VICTORIA - Growing Up is Getting Old - 1st Live Performance - Eurovision 2021 Bulgaria - EP Version

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Victoria will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song Growing Up is Getting Old. This is her first live performance of the EP version Growing Up is Getting Old at her 'a little dramatic' concert.
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Growing Up is Getting Old by VICTORIA
Written by Victoria Georgieva, Maya Nalani, Helena Larsson, Oliver Björkvall
Produced by Oliver Björkvall
Live instrumentation by Vladimir Djambazov
playing tetris with my feelings
trynna keep them all inside
hollow shadows and my soul is spilling over, I'm out of time
closing every door
wanna be alone
lonely is a way that I survive
sick of wanting more
sitting on the floor
wondering where all my feelings go
nervous system's aching
growing up is getting old
don't get it, there's an ocean of emotion that I'm carrying inside
I am cautious,
cause I've never understood how so much can fit in little me
star crossed soul
and I'm used to letting go
sink deeper in the flow of it
my demons know exactly where my fears
are hiding all my tears
I'm torn by nervous system's aching
growing up is getting old
anxiety is draining
getting up is growing old
and if I ever take that second to leave my worries behind
maybe I could tread the waters of time,
get out of my mind
growing up is getting old
getting up is growing old
if your world is breaking
and growing up is getting old
know that you're worth saving
and getting up is all you've got
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and - Find you story in Bulgaria!
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  • Ти си победител! Успех!

    Albena TenevaAlbena TenevaNapja
  • Her voice is so beautiful, she is so Gorgeous, the message is so powerful, She deserves to win. 12 points from France to Bulgaria

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn11 napja
  • 12 points from France to Bulgaria

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn11 napja
  • 3 weeks till Eurovision song contest

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn11 napja
    • ❤❤❤❤❤

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato10 napja
  • hit international will win eurovision 2021

    Juan F GarciaJuan F Garcia12 napja
  • 😇🥰🥰

    Даниел ГеоргиевДаниел Георгиев12 napja
  • Very beautiful song❤ 🇧🇬🇱🇹

    Gabriele GudzinskaiteGabriele Gudzinskaite14 napja
  • 12 Points from Sweden goes too Bulgaria❤️

    Fuk off SharonFuk off Sharon22 napja
  • My own winner, 12 points from israel ĺa bulgarie douze pua

    Alon MilmanAlon Milman23 napja
  • Why does it seem like the umf is a bit lacking in the refrain? The music video version has a lot more umf in the refrain than the live version. Still an amazing song though

    Greek Dev GeekGreek Dev Geek24 napja
    • @Marina Amato thx!

      Greek Dev GeekGreek Dev Geek22 napja
    • Hi, it is because this is the EP version. And in the video it is the Eurovision version (revamp). 🙂 You can also check the acoustic version on Eurovision Song Contest Channel.

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato22 napja
  • 😍😍😍Вики обичам те - страхотна си, спечели за нас - следващата година София2022!!!!!!!!

    How to WindowsHow to Windows27 napja
  • Wonderful & Emotional 🖤👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Wiña KuruWiña Kuru27 napja
  • the 12 points from the netherlands go tho growing up is getting old

    Mark DekkerMark Dekker29 napja
  • Love Victoria and this song ❤️ from Portugal

  • This song is the worst choice, Ugly Cry was 1000 times better .. also this performance is not live ,... she missed mimicking 2:49 🤣🤣🤣

    • It's called backing vocals. She's singing over a backing track...

  • 12 points from Poland 🇵🇱 obviously ❤❤❤

    Szymon NiziołekSzymon NiziołekHónapja
  • Айдеее. #София2022

    Константин ГеоргиевКонстантин ГеоргиевHónapja
  • I dont like such types of is like Christmas one or commercial:( weak

    Liliana CLiliana CHónapja
    • Don't be rude. Musical is a matter of taste and you have to accept opinions that differs to yours.

      Rupert SchwarzRupert SchwarzHónapja
    • Because your knowledge of pop music is primitive. Also are you sure, given your communist past that you know exactly what Christmas is?

