Wanted to Feel sniper recoil in game

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Just wanted to feel sniper recoil in game. #gaming #recoil #sniperelite
Tutorial and code ▶ teenenggr.com/2021/04/15/wanted-to-feel-sniper-recoil-in-game/
Outro music: mera dhol kuve me latke se

  • Think of someone sitting on the table not Noticeing the thing and misclick on the mouse 🐭

    Dhritiraj NagDhritiraj Nag2 perccel
  • Up next: “I wanted the recoil of a real magnum, so I made this wrist cracker”

    Ven NoelVen Noel20 perccel
  • Playing a dangerous game

    Cold MoonCold Moon32 perccel
  • Imagine a strong sniper recoil blew him away from his setup

    Eben PimentelEben Pimentel44 perccel
  • Wow i really like his creative ideas creative things wow😁🤟

    Deneth NilupulDeneth Nilupul47 perccel
  • Imagine if the rifle in game was a Barret

    Alex AnimationAlex AnimationÓrája
  • Da Menard $15 membrane keyboard

    AsperratiAsperrati2 órája
  • This is the most gen z shit I’ve ever seen

    Grant PattersonGrant Patterson2 órája
  • boutta send you to a different dimension

    Markus CalvaMarkus Calva3 órája

    ADN is a qtADN is a qt3 órája
  • With the first one get semi auto gun and spam lol you will get a broken wrist

    Electric PlaysElectric Plays4 órája
  • First, go buy a 300WM, next play the game in VR, third connect the trigger of your rifle to the trigger button. *vuala*

    WhiteMaleTrumpSupporterHereWhiteMaleTrumpSupporterHere4 órája
  • That 200% real game

    fahmi insidefahmi inside4 órája
  • Oh no

    drifty Boiii_458drifty Boiii_4584 órája
  • “ i wanted to feel tank recoil”

    Red OutlawRed Outlaw4 órája
  • @michaelreeves yur up.

    Jachin ChoiJachin Choi5 órája
  • LOL lmao 😂😂😂

  • respec

    EpicsyincsEpicsyincs6 órája
  • yes

    Sam007GaymerSam007Gaymer6 órája
  • U have my attention

    SlumpedSpartanSlumpedSpartan6 órája
  • Bro that's not sniper recoil that's elephant gun recoil

    TheWoodWordTheWoodWord7 órája
  • “Hey babe let’s use toys.” *pulls out hydraulic ram*

    BatmanBatman8 órája
  • Typically when you play a video game you dont let go of the mouse.

    Darkopolypse98Darkopolypse988 órája
  • Can I get the intro song

    PHLEUPHLEU9 órája
  • Now want to feel the recoil from a 50.cal sniper...

    El ChurchoEl Churcho9 órája
  • Shooting a 50bmg with one hand simulator.

    CalthecoolCalthecool9 órája
  • This is the most Micheal Reeves, not Micheal Reeves video I've ever seen

    Ian CollinsIan Collins9 órája
  • Pointless

    AlmosT AlmosTAlmosT AlmosT9 órája
  • No woody, its not how to try recoil, its how to broke pc

    Ibnu XcIbnu Xc9 órája
  • This guy is just Michael Reeves if he built his comment section's shitty ideas

    Lil' slaxxLil' slaxx10 órája
  • alternative title: how to destroy a mouse

    BellaPietro07BellaPietro0711 órája
  • What game is that?

    GamerGamer12 órája
  • When u r unemployed after doing mechanical engineering 👍

    Sharik TubeSharik Tube12 órája
  • Why

    Dennis8095Dennis809512 órája
  • he has uTorrent nnock nock nock FBI OPEN UP

    Stefan CaramangiuStefan Caramangiu13 órája
  • Next you gotta attach it to the monitor for the visual experience as well

    DuckGodYTDuckGodYT13 órája
  • Bro just use a real sniper and shoot the enemy

    Ishmail YusufIshmail Yusuf14 órája
  • He person needs more subs he too good

    XTR_StealthyYTXTR_StealthyYT15 órája
  • Hahahahah

    I don't mind pineapple on a pizzaI don't mind pineapple on a pizza16 órája
  • Next I want to expression headshots in real life

    ALmoSTGoD GamingALmoSTGoD Gaming16 órája
  • Well you know you could get into vr

    BenmxdBenmxd18 órája
  • bhai intensity gaming level 1000

    GEn SamaaaGEn Samaaa18 órája
  • O bhai Mazza aa gya😂😂

    Suman SahaSuman Saha19 órája
  • Geez dude we get it, you like to enhance shit.

