Valtteri Bottas's Onboard Pole Lap | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix | Pirelli

2021.máj. 1.
321 902 Megtekintés

Valtteri Bottas claimed pole position at Portimao as he pipped his Mercedes team mate by just 0.007s!
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  • The turn 10 upgrade in Spain is reaallly incredible!!!

    Manos MenManos Men3 napja
  • The fact that lewis pole in imola is green sector yellow and yellow sector and Valtteri's pole here in portimao is the same Grenn yellow yellow sectors...

    Revalino BudimanRevalino Budiman9 napja
  • Esse é um bosta , o eterno vice da Mercedes , como diria Ayrton Senna , ou é campeão ou não é nada , ou é primeiro ou último 🇧🇷 .

    Paulo Roberto SilvaPaulo Roberto Silva9 napja
  • I understand a lot of the criticism towards Mercedes but from their perspective Bottas isn't the title contender, Lewis is. Mercedes are still fighting for both titles, and Lewis is in a way better spot to fight against Max in the championship so far.

    ArrKayCeeArrKayCee10 napja
  • I tried to simulate a qualifying session in Assetto Corsa and did a 1:17.350 I added more wind, slightly hotter tarmac, and 5% less track grip, and that laptime died down to a 1:18.9. The circuit gets so much more difficult with just the slightest of changes.

    Gseric47Gseric4710 napja
  • Just show the pole lap, we dont need that in the beginning

    Kai KlussKai Kluss11 napja
  • But no cockpit footage from Bottas's car when he took out George Russell in Italy. Funny that. His hands must have jinked to the right too much for it to be an accident.

    zosi willcockstreetzosi willcockstreet11 napja
  • Wasn't Sir H, Q2, faster than Q3 pole lap???

    Vinicio VasquezVinicio Vasquez11 napja
  • I love reading all the salty comments from the 'experts' on here that believe the FIA is involved in some deep conspiracy with Mercedes to allow them to violate track limits but punish Red Bull, when in reality it's because they don't actually understand what is classed as the edge of the track despite the fact it would take barely a minute to look up and have it spelled out to them. Much easier to just whinge that Max should be allowed to drive off the track and keep his times😂

    Jossy MJossy M11 napja
  • Verstappen robbed by cryewis hamilbaby

    Jack MagnellJack Magnell11 napja
  • I've counted 4/5 times 4 wheels out of track. Is FIA serious with deciding who get penalties for exceeding the track limits who not ? I think it's a one big joke this year.

    Raphael ØneRaphael Øne11 napja
  • 1.7 seconds slower than last years pole lap. The aerodynamical changes really make a big difference

    Niko ChatzinakisNiko Chatzinakis11 napja
  • Where's james tho

    Kimi KimKimi Kim12 napja
  • Track limits relaxed or something? Twice he exceeds them

    Tom WatsonTom Watson12 napja
  • The thumbnail looks like it's from Asseto Corsa or sth

    Biluz HCR2Biluz HCR212 napja
  • And it was not a perfect lap!

    DINDIN12 napja
  • Everybody loves Valtteri Bottas 🇫🇮 & Kimi Raikkönen 🇫🇮 because they just focus on their Driving & Enjoying it without bringing all those toxic Racial Politics into F1! Forza Bottas & Kimi! 🌷🌿

    Toma HawkToma Hawk12 napja
  • Love Valtteri. Such an impressive lap.

    Buff EctomorphBuff Ectomorph12 napja
  • Great job 👏

    Marcus DavisMarcus Davis12 napja
  • @53 seconds...all 4 wheels off track???

    Zach BroccoliZach Broccoli12 napja
  • I knew he wouldn't win the race

    Sarang SharmaSarang Sharma12 napja
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    Robert SmithRobert Smith12 napja
  • Video taken down??

    Daniel MalekDaniel Malek12 napja
  • What a track

    Bret ZBret Z12 napja
  • "Valteri it's James! LUCKYLTON is behind you! Valteri, it is James I've said!!!"

    Zoran Petrović - ŠaneZoran Petrović - Šane12 napja
  • He can’t race but he’s quick. Bottas the one lap wonder 😳

    The Fifth DoctorThe Fifth Doctor12 napja
  • Can we get the footage of the actual fastest lap? Aka Max's deleted lap? That would be awesome. Thanks.

    Daps R.Daps R.12 napja
  • Bravo Bottas ! But... Driving a computer makes the show tasteless, almost null ... Almost nothing is happening. We get bored behind the wheel as well as behind the screen. F1 and its members are like the world today: bland, dull, uninspiring.

