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  • Could you please do « 365 days » ?😂

    Mar BeezMar BeezPerce
  • Please react to IT chapter 2

    Varuni .S. JoshiVaruni .S. Joshi54 perccel
  • "I wonder is the Jenny and he brother got together" Me: *Laughs in gay*

    Liv PivLiv Piv2 órája
  • Tf I thought it was Pewdiepie

    walisa sobhan tabiawalisa sobhan tabia3 órája
  • Everyone likes Chuck, nobody likes Dan

    Gabby GGabby G3 órája
  • please do this series with originals

    Kennedy ThornburghKennedy Thornburgh3 órája
  • please roast supernatural next

    Emma LovsinEmma Lovsin4 órája
  • Can you react to cube and cube zero

    Bubbly malfoyBubbly malfoy4 órája
  • Can you do Scott pilgrim vs the world

    Lucas CavazosLucas Cavazos4 órája
  • You should do Once Upon a Time next!

    ajay crispajay crisp5 órája
  • I know you dont take suggestions but please try zootopia. you just liked tangled so much and hated frozen. Zootopia was the movie that got people to stop talking about frozen and The fox character Nick is basically if Eugene was a fox. I think you'd like it. Also try Moana. Some poeple also prefered that over Frozen the way people prefer Tangled

    Marina DiazMarina Diaz6 órája

    Yuna JYuna J6 órája
  • I can’t believe Dylan’s almost at 1M subs! I remember when this was his “other channel” second to the music reaction channel. Been watching for over 2 years, wow

    DroppedMyCroissantDroppedMyCroissant8 órája
  • I said the exact same thing after Chuck and Blair got married , lmao

    Jada RichardsonJada Richardson8 órája

    Sonia KhanSonia Khan8 órája
  • The 100😂

  • You should watch Gossip- Oh wait it’s I forgot the show something similar EDIT:IT’S pretty little liars

    Corrupted AngelCorrupted Angel10 órája
  • Chucks dad tried killing him soo....

    Isabella RojasIsabella Rojas10 órája
  • OKAY MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: Bratz: Rock Angelz. I would say you won't regret it, but I know for a fact you would

    AutumnAutumn11 órája
  • Btw she said croissants perfectly, we don't say croissanTES in French 🤣. Who knows? It may be useful for the future. Love from 🇫🇷😘!

    LauraLaura11 órája
  • Watch the series school nurse files on netflix. It's really weird and I don't understand i t.... so yeah

    Arianna WilliamsArianna Williams11 órája
  • this guy legit pisses me off.

    Stella KaplanStella Kaplan12 órája
  • You should watch Work It on Netflix plz

    Abbigale ValentinoAbbigale Valentino12 órája
  • It would all make sense if you watched all the seasons.

    Hannah's vlogsHannah's vlogs13 órája
  • Dylan!!! Please please please do the BREAKFAST CLUB IM BEGGIN YOU!!!

    Chanel WorleyChanel Worley13 órája
  • also, every single person loves Chuck. he’s the fan favorite. you need to watch the show to understand

    LexLex13 órája
  • also, Jack was not supposed to be comedic. LOL at all.

    LexLex13 órája
  • Can you do this for Supernatural?

    Mariana SertićMariana Sertić13 órája
  • he is a bawldwin brother...

    LexLex13 órája
  • Chuck looks like 2005 Brendon Urie

    Brooke SheeseBrooke Sheese13 órája
  • omg. you got that right. Nate is really gay in real life. LOL. And Serena and Dan actually dated IRL for a lot of the show, and broke up towards the end. Aaaactuallllyyyy, “My Guy”, you honestly got most of EVERYTHING you guessed/ made into a joke, correct. Dead at your accuracy. can you PLEASE, make this a series- and just make videos on Gossip Girl?! Not every episode, but the hilarious and noteworthy epsiodes (that us subscribers who know the show can choose/vote for you)!!!? Although I really really want you to watch the show in its entirety. Also, please don’t talk shite on Chuck, Him and Blair are my life. Also, i’m sad you watched the last episode, knowing who GG is :( hahahaha i swear i’m a huge fan of films, and good ones. This is my guilty pleasure.

    LexLex13 órája
  • I want him to do pretty little liars so bad

    Layan AbushamieahLayan Abushamieah14 órája
  • Dude!! Please!! Do the same for Supernatural!!!