      Boris RangelovBoris RangelovHónapja
  • My Winner 12 POINTS I LOVE THIS SONG. Victoria you are Queen and AMAZING Sofia 2022 Good Luck From Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ESC G.R.M.A Manos Ch.ESC G.R.M.A Manos Ch.Hónapja
  • Didnt know Chloe Grace Moretz could sing 😅

    Sebastian axelssonSebastian axelssonHónapja
  • My winner by far this year. Such an amazing artist and what a beautiful song❤️12 points and the best of luck from Sweden

    Ingela SIngela SHónapja
  • Victoria is singing like Billie Eilish 😌

    Kak? Tak!Kak? Tak!Hónapja
    • LOL...and I just saw that Billie Eilish will have a song that will be called... Getting Older 😁😁😁 While VICTORIA wrote Getting up is getting old in 2019... 😋 So it seems that Billie Eilish will sound like VICTORIA... 😃

      Marina AmatoMarina Amato12 napja
  • Пеенето и,ще я изстреля позиции напред!!! Уникална певица си е🤗 Това не ми беше фаворит от 6-те и песни,но емоцията е един от тези моменти,които предадени правилно,въздейства #магнетично!!!

    Atanas AhmashkiAtanas AhmashkiHónapja
  • Bravo Victoria! Good luck! 🍀🙏

  • Sublime chanson. Bravo !

    Raq RaqRaq RaqHónapja
  • Medical 😊🥰🥰🥰😊

    Iliana Krasteva-KolarovaIliana Krasteva-KolarovaHónapja
  • This will defenitely be a song, that will be remembered.

    Rupert SchwarzRupert SchwarzHónapja
  • To me "Tears are getting sober" still is one of the best songs ever to be selected in Eurovision history and even in 2021 I am still listening to it quite often. And even to the majority of the audience, who does listen to the songs at the night of the final for the first time, it would have been memorable, captivating and therefore would have had a great chance to do very well. So I felt quite sorry for Victoria for being taken away the chance to be recognised internationally as the great artist and singer she is when ESC 2020 got cancelled. When Victoria was announced the Bulgarian representative for ESC 2021 I felt so happy for her but at the same time was wondering if she and her team will be able to present a song that stands up to the comparison with "Tears are getting sober". All the songs made available for selection in 2021 are amazing and are being prove for what an outstanding artist Victoria is. I personally liked "My imaginary friend" and "Funeral Song" the most. I do though like "Growing up is getting old". But to me "Growing up..." is a grower song, which - unlike "Tears are getting sober" - needs to be listened to a few times to grow on you. And that could be a slight problem this year. Because - as I mentioned before - the majority of people aren't ESC-aficionados like us and need to be convinced to call in for a song right after first listening. And with many "bangers" in the competition this year I do have my doubts, that this song will be remembered well enough by the end of the day to get the points by the public votes it needs to end up in a top position. Still though - well done Bulgaria, well done Victoria and best of luck for ESC 2021.

  • I know you propably won't notice but your voice is speaking straight into my soul. It's so beautiful. I'm rooting for you in Eurovision but also I'm hoping that you'll have a great career. Much love from Greece, please visit us when Covid is over ❤️

    Mendy The GoatMendy The GoatHónapja
  • Why is this labelled as live when it's obvious she's miming?

    david reynoldsdavid reynoldsHónapja
    • @Emiliyan Идиот! 😀

      Soulm8 hereSoulm8 here28 napja
    • yes even one the video in one part ... she missed mimicking 😂

    • @david reynolds Ти луд ли си?

      gerasim chobanovgerasim chobanovHónapja
    • @Veselin Koynov Stop replying with your stupid comments

      david reynoldsdavid reynoldsHónapja
    • @david reynolds empty profile, take this report ;)

      Veselin KoynovVeselin KoynovHónapja
  • This song is beautiful but is so sadly.This song is not for beer and cheeps.

    verginia grigorovaverginia grigorovaHónapja
  • Вярвям в теб Вики❤️

    Diana VasilevaDiana VasilevaHónapja
  • This is our Victoria!!!

