Vettel showing his respect to Hamilton's Achievement during Post-Race Press Conference at Istanbul

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  • Lewis Driving Matter Movement 👍

    Hatim SalimHatim Salim10 napja
  • if you’re naturally born very talented in what you do then you’re magnificently a powerful champion, but if you aren’t born talented enough then you can only be just a winner,… not anyone can tame wild horses time and time again repeatedly but only those who are born with that special talent can easily do, and this explains the huge difference between Hamilton and Bottas in the same racing car Just like a powerful horse needs a special rider, the best car needs an outstanding driver, and obviously that driver is Lewis Hamilton not Valtteri Bottas 👍👌🤗

    Hatim SalimHatim Salim10 napja
  • Legend comments from Seb

    weenoreweenore11 napja
  • What a classy guy Vettel is and an astonishing driver in his own right and definitely one of the F1 greats too.

    Jeff AllinsonJeff Allinson11 napja
  • dsee, proooov ist in the puddding

    HKNHKN11 napja
  • What a gentleman

    Tony TadrosTony Tadros11 napja
  • Vettel, such a classy guy, a gentleman and a magnificent driver too. He will always be remembered as one of the F1 greats.

    Eric GeorgeEric George12 napja
  • Well said Vettel. Glad you leaving Ferrari. So what’s going to happen with Perez? He can’t leave.

    Marie MuckleMarie Muckle12 napja
  • You have respect for being sponsored by a HUGE oil company? A private jet owner flying the world? You have respect for Mercedes title owner with-an ALL white team - for decades? No you all applaud and celebrate a person that lies and has never supported blacks in F1 - ever. It's F1 - find a black person at all. LOL. Lets nor even approach Petronas? LOL Lweis, just another phoney, fake, self righteous jerk

    Just MeJust Me12 napja
  • "Bollocks" not the greatest he's had no competition since Rosberg left.

    Peter KingPeter King12 napja
  • Seb: Larry Bird, Hamilton: Michael Jordan.

    jaruseerf_5891jaruseerf_589113 napja
  • Hamilton is a great driver but as a person deeply flawed, he has eschewed his white ancestry, and avoids paying British. Income tax and finally, the most damning aspect of his character he will NOT buy his dog a bone.

    Simon PowellSimon Powell13 napja
  • Lose the masks. They make you look stupid and do nothing to save you from the flu.

    Our FamilyOur Family13 napja
  • Vettel is all class. Champ.

    Peter A.BPeter A.B13 napja
  • Pure class 👍🏻

    TyreMulishaTyreMulisha13 napja
  • When Vettel was in the fastest car at Red Bull, Hamilton was the only driver outside their team to give a consistent challenge.

    goatmonkey2112goatmonkey211213 napja
  • Its just the car - before being handed the best cars of all time at Mercedes for 7 years in a row his record wasnt good enough to claim all time top 15 - maybe top 20. So whatever happened at Merc after that doesnt change that fact at all - Bottass would have won the last 2WC if Ham wasnt there and Rosberg wouldve won 3 in a row before that. Merc has won 2 of 3 races for the past 7 years - only 2/3 of them to Ham and 1/3 to his teammates who are / were bums - means anyone can win at Merc. Merc have had 50 1-2s - twice as many as even Ferrari did in the Schuey era. It's all the car. Anyone who has watched F1 for 30-50 years knows this - the only people that think he is great are the noobs and shallow celebrity sychophants with no knowledge of the sport who have been swindled by the meaningless hollow stats and the marketing hype / propaganda behind Hamilton and jumped on the bandwagon without having a clue about the sport.

    Jennifer MapleJennifer Maple13 napja
  • affirmative action

    Beta MasterBeta Master14 napja
  • 🤣🤣 the thumbs down. I wonder why???🤷‍♂️

    Robert PaigeRobert Paige14 napja
  • Respect ✊

    KedizaKediza14 napja
  • Seb stepped up many rings on my Ladder for his comment Concerning Drivers of F1 from Beginning of F1 to the Present .

