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Vadim blyat! What the blin is he doing there every day. Sometimes he drilling holes. Other times I am not even sure what sounds those are. Here is a video describing what I imagine the neighbour is doing.
Annoying neighbours are the number one cause for broken walls.
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  • Boris: *VADIM BLYAT* Vadim: *BORIS BLYAT*

    • Me both blyat

      lettuce manlettuce man9 napja
    • lmao good one

      PovilazPovilaz11 napja
    • Hi

      GRL Cute Retreivers 2GRL Cute Retreivers 222 napja
    • @Everything's Alright Deep gold's french so it's URSS...

      Just LiayoJust LiayoHónapja
    • @Anonik Anonikos Lmao Fuck

  • Vadim: *makes noise* Every single Boris in the universe: da fuq waz dat

    Tyriq DaoTyriq Dao25 perccel
  • Soviet babushka*pile of bass music

    Julia BurucaJulia Buruca19 órája
  • what is vadim?

    Shiloh BacligShiloh Baclig22 órája
  • Boris is kind of fat.

    Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever23 órája
  • 1:43 when u can only afford the controller😐👏👏

    Beanz BamboozledBeanz BamboozledNapja

    Phat Ha VinhPhat Ha VinhNapja
  • That must be one hell of a powerful alarm if it can stand ringing all day every day like that.

  • Ey boris can you face reveal?

    Dulce ArellanoDulce Arellano2 napja
  • I wonder if his neighbor’s name is actually Vadim, or if it’s just for the bit.

    LoneRaven064LoneRaven0643 napja
  • 0:52 HAHA

    С. АялуунС. Аялуун5 napja
  • dang i must have vadim living next door to me as well 😳

    Bunny LBunny L5 napja
  • And you wonder why this is a meme

    Anton SaikoAnton Saiko6 napja
  • i hate slavs but good vdieo

    CiaNeVilius69CiaNeVilius696 napja
  • There is not enough Vodka in this video.

    Fred Eric SFred Eric S6 napja
  • I mean Vadim has great taste in shirts

    Marin BogdanovicMarin Bogdanovic7 napja
  • vadims face looks like an indian statue ngl

    Derot gamingDerot gaming7 napja
  • 1:35 так что doing мой neighbor.

    Slavic EngineeringSlavic Engineering7 napja
  • hahhha nice video

    exploseexplose7 napja
  • I like Vadim

    Noah Eduward HutabaratNoah Eduward Hutabarat8 napja
    • I no like Boris blyat

      Noah Eduward HutabaratNoah Eduward Hutabarat6 napja
    • I like Anatoli

      Noah Eduward HutabaratNoah Eduward Hutabarat8 napja
    • I like cousin

      Noah Eduward HutabaratNoah Eduward Hutabarat8 napja
  • Vadim works hard Boris not

    Carpathian MapperCarpathian Mapper8 napja

    ItZidiot2478 1ItZidiot2478 18 napja
  • Stay Chreeki breeki my comrades stalin awaits you in gluag

    culter33culter338 napja
  • Its not yours Boris. Its ours

    QzanssQzanss11 napja
  • 1:46 sunglasses reflection

    Andrew ElleyAndrew Elley11 napja
  • so this is Russian entertainment huh. what a boring area lol

    xxxTentacionxxxTentacion12 napja
  • 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🙈🙈😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😸😺😸😺😹😹😹🙈😹😹💩😹🙈😹😹🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    Shwan KarimShwan Karim12 napja
  • We all have our Vadim

    Ema KornfeldEma Kornfeld12 napja
  • I think Vadim lives above me. About 200-250 days a year, he saws, drills holes, pounds with a hammer, etc. And in the night... Loud hooligan music and shouting 'Uuuu! Hahaha EEEEEEE !!!! HAHAHA!!! UUUUU !!! AAAAA !!!'