    Gencho BorisovGencho BorisovHónapja
    • She is a contender to the win

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn17 napja
    • Her voice is so Gorgeous and so sweet

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn17 napja
  • Why is she wearing her grandma's dress?

    sannie carlssonsannie carlssonHónapja
    • Growing up is getting old

  • Удоволствие да я слушам

    Ivelina Bogdanova-venkovaIvelina Bogdanova-venkovaHónapja
  • Ugly Cry was far far far faaaaaaaaaaaaar better!!.. NO!

  • пародия

    Иво СимеоновИво СимеоновHónapja
  • i am so glad she picked this song, it means so much to me and i can’t wait to see her performance in may. wishing you all the best victoria

    Nathan BNathan BHónapja
  • Amazing performance, voice, talent, you should win the Eurovision 2021!!!

    Mariyan NoevMariyan NoevHónapja
  • I'm afraid that Martin Dietmann (VICTORIA's stage director) might mess it up as having to work for so many delegations (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czechia, Austria and Spain). Hope he'll recognize the magic of this song and create a performance which meets its enormous potential 💚🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • What a beautiful voice

  • Wow Awesome and amazing! this girl gives me Lana del Rey vibes! greets from ❤️🇪🇸

    Alex AtiqueteimportaAlex AtiqueteimportaHónapja
  • I hope she will sing the song the way it sounds in the official video, here she miss the epic ending. So crossing my fingers to do so in the semi. 🍀

    Ju MiJu MiHónapja
    • Ju MI, this is the EP version, she will sing like in the official video at Eurovision 😉

      Marina AmatoMarina AmatoHónapja
    • Because the song hasn't been presented yet. If you'd sung it like in the video, you'd know it was getting it because it was a revamp.

      Desislav NikolovDesislav NikolovHónapja
  • love it so much

    Дияна ЯнчеваДияна ЯнчеваHónapja
  • 🤎

    Nik TodorovNik TodorovHónapja
  • her voice is amazing

    Ilgın TokbayIlgın TokbayHónapja
  • Sorry zero points

    Henne HenneHenne HenneHónapja
  • 😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Joel TavaresJoel TavaresHónapja
  • Same were the comments when Salvador Sobral released his winning Eurovision entry. A well balanced and emotional song with a meaningful message, a stage that will touch the hearts of millions people of all ages. A winning formula by tender Victoria 👑 It's time for Sofia 2022!

    Philips ProbudaPhilips ProbudaHónapja
  • 👏👏👏👏

    Nilgun MutluNilgun MutluHónapja
  • I can't believe how some people put this song in 30-20 place.This is masterpiece and it should win.

    • It is exactly that. A masterpiece of a song.

      Cloud MinderCloud Minder22 órája
    • Idk if it is my favourite but top 5 for sure

      Sven AmmerlaanSven Ammerlaan17 napja
    • It's on my 1st this year. I really love this song ❤

      And I Oopeth-And I Oopeth-Hónapja
  • Magical

    Diana MarkovaDiana MarkovaHónapja
  • Okay seeing this live performance, VICTORIA has officially trumped France as my number one. Actual 10/10! I got chills and I can't wait to see this in Rotterdam. All the best, good luck. VICTORIA could take home the VICTORY!

  • You are amazing, Victoria. You will do so amazing on stage in Rotterdam. Lot's of Love!

    E TrE TrHónapja
  • Greetings from USA, this song wins and wins over and over!!! You have our vote! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  • Can we win lmao

    Mony BogoevMony BogoevHónapja
  • This song is a masterpiece I love it. This song reminds me a lot of the style of songs of Billie Eilish. One of the favorites for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021! Good luck. From Greece with Love💖

    leonidas-Michael Pantelisleonidas-Michael PantelisHónapja
  • This sounds amazing live, and it feels the most right for Victoria! 💙🌠

    ss adventuresss adventuresHónapja
  • If you expect more than standing at one place during live performance from Victoria 😹😹🤣🤣 she is the wrong performer!

