VICTORIA - Growing Up is Getting Old - Eurovision 2021 - Bulgaria - Official Music Video

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Victoria will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song Growing Up is Getting Old.
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Growing Up is Getting Old by VICTORIA
Written by Victoria Georgieva, Maya Nalani, Helena Larsson, Oliver Björkvall
Produced by Oliver Björkvall
Live instrumentation by Vladimir Djambazov
playing tetris with my feelings
trynna keep them all inside
hollow shadows and my soul is spilling over, I'm out of time
closing every door
wanna be alone
lonely is a way that I survive
sick of wanting more
sitting on the floor
wondering where all my feelings go
nervous system's aching
growing up is getting old
don't get it, there's an ocean of emotion that I'm carrying inside
I am cautious,
cause I've never understood how so much can fit in little me
star crossed soul
and I'm used to letting go
sink deeper in the flow of it
my demons know exactly where my fears
are hiding all my tears
I'm torn by nervous system's aching
growing up is getting old
anxiety is draining
getting up is growing old
and if I ever take that second to leave my worries behind
maybe I could tread the waters of time,
get out of my mind
growing up is getting old
getting up is growing old
if your world is breaking
and growing up is getting old
know that you're worth saving
and getting up is all you've got
With the support of iCard - official sponsor of Eurovision Bulgaria 2021
and - Find you story in Bulgaria!
#VICTORIA #Bulgaria #Eurovision

  • Thank you all! 🤎 Perhaps for me, choosing from my six songs was the hardest. Each of them is very special to me. When we had to make the final decision - I knew which song I will sing with all my heart and soul on stage in Rotterdam - Growing Up is Getting Old!

    • Everyone stop hating about her decision. If this is what she wants let her choose. I love this song and I’m happy that it got chosen.

      Annoyingly DepressedAnnoyingly Depressed17 napja
    • Wish you good luck for the esc The song is my favourite ;) Love from Luxembourg🇱🇺❤️🤍💙

      BossYeet YTBossYeet YTHónapja
    • big mistake

    • @Filip Trendafilov да, за жалост ... дано с живото изпълнение нещо се промени ... ако не, другия път : )

      Viana DobrevaViana DobrevaHónapja
    • @Viana Dobreva виж и гледанията ни спрямо останалите песни. На официалната страница на Евровизия сме втората най-малко гледана песен, а в Spotify сме към 30та позиция.

      Filip TrendafilovFilip TrendafilovHónapja
  • To the people who are listening in 2021 are legends ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Create LogicCreate Logic11 órája
  • Goosebumps all over my skin 🙏😍

    D MD M12 órája
  • I am not going to lie. I had a good cry. ♥️

    DingDangDiliDingDangDili12 órája
  • 12 points from Greece

    dk lvdk lvNapja
  • Really nice song... Go Victoria 🍀 Greetings from en Serbian living in Sweden

    Milica VictoriaMilica VictoriaNapja
  • Светът би бил много по добро място ако на такива шедьоври се обръщаше повече внимание от колкото на цици и гъзове

    sasho georgievsasho georgievNapja
  • VICTORIA is ready to slay 🤩🤩🤩

    Marina AmatoMarina Amato2 napja
    • @SWEDISH VICTORIAN PIANIST , yes, it was amazing! 👏

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato20 órája
    • @Marina Amato You were right 👌

    • @SWEDISH VICTORIAN PIANIST , I just read some details about the staging on Twitter 🤩🤩🤩 I can't wait for the first rehearsal of VICTORIA 😎😎😎👌

      Marina AmatoMarina AmatoNapja
    • VICTORIA is ready, no doubt. But is Europe ready? 🤔

  • Aliexpress version of Billie Eilish

    Yung WhiteYung White2 napja
  • ✨a little dramatic Victoria✨

    Mihaila DjugalovaMihaila Djugalova2 napja
  • this song is soo addictivee i love it and can't stop streaming it ssly hahah I'm listening to all evrovision songs and this is my favourite❣️❣️❣️

    Louis TomlinsonLouis Tomlinson2 napja
  • Успех, Виктория!💞🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

    Evey MEvey M2 napja
  • Уникална песен!

    Неделчо ЗлатевНеделчо Златев2 napja
  • Is this New billie?

