Vocal Coach Reacts to The Black Mamba 'Love Is On My Side' Eurovision 2021 Portugal

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  • He reminds me of a male Amy Winehouse😍BTY I love your feedback, and your own voice is great😉

    maria claramaria claraNapja
  • para mim é o melhor representante de portugal,até o dia que se chama hoje com muita diferença .parabéns black mamba

    Daniel AndradeDaniel AndradeNapja
  • Maravillosa canción 😍 vamos Portugal tú puedes 🇵🇹👏👏👏👏👏

    Maria Antonia PereiraMaria Antonia PereiraNapja
  • Love the Black Mamba before this... Im so proud of they represent Portugal in Eurovision ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹😍😍😍😍

    carolina carmocarolina carmo2 napja
  • Yeah, it’s great with exceptional vocals! It deserves to win. Vote it!

    NeutralDiceNeutralDice2 napja
  • I just love it

    Susana susySusana susy3 napja
  • Thanks for the review of our song! Your really get the details and how beautiful this song is! I really hope black mamba get a good result and who know a second WIN! They are really a great band, it's the first time that we sent a English song to the Eurovision. Has we say in Portugal "Quem não arrisca não petisca" #Portugal2021 #TheBlackBamba

    Bernardo FolhadelaBernardo Folhadela4 napja
  • "is it catchy enough for the Eurovision?" That's what's wrong with this contest. I'm very happy that Portugal keeps thinking of quality instead of commercial, momentarily flashiness. Little by little, maybe we can change the contest invisible guidelines.

    Pedro DionisioPedro Dionisio4 napja
  • As a fan of Wet Wet Wet (I own all their albums and saw them live at Wembley in the 90s) this song reminds me very much of their repertoire, Marti Pellow would have smashed this song!

    Imelda MImelda M5 napja
    • I’d like to add that I really like the song, the interpretation and the singer’s voice!

      Imelda MImelda M4 napja
  • Based in real story ,So amazing!

  • One ? No... Maybe 2 words for this: WOW ‼️ LOVE 🤍

  • Nice to hear a reaction on person who, for a change, really understand good music. It could even not win, but is by FAR, the BEST song!

    thealieninmethealieninme6 napja
  • You will win eurovision, já ganhou. 'Love Is on My Side'

    Raphael LavoisierRaphael Lavoisier6 napja
  • This is the first video I watch from your channel and let me tell you lady... You got yourself a new fan! I have developed a deep aversion to "react" videos. We are inundated by all these heavily produced videos with inauthentic judgments, mostly by people who have no clue what they are talking about. (Sigh...) So, yeah, this quite refreshing. Thank you for this!

    Angelo CasianoAngelo Casiano9 napja
    • Thank you so much.

      Honest Vocal CoachHonest Vocal Coach9 napja
  • Saw these guys live in a show on Olivais neighborhood in Lisboa, Portugal. I'm in love ever since.

    Paula BarrocasPaula Barrocas10 napja
  • Such a short and lovely song

    72rococo72rococo11 napja
  • weee the screaming vocal coach

    cassio299cassio29913 napja
  • 👏👏👏🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹❤️❤️❤️

    SpaCo1na **SpaCo1na **15 napja
  • 💚❤️🇵🇹👍🏻

    suevialaniasuevialania16 napja
  • My favourite Portugal song EVER

    Júlio GuerraJúlio Guerra16 napja
  • Portugal ridicule hahahahahah ou mon dieu

    MvMv16 napja
  • I absolutely love this song. I would be very happy if it won.

    David WildingDavid Wilding16 napja
  • good song. Like a summer exit. Not more than that, because it lacks deepness.

    julio rosajulio rosa17 napja
  • I think it is very 1980s Elton Johnesque. I love it.

    Janet LeesJanet Lees17 napja
  • I like it in theory, but the timbre of the voice is just not for me. I realise it is good quality, but I don't enjoy it.

    Jemima1377Jemima137718 napja
  • Is the Best ... Great Music...

    Pedro PimentaPedro Pimenta18 napja
  • The song is lovely but totally the wrong singer performing It. I find his voice very annoying, very whiny & grating. I think someone with a more soulful voice could really elevate It. Borderline qualifier for me.