    Michael FrinkMichael Frink14 napja
  • I’m a massive Lewis fan but my god seb is up there for me. two of the greatest competitors the sport has seen by far.

    Arun HainesArun Haines14 napja
  • Seb has shown a really huge amount of class this year. Lewis and Merc ended his period of dominance in F1, and for a while their battles seemed to be really simmering under the surface. However even with his personal struggles at Ferrari this year he has put that aside and stood - knelt - front and centre with Lewis in the BLM/Equality events, and he's always the first to congratulate and give credit to Lewis for his achievements. Chapeau.

    Matt SoutherdenMatt Southerden14 napja
  • Now seb has spoken a driver and a competitor and friend , so he knows much better than us , Lewis is the greats in terms of wins and championship and that’s what matters in sports .

    Abdi FupiAbdi Fupi14 napja
  • Top man

    Warren AdsheadWarren Adshead14 napja
  • I guess older generation drivers had to be braver and luckier Modern drivers have to be technically & tactically better and extremely fit athletes compared to the past

    whisper0555whisper055514 napja
  • Top man Seb is, glad he'll still be around next year and I hope he can get to grips with the car and at least be competitive with his Stroll. Hope Perez gets Albon's Red Bull seat too.

    AiliosAilios14 napja
  • the car is better than the other cars not lewis !! if max verstappen had a merc lewis would be 2 sec slower than max

    lacossa nostralacossa nostra14 napja
  • Vettel is the man 🤙

    lama fourtwentylama fourtwenty14 napja
  • Vettel is a true champion and gentleman always a class act when push comes to shove - You gotta luv Seb

    Ciex7Ciex714 napja
  • Seb was just as dominant during his 4 year reign at Red Bull. I didn’t respect him until this year. Ferrari did him wrong, you don’t treat a world champ the way they have.

    Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards14 napja
  • I know the journalist had no ill intentions but that questions required an answer so specific and perfect as the answer Vettel gave or there would’ve been loads of misconstrued headlines

    Ossy AncelottiOssy Ancelotti14 napja
  • What a classy guy Sebastian Vettel is. A guy of that calibre who is highly competitive and a great driver himself, speaking so honestly about one of his competitors in such glowing terms. I tip my hat to Vettel's class as a human being.

    Charles ICharles I14 napja
  • the ventilation on valve on the side of your masks makes it a lot less effective. Why do you wear a mask if you were just tested. all of you test a lot. Stop wearing mask, the science doesn't support your choice. the chances of you dying in a race are greater that from covid. Is this separation and mask wearing just propaganda to make us obey?

    Marcin PajakMarcin Pajak14 napja
  • I love Seb just as much as Lewis

    Bryzo4_20Bryzo4_2014 napja
  • That's was so awesome to hear Vetel talking so highly of Lewis That's a sign of a very honest man I have so much respect for Vetel

    Tim HarrisTim Harris14 napja
  • G.O.T.E "Greatest of this era"

    Kyle EasterKyle Easter14 napja
  • It's not only the cars, it's the tracks and all surroundings as well. The old era was very dangerous, a driver has to be brave and many of them paid it with their lifes. Safety? There were breaks on the cars... Modern F1 cars are horribly fast, but you can get used to it. It's all about the training. And if you fail, you are not dead immediately, because the tracks and cars are much safer. That is good. I wish older F1 drivers had this safety. You can't say who is the best. In this era it is... *Lewis* *Hamilton* - he is not only fast because he is sitting in the best car at the moment.

    exoroxxexoroxx14 napja
  • Vettel kept it 💯, that’s why he’s one of my favorite drivers.

    Dave MedranoDave Medrano14 napja
  • vettel is much better !! and more as a person and a gentleman ..the true champion of life

    Hernan TrevisanoHernan Trevisano14 napja
  • Lewis drove Senna's F1 car in top gear and he said that he didn't know how Senna managed to drive that car. That answers the question of who is the GOAT.

