War At Lucasfilm - One Side MUST Win

2021.jan. 9.
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The recent reaction to the return of Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian reveals just how strongly fans still feel about Star Wars. But there's a civil war raging at Lucasfilm between Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau, and only one side can win.

  • Let it die. Disney won't get 1 cent from me any more.

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden6 órája
  • 6:17 I actually laughed the same way at the same time.

    Ron NJ MoRon NJ Mo7 órája
  • Rogue one is good one

    DominikO8ODominikO8O9 órája
  • The irony is that someone like Kathleen Kennedy would think herself a leftist. She's not. Her work with the sequels is peak bourgeois white lady feminism.

    Charlie McPhersonCharlie McPherson13 órája
  • Yea

    Kathreen PoulosKathreen Poulos13 órája
  • Anyone notice that Kathleen looks a bit like a hagraven from Skyrim?

    kumbanditkumbandit15 órája
  • Lucasfilm has removed Cara Dune, played by based Gina Carano, from Mandalorian artwork...

    Sunray MajorSunray Major18 órája
  • 0:21, well, to be fair, a "computer-generated" luke skywalker.

    Dan DCC91Dan DCC9119 órája
  • "Who the fuck wants a Cassian Andor show!?!?" Fr tho

    PeqkelPeqkel21 órája
  • In the era of our grandchildren's children, someone will remake Star Wars as it should have been and, alas we will not be there to see it.

    Michael WindheuserMichael Windheuser22 órája
  • Dave Filoni should take charge but I guess he doesn’t hit enough of the sjw boxes

  • Sorry but if you give the people what they want there's a risk they might enjoy it

    Ash PragasamAsh PragasamNapja
  • well fuck thanks for the spoiler warning

    Firestorm 427Firestorm 427Napja
  • Doing what's right is hard to do sometimes. U have to be thoughtful rather than just emotional. Get rid of the emotional Kathleen and endorse the thoughtful Jon and Dave.

    Not SureNot SureNapja
  • I 100% believe that there IS gender inequality in this country. As proof: Kathleen Kennedy still has her job despite her poor performance, whereas a man in that position would have been shit-canned immediately after SOLO's massive financial loss.

    Joe SJoe SNapja
  • I want an old republic movie or series

  • Yo, real talk why does this guy sound like he came back home after 16 beers while just done having a fight about Disney and Star Wars

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan KenobiNapja
  • "The Force Is Female" = Toxic Femininity

    • *feminism

      White liliesWhite lilies5 órája
  • What's ironic is that the Mandalorian even succeeded more in the diversity area then the new trilogy- instead of forced diversity, we had actual strong female characters in the show. Sorta funny how they can't even do their main agenda right

    Bob Semple tankBob Semple tankNapja
  • Box licking?!

  • The first 15 seconds of the video are kind of funny to me. I don't know anyone who didn't enjoy season 2 of Mando. It's always funny when people make statements indicating that there is a universal opinion on something when it's not actually true. I love how elitists keep trying to convince everyone that The Mandalorian is a show that's just "okay" as if we'll believe it if they say it enough times. The Mandalorian is a great show, and I don't know anyone who believes otherwise.

    Dan GamerDan GamerNapja
  • Good storytelling >>>>>>> Identity Politics. I just want a good fucking story. Every time they add this crap, it undermines what people came to see; including any new concepts.

  • There's no war at lucasfilm.

    fung wah chinese billionairefung wah chinese billionaireNapja
  • 1:37 You know the answer. What the fans want is essentially diametrically opposed to the narrative they are so desperately trying to impose on the world. Gotta make humanity better and all that.

  • Back in the old days, if some one tries to harm you and humiliating you publicly, you could fight back. But now, males are not allowed to stand up for themselves to the opposite sex.

    anonymous Citizenanonymous Citizen2 napja
  • No, the Mandalorian isn't perfect, but it's "soul" is Star Wars through and through, and for many of us that's all it needs to be.

    darthmarth87darthmarth872 napja
  • Let's bring back the power of the light side of the force.

    Gil BondGil Bond2 napja
  • The Star Wars Holy Trinity George Lucas : The Father Dave Filoni : The Son John Favreau : The Holy Spirit Saving the Star Wars franchise from Satan herself, Kathleen Kennedy

    James HopkinsJames Hopkins2 napja
  • kathleen kennedy did more damage to women in higher positions than centuries of misogyny ever could. if i had a big lucrative company, i would be very wary of hiring a woman because if she turns out to be shit, i cant even properly fire her without some public uproar. hell, i might even get canceled out of my own company.