    Dan FrostDan Frost19 napja
  • To be fair, a filler song on a Beatles album is still a great song

    Luca DynamoLuca Dynamo19 napja
  • Finally someone who recognizes how good the Portugese entry is. Fantastic feeling, fantastic song. I give it 12 points from Norway.

    VillstyringenVillstyringen20 napja
  • Im from Spain. This song is Wonderfool Masterpiece

    nimei aliunimei aliu21 napja
  • A good interpretation... thank's from *PORTUGAL* top top top

    myosotis.flower lisbonmyosotis.flower lisbon21 napja
    • Thanks for watching

      Honest Vocal CoachHonest Vocal Coach21 napja
  • Portugal sticks to high-quality music no matter what

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory23 napja
  • His voice sounds exactly like Macy Gray, and I love it

    DerLieslDerLiesl23 napja
  • This is classy...... Beautiful vocals, beautiful lyrics and beautiful man ❤️ Love is on Portugal's side 👍🏻🤩

    Grace 4everGrace 4ever23 napja
  • UK should definitely invite Georgina as a juror! She knows, and she considers every aspect an expert juror should consider: lyrics, talent, vocals, difficulty. #GeorginaAsAJuror now!

    Óscar AlvarengaÓscar Alvarenga23 napja
  • Ohhhhh Black Manbaaaaaa so geil top Musik.. ich hoffe dieses Jahr gewinnt Portugal

    Elsa Mendes CampeloElsa Mendes Campelo23 napja
  • Horrible.

    Nel mNel m23 napja
  • FABULASTIK...............................

    Paulo CabaçaPaulo Cabaça25 napja
  • Some songs reach our heart in a very special way, that´s the reason why they´re already winners even before the Eurovision Song Contest. By the way, respect a black mamba and it will not create any harm at You.

    roy cardosoroy cardoso25 napja
  • I loved the FdC this year. But I'm sorry... this was among my last favourite songs. I just can't stand the vocals. It might be well done... but that doesn't help. I find the vocalist really unpleasant to listen to. The song itself I guess I don't find to bad...but this is bottom 3 for me this year. Over and over again I really disagree with the Honest Vocal Coach... hehe.. But I do enjoy your reviews!

    tigerwwtigerww26 napja
  • His voice is so peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrfect. I love him! So happy that Portugal has The Black Mamba representing us this year!

    GO! Walks PortugalGO! Walks Portugal26 napja
  • Uma música como deve ser a representar Portugal, a concorrer com as "pops" do costume, que com mesma sonoridade. Força Black mamba vamos a eles. Força Portugal 😀 A primeira vez que a ouvi na televisão, fui surpreendido pela positiva...fica no "ouvido", dei por mim quando a música acabou, a cantarolar o refrão durante mais um pouco ! A song as it should be to represent Portugal, to compete with the usual "pops", which are allways, the same sonority. Go Black Mamba let's go to them. Strongest Portugal 😀 The first time I heard it on television, I was surprised by the positive ... it is in the "ear", I found myself hum, singing the chorus for a little while longer!!!😀

    Paulo LombaPaulo Lomba28 napja
  • Best entry.

    Nelson VazNelson Vaz28 napja
  • Actually its very good but personally i dont think this performance is suited for an Eurovision competition.

    Ania Wild GreensAnia Wild GreensHónapja
  • Portugal is the most different - the most dangerous and the so called Dark Horse Song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Ayhan BAŞERENAyhan BAŞERENHónapja
    • YESSSSSSSSS!! ❤️

      Francisco CruzFrancisco Cruz6 napja
  • I’m loving your videos G! I love how you sing along and demonstrate actual vocal pedagogy. You’re so loving and encouraging- you have great standards in music.

    Adam BausAdam BausHónapja
    • Thank you so much!!

      Honest Vocal CoachHonest Vocal CoachHónapja
  • Is voice sound like Anastac!a... Love is on OUR S!de

    Paulo AlvesPaulo AlvesHónapja
  • Isto sim, é música!!!!👏👏Pesquisem as músicas dos Black Mamba e vão ouvir música a sério!!! Orgulho por irem representar Portugal!! Obrigada Black Mamba! Para mim já ganharam!!!!!