    Monika ManukyanMonika ManukyanHónapja
    • VICTORIA is unique (in every aspect) for me and for many others. 🤎🤎🤎 No one obligates you to like or listen to this song, people do have different opinions and it's difficult to please everyone.

      Marina AmatoMarina AmatoHónapja
    • No one says she shall jump around, however she shall have an unique value, which is missing! She has no unique voice, and is not an unique singer nor performer, her song is repetitive! The one good thing is the text, everything else either a poor copy or not of value, cheap production... unfortunately as a Bulgarian I expect more from the contestants 😫

      Monika ManukyanMonika ManukyanHónapja
    • And who said that Victoria should jump and move to transmit emotions while performing? 🤣

      Marina AmatoMarina AmatoHónapja
    • I’m many cases LESS is more 😊

      Nik TodorovNik TodorovHónapja
    • yep. Salvador Sobral too, but he won. Sometimes is about emotions, not just about bellydances. More positivity, less jealousy and your life turns better :)

  • Ugly Cry and Imaginary Friend are amazing. Growing Up is Getting Old however is the polar opposite. Or should I say, garbage? If you chose this because it's a song you're comfortable with, then why bother asking our opinion? This reminds me of Roxen last year. Had a selection with 4-5 songs to choose from but when it came to Cherry Red, she gave the worst possible performance because she actually wanted to sing Alcohol You at Eurovision. The song she was "most comfortable with".

    Fazrin JamalFazrin JamalHónapja
    • @Fazrin Jamal i understand what you mean, I was saying that I for example voted Growing up is getting old at 2nd place, some people voted it at 1st place. Can you say for a fact that the votes were against Growing up is getting old? I'd say its useful to narrow the choice to 2 songs than choose from all 6 blindly. We don't know what the focus groups voted first either. Statement is these were the top 2 songs. So apparently it wasn't just ignoring the selection, it was using it in the final choice. I get your disappointment. I myself was a bit disappointed at first - not anymore. It was a good choice IMO. I kind of dislike artistic competitions for that reason because obviously each piece of art has its merits and audience. You can't really measure them with the democratic voting approach, it's not right. If anything i was left with the impression she wanted Dive into unknown.

      Funkme FFunkme FHónapja
    • @Funkme F you missed my point. The question is, why bother holding a national selection if you already decide what you want to perform at Eurovision?

      Fazrin JamalFazrin JamalHónapja
    • And she did right. Cherry Red wasn't anywhere as good In short - what some people think is better isn't what other people think is better.

      Funkme FFunkme FHónapja
  • i love this, its so different, Bravo Bulgaria, 12 points from Australia.

    Endless space.Endless space.Hónapja
  • Amazing live performance. Pure nostalgia and pure magic. The whole package. The message of either growing up/getting old and the importance of family is something literally everyone can relate to, especially post covid. The very last chorus at the very end is going to have a huge emotional impact on stage. It’s the WOW factor that screams winner.

    Ruslan MavrodinovRuslan MavrodinovHónapja
  • Прекрасна ❤

    Darra GiDarra GiHónapja
  • Why did 2:25 „behind“ sound sooo different I LOVE THOSE DETAILS

  • Every so often a singer comes along who is very special and Victoria is one of those singers, a beautiful voice and songs that are so beautiful and emotional, she should be a massive star as she deserves it!, if their is any justice she should win Eurovision!

    George WhiteGeorge WhiteHónapja
  • This is amazing!! I like this one more than Imaginary friend, great choice and good luck!!

    Lovro SabljakLovro SabljakHónapja
  • 12 points from Spain! 🇪🇦💘

    Sokra DuckSokra DuckHónapja
    • 12 points from France

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn24 napja
  • Absolute masterpiece! Your live performance just proves that you should be relaxed and not to worry at all! Just enjoy the moment!

