We Fostered Three Puppies | The D'Amelio Family

2020.nov. 5.
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Thank you so much to @Best Friends Animal Society for letting us foster these puppies! We had such a fun weekend with them! We're so happy we could help raise awareness for all the animals that your organization finds homes for! Thanks everybody for watching!
Best Friends Animal Society is working to save the lives of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens all across America, giving pets second chances and happy homes. Learn more and adopt or foster a pet near you at: bestfriends.org/DAmelios
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  • That’s super nice of y’all

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  • Dixie? That’s a racist name, you know that?

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  • The dogs are sooooooooooooooo cute

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  • I would buy it but i dont live close to LA :( welp ily damelios

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  • It's good that they raise funds, they are great people and they will continue to grow a lot I love youuu

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  • I'm old I don't know who these people are but its amazing they were able to use their audience for doing good. Keep it up!

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  • Hi! :D I'm ur huge fan! I never hated u! Before I started to happy to see ur happy face! :D

  • OMG I love puppys

  • its so so cute:3

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  • How many dogs do you have?

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  • M

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  • wait who owns the other dogs

  • just adopt them

  • i like how the shelter people are wearing masks and u guys arent

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  • When mark said the dad joke, all the dogs started barking

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  • hi charli i have the same dog as yours in the vedio that you had for the week end

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  • Them:❤❤I love them Their old dogs:Betrayal💔

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  • This is so cute, they are just little munchkins! I remember going to UT and visiting the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. A big experience

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  • No one: Literally no one: Marc: you guys aren’t adopting one Charli: my half birthday is coming up Dixie: I LIVE ON MY OWN FAMMMMM !!

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  • Just 395 dollar were donated? 😳😂

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  • Hi damilola family

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  • They probably returned the dogs and are probably using the cash for themselves

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  • scrolled on my phone a WEE bit-

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  • Their mom: My shadow *Their dad shows a face* Their mom: Our Shadow *Their dad shows a grin* Their mom: Mostly my shadow

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  • Bonjour la famille damellio je sais que je suis belge mes je vous felecites c est un acte genereux

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  • Ohhh my gosh those puppies are so cute awwww😊😊😊😊😍😍🥰🥰😀🥺🥺

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  • These girls are literal morons.

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  • i cet crying i had a cat but it got killed

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  • si grabaría algunos videos o con letras traducidas al español seria muchísimo mejor que le entienda yo soy una fan suya americana y no se muy bien el ingles y se me hace difícil entender sus videos si eso lo arreglaría seria mucho mejor para sus fans de América

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  • I like how they are convincing the dad to have the puppy like : Dad you look very nice today, dad my birthday is coming up, dad i like on my own

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  • I just got a little puppy from LA and her name is bean ☺️

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  • Wait.. that guy fostered a dog for 7 months? When he/she gets adopted she’s probably gonna be like “what’s going on-“ because she/he is so used to the person fostering her/him-

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  • Dixie likes to eat her own boogers.

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  • The D'Amelios are out here donating $10,000 meanwhile David Dobrik and Mr. Beast are busy buying people cars and houses basically giving people new lives.

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  • If anyone has read the book Tracy Beaker from Jacqueline Wilson ya know how the dog is called Beaker? And hes been taken care of but it hasn't worked out.. The same thing happens to Tracy Beaker IN THE BOOK!!!

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  • This proves the damelio family are good people i really care and adore animals so it made me super content tht they took the extra mile to donate 10,000 going towards the adoption.

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  • Charli you don't even know this or Dixie you guys both don't know that I'm your biggest fan I was watching you since I was four or five

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