    Sandra lopesSandra lopesHónapja
  • Thank you for your words! 🤩 This song is actually very good! ❤️ Best regards from Portugal 🇵🇹

    Vasco RVasco RHónapja
  • Amazing,...

    Paulo JorgePaulo JorgeHónapja
  • Best male singer i have heard so far in 2021 eurovision

    • hahah avec la tonalité et en copiant quelques vieux chanteurs de jazz, tout le monde pouvait chanter comme ça.

      MvMv16 napja
  • Thanks for the react! The songs of Black Mamba are simply gorgeous!

    Frederico LemosFrederico LemosHónapja
  • ❤❤❤Good song and voice.Congratolation.❤❤❤

    Ana OliveiraAna OliveiraHónapja
  • Yes, it's really too good for a mediocrity contest like ESC. Exageratedly well inspired, exageratedly well sung, exageratedly well performed. However, one can allways choose the best quality available. Feel free to do it and choose this amazing song.

  • Well, I loved it too :)

    Romeu FranciscoRomeu FranciscoHónapja
  • Maybe one minute too short the song.

    Bluetooth Le VikingBluetooth Le VikingHónapja
  • I'm portuguese and I love Black Mamba. He's voice remind me Anastacia.

    Adriano St AubynAdriano St AubynHónapja
  • This has lots of Portugal, emotion, hope, humanity, crying, live story, love... what a voice for hymn of love !

  • 12 points portugal. Is my winner

    Ernestina Macedo GouveiaErnestina Macedo GouveiaHónapja
  • Very nice song!!! I love it!!

    Maria MartinsMaria MartinsHónapja
  • 💖💖💖💖

    bia bagobia bagoHónapja
  • I love ❤ it too...My nr 3.

    Anneke FastingAnneke FastingHónapja
  • this song sucks lol with love, a portuguese girl

  • Mamba it's a snake specie!

    Sara MartinezSara MartinezHónapja
  • That song is terrible

    Kadü van StelselKadü van StelselHónapja
  • winner and memorable!

  • The voice is beautiful !! This SONG is VERY VERY THE BEST 🇵🇹👏 Oh YES ! YES .. THE BEST ....

    Natalia CostaNatalia CostaHónapja
  • Thanks for your feedback! Bliss!

  • You are so joyful! Jesus, I just fell in love with you.

    Beatriz AguiarBeatriz AguiarHónapja
  • Even when she does an impression she's on the wrong key... jesus this is a vocal coach?!?

    Catarina BrancoCatarina BrancoHónapja
  • Thank you is a great song

    José GuerlixaJosé GuerlixaHónapja
  • HMMmmmm The NAME "The Black Mamba" to close to our Ladysmith Black Mambazo from South African. Good Luck Portugal, nice song.

    Vasia NeokleousVasia NeokleousHónapja
  • His voice is great indeed but the fact he decided to sing in a language much more primitive than portuguese is absolutely deplorable.

    Nelson CorreiaNelson CorreiaHónapja
    • How in hell is English primitive? Jesus the arrogance some of you all have towards other languages is ridiculous.

      Julio MaximinoJulio MaximinoHónapja
  • 💖🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🏆

    cilatorgapinto torgacilatorgapinto torgaHónapja
  • This song is vastly under-rated. It's a great song & that voice is sheer heaven. I start listening to it & the 3 minutes fly past. Portugal has been fantastic for the last few years, ever since 2017, & they always send very original songs. They were robbed in 2019 & weren't put through to the final. I hope they're not robbed this year.

  • “Loved it, loved it, loved it”...my thoughts exactly.

    G HercG HercHónapja
  • What a voice, god!!

    Raquel CalveteRaquel CalveteHónapja
  • Ouçam as outras musicas dos Black Mamba e não se vão arrepender....linda esta música..a minha preferida desde a primeira vez

    Rui FariaRui FariaHónapja
  • His voice is healing, just make me feel zen.

    Lilac SLilac SHónapja
  • Keep The Black Mamba for yourselves. They want to be British,anyway.

    carlos coentrocarlos coentroHónapja
  • Black Mamba with the voice of Tatanka is AMAZING!!!!

    drs adcadvogadosdrs adcadvogadosHónapja
  • unique music unique voice. out of the Eurovision parameters. it has quality and I hope everyone understands this because the celebration of Eurovision music is diversity and quality.