    Daniel RuizDaniel Ruiz15 órája
  • How the hell you dodge fair use problem GİVE ME THE SECRETS

    DuyguDuygu15 órája
  • Rich kids on the first episode of gossip girl: weed and viagra Rich kids in 2020: Cocaine and xans

    KaybroKaybro16 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    narges amirinarges amiri16 órája
  • pls react to moana !!

    More& MoreMore& More16 órája
  • “Knock him off the side of the building” fuck the irony lmfao. he legit guesses all of the plot lines

    Bella MBella M17 órája
  • “that’s gonna be a sticky family tree” oh just you wait

    Bella MBella M17 órája
  • Can u react to divergent!!!

    Pippa 917Pippa 91717 órája
  • ohh this made me cringe. i know this is a genuine reaction but in gossip girl there was SO MUCH storytime and all the characters you hated on are amazing. i mean, i know you have no way to know this, just wanted to get that off my chest

    R JR J17 órája
  • to answer your questions: no, chuck was not a predator, just a fuck boy. yes, gossip girl was hacked repeadedly. he watched his father die, because his father tried to kill him on the plane you saw him get on.

    R JR J17 órája
  • this show is weird. we all know it sucks but still can't stop watching it

    R JR J18 órája
  • “Goth girls unite” SHE LITERALLY TURNS GITH

    true believertrue believer18 órája
  • Please do the same thing with The Originals

    sarah morgansarah morgan20 órája
  • EVERY KNOWS THAT IN SEASON 2 CHUCK BASS BECAME HOT and lowkey that’s why we all love him💀

    Amirahh MukhtarxxAmirahh Mukhtarxx21 órája
  • chuck is the worst in the beginning but his character arc is amazing. dan is a piece of shit no lie tho

    Macy JohnsonMacy Johnson21 órája
  • one tree hill did the best job of forming a cult following based on music selection

    Macy JohnsonMacy Johnson21 órája
  • You should do Amanda Bynes. What a girl wants😂

    Александра АндрееваАлександра Андреева22 órája
  • Can you watch the first and last episode of shadowhunters or just react to the show

    solorespirasolorespira22 órája
  • Can you please do Johnny English or Mr bean?? Please???

    Arya ShirvoikarArya Shirvoikar23 órája
  • Does anyone else actually like the "I'm Chuck Bass" voice? I think the voice fits his character so well also, pls watch the series. SOOOOOOO MUCH happened between lol

    jungwheein's eyelashjungwheein's eyelash23 órája
  • Humm Inapropriate comment to say ladies that's how you handle it, maybe teach boys not to rape ?

    Noémie KurtaNoémie Kurta23 órája
  • Please try watching kdrama

  • Oh can you please make another until i hate myself with the movie my Babysitter is an vampire

    julia friesenjulia friesenNapja
  • Hey Dylan!! Pretty pls react to another one of Meryl Streep's movie called Julie and Julia.. I'm pretty sure you'll have a lot to say about it!! :)

    Ria UniqueRia UniqueNapja
  • oh this man needs to just watch the entire show after this

  • haha i was getting triggered when he insulted chuck. he really did have a great character development

    Riya JosephRiya JosephNapja
  • I really want to see Dylan's face when he finds out his favorite character from the OC (Seth) i.e. Adam Brody married Blair in real life hahahaha

    Brooke Lauren S.Brooke Lauren S.Napja
  • Hey I know this is super unrelated to the video but there is a movie that I thought was pretty decent and I was wondering if you could react to a Cinderella story once upon a song so it would make my day if you reacted to it please? 🥺😀🥺😀

    Carina AworiCarina AworiNapja
  • Dylan definitely has Canadian family. That accent was vaguely Canadian, the way he says some words sounds Canadian and I just saw a video where he calls Jane Lynch, Jane Finch. Jane and Finch is an area in Toronto. Change my mind.

    H McH McNapja
  • Dylan, i beg you, please react to the movie the break-up. its one of the worst, most emotionally triggering films i've ever watched. it would be so funny to see your reaction to this awful awful film.

    Eve HayesEve HayesNapja
  • brooo react to “master of disguise” movie. I’ve never seen it but it has a 1% review on rotten tomatoes & everyone says it’s the worst movie ever lmao

    Alexia ParsonsAlexia ParsonsNapja
  • Ik you don’t like recommendations BUT PLEASSEEE watch “pacific rim”(1st one) Please

  • This video is too hilarious! I had a crappy day, but this cheered me up. Thanks man. I thought Nate was SUPER boring. Glad to see someone felt the same. Watching a pot of water until it boils is more entertaining than him.