    L'AutrichienL'Autrichien12 napja
  • Bottas is such a loser

    Pauly Aint BaldPauly Aint Bald12 napja
  • 5 bucks on him losing 4 places in the 1st lap

    Death SausageDeath Sausage12 napja
  • Battery Voltas

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac12 napja
  • Parabéns Bottas

    Vilmar SilvaVilmar Silva12 napja
  • Is it just me or was there a lot of understeer during sector 3? Or was it just because of the windy conditions?

    HKSHKS12 napja
  • Fantastic speed!!!!

    Márcio NogarotoMárcio Nogaroto12 napja
  • What a messy lap, switch this guy to Russell already!

    gabox01gabox0112 napja
  • I just hope Mercedes doesn't give Hamilton a free overtake over Bottas now. Let them fight for it fair and square - let them race!

    Fisu LohiFisu Lohi12 napja
  • Give us the onboard of the crash.

    Felipe IturrietaFelipe Iturrieta12 napja
  • After the pole position of bottas Engineer: valtteri its james,give your pole position to lewis Valtteri: ok..........

    orestischangapolidl 02orestischangapolidl 0212 napja
  • You should put this video online later cause you spoiled for those who haven't see the qualification session or highlights. One hour after is not enough.

    al buraqal buraq12 napja
  • Am i the only that thinks the thumbnail looks like a game

    Henry Jack BrownHenry Jack Brown12 napja
  • This course seems pretty easy. The only really challenging turn is that uphill turn near the start where you just have to instinctively know the angle (Grosjean was talking about it on his livestream lap of the track). Every other turn is relatively gentle and fast. It’s almost deceptively easy since hitting track limits doesn’t look hard if you try to push too much, expecting easy cornering. But with the right amount of throttle control sailing around the course shouldn’t be a huge wall.

    SolidSonicTHSolidSonicTH12 napja
  • I predict Valteri will have mechanical problems tomorrow. Merc doesn't want Lewis to lose.

    Abu Zaid KhanAbu Zaid Khan12 napja
  • At least 3 times exceeded track limits?

    Peeter ApsPeeter Aps12 napja
  • Green yellow yellow and poll position!!

    SwathyKrishSwathyKrish12 napja
  • I can feel him in every apex that he's thinking about his teammate.

    gab realgab real12 napja
  • He needs to up his pace in the race where it counts!

    FrontSideBusFrontSideBus13 napja
  • Why no one give talks about him winning the world championship?

    Arun DhadwalArun Dhadwal13 napja
  • Bottas deserves better treatment than he gets at Mercedes...

    Brickz GBrickz G13 napja
  • Redemption, kudos Valtteri

    Felipe OliveiraFelipe Oliveira13 napja
  • People saying Bottas deserves more??? Hes in the best car on the grid since 2017 it's his own fault if he doesnt win.

    RedlineRedline13 napja
  • Race time we will be watching the usual, bottas fighting in the middle of the boring driver...

    TsikboyTsikboy13 napja
  • Im so happy Botas got it instead🔥🔥🔥

    JacK Bud.JacK Bud.13 napja
  • Valteri this is James Hamilton wants your position. Valteri : Ha ha copy

    Yasuoman HasakiYasuoman Hasaki13 napja
  • Valterri always have the fastest car, faster than Lewis... but, Lewis always have the advantage of team strategies, specially "team orders".

    Joshua TongolJoshua Tongol13 napja
  • Valteri's 2021 pole lap is nearly 2 SECONDS SLOWER than Hamilton's 2020 pole Lap.

    K KK K13 napja
  • What's crazy was that Hamilton set a 1:17 in Q2. He could of gone even quicker...

    farkzfarkz13 napja
  • Amazing what you can do when your car is boringly faster than everyone else's.

    Dynasty2201Dynasty220113 napja
  • get's off track twice! but keeps pole?

    Dirk SimonsDirk Simons13 napja
  • Can someone explain what the different segment colours means? Like how the times are either green or yellow?

    Michael KingMichael King13 napja
  • Unpopular Opinion: Bottas is very underrated and is actually better than 85% of the current grid, just so happens his team mate Hamilton is better in a way he makes far few mistakes than rest of the grid. Making bottas look underpowered.

    Atharva SangoreAtharva Sangore13 napja
  • That’s all he’s gonna win, Lewis will probably win the GP or Max.

    TUBE YOUTUBE YOU13 napja
  • Visibility must be a serious issue on this track.

    Altamush Nayyer KhanAltamush Nayyer Khan13 napja
  • Convert it to a race win! Go Valtteri!

    Ex0tic Br4dEx0tic Br4d13 napja
  • Bravo Valtteri! 😎

    CS 84CS 8413 napja
  • And guess what, Mercedes is back, red bull isn't the fastest and the rest of the year will be Mercedes 1-2

    Greek MacedonianGreek Macedonian13 napja
  • in the first corner he has to get track limitss

    Shaun ijvvShaun ijvv13 napja
  • It would be funny if hamilton couldnt get his 100th pole this season

    HetVaiNHetVaiN13 napja
  • Verstappen exceeds track limit once. FIA: Lap time deleted. Bottes exceeds track limits more than 3 times. FIA: Look, have you seen that beautiful butterfly?...

