Was The Bahrain Grand Prix One Of Lewis Hamilton’s Best-Ever Victories? | F1 Nation Podcast

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0:00 - Damon, Pinks and TC are buzzing after the Bahrain GP
4:01 - How Hamilton ‘sold Max a dummy’ to take the race win
7:04 - Why F1 drivers ‘don’t want to be someone’s dinner’
11:56 - Which F1 driver - past or present - has the best facial hair?
13:50 - Who shone brightly and who’s ‘dejected’ after the Bahrain GP?
16:30 - Which driver is already being ‘beaten to a pulp’ in 2021?
19:18 - Why Lando Norris’ P4 is so important
23:24 - Looking at Carlos Sainz’s cautious debut for Ferrari
27:33 - Damon gets his Japanese drivers mixed up - it’s Yuki Tsunoda time!
30:38 - Pinks on her F1 commentary debut
32:56 -Ted Kravitz gate-crashes F1 Nation with some sushi
34:07 - Your questions answered in Ask Damon
37:28 - Thanks for listening! Warm sushi anyone?
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  • a video would have been better of the podcast since its on youtube

    Youtube UniverseYoutube Universe4 napja
  • Bottom line The true fans are suffering From this so called pandemic Which is a no brainier Has been a big loss in revenue Wake up wake up

    steve poliussteve polius5 napja
  • 8:58 Damon Hill is vegetarian! What a legend!

    Edgar SánchezEdgar Sánchez5 napja
  • Pleasant to listen to well versed pundits and F1 journalists. This is why I am only subscribed to F1 and Autosport.

    Mountain ManMountain Man5 napja
  • sir lewis hamilton did to vestappen what ali did to forman.

    lpi avelinolpi avelino5 napja
  • German engineering rules.

    Ed BaxterEd Baxter6 napja
  • The acidic chain essentially drum because friend strangely approve near a quack chord. nine, enthusiastic caption

    Flappy BirdFlappy Bird7 napja
  • The media is always so negative about Sebastian. He does not deserve it. Carlos moved to a new team also as you mentioned. Damon said himself "there is a bedding in period". Please give Sebastian some time before you get your knives out.

    __8 napja
    • Whether people like it or not seb isn't what he was. Saying "he's in a new car it takes time" doesn't work when drivers like sainz and perez are doing just fine. Imo he should have retired last year but if he continues like this (which I think he will) he won't have the choice to carry on.

      Xile OWXile OW7 napja
  • Seb is a 4 time world champion, but does he still have that champion mindset? When was the last time Vettal showed himself to be a Champion on the track?

    ocelotrevsocelotrevs8 napja
  • Yea lets hope its his last victory this year.

    V I N T A G EV I N T A G E8 napja
  • Great video! Love the commentary

    Formula 1 GirlFormula 1 Girl8 napja
  • Natalie❤️

    grxenginegrxengine8 napja
  • F1goat

    Kwok Pun ChanKwok Pun Chan8 napja
  • Love this pod... And Uncle Ted turning up with some scran 😅

    Marcus RockeyMarcus Rockey8 napja
  • Lewis definitely knew he was pushing him plus Max was actually already ahead at that point at turn 4.. we know 1 thing for sure Max is closer, Lewis did know what he was doing he does have race craft that's for sure..

    Michael N.Michael N.10 napja
  • I wonder how far behind Lewis would have been if he would have been on the track the whole time. Max might have been so far ahead... Like Lewis last year, finishing 30 seconds ahead of the 2nd place.

    John ThompsonJohn Thompson10 napja
  • It was an excellent drive in terms of tyre management.

    Theoden the RenewedTheoden the Renewed10 napja
  • Daniël started at Red Bull not Renault.

    Jeroen BonsJeroen Bons10 napja
  • OK Brits, I grand you this temporarel moment of idolizing Happinez and all Words that sound as if written in exclamation Marks. You can use the same language after the next race to glorefy a different winner.

    Jeroen BonsJeroen Bons10 napja
  • > "It was a weekend Vettel didn't deserve". Sadly, it was a weekend that he absolutely DID deserve. Maybe you can expect that a driver fast approaching the end of his career gets slower & makes more mistakes. BUT, he's been making huge numbers of mistakes. For years. Even that you could forgive if he had the decency to admit the mistakes were his fault. But he refuses to, even though it's obvious to everyone else - it's always someone else's fault. He's destroying his legacy and should retire gracefully - better now than wait until you can't get a drive next year.