    Ивайло БориславовИвайло Бориславов3 napja
    • Питай Русия. Те ще ти кажат.

      Страцимир ИвановСтрацимир Иванов2 napja
  • This is by far the most meaningful and emotional song this year. Simply remarkable. The best entrance! Congratulations Bulgaria on such an amazing song. Greetings from Serbia!

    Петар ТрумпићПетар Трумпић3 napja
  • Това изпълнение ме трогна и ме накара да се замисля за много неща. Поздравления дано да спечелиш Евровизия, стискам ти палци. П.П пееш като ангел

    Sony RG270 MusicSony RG270 Music3 napja
  • Точно като Били Айлиш...

    иван василевиван василев3 napja
  • 12 From Croatia

    Maksym LedzianMaksym Ledzian4 napja
  • has billie eilish heard the song...i m just wondered

    Χρυσούλα ΠαυλίδουΧρυσούλα Παυλίδου4 napja
  • Eurovision songs very seldom feel important and bigger than the contest itself, but this is one of those. And if there was a message I'd wish everyone heard it's the finishing lines of this song: _"Know that you're worth saving and getting up is all you've got"_

    Sebastian AnderssonSebastian Andersson4 napja
  • Thank you Victoria for this lovely song. I cry every time I listen to it because the lyrics of the song touch me so strongly that I feel a little relief after crying every time ! ♥ And this is the 10th time in a row that I have played it in 30 minuts ! No matter how many times I listen to this song, it will always make me cry because it is written with so much love and sincerity ! ♥♥♥ Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us ♥🥺 This song heals my scarred heart. Thank you so much for this gift !! We love you ♥

    MistigriouuMistigriouu5 napja
  • нудотина

    Правопорядок и процветаниеПравопорядок и процветание6 napja
  • Копие на Lana Del Rey, сори не ми харесва

    Dimitrina SokolovaDimitrina Sokolova7 napja
    • Bye

      Soulm8 hereSoulm8 here3 napja
  • Невероятна песен наистина 👏👏👏 Виктория смело напред. Уникален талант ☺️☺️☺️

    PressPress7 napja
  • Вики имаш страхотен глас!

    Mihail KondovMihail Kondov7 napja
  • 😍😍😍

    Georgi GeorgiebGeorgi Georgieb8 napja
  • И аз съм от България и също се казвам Виктория 🇧🇬🙂

    Victoria MarkovaVictoria Markova9 napja
    • И снощи те гледах в забраненото шоу на рачков и заради това коментирам на тази песен снощи се представи с нея накрая

      Victoria MarkovaVictoria Markova9 napja
  • When are we getting some physical media? You're too good to not be releasing physical media. I need your voice on Vinyl or CD!

    Anarch CommAnarch Comm9 napja
  • Не мога да разбера защо ние Българите сме такива. И защо да не ви харесва. Това е песен на световно ниво, която както се вижда чужденците харесват. Нещо българско искате, ама да не мислите, че всички други участници това правят. Тук хората се стараят това да не се хареса само на нас, но и на Европа. Набийте си го в главите!

    Magdalena StamenovaMagdalena Stamenova9 napja
    • @Magdalena Stamenova извинявай ама се ядосвам на българите по принцип как ги тегли запада по някои културни виждания. Не е персонално и песента ни е за топ 10 но не е българска, а шведско "нещо".

      Страцимир ИвановСтрацимир Иванов2 napja
    • @Страцимир Иванов щом казваш. Всеки си има мнение. Аз си изказах моето, а ти твоето. Без лоши чувства брат, моята логика е, че това не е български конкурс, а европейски. Европа не е толкова запозната с нашата чалга и затова. Но и твоята точка е добра, все пак коя съм аз, че да наливам акъл в главите ви👋

      Magdalena StamenovaMagdalena Stamenova2 napja
    • Какво да си набием в главите Магдалена? Името Били Айлиш ли? Защото не представяме България, а нещо чуждо. Да те цитирам ли: "Тук хората се стараят това да не се хареса само на нас, но и на Европа." Колко си зле Магдалена? Някой се стараел да се хареса на Европа. Айде моля ти се въри се скрии някъде. Кой ти дава правото да даваш акъл на нас Българите, че отиваме в Ротердам да се подмазваме и евентуално ако успеем да спечелим. Да ти имам логиката. Типично като Бойко. Подмайзвай се ти. Българина това не му трябва, а да е себе си. Това не е българина и особенно като знаем, че всяка ТРЕТА българка пее и би ги размазала всички в Европа. Всяка ТРЕТА българка може да пее и не й трябва "СТАРАНИЕТО ДА СЕ ХАРЕСАМЕ". Това си го задръж.