    Alexander AlexAlexander AlexHónapja
  • Victoria is so talented and this is proof. We love you victoria🤎

    xavier gielingxavier gielingHónapja
  • Wow right choice

  • Викиии, ти си магия, талант, музика, емоция! Пожелавам ти да постигнеш всичките си цели!!! Успех!

    Ivanova YyIvanova YyHónapja
  • This song gives me hope in these hard times. Thank you Victoria 💚

    That PotatoThat PotatoHónapja
  • I'm crying. This is just so breathtaking. The ending gives me chills. I am so proud and supporting you all the way ❤️ xoxo

    Georgie FosterGeorgie FosterHónapja
  • Lovely song and performance 👏🤗💖12 points from Norway to Victoria and Bulgaria 🇧🇻👍🇧🇬

  • Вики , защо канала на евровизия не са пуснали още песента ти ??? Там ще събереш много повече гледания и харесвания за такава прекасна песен и прекрасен глас !

    Fire ScorpionFire ScorpionHónapja
    • Всеки момент🙂

      Ivanova YyIvanova YyHónapja
  • Much haters in facebook groups but here here i do not saw and one bad comment 🇧🇬❤ thank you guys cor your support 👑 hugs from Bulgaria and Viki 🙃

    Росен ГатовРосен ГатовHónapja
  • This is even better live 😃

  • Great Job Victoria! One of my favorites! Sofia 2022? Possibly! Greetings from Germany

  • I love this performance so much 🤎🤎

    Quillara SpadesQuillara SpadesHónapja
  • Victoria or Hooverphonic for me this year. Both are very well composed songs. Victoria's voice is just beautiful. I was a fan last year and i am a fan this year. No cheap trash or gimmicks for me. Music first! Always.

    Videre the Vaccinator from HollandVidere the Vaccinator from HollandHónapja
    • @Capserino Omg you're right. How could you tell?

      Tobs TobsTobs TobsHónapja
    • @Tobs Tobs I bet you like Moldova San Marino and Greece lol

    • Belgium is awful tho

      Tobs TobsTobs TobsHónapja
    • Yesss Duncan ❤

      Tara FrijlinkTara FrijlinkHónapja
  • Woah VICTORIA. You, such a queen. I love it so much

    Samuel Leston LucesSamuel Leston LucesHónapja
  • Such a magical performance 💚🤎

  • Your are so amazing! I think this song will be the magic moment on Eurovision stage! I can't wait

  • 12 points from France 🇫🇷

    MIGUEL King le BazarMIGUEL King le BazarHónapja
    • 12 points de la France vont à la Bulgarie

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn24 napja
  • So beautiful, I just hope it will beat Switzerland

    H KH KHónapja
    • deal with switzerland's victory haha

      dilaradilara9 napja
    • SAME the song from Switzerland sounds more generic and less special than this

      Chris AndroullaChris AndroullaHónapja
    • @gerasim chobanov аз не вървя срещу сънародниците си-ама кво да ти обяснявам 🤣🤣!!! И това,че имам мнение,което изрязявам,на теб пък никакво право не ти дава да ми казваш на кое,къде му е мястото.

      Atanas AhmashkiAtanas AhmashkiHónapja
    • @Atanas Ahmashki Като си българин, защо вървиш срещу сънародниците си?! А това какво харесваш, не му е мястото тук да го изтъкваш, объркал си песента.

      gerasim chobanovgerasim chobanovHónapja
    • I am not sure in that. I am Bulgarian but i have to admit that Switz song is amazing. I guess it will be up to staging and performance 😝

      Atanas AhmashkiAtanas AhmashkiHónapja
  • My favourite of song contest

    Victor Vazquez LopezVictor Vazquez LopezHónapja
  • Imaginary Friend was 10000 times better. This is okay tho. But with imaginary friend she could have won

    El ElEl ElHónapja
    • @Yanka Dimitrovs lol

      El ElEl ElHónapja
    • @El El Love everithing she is doing, I know about the cold rooftop, just saying that Grouing is better for big scene.