    Peter ThomasPeter Thomas11 napja
  • *Independent of the result, this was certainly one of HAM's best drives under pressure and in the rarity of an inferior car.* The fact the objectively superb drive to conserve tyres (0.056s/lap tyre deg. on that 28-lap final stint was PER-level insane) and optimise the bold strategy yielded victory was a wholly unexpected bonus. *A bonus granted less by HAM's brilliance than by 3 factors external to it, namely **_Masi_** proving yet again how inferior he is to late great **_Charlie Whiting,_** the **_Red Bull_** pit wall's failure to notify VER earlier of the opportunity to make lap-shortening excursions at **_Turn 4_** and, to a lesser extent, VER's impatience.* I hope _Red Bull_ maintain their overall edge but that it doesn't balloon to _2014-2020-Mercprocession_ levels. I dream of a closely contested season in which _Red Bull_ eke out narrow victories in both championships.

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b512 napja
  • Track limits were not the issue at that overtake, maybe, but what about all the other advantages gained. I'm not going to listen to British commentators any more. Lewis gained advantage. Lewis kept advantage by both deliberately and by being pressured going over track limits. That is a fact. For you to get cranky about people talking about it shows your bias. Why didn't Red Bull take advantage at turn 4. Because they aren't cheats like Lewis and Toto. Toto 'Pink Mercedes' Wolf.

    Igbon5Igbon512 napja
  • Asking if anyone wants a taste of your warm sushi? C'mon, that's way too easy

    Kichwa TemboKichwa Tembo12 napja
  • It's not that Louis Hamilton can't be beat it's that you have to be perfect to beat even if Max has a faster car.

    Real AmericanReal American12 napja
  • What a strange (idiotic?) title question?? Please add 29 x 0.1 = 2.9 sec of "lasting advantage" to Hamilton's finish time and he is second.

    Pawel MPawel M13 napja
    • And add 26*0.1=2.6 sec of “lasting advantage” to max’s Finish time and he is still second...

      Mahlon HarperMahlon Harper12 napja
  • If Lewis really wants to compete at the highest level and push his limits, then go to a midfield team and make a champion out of them. He is already a 7 time world champion. Let's see those skills work. That would cement his legacy as the greatest ever to everybody especially the doubters, former drivers and champions. Don't demand for a competition if you are driving the best car (speed and reliability) on the track.

    Manne DiManne Di13 napja
    • @Ricardo He was already in Mercedes in 2013 and finished only 4th (Rosberg 6th). It was when the V8 engine got replaced with the V6 turbo hybrid in 2014 that got Mercedes winning. Lewis and Rosberg jumped from 4th & 6th in 2013 to 1st & 2nd in 2014 to 2016(Rosberg champion then retired).

      Manne DiManne Di12 napja
    • If you remember the Mercedes was no where before Lewis joined. His work with the team made the car what it is now. George Russell needs to build a winning car and not profit from Lewis hard work...

      RicardoRicardo12 napja
  • FIA changing the turn 4 rule mid race after Mercedes gain 3 seconds advantage over 29 laps. But when Red Bull want to take the same advantage the FIA forbid it. FIA helps Mercedes, so Hamilton must be disqualify and the win must go to Verstappen.

    Freedom VoiceFreedom Voice13 napja
    • I see you're conveniently omitting the part where Red Bull complained, bringing attention to the driving line in the first place. They did it to themselves!

      Kamal SaleemKamal Saleem12 napja
  • This was really great.

    Display ChickenDisplay Chicken13 napja
  • He is carried by Mercedes. Thats for sure

    Frank barrackeFrank barracke13 napja
  • such a pity the luckiest driver ever and the ultimate opportunist what a childish irresponsible unforgivable mistake by verstappen he single handedly awarded him the race like that rookie talentless germa sebastien was doing back in 2017 , 2018 , 2019 if you win 15 championships you will never ever come even even close to micheal talent and driving potential king of weakest era ever

    ria dhria dh13 napja
  • What most people do not understand about us Lewis Hamilton fans is that we dream of a situation where Lewis is pushed so he turns his skills up to 11 instead of cruising around at level 8. We hoped bottas would do it but he has clearly failed so if max is the man to do it then so be it bring it on max this grandad is going to teach you what consistency means

    Daniel RoweDaniel Rowe13 napja
  • Can sense the salt in the comments

    Andy ChengAndy Cheng14 napja
  • Booooring

    Gordon ShumwayGordon Shumway14 napja
  • Damon Hill - Vegetarian Lewis Hamilton- Vegan Awesome!!

    michael alexandermichael alexander14 napja
    • I didn't know that hehe

  • my face hurts. from cringing listening to Natalie's description of Yuki.