    Obi Wan KenobiObi Wan Kenobi2 napja
  • I want a Cassian Andor series, to be fair. But one that's done well instead of purely to check diversity boxes. In terms of excitement, I'm more excited for the Ahsoka and Kenobi series, but I'll watch the Cassian Andor series as well.

    Kyle SyamkenKyle Syamken2 napja
  • Left wing "woke" nonsense destroys everything it touches....

    Nick MNick M2 napja
  • The destruction of star wars on schedule....idiots in Hollywood!

    Trevor TaylorTrevor Taylor2 napja
  • What really saddens me is that sequel actors like John Boyega and Oscar Isaac seem to really care about the franchise. But they weren't female enough, so their roles were butchered to make the women around them look "better"

    NerdWanaNerdWana2 napja
    • John boyegas character could just be summed up as the funny black guy and pissed me off so much because the writers were tryna say the fans were racist

      Declan DewarDeclan Dewar2 napja
  • Yes, that certain tv series to be 'forced' on us by Kathleen Kennedy called the Acolyte, starring everybodys favourite hero, Brie Larson. 😁place your bets how well this goes, fandom.

    Snapdragon 9600Snapdragon 96002 napja
  • When you bring politics into a fantasy. You are a failure.

    RN RaccRN Racc2 napja
  • George Lucas should have never sold the franchise to Disney 🙁

    riyuma1990ririyuma1990ri2 napja
  • Fan service is not always great(darn Palpatine) but in this case it was jackpot.

    SaltyArmySoldierRebornSaltyArmySoldierReborn3 napja
  • A guy who did everything in his power to bring his evil dad back to light , attacking his own nephew in his sleep cuz he had a vision is the biggest bs ever

    Phoenix GrayPhoenix Gray3 napja
    • "B-But Luke is human, and humans make mistakes and are full of f-flaws! It's only n-natural!" - generic Last Jedi defender

      Ladle KnightLadle KnightNapja
    • Like if there was like a buildup of traumatic events in between or something that would've driven him to the edge that would've been believable, but fucking NOPE just do what the jedi would've done while the whole point is to show that Luke isn't like the jedi and is therefore better. Just degrade the character baby

      Bob Semple tankBob Semple tankNapja
  • who da F is K. Kennedy? Who said she is the right one to reboot star wars? women didnt freaked out when the original saga was released, so Y is she da chosen one?

    MasterlehandMasterlehand3 napja
  • The last 5-10 minutes of the last episode gave me hope that maybe, just maybe...

    The SwartzThe Swartz3 napja
  • See Luke Skywalker was fucking amazing and Mark Hamill told the world he was not happy with Ryan Johnson seeing his face after the premiere ear I felt both any need to defend Luke but Mark Hamill space said it all let's not forget when we were young boys we watch that film over and over again and wanted to be just like him I'm sick of Hollywood reboots remakes sequel trilogy etc find your own idea make it you was I've noticed the new bond trailer it's all about Bond instead of the person holding his double 007 status aka Maria rambeau from Captain Marvel who has obviously missed the bus on the mcu UC she have one film at Cameo and she's gone let's hope snowflake does as well as to be expected haha

    Andrew SandersonAndrew Sanderson3 napja
  • "Too female to be fired" is a phrase I could've gone my whole life without hearing....

    Austin HicksAustin Hicks3 napja
  • answer: we have seen last 3 movies. mando and grogu was not there. they have to die. puting luke on show ruin continuum. luke did not know grogu. ...still this show would be awesome 800 years earlier baby yoda

    Jari SipilainenJari Sipilainen3 napja
  • Drinker, from one writer to another I don't think Dave Filoni is the savior you claim him to be. Exhibit A: huworld.info/flow/vide/l61vqZ-jmMqqhK4

    Up In The Air StudiosUp In The Air Studios3 napja
  • 2:09 ew its Kathleen kennedy

    Tristan LedererTristan Lederer3 napja
  • I am glad this is happening with Star Wars and to Kathleen Kennedy she needs to be shown how incompetent she is before she's shown the door. Unfortunately I said my goodbyes to Star Wars and I am not going back because Disney still sucks and producing a couple of good seasons for a show in a short amount of time doesn't pass muster to me. I wish these two guys the best with the Mandalorian it sounds like they actually care. I am done with modern movies/media until they get the identity politics out of it. This is actually why I like this channel, The Drinker watches all the garbage so I don't have to. Bless you Lad.

    Mr PushrodMr Pushrod3 napja
  • 696.966

    GoukebanGoukeban4 napja
  • And her crew

    Dr LoqutisDr Loqutis4 napja
  • Kathleen Kennedy must go.