    Sérgio Paulo CabaçoSérgio Paulo CabaçoHónapja
  • Timeless ...

    uchamarcelino Castrouchamarcelino CastroHónapja
  • His voice is very oppressive. I can’t listen all song :(

    StVincent 24StVincent 24Hónapja
  • ❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰

    Joana MoreiraJoana MoreiraHónapja
  • I hope there are many people like Georgina on the jury so Portugal can qualify

    Mirror OnthewallMirror OnthewallHónapja
  • Love ❤️ to you

  • first time u react to something from my lovely country, portugal. thank you

    Who Is MeWho Is MeHónapja
    • My pleasure!!

      Honest Vocal CoachHonest Vocal CoachHónapja
  • Portugal 🇵🇹

    machinelene zasckmachinelene zasckHónapja
  • Loving so much "love is on my side" ♥️ ♥️ everything is amazing, and unique! 🌹

    Isabel maçana bruxoIsabel maçana bruxoHónapja
  • Beautiful voice! ❤ Beautiful song❤ Portugal 🙋

    Natalina MartinsNatalina MartinsHónapja
  • All with Portugal, so that it reaches the grand final of Eurovision 2021. It is an insult to Music that this country does not qualify. All with Portugal. 🇵🇹 WINNER France 12 points 🇫🇷

    Juan Manuel Di lullo MendezJuan Manuel Di lullo MendezHónapja
  • It's not a portuguese song 😊

    José Manuel DamásioJosé Manuel DamásioHónapja
  • ❤🇵🇹

    liz Damiãoliz DamiãoHónapja
  • Finally! Obrigada!

    Ligia Fonseca CoelhoLigia Fonseca CoelhoHónapja
  • Thank You Georgina. Totally agree with your remarks. It is also time to start thinking where do everybody wants to have ESC in 2022 once the world resumes normal life. I think it should be Porto, this time.

    Eduardo corte-realEduardo corte-realHónapja
  • This is the voice that could win The Voice competition straight away...

    Jerry LorosaeJerry LorosaeHónapja
  • Reacciona a la reina del kpop BoA su voz es muy hermosa. Aqui una lista de reproduccion. Vamos apoyen mi comentario cantores para que el hermoso Areth Reaccione y analice su voz. Les cuento un poco la historia de la mejor solista de kpop y de titulo honorifico lleva de nombre la reina del kpop. Un dia fue a audicionar ya que los representantes de SM Entertaiment con mas ingresos del kpop estavan buscando talentos-Fue BoA a audicionar, a los representantes les gusto y el fundador de SM Entertaiment the contract. Su entrenamiento empezo en 1998-2000 siendo en el mes de Agosto su debut quien rapidamente gano popularidad, mas reconocimiento con su primer album y sencillo ID-PEACE B y Sara. Continuaron los exitos hasta que en 2003 pudo ganar fama en Japon con sus exitos Valenti, No.1. Shine we are, Atlantis princess y es la primer cantante coreana en romper records en la lista mas importante de musica de toda Asia. En la lista Oricon y siguio con mas exitos como Make a Secret, Eat You up con este sencillo hizo su debut en Estados Unidos Eien otros sencillo en EUA convirtiendola en la primer artista de kpop en debutar en EUA, no le fue muy bien ni tampoco tan mal se regresa al mercado asiático y le fue muy bien con el sencillo Huricane Venus, despues Only one, Nega Dola, Better etc .. Asi que cantores apoyenmen. huworld.info/flow/vide/rXd6wGy6oafJo6o

    The JarThe JarHónapja
    • Portugalle nunber ONE 👍🇵🇹 THIS VOICE AND MUSIQUE IS SO BEAUTIFUL !!! Chanson Portugaise est NiCE !! Super nunber ONE 👍

      Natalia CostaNatalia CostaHónapja
  • ❤❤❤❤❤🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹👌👌👌👌

    dario oliveiradario oliveiraHónapja
  • ♥️♥️♥️🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹 Black mamba

    Maria R. FatimaMaria R. FatimaHónapja