Verstappen vs Hamilton Qualifying Battle | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Qualifying in Bahrain was billed as a probable battle for pole between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton - and that's exactly how it worked out...
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  • Verstappen took the better racing line and was hugging the corners you can clearly tell starting from 0:30 Pause at 0:33 Verstappen has 20% of his car outside the chicane Hamilton barely uses it at 0:34 same thing except left side MV has entire left tire outside of chicane. He nailed the corners in the middle sector so much momentum. Smart driving!

  • What more can I ask for.

    Vittavas AjcharerkVittavas Ajcharerk13 napja
  • What happened to the old graphics the one showing which car is ahead....PLEASE RESTORE OLD GRAPHICS

    Emmanuel BlackEmmanuel Black14 napja
  • So Verstappen left the track turn 4 so time shouldn't have been counted. Ironic.

    Geordie CorpseGeordie Corpse15 napja

    Deak BalazsDeak Balazs15 napja
  • хонда быстрее

    Узбек ЙигитиманУзбек Йигитиман16 napja
  • The red bull needs to be investigated.

    RamRam16 napja
    • Why?

      phyrexkasgamingphyrexkasgaming16 napja
  • Its like trying to spot the differences between these two legendary driver

    Ryu왕Ryu왕16 napja
  • Turn 10 made the difference.

  • I can see that on each turn, Versttapen using "more " curves of the circuit ... which gives him the pole. He will be the 2021 world champion .. please remember this comment at the end of the season.

    Kerem ARSANKerem ARSAN16 napja
  • Verstappen should have won... lewis ignored track limits 29 times...

    audiocrushaudiocrush16 napja
  • yesterday fia shows us that it gives different rules...for white and for black peoples

    fuchsewillifuchsewilli16 napja
  • Льюис, ты лучший гонщик в мире! Победы тебе в этом сезоне!!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🏎🏎🥇🥇👍👍

    Галя МосьпанГаля Мосьпан16 napja
  • Hamilton no usa el cubrebocas Mercedes

    carlos ramirez batistacarlos ramirez batista16 napja
  • where are the little comparison cars??? it make it so much easier to see in real time!!

    Dan McCordDan McCord16 napja
  • and lewis won...😁😁

    fahriza75fahriza7516 napja
  • 1 piloto excelente Verstappen e HEMITON simplismente um gênio. Não basta ter melhor carro. Mas Verstappen vem crescendo. Mas Hemiton é o Hemiton kkkkk

    saulo milanisaulo milani16 napja
  • might be a silly question, the blue stripe on top of the Mercedes steering wheel, they've had that on for the last few years but its always in the middle usually, this weekend its been over to one side, any reason for it?

    James MallettJames Mallett16 napja
    • It's just a FIA seal

      phyrexkasgamingphyrexkasgaming16 napja
  • This is now very boring.

    ArtisanCansArtisanCans16 napja
  • Turn 10 cost Lewis a lot. The car is quite unstable I guess. But what a lap from Max 🔥🔥

    Jam Olline54Jam Olline5416 napja
  • Team Verstappen

    miecho gamesmiecho games16 napja
  • this is really badly made.

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva16 napja
  • Who's here after Lewis won the Bahrain GP, and managed Max's head to let him try the overtake just in the track section which is not allowed, even when Lewis had almost twice the tyre usage and clearly with a Mercedes not being the fastest car in the whole weekend

    Miguel MorcilloMiguel Morcillo16 napja
    • "clearly not the fastest car"? If I compare these laps, Lewis made a small mistake which cost him pole. Car performance seems pretty equal (also race pace). They both really drove their car on the limit today, where the strategy of Mercedes paid off. Stating that the Merc "clearly isn't the fastest car" is a bit bold.

      G FlameG Flame16 napja
  • Nenhuma surpresa!

    Ana maria RichaAna maria Richa16 napja
  • for all those coments here.. Hamilton own 😉

    jagadeesh pjagadeesh p16 napja
    • Yeah by exceeding track limits for over half the whole race 😂 And moaning when Max did it .

      anan thuanan thu16 napja
  • The budget cap is the best move by FIA

    HillHill16 napja
  • hmmm... GG's MAX!!

    agistha roziagistha rozi16 napja
  • Whos here after Lewis won after defending for his life for nearly 5 laps ?

    part of the group called people of the internetpart of the group called people of the internet16 napja
  • Hahaha whatever Sir Lewis still won 🤪🤪🤪

    Maria Kris RenMaria Kris Ren16 napja
    • @Brancho 29 times*

      phyrexkasgamingphyrexkasgaming16 napja
    • With 20 corner cutting? GG 😏

      BranchoBrancho16 napja
  • Lewis won in the end🤷🏻‍♂️

    Captain SenpaiCaptain Senpai17 napja
  • All hopes are destroyed again GG Sir Hamilton

    They call me Dark ChocolateThey call me Dark Chocolate17 napja
    • Yes, corner cutter Hamilton VS a fair player Verstappen with mechanical issue in the ENTIRE race....