    Chase YoungChase Young14 napja
    • Yeah I also think everyone is just a bit overhyped about him

      Matthias LenzenMatthias Lenzen12 napja
  • Did Paddock Pass completely disappear for non F1-TV subscribers? :/

    Victor GelisVictor Gelis14 napja
  • Antony Davidson confirmed on a Sky Sports post race F1 video, that he spoke to the stewards and they confirmed the punishment would've been a 10 second penalty.

    Jack 'The Lad' StevensJack 'The Lad' Stevens14 napja
  • I find it astonishing that Sky pundits are allowed to normalise and encourage cheating and benefitting from cheating by going off track. Everyone knows that once you get an instruction to give the place back you must do it immediately. Simply waiting until it suits you is gaining a lasting advantage and clearly cheating but the Sky team and F1 media continue to try and gaslight the fans into thinking it's ok for Max to cheat.

    James TruthJames Truth14 napja
  • Vettel has never been the same since the media made Lewis vs Vettel, they're doing the same to Max. Lewis has a history of destroying other driver confidence lets hope he doesn't destroy young Max's

    T WdT Wd14 napja
    • Max is young and has plenty of time to make mistakes, and learn from them. What's worrying about Vettel is that he doesn't have that time. His drop in performance is reminiscent with age, so turning it around is almost impossible.

      Netsor OneandOnlyNetsor OneandOnly12 napja
  • This was excellent, helps because I not only live in the US but I also work at night and miss the races

    Anthony VillaniAnthony Villani14 napja
  • Lewis won because of Max's mistake and let Lewis surpass him to win.

    ThaiGooner94ThaiGooner9414 napja
  • I hated the way Damon Hill was Talking about Sebastian Vettel. Like he says he feels for the guy and then goes on to mock his predicament saying things about his stars or a spirit. That way he is no different from all the other people and the circumstances playing with Sebastian's head.

    Shalem JacksonShalem Jackson14 napja
  • When I saw Mercedes call Lewis for his second tire change, I thought "its too soon! This is over!!". Glad I was wrong

    Carlos BarriosCarlos Barrios14 napja
  • Race control were just all over the place here. I don't know why they gave in to the teams/drivers saying "tuRN 4 iS So hArD".

    GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar14 napja
  • Let's be real, Lewis throughout the race performed amazingly, but throughout that last 3 lap battle with Max, luck and the FIA undoubtedly helped him out. Skill was needed but it wasn't the biggest factor

    Sanjay SterlingSanjay Sterling14 napja
  • Winners win no matter the cost, they find a way, that's why they're boss!

    LiveLife TasteDeathLiveLife TasteDeath14 napja
  • I don’t mind Lewis winning all the time if it’s by this small of a margin to a DIFFERENT team.

    Gabriel AGabriel A14 napja
  • Not sure it was his best ever victory. He saved his tires by going wide at turn 4 during the whole race, then when Max is pushed wide and forced to take the exact same line to pass Lewis, suddenly it's an 'advantage'. The event where Lewis won with a flat tyre was more likely a greater victory, but if you changed the title of this video to 'Sir Lewis' then I cant argue with this, as it's Sir Lewis's maiden victory.

    lifeschoollifeschool14 napja
  • Great team race and pit call. Lewis did what he needed to at the end which is why you can't count him out.

    Howard AbeHoward Abe14 napja
  • Don't put dirt on Sir Hamilton. We all know if Yuki is showing an amazing race, Masi has to disqualify all guys in front with faster cars. And that is exactly the point. Both drivers Max and Lewis made a perfect job. The Red Bull car was faster. The decision who win was made by Masi. One of the sadest races. It was not let them just race, it was not safe (especially for future interpretation which line is whom and then -the drivers have to made quick decissions and maximise the points for their employer, risking their lives), it was not let's compete on the exact SAME TRACK to see who is fastest or which car is better. It was a rediculous we watch and they are risking their fu..... lives and playing games like they want. Hamilton is a genious driver with a lot of highlights in his career. He should be proud winning in the bit slower car at that weekend. But if you want to serious discuss the thing if this was a win and on top his best than in my opinion you can't put a headline without praising the performence of Max Verstappen

    Lorenzo H.Lorenzo H.14 napja
  • Did Damon hill shave 🪒 off his goatee with a Harry’s razor after this

    Manu ThomasManu Thomas14 napja
  • So sick of hearing is this hams best race ever!! every race they say the same thing!

    mroshfoshmroshfosh14 napja
  • Max ran wide catching snap oversteer aftee the pass. Lewis violated track limits deliberately half the race. FIA's call for the,swap is out of proportipn and a shame for F1.

    philipp ruestphilipp ruest14 napja
  • Great podcast but you're overdoing it with those horn interludes, way too much.