      Страцимир ИвановСтрацимир Иванов2 napja
    • Не се харесва защото няма конкуренция в страната. Не се харесва и за това, че в България се слуша най-вече ЧАЛГА! И това не е обидно. Истинските професионалисти не са Кристиан или Виктория, а са Преслава и Галена. Признайте си го Българи, че в края на краищата това е Лейбаристка западна музика нямаща нищо общо с България! Песента съм я слушал над 30 пъти, но си признавам, че тази песен не представя БЪЛГАРИЯ, а просто забавляваме английските кукловоди.

      Страцимир ИвановСтрацимир Иванов2 napja
  • Песента не ми харесва но ще гласувам за нея защото е българка!

    The Legendary KristyanThe Legendary Kristyan9 napja
    • @Kalinaaa , не разбрах какво общо имат градовете? 🙂🤔

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato7 napja
    • @Marina Amato нали знаеш че не можеш да гласуваш за градът си само ако си българин в чужбина

      KalinaaaKalinaaa7 napja
    • Аз пък ще гласувам за Вики, защото песента ми харесва 😊 Но все пак за класирането са важни гласовете 🇧🇬

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato8 napja
  • Успех ❤️😇

    Simeon SevdalinovSimeon Sevdalinov10 napja
  • Здравей Викинце ,пожелавам ти успех на евровизия синеочке :)

    gogo gogogogo gogo10 napja
  • Страхотна песен,не бях се вслушвал преди,но сега като го направих разбрах,че това си е нейн стил,който звучи божествено.

    • Неин стил, но не и на България стила. Както и да е.

      Страцимир ИвановСтрацимир Иванов2 napja
  • Sofi Marinova is what Bulgaria is truly about. The style, the type of music, the dress. Victoria, Equinox, Poli Genova and Kristian Kostov is just a show that they try to put out for the world. Fake!

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory10 napja
    • you saying that as eurovision didnt change their politics throw the years...

      Blaster GamesBlaster Games7 napja
    • @Ivanova Yy Yes, but Sofi Marinova represents what Bulagira really is about. Starting with the esthetics to music style.

      Edmund ToryEdmund Tory8 napja
    • Sofi Marinova really🤣? Cheap music with oriental elements. I'm Bulgarian and I'm not listening it, like many other people in my country. We have many other, real artists in different styles and we are proud with them.

      Ivanova YyIvanova Yy8 napja
    • Have you heard of Le Mystere des voix Bulgares and their influence on the vocal techniques of the vocalists of Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance? Have you heard of at least a dozen new beat and house tracks featuring samples of Bulgarian folk? Not of course, but I didn't write that for you, I wrote it for those who will read your comment, you are a troll with an empty channel.

      Boris RangelovBoris Rangelov9 napja
  • I can’t vote so I hope you guys can vote for me from🇭🇺 🇧🇬❤️🇭🇺

    Will BrazeWill Braze10 napja
  • 12 points!!

    Will BrazeWill Braze11 napja
  • Вики нямаш идея ,колко специално същество си.Песента е чудовищно добра ,клипът е завладяващ а гласът ти кара човек да настръхне и да почувства всяка дума,всяка нота.

    Milen AngelovMilen Angelov12 napja
  • Amazing 💖

    Krisia TodorovaKrisia Todorova12 napja
  • Welcome to the black parade - My chemical romance the tune sounds like a little bit.

    John DeanJohn Dean12 napja
    • Yes, but vice versa - the band you've mentioned sounds like thousands of things done before and no wonder they are considered full idiots by people knowledgeable about pop.

      Boris RangelovBoris Rangelov9 napja
  • Loved her last year and love her this year! Go Victoria! :)

    RubiesRubies13 napja
  • I'm in love with this song. Прекрасна песен,не мога да спра да я слушам. Добре,че живея в чужбина,за да мога да гласувам за нея. Успех Вики!!!

    natalia nikolovanatalia nikolova14 napja
  • This has such a powerful and meaningful message and is so emotional Its too good Good luck Victoria😊

    M K DuttaM K Dutta15 napja
  • Omg I love this song!! is a bomb of feelings!!