    J Sam7mannJ Sam7mann14 napja
  • Let's face it. Hamilton and Mercedes never really had any competition in the past 6 years. The only thing Hamilton needed to do is finish the races.

  • Top top guy

    Barry ShepherdBarry Shepherd14 napja
  • I've stopped watching it cos of lewis he lost alot of fans . more people like vettel

    jannajanna14 napja
  • It’d be nice if some of the morons that follow this sport listened to the drivers on this subject, especially Seb as one of Lewis’ biggest rivals. Respect

    SuperGreenoughSuperGreenough14 napja
  • I'm gonna give Sebastian a clap for that ...., well said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 that is exactly how respectful things can be said 🤷🏻‍♂️😳

    Pat Riot !Pat Riot !14 napja
  • Well done Seb for the humility, 👏👏 But for luck you'd be much closer.

    northern lightsnorthern lights14 napja
  • No one: Seb: *waaah*

    Il XIHillIl XIHill14 napja
  • Ferrari is the place to go to if you want to destroy your driving career

    neev Neevoneev Neevo14 napja
  • He gives the best interviews hands down

    Chris NurseChris Nurse15 napja
  • totally agree with Vettel

    GulaknikovGulaknikov15 napja
  • LH has been SO oppressed due to his race....NOT!! GFY!!!

    VG3VG315 napja
  • Once again, Seb showing nothing but class.

    Keith HurrellKeith Hurrell15 napja
  • Great answer

    Brent JarnellBrent Jarnell15 napja
  • Seb would deserve more. Great man and great sportsman

    delbrooxdelbroox15 napja
  • Very respectful and realistic answer from Seb. Modern day Formula One is so much different from the days of Fangio, Moss, Senna, Schumacher eras. They can't ever be compared.

    RomarioRomario15 napja
  • Seb u r a truly class of your own!!!!!!!!!

    Goran BandicGoran Bandic15 napja
  • Class act

    Kevin CarterKevin Carter15 napja
  • Probably the most human driver on the grid

    WinTech 4074WinTech 407415 napja
  • Game recognize Game

    Anthony Air Bender GomezAnthony Air Bender Gomez15 napja
  • I love how Vettel and Hamilton have mutual respect and admiration for each other. Great drivers and great men, the both of them!

    Alex San LyraAlex San Lyra15 napja
  • Poor guy. This year His mind was change because he drive slow.

    Christian HaroChristian Haro15 napja
  • On track Seb has done and said some dumb things which can probably be explained by adrenaline, pressure, red mist, etc. He's certainly not alone there. However, I've never seen any calculated, dirty tactics that Michael was sometimes known for. Off track I have always really enjoyed Seb's articulate, thoughtful, and honest words. A lot of drivers can be robot like when interviewed, giving the same old media safe platitudes. Seb always gives a bit more. I'm not a fan on track, but I find him very likeable and good for F1.

    Raz BabbaRaz Babba15 napja
  • Vettel is class

    Mike PrytherchMike Prytherch15 napja
  • Very well said Vettel. 👊🏾💪🏾

    RivalRival15 napja
  • Forza Seb!

    Michael YimMichael Yim15 napja
  • An interesting thing about people who are really good at what they do is they often have no difficulty in recognizing a superior talent. It's those a bit lower down on the skill totem pole that tend to downplay the skill of others. Nonetheless it is always gratifying to encounter folks like Vettel in a time when incompetents like Donald Trump refuse to admit defeat and step aside gracefully.

    boatman222345boatman22234515 napja
  • Experience counted in that race as you can see by the podium, No hot head youngsters there although they are talented.

    Nick HNick H15 napja
  • Det her er en rigtig racerkører der taler og udviser fuldstændig respekt for Lewis Hamiltons bedrifter vettel du er sgu cool 😎 mvh Mik Roy

    Mikal roy HansenMikal roy Hansen15 napja
  • Yes Lewis is one of the best drivers....... but he’s boring as F@CK!!