    CosmicOwlCosmicOwl14 napja
  • So it's brilliant race craft pushing the other driver outside of the track now 😂

    Orestis PapadopoulosOrestis Papadopoulos14 napja
    • Exactly this. Lewis has been doing this since forever whenever he didn't want to give up track position to a faster driver. This time he even turned into the corner more as soon as he saw Max was taking a line ending outside the track limits to make it look like he left enough space after forcing Max wide xD

      Fr3akTheGeekFr3akTheGeek14 napja
    • It always has been, Max could have used his brakes but chose to try and pass.

      Rob KRob K14 napja
  • To me, this whole thing is pretty much obvious. You only have to switch both front drivers in this story. Hamilton starts from pole. Max right in his gearbox. A great display of cat and mouse between these two. But then with a couple of laps to go, Hamilton does his move. Max couldn't hold him off but sees the Merc going off the track. Immediately complains to his team. Hamilton thinks "Yes😆✊🏿" Only to hear A few seconds later that he has to give his position back to Max. The crowd in all the livingrooms goes wild Max's greatest drive ever!!! In the meantime..., And now he (Hamilton) starts to complain. One question remains. Would anyone care what Hamilton had to say on that moment? I think 🤔 probably not. The situation for Hamilton's move would be blatantly clear😔. "That pass was ilegal Louwee so shut up💩" people would say. Sad😒 but true. 🤨 Nevertheless, I for one, saw a great race 😎. Well done Lewis 👌.

    Marciano DemidofMarciano Demidof14 napja
  • Why did they focus on Lance Stroll being the one that proved the Aston's capabilities, when Seb, who started 10 places behind, got ahead of him all the way to P5? Let's not kid ourselves, if Seb had pitted with everyone else instead of staying out for a one-stop, he would have been challenging Perez for driver of the day. I mean come on, 15 overtakes minimum just to get there while he was on fresh tyres, and the overtakes kept coming even on the old and worn out tyres in the slowing car e.g. in that battle against Alonso and Sainz, and what would have also been an overtake on Ocon if he hadn't misjudged what Ocon would do. Imagine what could have happened if he never had those old tyres slow him down below Stroll? Sure, he wouldn't have fallen far enough back for us to enjoy the three way battle, but there might have been a similar battle further up the field

    Cat LifeCat Life14 napja
  • This was great! More please!

    Antoine ThisdaleAntoine Thisdale14 napja
  • How much did he gain by cutting turn 4 29 times? Wow big honest win. All rules are bent so he can win and break all MSC records.

    Herr KHerr K14 napja
  • Vettel is being a normal person. You need to be privileged or lucky to naturally get the Law Of Attraction right. The mystic would not need to do an exorcism, just fix his thinking.

    CloxxkiCloxxki14 napja
  • Lewis always remains humble, he just said he is peaking, scary when he is motivated, he just goes on a different level

    nvr2serious ccnvr2serious cc14 napja
  • Fake win!

    Al ChiefAl Chief14 napja
  • I want Lewis' luck

    J CJ C15 napja
  • Best video about that track limits controversy is from Will Buxton - definitely a must watch

    CarinaCarina15 napja
    • I cant help but feel the win was spoiled by the track limits fiasco. 29 times is too much to get away with. He cheated but the marshalls have the last word so....