    Dr LoqutisDr Loqutis4 napja
  • The man who denies everything he once valued is Rudy Giuliani, not Luke Skywalker

    The1976spiritThe1976spirit4 napja
    • Daaaaaaamn

      Dusty RhodesDusty Rhodes2 napja
  • Is that a black lightsaber on Star Wars the High Republic ? Is it not established that the only black lightsaber that was ever created was made by one of very few , or maybe the only, Mandalorian who joined the Jedi order ? And that the same dark lightsaber held quite a lot of importance in Story of Viszla Mandalorian clan and later of whole Mandalorian culture ?

    Crispi126Crispi1264 napja
  • Do people even pay attention to rotten tomato anymore?

    lightingman117lightingman1174 napja
  • Very well explained, excellent video.

    Alejandro CostasAlejandro Costas4 napja
  • no matter what is done, someone is offended.

    racer xracer x4 napja
  • There is only one thumbs up button....shame! You're dead-nuts right about everything! This post-modernist liberal anti-man crap has no place in good movies. Movies are for escaping the bullshit of modern life. If we wanted politics, we'd stay home and watch CNN.

    Matt PeacockMatt Peacock4 napja
  • I liked Cassian and he represented a shitty, gritty side of Rebel operatives having to do crappy things to succeed. Could be cool.

    JJtrigJJtrig4 napja
  • 6:21 nearly broke character there Mr. Drinker

    StygianStygian4 napja

  • Seriously though, who wants a Cassian Andor show? He was a cool character in Rogue One, but not enough to get his own show.

    Germany can into EmpireGermany can into Empire5 napja
  • “Who the fuck wants a Cassian Andor show?” We don’t, we’re hoping it’ll be more of a K2S0 show

    Doglover 33Doglover 335 napja
    • @Steven Hopson Alan tudyk, but yeah

      Doglover 33Doglover 33Napja
    • Omg i need more nathan tudyk as that Droid. Easily one of the best characters in star wars

      Steven HopsonSteven Hopson2 napja
    • If they do follow the theme of Rogue One it could be interesting, a Star Wars Black Ops story

      Nahuel ArroyoNahuel Arroyo2 napja
    • That's true.

      Blowfish105Blowfish1052 napja
  • All good things must come to an end. When a franchise is not allowed to end, it will inevitably stop being good.

    internetsideshowinternetsideshow5 napja
  • Believe it or not, Men are a force to be reckoned with! Especially in space!

    John EarlJohn Earl5 napja
  • Mandalorian will derail too. Its only a matter of time. The signs are there.

    TomaszTomasz5 napja
  • So I may not be excited to see Cassian Andor as a character, BUT I am interested in seeing more of that era of Star Wars. I'm not as excited for the characters as I am for the story.

    Liam McKennaLiam McKenna5 napja
  • Star Wars franchise has been respun too many times, no wow factor anymore... Wheres the other SciFi movies and shows at?

    DoorisJDoorisJ5 napja
  • The part that got me was when that shrek looking lady wore the 'force is female' tshirt. With everything going on in the world between men and women, clearly picking a side is just a bad business decision, let alone a shitty thing to do. I mean men make up 50% of the population, and have higher disposable incomes, why would one of biggest movie companies in history take a side that alienates half their fanbase? Just goes to show how shortsighted these executive dummies are

    Anthony PapiccioAnthony Papiccio5 napja
  • Thank you for speaking truth to power. Whoever wins this ideological war will determine if Star Wars continues or whether it will slowly die in a sea of irrelevance.

    Zman the MercenaryZman the Mercenary5 napja
  • "We need people who actually care for and respect the legacy and the universe they've been lucky enough to inherit" !!!!!!!

    JazzArmadaJazzArmada5 napja
  • Why hasn't disney fired kathleen yet

    Stray CatStray Cat5 napja
  • Thank God for Dave and Jon, please give them the reigns

    Armando BurgosArmando Burgos5 napja
  • "That's all I've got for today. May the Force be with ye!" - this could've been a better ending, ever once in a while, ke?

    Alexander RuchkovAlexander Ruchkov5 napja
  • Whaaa? The Mandalorin was fab fab FAB!

    Jim PattersonJim Patterson5 napja
  • "Lucasfilm Under Pressure To Drop Luke Skywalker And Baby Yoda" Kathleen Kennedy strikes back?

    P Chris21P Chris215 napja
  • Agree. Still disliking for badmouthing the precuels

    DaxterDaxter5 napja
  • rosario dawsons battle with baskar steel was an awesome moment along with the sand dragon battle

    Ahsan SiddiquiAhsan Siddiqui6 napja
  • very good summary, the same can be said for the new Star Trek Discovery series on Netflix - on the wokeness scale it's 1mm/100.