    Mal MalMal MalNapja
  • you should do the first and last episode of the 100

    Cooper CostantinoCooper CostantinoNapja
  • This is literally the best thing ever !

    Brooke BBrooke BNapja
  • Don't get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl. However, from now on I refuse to watch any movie or tv show without Dylan's comments on a side

    Tetyana BoytsunTetyana BoytsunNapja
  • "Goth girls unite" if you only knew of Jenny's (Taylor Momsen) band (The Pretty Reckless)

  • i thought it was a good video until you disrespected dorota 😭

  • U should do some videos with no editing so we can watch wi u or on live

    Eric NewsomeEric NewsomeNapja
  • I know he HATES recommendations but he should watch the first and last episode of Gilmore Girls

    Gianna CaridadGianna CaridadNapja
  • My favorite characters are Chuck and Blair and I couldn't even stand Dan in the last few episodes!! 😂😂

    Leigh Nicole CantilLeigh Nicole CantilNapja
  • Does anyone else find it hilarious when he says Will looks like a baldwin brother and then pulls up a picture with Will in it and dosent notice that he actually IS a baldwin brother?

    Isabella VillavicencioIsabella VillavicencioNapja
  • Man I wish I could ask Dylan for help with my stuff, It would be fun to hear what he says. Love your videos Dylan🙂

    Sarah WeeabooSarah WeeabooNapja
  • could you do one of this videos of elite, it is a reallly good spanish tv show

    Tomas LangenheimTomas LangenheimNapja
  • Dylan you should do A movie commentary on Parent trap

    Amina JenkinsAmina JenkinsNapja
  • Dylan please react to all the bright places (on Netflix) :))))

    abby cawoodabby cawoodNapja
  • ✨Cwosiont✨ literally isn’t the pronunciation in France 😂

    Candace CobbCandace CobbNapja
  • who remembers dylan when he reacted to music videos/albums?

    chaennie luvrchaennie luvrNapja
  • React to Hansel and gretel witch hunters

    Xx_.R._xX XoxoXx_.R._xX XoxoNapja

    Sammy. JaySammy. JayNapja
  • Dylan you should make a shirt that says “misdirect” but it is spelled backwards

    Briannie LantiguaBriannie LantiguaNapja
  • Nobody cared that Chuck's dad died because he was a total fucking asshole and he already fake died once in season 2 but then came back, so Chuck already mourned the hell out of him once, he sure as hell wasn't going to do it again. And also, Dorota isn't just some "foreign maid", she is an integral part of the show and is awesome. She has been Blair's live-in nanny her whole life.

    Skyler SampsonSkyler SampsonNapja
  • Can you React to "the fuck-it list"? That would be awsome😁

    Tyra RiiseTyra RiiseNapja
  • 29:05 Dylan forgets that perjury is a thing

    Liz KennedyLiz KennedyNapja
  • React to Euphoria

    Maria CastroMaria CastroNapja
  • ik yu dont take recommendations but i just watched this movie called sucker punch and the whole time i was imagined how funny yur commentary would be. i was confused the whole way through but then shi got fucked up quick 🤣

  • Are you gonna do GOT?

    Jasmine BJasmine BNapja
  • You should watch high school musical the musical the series!!!!

    Shy’s UniverseShy’s UniverseNapja
  • Can you for the love of all that is holy watch Barbie princess and the pauper

  • hey!!!...Love ur videos...Can u do another gameplay of UNCHARTED 4?? Haven't seen u do a gameplay in sometime...PLZZZZ

    Rusham VermaRusham VermaNapja
    • @Hajar-E Haven't u heard of this game?

      Rusham VermaRusham VermaNapja
    • @Hajar-E nooo....I mean UNCHARTED 4.....

      Rusham VermaRusham VermaNapja
    • CHARTED???? hahahaah you mean UNCHANTED

  • He looks like a priest.

  • I agree with you except Dan suuuuuuks

    Air QuotesAir QuotesNapja
  • Hot people always get away with stuff... UGH.

    Faria AlamFaria AlamNapja
  • petition for a first and last of how to get away with murder!!!!

    Rosalie WielemansRosalie WielemansNapja
  • Do my favorite my favorite Disney movie Hercules 1997. Please

    Full fun by AllieFull fun by AllieNapja
  • I know you don’t like us recommending thing and you probably will never see this but you should watch the 1 and last episode of The 100

    Amanda SimmonsAmanda SimmonsNapja
  • Watch skins 🤠

    Afsana KhanomAfsana KhanomNapja
  • 26:38 well EVERYTHING !!

    SG CastleSG CastleNapja