      BranchoBrancho16 napja
  • Hamilton admitted he was cutting the corners the WHOLE race on the board radio so 5 seconds penalty at least. Max won.

    rup pertrup pert17 napja
    • @David Goliath Nope cheating louise starts at the beginning of the season and FIA wants him to win like the last years. It's the car and the FIa and the cheat not the driver skill.

      rup pertrup pert16 napja
    • Salt. lol

      David GoliathDavid Goliath16 napja
    • Keep dreaming if that helps you.

      Alain DidierAlain Didier16 napja
  • max max max makes a mistake again AND LOSES. I've been saying this for years he AINT ON LEWIS' LEVEL YET

    Tom LynchTom Lynch17 napja
    • @/////////////////////////////////// ahh yes so you are saying that nowadays a drivers skill is absolutely unnecessary and the car is doing all the work, ok. So who of you is going to explain to me how Perez was literally doing nothing with the car? How did he not get first or second place?

      screayxscreayx16 napja
    • @screayx Sorry bro but yes it does

      //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////16 napja
    • @Tom Lynch ... Faster does not equal better car my guy.

      screayxscreayx16 napja
    • @screayx u mean to tell me max didn't have the better car this whole week??? faster in practice qualifying and in the race...what race were you watching???

      Tom LynchTom Lynch16 napja
    • @Tom Lynch Better car? What are you on about?

      screayxscreayx16 napja
  • It's important to win the race

    猴猴老爹猴猴老爹17 napja
  • merceds is better...

    Benson HedgesBenson Hedges17 napja
  • Shame oon you FIA.

    Rapigueiro CuestaRapigueiro Cuesta17 napja
    • Looking for excuses, I see.

      Alain DidierAlain Didier16 napja
  • LH44 go home!!!

    Сергей RoAcHСергей RoAcH17 napja
  • and Williams is crossing finish line... NOW!

    Tomasz SzTomasz Sz17 napja
  • Poor F1 loosing millions of german viewers this year

    Knox CameronKnox Cameron17 napja
    • And Dutch viewers too

      phyrexkasgamingphyrexkasgaming16 napja
    • Yup

      screayxscreayx16 napja
  • Hamilton will still do it this year.. 8th title my son!!!!

    patrick muperekipatrick mupereki17 napja
  • Amazing video ! keep doing ...

    clrsjohnclrsjohn17 napja
  • 10 minutes til the start of the 2021 season ARE WE EXCITED!

    Aberama GoldAberama Gold17 napja
  • Hanmiton missed the apex of turn 9 really cost him having to fight the car through some oversteer mid courner

    Ben RobertsBen Roberts17 napja
  • If you notice, Verstappen's steering inputs were more definite, whereas Hamilton had to input a corrections at almost every turn in the final sector. Essentially and obviously, Hamilton was pushing the Car beyond it's abilities, whereas Verstappen looked more comfortable. What i conclude is, that either the Car or driver is lacking somewhere, slightly. Enough for the Red Bull to do better. Tonight, provided therr are no surprises for Verstappen, he is going to have an easy win.

    Utkarsh ShettyUtkarsh Shetty17 napja
  • Ham slower than Russell 2020 Williams

    gacgac17 napja

    LockbizyLockbizy17 napja
  • The rear end on that red bull is as planted as a 500 year old oak tree

    Tom LenkirTom Lenkir17 napja
  • The difference I count is 3 track limit violations by Verstappen vs 1 by Hamilton.

    TeeTeeNetTeeTeeNet17 napja
  • Merc still fractionally faster on straights, Max won everything on corners and exits.

    Adrian BAdrian B17 napja
  • Lewis run was smoother and you could tell better so I think Lewis will get more out of his tyres during the race.

    Lenny TamesingLenny Tamesing17 napja
  • It's really amazing how by comparing them side by side you can see the difference of a few tenths of a second in the times of both cars! Also, the Honda has always sounded lower, but in 2021 the Mercedes will be lower and rougher, and the engines of both cars will sound similar!

    さんたすけさんたすけ17 napja
  • Lets not forget that Max got pole with a damaged floor which severely compromises aerodynamics, this RB is an absolute beast of a car, fitting for the absolute beast of a megatalent that Max is. Man IF ONLY he had a car on par with his quality ever since he got into F1 Lewis wouldn't have 7 WDC's.

    strajk-strajk-17 napja
  • Congrats max on your win today

    Steven StrangeSteven Strange17 napja
    • He is gonna crash

      MeMe17 napja
  • 2021 will be fatastic year to Formula 1 and we that like it.

    Allan Ribeiro da SilvaAllan Ribeiro da Silva17 napja
  • Verstappen's lap is much cleaner.

    Muhammad Hasnain KhalilMuhammad Hasnain Khalil17 napja
  • Lewis had two yellow sectors, and lost all the time in one corner mistake which means he was faster than that previously, these cars might be the same after all?

    SartoriusSartorius17 napja
  • Wow.. That Engine sound

    Mani vassMani vass17 napja

    Pedro RicardiPedro Ricardi17 napja
  • Both perfect driving. Difference is Honda > Mercedes

    s ms m17 napja
    • @Der Riethelm right

      s ms m16 napja
    • 0:50 Hamilton made a mistake there.