      Yanka DimitrovsYanka DimitrovsHónapja
    • @Veselin Koynov she could have improved that lol. Also she was singing 5 songs after each other on a cold rooftop. Give her a break

      El ElEl ElHónapja
    • well imaginary friend was not good live, she had problems with the chorus

      Veselin KoynovVeselin KoynovHónapja
    • @Ivanova Yy mehhhh

      El ElEl ElHónapja
  • Защо песента не е качена в канала на Евровизия???

    Christin JenellChristin JenellHónapja
    • Тази вечер в 22 часа

      Martin DimitrovMartin DimitrovHónapja
  • I am dying to see this on the ESC stage!

    Val TVal THónapja
  • My soul is haunted by this song and this is best thing happened to it till now. This is not just song, this is revelation. This is Victoria's story, this is my story, this is your story - this one, who lives in you and you are not telleing it to noone, because is so innermost, that you just can't. But now this song helps you to feel yourself understood and mutual and in peace with your own and the whole universe and is so so so magical. Its like best friend for souls.

    Karma WomanKarma WomanHónapja
    • As usual - MacBlood :)

      Karma WomanKarma WomanHónapja
    • what have you been drinking?

      Mac MacMac MacHónapja
  • Love you from Spain

    eurovision 2021eurovision 2021Hónapja
    • Blas love her too ❤

      Росен ГатовРосен ГатовHónapja
  • amazing, this will probably win in May!

    freshly paintedfreshly paintedHónapja
  • Victoria, you are such a wonderful singer and an amazing composer! Thank God for existing in our lives🤍🤍

    Andrei CrîșmariuAndrei CrîșmariuHónapja
  • 2:39 this part will be amazing if she make a good staging

  • 12 points from Romania ! 🇧🇬❤🇹🇩

    Florin FilipFlorin FilipHónapja
    • It seems that only Romania, Bulgaria and Greece have sent gentle and normal women to this competition this year...

      Thracian PrincessThracian PrincessHónapja
    • @kh 123 I really like Roxen and Victoria, they both are such a talented artists ❤️

      Zornitsa StefanovaZornitsa StefanovaHónapja
    • Thank you, Florin ❤️ You have our 12 points, Roxen is just amazing like last year ❤️ Bravo! 🤘

      Zornitsa StefanovaZornitsa StefanovaHónapja
    • Romania and Bulgaria are the best this year. Queens Vicki and Roxen ❤️

      kh 123kh 123Hónapja
    • What a surprise!

      Neville VectorNeville VectorHónapja
  • I have no words...😭 Beautiful, magical ,amazing performance! You sing with all your heart ❤ Adore you girl !🥰

    Tsvetelina MarinovaTsvetelina MarinovaHónapja
  • Приказно ❤💞❤💞❤💞❤

    Vesel InaVesel InaHónapja
  • When will "growing up is getting old" be uploaded to Eurovision's HUworld Channel? VICTORIA seems to be an amazing artist with beautiful personality. I love this song, 12 points from Greece 🇧🇬❤️🇬🇷.

    Μαρία ΠολοΜαρία ΠολοHónapja
    • Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ! Να είστε πάντα καλά! Καλή επιτυχία στην όμορφη Ελλάδα εύχομαι από καρδιάς! 🇬🇷❤🍀

      Nelly NutNelly NutHónapja
    • @Μαρία Πολο i was reading your comment and the notification appeared it was so weird 😂

      Joe ESCJoe ESCHónapja
    • @Joe ESC Finally 😂

      Μαρία ΠολοΜαρία ΠολοHónapja
    • I was thinking the same thing and just went to refresh the Eurovision channel and got a notification for the video as I was doing it 😆

    • They just uploaded it!

      Joe ESCJoe ESCHónapja
  • I love everything about this performance, your voice, song, lyrics, it's very beautiful. You look so beautiful too 😍! Good luck! 🇵🇱❤️🇧🇬

    kh 123kh 123Hónapja
  • Очень Красный

    Sam NymoenSam NymoenHónapja