    Phil S.Phil S.13 napja
    • You are not exceeding track limits if at least one of your tires is on the white line, During the hall lap, at elast half of his car was on the kerbs, so, he hasn't exceeded any limits

      uta sajaiauta sajaia12 napja
  • What is the first music ?

    Tunahan Erbey YazıcıTunahan Erbey Yazıcı13 napja
  • Bottas maybe we want that win more than you want it, so if you won't do it for yourself, do it for us!

    TheHidalgo99TheHidalgo9913 napja
  • Fun fact: Lewis's Q2 lap was faster than Bottas's Q3 Pole

    Megacannon OfficialMegacannon Official13 napja
    • @Jinnji Jinnji yep i know :)

      Megacannon OfficialMegacannon Official13 napja
    • It’s still a pole, he deserves it.

      Jinnji JinnjiJinnji Jinnji13 napja
  • Pole but Mercedes going to focus more on lewis towards race win than bottas with the current standings that even if bottas win he won't be at the top

    ang chew yongang chew yong13 napja
  • Congrats on finishing 3rd @ best in the race

    P&G Wright TravelP&G Wright Travel13 napja
  • tumbnail looks like its out of asseto corsa

    Vishnu SharmaVishnu Sharma13 napja
  • Typical race. Bottas lost P1 in turn 1 or 2 ans Hamilton win the race.

    Toni LindemannToni Lindemann13 napja
  • Pretty smooth! Looks like he could put laps like that in all day.

    ThatKeffordGuyThatKeffordGuy13 napja
  • Let’s not forget about Lewis’s 1:17 lap

    lee mcguirklee mcguirk13 napja
  • that aint a grand prix

    vlynxxvlynxx13 napja
  • Avra chiesto pure scusa 🤡

    Alex LeoneAlex Leone13 napja
  • Looks like a very tricky and demanding track.

    empiirikempiirik13 napja
  • Later: valtteri, its james.

    dust_ jodust_ jo13 napja
  • This looks like a video game!

    protossidprotossid13 napja
  • congratulations on the pole Bottas. But we know how it would end, either he lose it in the first corner or have to give way to the other guy

    FarhanFarhan13 napja
  • you get points on sunday not on saturday!

    Henk&Nel eastwoodHenk&Nel eastwood13 napja
  • Come on Valteri win that race!

    jnxjnx13 napja
  • Honestly i feel like a valtteri its James moment is coming today

    n1haln1hal13 napja
  • Six and half hours to Start and this is my prediction: Hamilton passes Bottas in start. Verstappen passes B after the first lap. After 3 laps, Norris is 4th and after one more lap he passes Bottas.... Verstappen wins, Hamilton second, Norris 3th and Leclerc 4th..Bottas 5th

    Jacob W.Jacob W.13 napja
    • @jnx He had several years to show.... I'm still waiting... 😴

      Jacob W.Jacob W.13 napja
    • Bottas is better than what you except he will show to you ☝️

      jnxjnx13 napja
  • the vidio like ..a vidio game...!!!🤔🤔🤔

    Abdul Halim AbdullahAbdul Halim Abdullah13 napja
  • Smooth operatoooooor

    Abhay BaburajAbhay Baburaj13 napja
  • Really want him to win the race today

    NPowa99NPowa9913 napja
  • Nice comeback Bottas

    SpaceManMatSpaceManMat13 napja
  • Team Radio skills a la Netflix

    ZordixXZordixX13 napja
  • Max would have had pole if he hadn't hit that oversteer.

    JeremyJeremy13 napja
  • Show us Hamilton's Q2 lap!!!

    sirhammonsirhammon13 napja
  • I hope that Valterri can make this a 3 way title fight

    Da Vinci6894Da Vinci689413 napja
  • They're as excited as a neutron particle.

    Дмитрий БлудовДмитрий Блудов13 napja
  • How his team reacted............before I thought its normal to dislike the continuous winner but now its evident Mercedes team environment is more toxic than any other team when it comes to favouritism. I hate that fake as pretentious team.

    Larka TiamoírLarka Tiamoír13 napja
  • What sets them apart is consistency especially in the wet. Any of them can break this lap down to gain another 4 tenths but it's the average lap time that counts race day.

    Ahilan PalarajahAhilan Palarajah13 napja
  • Im worried that Max is making too many mistakes in qualifying just pray that hamilton luck runs out soon a lap down last race and he still gets 2nd

    SASraceCAMSASraceCAM13 napja
  • James it’s Valtteri

    Amaan AhmadAmaan Ahmad13 napja