boat? Pathetic...

    Lucas T. ScurrahLucas T. Scurrah8 napja
  • Half of the videos are not fails!! Fails is when you do something and expected another outcome. Natural disasters pranks or scripted things are not fails 😐

    VikingViking8 napja
  • I think a 5th grader edited this video. I'm surprised it wasn't filled with crazy transitions too

    Alex O'NeillAlex O'Neill8 napja
  • Nice video's ! come to my channel :)

    FAIL TVFAIL TV8 napja
  • My guy .. What kinda aerodynacy are you getting from that?!

    Anthony ZimmermanAnthony Zimmerman8 napja
  • you really blurred out a trump flag. lmao

    sadietpsadietp8 napja
  • Stop with the goddamn sound effects.

    DeenNiceDeenNice8 napja
  • 1:43 Was the blurred out flag the racist USA stars and stripes?

    KenKen8 napja
  • At least fails will get better with biden in office.

    skajari1skajari18 napja
  • Hey folks. How about taking the videos in landscape, not portrait. You're wasting a lot of screen.

    PaulPaul9 napja
  • What are y’all saying? FailArmy has the right to change or turn off the sound effects.

    VillagerVillager9 napja
  • Mentos soda guy looks like he enjoys a good facial.

    fobbsrus11fobbsrus119 napja
  • what had Abagail supposed to have eaten ??

    Lewis SheppardLewis Sheppard9 napja
  • Bruuu the effects are not good at all, They are not even necessary.... Its better to hear the real audio! Please man stop doin that

    Jorge MontalvoJorge Montalvo9 napja
  • 2:37 WHY?

    completely strange musiccompletely strange music9 napja

    Tom DaviesTom Davies9 napja
  • 5:23 takes the whole cake! LMFAO!!!!!

    Joe MacdonaldJoe Macdonald9 napja
  • see Trash Panda. liked.

    wan syazwanwan syazwan9 napja
  • You dont drive a boat...you conn it. Ba bum bum bum

    Patrick BarnesPatrick Barnes9 napja
  • Lol

    Samuel OcampoSamuel Ocampo9 napja
  • 0:52 when Dad's babysit.

    RBG0979RBG09799 napja
  • Plane😅😂

    jason willyjason willy9 napja
  • 4:11 Holy Cow you know that guy lost his job but MAN WAS IT WORTH IT!!!!!! Best one ever!

    Randall ChaseRandall Chase9 napja
  • Why do you blur out all the words

    Army YTArmy YT9 napja
  • 1:46 what happened?

    Jaytyme10 GDJaytyme10 GD9 napja
  • 6:12 wtf??!!!

    Santiago Pavese LewisSantiago Pavese Lewis9 napja
  • I'm surprised there are that many likes WITH the sound effects.

    Ryan P.Ryan P.9 napja
  • 7 minuta. Orzesz Kurwa mać Stary idź się leczyć??????

    Żołnierz soldakŻołnierz soldak10 napja
  • Please stop this sound effect + music bullshit.

    Francesco BertaFrancesco Berta10 napja
  • No sound effects

    Mitchell HooverMitchell Hoover10 napja
  • *groin is actually magnet for objects*

    তর মায়েরে সুদিতর মায়েরে সুদি10 napja
  • Laughing at a bunny trying to get home, most tucked up people ever

    Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez10 napja
    • More like getting the food on top of the cage

      thomas greenthomas green5 napja
  • The exciting exclusive picture expectedly desert because friday premenstrually share absent a somber speedboat. unadvised, rough atom

    Laurie CookLaurie Cook10 napja
  • what animals are chasing the guy in the first video? 🤔

    LauraLaura10 napja
  • Try do a face reveal

    MyloDouglas907MyloDouglas90710 napja
  • I dont like the sound effects.

    Tiago FacciTiago Facci10 napja
  • Wtf is it with this music. Stop that!

    getreideabfallgetreideabfall10 napja
  • Can't show the trump flag😂😂 fail army needs to change the word "army" to "snowflake"

    WumjWumj10 napja
    • Right? No more subscribing from me. They have declined majorly anyways.

      PipNDipProductionsPipNDipProductions9 napja
  • 1:30 don't ever ignore the warning sign of anything.

    Arusha MixArusha Mix10 napja
  • 0:11 run for your life

    Epic LifeEpic Life10 napja
  • No way! Those are the ski jumps I train at, they haven’t looked like that in a while though!😲

    Alaska SnowdaysAlaska Snowdays10 napja