      Der RiethelmDer Riethelm17 napja
  • Very interesting year to come !

    Alexis de WoutersAlexis de Wouters17 napja
  • turn the volume of the stream up! there is no comment section on that so i came here

    Hachi RikoHachi Riko17 napja
  • Lol it is weird, now that Red Bull has a better car it is all Max but when Lewis or Bottas gets pole it is all the car.

    He who must not be namedHe who must not be named17 napja
  • Please let it be a close battle for the title this year!

    Simon NymanSimon Nyman17 napja
  • Wow 2 way title race with 2 manufacturers anyone

    larlarlarlar17 napja
  • either mercedes still has a power advantage or Redbull has more downforce, as Hamilton catches up on the straights, especially after a bad turn 9 & 10 at 0:45

    NastasioNastasio17 napja
  • Middle sector is 🔑 then

    Prog FaizProg Faiz17 napja
  • That Honda engine picks up the revs so quickly!

    BTC-21BTC-2117 napja
  • I am a fan of Ham but I sensed Senna from Max’s first F3 race at Spa. He was playing with the mighty Ocon like a toy.....

    7Mag GT37Mag GT317 napja
  • So close

    tomyinntomyinn17 napja
  • This pretty much shows why Verstappen is miles times better than Hamilton.

    András SzekeresAndrás Szekeres17 napja
  • Bey bey "party mode" Champion, new Era has come !!!! Maaax ERA

    J urisJ uris17 napja
  • Honestly, i kinda want lewis to get his 8th title because that would create history but I'd want to see a fight for it

    AdityaAditya17 napja
  • I am here to read experts' comments.

    lwin minhtunlwin minhtun17 napja
  • What time and time does it start and when does it start?

    Mohsen ZareMohsen Zare17 napja
  • hmmm, on the home straight the Merc is still quicker by a tenth and then through turn 1 and 2 Verstappen claws back the difference BUT on the 2nd straight by the end the Merc pulls back the difference... it seems Merc is still the faster car in the straight line regardless of whatever anyone says about honda's 'miracle' last engine, a bit concerning seen as the merc is not yet handling how it should, once they sort that out which they always do I see them pulling clear again.

  • سلام ساعت چند و کی شروع میشه؟

    Mohsen ZareMohsen Zare17 napja
  • Only different turn 10

    N. IcolaN. Icola17 napja
  • i can not imagine being honda and pulling out now ffs....

    უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენუწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ17 napja
  • It's the changing of the guard and I'm glad I'm here to see it

    Shadow 3091Shadow 309117 napja
  • What a lap Max...!!! Well done...

    indra lemanaindra lemana17 napja
  • Fun fact: Verstappen won’t win a championship in his career.

    j blackj black17 napja
  • Everyone saying max will give lewis a run for his money........... Same thing happened last year as well !

    dan themandan theman17 napja
  • 2020 : Mercedes 1-2 2021: Mercedes 2-3

    Ketsune23Ketsune2317 napja
  • We need telemetry @f1

    Chris GuyChris Guy17 napja
  • Nah, this year we'll still be hearing "Get in there Lewis!"

    A. RusyaidiA. Rusyaidi17 napja
    • Didn't you heard it?

      Alain DidierAlain Didier16 napja
  • 0:48 Lewis full turning too soon, losing too much right front wheel grip, then correcting and losing time

    lcsaw21lcsaw2117 napja
  • Over 1 second slower then last years pole -.-

    tsa.d1mtsa.d1m17 napja
  • When @Marcel Fischer does a better job comparing the two lap times

    EurobeamEurobeam17 napja
  • Max over track limits 1.14 👀

    K HonchoK Honcho17 napja
  • The only difference is max using more curbs. Simple.

    vaw powervaw power17 napja
  • T minus 5 hours to "get in there Lewis"...

    Suburban FoxSuburban Fox17 napja
  • When i think about how much close is the difference in time between them. Its not a minute, its not a second... so close and in the same time, so far away. Its crazy

    Sa yanSa yan17 napja
  • We want to see the comparison of the ferrari's. 1ms difference😂😂

    Bhushan KosanshileBhushan Kosanshile17 napja
  • My key takeaway: These two drivers are near identical. So much so, that I could say it's down to the car. That's how close they are. I can't say Max is better than Hamilton, nor Hamilton is better than Max. However, the Red Bull does appear to be ever so slightly faster going through some corners, but that's not where the massive difference came from. It's the acceleration out of the corners. The Merc struggles for rear traction while the Red Bull is really planted.

    The EnigmaThe Enigma17 napja
  • Max usou menos as zebras

    Junior OliveiraJunior Oliveira17 napja
  • Hmmm who is time start racing?

  • Red Bull flying in the corners

    byCristiannbyCristiann17 napja
  • Hamilton’s legacy in question now that they’re in equal cars

    cynicalobservercynicalobserver17 napja
  • it feels there is more to that merc. lewis is driving so cautiously. i think by race 3, mercs will start to show true colors. and that honda power unit is insanely powerful. max is pulling away on straights which is just crazy

    Farrukh ZainFarrukh Zain17 napja
  • Wait so we're actually going to have a title fight?

    LumiLumi17 napja