    Israel JesúsIsrael Jesús15 napja

    jesus monzon segurajesus monzon segura15 napja
  • I am so sad for Tears getting sober this was my favourite song. :(

    vesela manolovavesela manolova15 napja
  • Много красив текст, браво!! Напред силно момиче!!!!! ❤️🌱🙏

    От мама за мамаОт мама за мама16 napja
  • I wish HUworld had a love button to press. Pressing the like option does not correspond to what I've just heard. I feel Salvador Sobral vibes around this entry. Emotions that conquer hearts and attract people's votes. After carefully listening to all of this year's entries, I think we have the obvious winner of Eurovision 2021 👑

    Philips ProbudaPhilips Probuda17 napja
  • omg this is a master piece!

    Vera AspforsVera Aspfors18 napja
  • My winner! 🇵🇹

    Barbara BrancoBarbara Branco18 napja
  • Lyrics: Playing Tetris with my feelings Tryna keep them all inside Hollow shadows and my soul is spilling over I'm out of time, mmm-mmh Closing every door, wanna be alone Lonely is the way that I survive Sick of wanting more, sitting on the floor Wondering where all my feelings go Nervous system's aching Growing up is getting old Don't get it There's an ocean of emotion that I'm carrying inside I am cautious 'Cause I've never understood how so much can fit in little me Star-crossed soul (hmm-hmm) And I'm used to letting go (used to letting go) Sink deeper in the flow of it My demons know (mmm-mmh) exactly where my fears Are hiding all my tears I'm torn by nervous system's aching Growing up is getting old Anxiety is draining Getting up is growing old And if I ever take that second to leave my worries behind Maybe I could tread the waters of time Get out of my mind And growing up is getting old Growing up is getting old (Getting up is growing old) Getting up is growing old If your world is breaking And growing up is getting old Know that you're worth saving And getting up is all you've got

    Soy MariSoy Mari19 napja
  • Forgot how many times I have cried listening to this song. It's so heartwarming, so cute, such a masterpiece.

    Luan Fonseca BarrosLuan Fonseca Barros19 napja
  • I can't wait to see you on the Eurovision stage !!!!!!! It would be a good idea to recreate this beautiful and special video clip on the Eurovision stage, starting, when the music begins to play, with a rain effect on a window that would be the television screens entering the recreation of the house, like in the interval of the first semifinal of last year's Melodifestivalen, where you would be starting to sing and continuing as in the video clip recreating each room with the decoration of each room and the led walls drawing the flowers and colors in each room , recreating the video clip in each room. For example, the room with the closet, the teddy bear, the change of the clothes, recreating everything that happens in the video clip in each room, until the final part with the little girl in a hologram, merging in a hug with her, the beautiful effect of the lights in the video clip and fireflies and the photos circling that end with a light illuminating you that fades little by little until the end of the song that all the lights, recreate this beautiful part of the video clip with the same realization and images of the video clip, and finally the fireflies and photos converge in a light like that of a bright firefly that goes to your heart and joins it, as you finish singing. Well it's just a dream and an idea from an enthusiastic fan that I only wish the best for you and for this great special song, I'm sorry. I'm sure it will be a great performance, very beautiful and special, like this song, your voice and you. The Eurovision stage offers a lot of visual effects this year, and there may be a great performance that is sure to be, given how important and decisive it is to get excited about this beautiful great song and its beautiful great voice for the judges and spectators and so on win or a very good final position as you deserve, even if whatever happens, for me you are my winner and my song this year. It is sure to be an unforgettable and exciting performance as is the song and your voice singing it with your beautiful sensitivity. I wish you very much to enjoy this beautiful experience, I wish you many successes and all the best as you deserve. Thank you very much for reminding us with this great pure, sincere and beautiful song, that tenderness and sensitivity continue to exist thanks to songs as pure, sincere and beautiful as this one, so full of soul because they were born from the soul. A lot of love dear Victoria !!!!!!!

    OscarOscar19 napja
    • @Marina Amato Thank you so much Marina !!!!!!! Yes, Victoria deserves to win, and all the best. A lot of love Marina and Victoria !!!!!!!