    AlecByteAlecByte20 órája
  • Give this man every-single Cringe Tubers subscribers, IMMEDIATELY! his content is original, authentic, hard-earned, short , honest and NO clickbait! This man is a saint!

    Richard IDGAFRichard IDGAF20 órája
  • Thank you and God bless...

    Marq VMarq V21 órája
  • Reccomendation go brrr...

    Severalis [GD]Severalis [GD]21 órája
  • First indian to make good content and found a way to crack utube views

    William JohnsonWilliam Johnson21 órája
  • I want cod to feel real so I just shoot myself in the head with a glock

    Remzzy boiRemzzy boi22 órája
  • Thanks mate ; ) I Will Use This When My Relative's Children Want To Play On My PC

    Sober DudeSober Dude23 órája
  • Inb4 I want to feel actual gunshot So he made a real turret that shot everytime character get hit

    Derp FoxDerp Fox23 órája
  • Rip mouse

    LeviathanLeviathan23 órája
  • What is this name lol

    YoungMorrisYoungMorris23 órája
  • 0:32 Got me dying

    YusufHaiqalYusufHaiqal23 órája
  • It not sniper recoil it just called recoil

  • Imagine drag clicking on that

    Shawn TanShawn TanNapja
  • Bhai yeh last wala kisi ko napunsak bna skta hain 😂😂😂😂 mat use karo isko

    Aayush RajputAayush RajputNapja
  • i am unsettled

  • Hes gonna create a fucking railgun by accident

    Smart BoiSmart BoiNapja
  • When engineers play games for the first time.

    Adarsh SreekanthAdarsh SreekanthNapja
  • PP machine lmao

    Yeet Big yeezyYeet Big yeezyNapja
  • Was the song indian

  • What do you think about “ use this for machine gun recoil “🤣🤣

  • What’s next use a human body

  • Claim your here before Daily Dose Of Internet made video ticket here.

    Venom 8Venom 8Napja
  • Let your mind wander.

  • OMG I laughed so hard at this!

    Matheus PradoMatheus PradoNapja
  • Please try this shit online on cod lmfaoo

  • Throw this on support and forget about aiming

    Sniper from the game Team Fortress 2Sniper from the game Team Fortress 2Napja
  • someone gonna get freaky with that dont lie

  • This is just a ball smashing machine waiting to happen

    Slap NinjaSlap NinjaNapja
  • Bro wtf😂

    kilzzone07 kilzzone07kilzzone07 kilzzone07Napja

    top kektop kekNapja
  • ahh yes basically Rust recoil

    lil Derpylil DerpyNapja
  • Make sure you have a stock that almost breaks your cheekbone.

  • Next video: *I wanted to feel the recoil of a twelve gage, I lost my arm*

  • Need to buy a mouth every sniper shot

    UCHIWA Itachi 02UCHIWA Itachi 02Napja
  • That’s a lethal weapon😂

    Fw_ SeahawksFw_ SeahawksNapja
  • This is actually such a cool concept

  • am i allowed to say this channel name

  • Add a stock

    davian shaquilledavian shaquilleNapja
  • Next Video : I wanted to feel the damage in game

  • Crazy bro

  • Girls be like: 😏😛🤤

    Ryan Giancarlo Sutter CruzRyan Giancarlo Sutter CruzNapja
  • that must be the most emersive thing ever dude

  • "As an engineer, I solve practical problems."

  • Next video: I wanted to feel how nuke feels like in call of duty.

    Aasnni ThiamhuanokAasnni ThiamhuanokNapja
  • The whole chair should move

  • 🤦‍♀️🤣😂

    Alpha Dolmenhoteel2Alpha Dolmenhoteel2Napja
  • Well u could just go to a shooting range and use a sniper and used it and then u would know how the recoil felt but idk I’m not an expert on this

    Jared AlamoJared AlamoNapja
  • Tolol

    Dussy 85Dussy 85Napja
  • Everyone gangsta until he usis real sniper to feel it

  • Future gaming mouses be like

    I have arrivedI have arrivedNapja
  • that mechanism is genius

  • Hmmm, something like this, but much smaller would be interesting for VR controllers.

    Shayan ShajarianShayan ShajarianNapja
  • "videogames causes violence" videogames:

  • Why?

    ReptárReptár2 napja
  • Imagine Tyler1 do this while playing LOL lol.

    JubelJubel2 napja
  • I really REALLY wanna feel some Mortal Kombat fatalities

    Bari NgoziBari Ngozi2 napja
  • rocket launcher , bazooka?????

    general32general322 napja