      Stoned WookieStoned Wookie14 napja
  • Monaco 2016, Mexico 2016 and Canada 2019 for me.

    ihathtelekinesisihathtelekinesis15 napja
  • This video featuring maFIA, tracklimits and much more

    Nouk HollandsNouk Hollands15 napja
  • Ma-F1a

    Sergio DuqueSergio Duque15 napja
  • There’s TOO MANY to count!! Sir Lewis is just a legend. ♥️

    Diana MaioruDiana Maioru15 napja
  • Everyone is talking about Lewis's experience and whether Max should not have returned the position, or maybe later. But one thing is forgotten: Max is no longer just racing for a single win now, he is now racing for a championship title for the first time. If he risked being disqualified for not following an FIA order, he would have been far behind Lewis. To become a champion, you have to build up the greatest possible consistency in results and points. He resigned very quickly, shortly after the race, to his loss. But you also saw in his eyes why. He knows he now finally has a car that he can use to race against Lewis every week. His body language and acceptance of the penalty is the best proof for me, that he is ready for the championship battle this year. And perhaps that is precisely the "experience" he has built up over the years. It's going to be a great racing year, Lewis and Max will hopefully have to compete until the last race :)

    Drukkerij HertogsDrukkerij Hertogs15 napja
    • @B1nary C0de "It wasn't an order. It was an advise.", it's a direct instruction from the person controlling the race to give up place for illegal overtake. "So the penalty would be 5 seconds not an disqualification", FIA would have added whatever penalty they wanted to make an example not to disobey race control instructions during race. 5 second penalty is for minor infraction. Hamilton himself once was given a 25 second penalty when he overtook Kimi off-track Spa 2008 and "gained lasting advantage".

      Anon YmousAnon Ymous12 napja
    • It wasn't an order. It was an advise. So the penalty would be 5 seconds not an disqualification 🙃. It's weird when they noticed at red bull racing that it's allowed to do it at turn 4 but than the FIA said no to everyone. That's the reason why it's strange to me. It's all or nothing at turn 4. They should be consistent. So don't change a rule. Tsunoda did the same against Gio on turn 4 and it was allowed and than they changed the rules so when max did it on turn 4 it would still be allowed in my opinion or both shouldn't be allowed

      B1nary C0deB1nary C0de14 napja
  • Lol, that title is BS, Hamilton crossed the lines 29(!!!!) times in turn 4, Verstappen should have won. The refs bottled it again

    MichaëlMichaël15 napja
  • I really hope Max can continue this, so we have an amazing year of F1

    Miguel SmitsMiguel Smits15 napja
  • Social media wants to point out Lewis went wide 29 times but don't wanna mention that Max did it 26 times and that other cars were also going wide.

    Collins MatthewsCollins Matthews15 napja
    • @Cletus Spuckler This 100%

      Formula 1 GirlFormula 1 Girl8 napja
    • @Carina you were allowed to go wide in the race, not in practise or qualify hence why every car went wide except max. His fault for not reading the rules properly not Lewis’ for doing what’s right

      Starbucks CoffeeStarbucks Coffee13 napja
    • @GloomGaiGar absolutely right, but what lewis did started the whole controversy online. I'm pro track limits and that they enforce it the whole weekend

      CarinaCarina14 napja
    • @Carina doesnt matter, there's no how off the track you are-o-meter. You're over the track limits. Period. ideally anyway

      GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar14 napja
    • @Cletus Spuckler 💯 Agree!!

      Collins MatthewsCollins Matthews14 napja
  • Verstappen was clearly better. Mercedes had no real win the 1st grand prix of this year

    Dennis DingemanseDennis Dingemanse15 napja
  • Lewis has had 2 of his best races and most iconic races in bahrain

    Barry BraynenBarry Braynen15 napja
    • Yeah 2014 bahrain, you mean also?

      gewoon Andygewoon Andy13 napja
  • I am filing a lawsuit against Mercedes for ruining Formula 1

    Ben 8473Ben 847315 napja
  • Lewis best win was Sliverstone 2008.

    Matt HMatt H15 napja
  • Extremely biased podcast. Damon is oozing favoritism all over the place. His analyses are overinterpreted and a stretch. Tom isn't doing much to bring it back either. Very poor commentary.

    Mike234Mike23415 napja
  • Hamilton’s greatness is best shown in the 2nd half of the season 2016: won 4 last races 2017: won 5/6 races to start the 2nd half of the season 2018: Singapore qualifying lap. Enough said 2019: was mega all year 2020: turkey was one of his greatest drives

    Marcos Duche RonMarcos Duche Ron15 napja
  • Hamilton 29 times exceeded the limit track on this RACE.🤔

    Ricardo EstupiñanRicardo Estupiñan15 napja
    • @Barry Braynen 😂😂

      Ricardo EstupiñanRicardo Estupiñan15 napja
    • The point is that he didn’t overtake but cut the corner which the fia said was allowed at first. Max overtook and what have gotten away with if redbull hadn’t reported lewis earlier

      Barry BraynenBarry Braynen15 napja
  • no

    Metiyan MetiyanMetiyan Metiyan15 napja
  • The turkish grand prix topped this by a mile

    Gabriel SanchezGabriel Sanchez15 napja
    • It too was a great race, with amazing talent on display.