      OscarOscar18 napja
    • Oh, Oscar, this is so beautiful 😊 VICTORIA deserves to win! 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato18 napja
  • At the factory I work at there is a joke that for every week you are there you age a year. I can say that this song feels applicable in that case.

    CommentorCommentor19 napja
  • A voice like not from this earth. A fantastic song that goes deep into the heart. This year Victoria from Bulgaria is close to winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Franz Karl Harald SCHULZFranz Karl Harald SCHULZ21 napja
  • Албания,Италия и други си пеят на техните езици и песните са им хубави,а твоята е проточва и флегматичен и незапомняща се.

    Жанна ПетроваЖанна Петрова22 napja
    • @Karma Woman И защо е гугъл преводачът, а не например Ломоносов, а ютюб да беше "ваш телевизор"? Нали са номер 1?

      Boris RangelovBoris Rangelov9 napja
    • А ти защо не си пишеш на руски, а измъчваш гугъл преводача?

      Karma WomanKarma Woman22 napja
  • Защо пееш на английски език? Продажница

    Жанна ПетроваЖанна Петрова22 napja
    • Манижа на руски ли пее? Ти на руски ли пишеш? Продажница.

      Karma WomanKarma Woman22 napja
  • Sublime.

    Dom ShaheenDom Shaheen22 napja
  • Прекрасна си, Вики ❤️

    Adriana AndreevaAdriana Andreeva22 napja
  • Billie Eilish on a budget o_O

    Momchi D.Momchi D.23 napja
  • I can't stop to listening this piece of art and magic. Victoria, no matter if you win ESC, you are leaving a footprint in our hearts forever. Go girl - Bulgaria and Varna are staying for you

    Генадий ТодоровГенадий Тодоров23 napja
  • Три минути красота! Благодаря ти!

    Spas MirchevSpas Mirchev24 napja
  • Her voice gives me EVERYTHING! This is such a sweet and melodic number and is JUST AS GOOD as her last years entry (which was one of my favourites in Eurovision 2020). On first listen I got goose bumps in the final chorus. So excited to see this in Rotterdam. Well done Victoria and Bulgaria. Easy top 10 finish this year :-) I give my full thoughts in my reaction and review video of this song, which can be found on my HUworld Channel.

    Shane's Eurovision ReviewShane's Eurovision Review24 napja
  • The Nr. 49 from the esc Year 1978...

    Kim TallisKim Tallis24 napja
    • @Boris Rangelov bulgaria

      Kim TallisKim Tallis9 napja
    • Which is?

      Boris RangelovBoris Rangelov9 napja
  • Разбрах смисъла връщаш се към детството детското в теб и лампата на спомените се включва ис е сещаш всички яки моменти

    ****25 napja
  • Що не правиш бг песни? Супер сиz

    ****25 napja
  • if Bulgaria and Victoria don't win something will be really wrong in Eurovision Късмет!

  • Over a month ago since having this heard.. I'm still wanting and wishing for this to win. It really hits into your soul that you're growing day by day and things and events can change events forever.. And you wish you want to just stay where you are and not have to worry about growing older, losing loved ones and just keeping everything as it should be. That what it feels like for me and i'm damned to say that this loses out.. Then this song will stay in my heart.

    Liam DavisLiam Davis26 napja
  • This is magnificent and hope it gets all the votes and the attention it deserves. Especially the ending; hope you'll use it at the beginning if your act in Rotterdam. Best of luck!!!

    Alexandru LazarAlexandru Lazar26 napja

    Fábio Cipriano VenturaFábio Cipriano Ventura27 napja
  • Estás aquí por el documental de Rocío...y lo sabes

    cousiñas miñascousiñas miñas27 napja
    • ¡Hola! Gracias por escuchar mi canción 🤎

  • 12 points to France 🇫🇷

    Trois Gouttes de ParfumTrois Gouttes de Parfum28 napja
    • La Bulgarie n'a jamais gagnée l'Eurovision

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn25 napja
    • Merci! 🤎

  • I love it❤

    Ionut PătiIonut Păti29 napja
    • 🤎

  • mnogo dobro 😀👏🏻

    Mateja SimicMateja Simic29 napja
  • This year eurovision is yours - next year Sofia,Bulgaria 2022!