    Rob WattRob Watt6 napja
  • 🤣🤣your the best man! THE BEST!!

    andy krauseandy krause6 napja
  • Of those 10 'new shows' its actually Cassian Andor that I want to see the most. Out of them all its the only one, of the ones I recognize, that looks like it would be a series for adults, dealing with mature themes. A few others that look interesting, just not sure if Disney can pull it off, especially if KK is involved. * I have to ask are any of those the Cara Dune series? If so thats what Im really waiting for. That would be a different perspective from a different PoV that we've never seen before.

    HyperregressionHyperregression6 napja
  • Hey, George Lucas. Why don't you buy back the franchise? Or just buy Disney?

    zenzombie72zenzombie726 napja
  • My theory is quite simple. The 'rebel against the machine' trope has had to be disabled. The 'machine' can't have us all believing in struggle resulting in change. We mustn't be allowed to foster hope. Derail the cultural template for questioning, then overthrowing, tyrannical political forces, yeah?

    zenzombie72zenzombie726 napja
  • how do you avoid copyright claims or strikes when you use footage of the series?

    Big VisualBig Visual6 napja
  • How many videos of you of the Mandalorian are there? 1. The Mandalorian, "Well, it's better than nothing, I guess" 2. The Mandalorian, "Nice but formulaic" 3. The Mandalorian, "This is the way 4. The Mandalorian," One side must win " I only had one opinion through the entire 2 seasons: AWESEOME!!!!

    PaulinchenPaulinchen6 napja
  • I actually didn't mind Cassian Andor as a character, I like that that he questions what he has done for the rebellion. They set him up well when he killed his own man, he's not heroic and he knows it but that's what he had to do.

    fatarsemonkeyfatarsemonkey6 napja
  • When you realize that Kathleen Kennedy has actions consistent with and indistinguishable from someone who hated Star Wars, the situation becomes more clear. At the end of the day, we can't read minds and know people's thoughts. But it's irrelevant. Practically, in terms of the effects of her actions, she is identical to someone who hates Star Wars.

    I say thee nayI say thee nay6 napja
  • Yes, we just want star wars to be fucking fun again.

    Cory CrandellCory Crandell6 napja
  • Wasnt the madalorian occuring 800 years before the movies?? How could Luke be in that show? Yoda was 800 years old in empire. (Can't watch it, I barely can watch youtube videos with my internet.)

    R JR J6 napja
    • The show takes place after return of the Jedi and the baby is not yoda it's just yoda's species

      dragovin08dragovin085 napja
  • 5:34 dont worry her show will get cancelled also surprisingly the high republic comics had a good start

    juan igjuan ig7 napja
  • I'm still waiting for the day Kathleen Kennedy will me too Bob Iger and steal his job. Imagine Kathleen Kennedy at the head of all of Disney, not just the film division she managed to wreck. Imagine how awesome Disney will be with Kathleen Kennedy at its helm. It will be such a glorious day for Disney specifically and corporate America as a whole.

    Owl RaiderOwl Raider7 napja
  • 5:13 “*chuckles* who the fuck wants a Cassian Andor show” *moves on* MOOOOOOD

    Catherine PoteatCatherine Poteat7 napja
  • Yes 1970s and 1980s were great. How low see gotten,

    N FN F7 napja
  • Feminism destroys everything, from families to franchises.

    Charming BiswasCharming Biswas7 napja
  • Big time incel, edgelord energy here.

    DreadpirateDreadpirate7 napja
  • Is this guy Scottish?? 🤔😁

  • "Who the fuck wants a Cassian Andor show?!" Hey if it has K2S07, that's good enough for me.

    CoinBox170CoinBox1707 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/un6fv22tgMvHiYQ&feature=share

    Thorne KontosThorne Kontos7 napja
  • Nuff said!

    WeltspieleWeltspiele8 napja
  • Imagine if Kevin Figue, Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and George Lucas were the heads of starwars. Now just imagine the new stories and how successful that would be

    caleb howardcaleb howard8 napja
  • You are a wordsmith, poet of the sarcastic and a genius good sir. Love your content.

    SasquatchSasquatch8 napja
  • U gonna do anything on WandaVision?

    Naol ErenaNaol Erena8 napja
  • Just go and see an episode of Star Wars Rebels called "Twin Suns". Its just 20 nins long but it is pure Star Wars. It captures the feeling of the original trilogy so well that you get shivers. If you haven't watched the entire show, you won't get all the back story but its really not necessary. You will immediately feel how offensive the new version of Star Wars is by comparison.

    djkazazdjkazaz8 napja