      Chet JonstunChet Jonstun6 napja
    • that was a freak race, how often are we getting a wet track that's been newly paved?

      GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar14 napja
  • Hamilton under normal conditions. A great driver. Hamilton when in a real fight. Probably the greatest ever

    Ghostly RazgrizGhostly Razgriz15 napja
    • And he is excellent in the rain.

      World TravelerWorld Traveler14 napja
  • Short answer: No

    Steven SamuelSteven Samuel15 napja
  • What a robber!

    González19 MgGonzález19 Mg15 napja
  • Get WB back!!!

    Rafael Perez DiazRafael Perez Diaz15 napja
  • Yeah he drives well but redbulls team won him that race

    M NM N15 napja
  • The list of unlikely race wins for Lewis keeps growing. No matter if he's the favorite or not, you can't ever really count him out before the checkered flag.

    alikaty2k7alikaty2k715 napja
    • @Cletus Spuckler yeah right 🤣🤡

      Snow RabbitSnow Rabbit10 napja
    • I find it astonishing that Sky pundits are allowed to normalise and encourage cheating and benefitting from cheating by going off track. Everyone knows that once you get an instruction to give the place back you must do it immediately. Simply waiting until it suits you is gaining a lasting advantage and clearly cheating but the Sky team and F1 media continue to try and gaslight the fans into thinking it's ok for Max to cheat.

      James TruthJames Truth14 napja
    • @al doe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Odysseus RSOdysseus RS14 napja
    • @Snow Rabbit And 26 in favor of Verstappen

      Cletus SpucklerCletus Spuckler14 napja
    • @alikaty2k7 I agreed with that until I saw Ocon's overtake on Tsunoda. The stewards weren't as consistent as you say. Still okay with the decision, but they should have continued policing track limits just as in qualifying with a penalty after a few transgressions.

      Richard SchoonhovenRichard Schoonhoven14 napja
  • Lewis was Goated driving with no tires guarding off a red bull. Wowowowowowowowowowo

    Charles TolbertCharles Tolbert15 napja
  • Stay grateful Lewis wins I want to thank the people that put him there. GOODMAN.

    Charles TolbertCharles Tolbert15 napja
  • Ratio

    Harry KaneHarry Kane15 napja
  • Trash

    Harry KaneHarry Kane15 napja
  • The FIA carries him above the rules for to long..

    Grav-XGrav-X15 napja
  • yall i think that hamilton not won driver of the day cause he make the exitment at the end so for that a lot of people have vote alredy and thats why i think hamilton dont won driver of the day

    f1 worldf1 world15 napja
    • sorry if you dont understand me i still learning english sorry

      f1 worldf1 world15 napja
  • Not even in the realm of his best drives in my opinion. He marginally beat max in a merc. Great racing throughout the field but by no means his best drive. Nothing like Button in Canada or Perez Bahrain you know.

    Robo BongoRobo Bongo15 napja
  • No excuses. RB had the best car on the grid. They lost the race.

    ToomuchdebtToomuchdebt15 napja
  • Brilliant Podcast. Great chemistry between everybody.

    Michael ZoltanMichael Zoltan15 napja
  • No because he complained Verstappen got ahead going wide, like he was doing the entire race.

    Spencer HoschSpencer Hosch15 napja
  • im getting a playback error. i cant watch it. i can watch it on my phone though. can somebody from f1 tech support help me out here?

    Micro SoftMicro Soft15 napja
  • He wouldnt have won if he didnt took advantage of the track limits 29 times in a race...nice fight with verstappen and i wanna see a whole lot more of that, but just like canada 2019 he didnt deserve to win...

    Denis LiberDenis Liber15 napja
    • @Toomuchdebt both who? Verstappen? Yeah max tried it and then they changed the rules mid race...

      Denis LiberDenis Liber15 napja
    • They both did. Greatness requires taking risk and gaining advantage at the limit of the rules.

      ToomuchdebtToomuchdebt15 napja
  • The Lady seems to have a huge crush on tsunoda

    Diogo PintoDiogo Pinto15 napja