    How to WindowsHow to Windows29 napja
  • lovely song and video.maby the winner

    World Pop MusicWorld Pop Music29 napja
  • After watching this video, I just kept sitting here for maybe 15mins or so, just feeling happiness and sadness in my heart at the same time. Fascinating song, overwhelming voice! Thank you and good luck at ESC from Germany!

    Propeller001Propeller00129 napja
    • Thank you 🤎

  • This song just got a new meaning 🖤

    • True...

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato27 napja
  • *This Beautiful Music Makes Me Cry, VICTORIA, Love You From Azerbaijan🇦🇿MY WINNER*

    • 🤎

  • I hope you win the esc your song is so magical and full of feelings Best of Luck from my family in Luxembourg❤️🤍💙🇱🇺

    BossYeet YTBossYeet YTHónapja
    • 🤎

  • I am so proud that songs like this come out of my little relatively unknown country

    T PNVT PNVHónapja
    • @VICTORIA Прекрасна си, Вики! Успех! ♥️♥️

      T PNVT PNV27 napja
    • 🤎

  • VICTORIA- WINNER of hearts! 🤎💚🤎💚🤎🥰🥰🥰

    Marina AmatoMarina AmatoHónapja
    • @VICTORIA , 🤎

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato27 napja
    • 🤎

  • Отдаденост с емоции, с дълбочина, с душевна нежност, с послание. С една дума Ти!

    Didi VasilevaDidi VasilevaHónapja
    • Благодаря 🤎

  • You are My Winner Victoria🤩 The song is amazing and your voice is Angelic...😇😍

    Gabri TataGabri TataHónapja
    • 🤎

  • This could win If Bulgaria is doing a perfect staging full of emotion

    Rupert SchwarzRupert SchwarzHónapja
  • this song is boring ... for eurovision .. the other one - ugly cry had to be for eurovision ... this one is weak and very boring .. with this song she doesn’t have any chance...., her team made huge mistake choosing this one 🙁😕

    • This song is not boring, it is perfect 🤎🤎🤎

      Marina AmatoMarina AmatoHónapja
    • No♥

      Average ESC ViewerAverage ESC ViewerHónapja
  • Bulgarie Eilish

  • 🤍💚❤

    Martin TrumbevMartin TrumbevHónapja
  • Welcome to Spain Victoria 🇪🇸

    Pablo PriBalPablo PriBalHónapja
    • Gracias! 🤎


    Brin ChanBrin ChanHónapja
    • Half of them are by Northmacedonian and Serbian Anti-Bulgarian haters, mostly because of their natural hate left from the times of Tito.

      Debna DaebnaDebna Daebna24 napja
    • it's all the bitter imaginary friend fans

      CG FischerCG Fischer28 napja
  • great song


    Andaluz Sound AndaluzAndaluz Sound AndaluzHónapja
  • 😍😍😍

    Monika KostovaMonika KostovaHónapja
    • 🤎

  • You are grate artist!! All your songs are amazing!🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

    • Thank you 🤎🇭🇷

  • 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬Както всяка година, България показва най-доброто от музикалната си колтура. И ето пак, един талант на световно ниво. Красивите спомени са най-скъпите в човешкият живот и ти го доказа с музика и талант. Браво и с пожелание за успех,стискам палци за теб момиче. Успех. 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

    Pavel KanchevPavel KanchevHónapja
    • Благодаря за милите думи, Павел 🤎


    • @VICTORIA 🤎

    • Gracias 🤎

  • This song is connected to what 2020/2021 feels for a lot of us. It is very emotional, very deep, and very beautiful.

    • Thank you 🤎

  • got an ocean of emotion listening to this song... masterpiece

    ESC CindyESC CindyHónapja
    • 🤎

  • Хубава песен, но не е за евровизия. Харесвам Виктория, но с един типаж песни няма да се получи. След ugly cry беше време за нещо ударно. Лично мое мнение успех на България за вбъдеще!

    Miroslav PenchevMiroslav PenchevHónapja
  • Мне одной кажется что такое чувство что поёт Били Айлиш просто голос похож)а так песня класс❣👍🏼

    Emin & MahmudEmin & MahmudHónapja
  • 12 POINTS

    ESC G.R.M.A Manos Ch.ESC G.R.M.A Manos Ch.Hónapja
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