    8845cobra8845cobra15 napja
  • Nice to hear Seb showing utmost respect for Lewis and acknowleging how Lewis has done everything statically that it takes to prove he is the best, for sure of his era, but possibly in F1 ever. Seb has matured into a statesman for F1 and his words carry the weight of experience, and 4 titles.

    JaySixJaySix15 napja
  • wao... that was soo mature.. so adult.. so good to hear.. one champion to another.. its the hardest to admit, that someone is better than you on the track.. and i think that was honest.. i never liked Vettel... but this was great. no doubt.

    godisme71godisme7115 napja
  • Also a difference of fewer races back then to score championships in, and less points outside of top10 etc, each generation needs to be seen on its own. Seb is so correct when it comes to the statement of "they could be useless in our cars and we in theirs" etc etc.

    WackedWacked15 napja
  • Seb deserves a better race car ... no offense Ferrari fans..

    Nature BoyNature Boy15 napja
  • La class

    Djihad MeddourDjihad Meddour15 napja
  • Well said Vettel . Nothing to Add , Nothing to take Away . Respect .

    donald traceydonald tracey15 napja
  • I was so anti vettel when he was younger.. but since his move from red bull he’s matured and is such a decent guy. I am now a big fan.

    Kariko762Kariko76215 napja
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  • Very brilliant answer. Effortlessly he had a lot time to think it though. His responses these past years have been spot on.

    Samuel JamesSamuel James15 napja
  • Great answer to a shitty question.

    muddodgermuddodger15 napja
  • Well said Seb

    Robert van 't HaarRobert van 't Haar15 napja
  • Max would've won it if he didn't get greedy. I remember the moment exactly before he spun off I said out loud to myself "don't fuck this up, don't fuck this up", and then he did. If he hadn't, I'm sure he would've won.

    anti/HUMAN Designsanti/HUMAN Designs15 napja
  • Germany knows they should forget about sport. Spain 6 -0 😂😂😂🇩🇪

    355PH355PH15 napja
  • I didnt used to like Seb i was more a Webber fan but over the past few years ive grown to like him more and more.

    Nick Bell RacingNick Bell Racing15 napja
  • great speech

    Bad MaxBad Max15 napja
  • I find myself rooting for seb more now than when he was with Redbull. I always wanted weber to beat him back then, now I wish he could get a car to compete for the championship.

    Brad FoustBrad Foust15 napja

    Racing PS4 DavrRacing PS4 Davr15 napja
  • I just hope Sir Jackie Steward listened to what Seb said 🤔🙄

    Andre CoetzeeAndre Coetzee15 napja
  • Love this sportsmanship, Seb is right did not see Lewis winning that race. Great performance

    CVGCVG15 napja
  • Multi 21 Seb...Multi 21

    Moto Z PlayMoto Z Play15 napja
  • Sebastian shows great character and maturity. I wish we had political leadership with this humility and grace. RESPECT ✊

    Duncan VincentDuncan Vincent15 napja

    AkshayAkshay15 napja
  • Crashtappen fans are toxic.

    Dont even StartDont even Start15 napja
  • Real sportsmanship. He is a great champion as well.

    TJ L.TJ L.15 napja
  • ****ing ourselves!

    kennyj851kennyj85115 napja
  • My respect for this man is increasing over and over

    MrRockzoulMrRockzoul15 napja
  • Thank you Seb, I've been getting really pee'd off in recent years with people using that GOAT moniker for Lewis. Its nonsense... its just not possible to compare the different eras. Lewis has been the best of this one though.. yes, he has had the best car which has made it easier for him but it would be hard to argue that anyone else in the grid has consistantly outperformed him over the course of his carreer.

    Paul HopePaul Hope15 napja
  • bi seb ! Grande

    Raj BhavsarRaj Bhavsar15 napja
  • Grande Seb!!!!