    KewlysiakKewlysiak12 napja
  • Never have I seen a man work so hard to get so little done. Boris, you never told us Vadim worked for the government.

    housekilla457housekilla45712 napja
  • Such is life in the zone

    The DocThe Doc13 napja
  • apartment door is metal *my* *sorri oop*

    BlueGBlueG13 napja
  • 1:45 a? what u playing boris? metro 2077 : invisiblyat

    The_StormWolfThe_StormWolf13 napja
  • Boris Cyka

    tf2 pyrotf2 pyro14 napja
  • My neighbors when I try sleeping: 0:46

    Brik WolBrik Wol14 napja
  • is the song saying "monkey business"?

    Private_Ryan1Private_Ryan114 napja
  • this was so bad

  • Blyat i can relate to that I live on the top floor, and have a dog i play with every day so i gues my donwstairs neighbours have alot of noice from me running around and such

    1114 napja
  • это типичный сосед в России

  • 0:59 3:56 Не благодарите)

    EgorManProEgorManPro15 napja
  • I'm new here. I don't know what I watched. But I think I witnessed a hint of awesomeness...

    Sarwat IhsanSarwat Ihsan15 napja
  • It feels like vadim is borises second personality...

    FrankFrank17 napja
  • What's funny is hes not even Russian and cant speak russian

    Ethan BryantEthan Bryant17 napja

    Naveed Hussain SheikhNaveed Hussain Sheikh17 napja
  • Reading War and Peace and not even the best English from Russian translation smh

    brutecassbrutecass18 napja
  • Boris is basically a mandalorian but better and slavic

    Mego GregoMego Grego18 napja
  • Vadim qiet...........BLYAT!

    Jan AlešnikJan Alešnik18 napja
  • Why the hell does vadim have Boris food in his apartment if they don’t even live together?

    Sibenefierzg 47Sibenefierzg 4719 napja
  • Xbox gang

    Veeti OlinVeeti Olin20 napja
  • he does not shower after waking up

    GressingMansGressingMans21 napja
    • that's not something that everyone does :/

      Daniel YouTube GamingDaniel YouTube Gaming19 napja
  • vladimir putin : h͟o͟l͟d͟ m͟y͟ v͟o͟d͟k͟a͟.

    Bruh momentBruh moment22 napja

    NBAIvoVNBAIvoV23 napja
  • Ah yes. My Favourite Game Looking at Camera with a Controller.

    RescuingsRescuings23 napja
  • Boris and Vadim share the same fridge?

    Fragged by GrandmaFragged by Grandma24 napja
  • thats what fallout 4 raiders do when they are bored

    kacknoobdeluxekacknoobdeluxe24 napja
  • I don't get the joke about cow juice, in Russian it is молоко... not коровий сок

    MrRussianPotatoMrRussianPotato24 napja
  • Why do you censor the McCulloch logo on the chainsaw?

    pingpongpungpingpongpung24 napja
  • Boris just casually eats bread through his face mask

    TwistipopTwistipop25 napja
  • Bro I swear this is all so russian man. Espically the contents of the fridge

    Mirzabekov BrothersMirzabekov Brothers25 napja
  • But my name is Vadim...

    -_Firestar_- :D-_Firestar_- :D25 napja
  • 1:44 boris please tell me what is game you're playing called

  • I'm starting to think that Boris and Vadim are the same person but different personalities

    frost Westbrookfrost Westbrook26 napja
  • Hello

    Vadim PolianVadim Polian26 napja
  • Life of every neighbor that lives above you

    Maraks _15Maraks _1526 napja
  • I think Vadim visited my neighbour recently. Who else is drilling at 7 in the morning every day for a week? VADIM BLYAT!

    nobonuxnobonux27 napja
  • Everyone: Get up, have breakfast, go to work/school... Vadim:

    TheRealDenisTheRealDenis27 napja
  • i now understan your pain boris. it does hurt very much my ears

    royal terminatorroyal terminator27 napja
  • 🤣

    Noventy TampubolonNoventy Tampubolon28 napja
  • What was Vadim building anyway!!?Get Him ARTYOM

    Tara TysktyskTara Tysktysk28 napja
  • I also have neighbors similar to vadim

    Carson Yeoh Kai ShengCarson Yeoh Kai Sheng29 napja
  • 2:39 me: OMG he is taking of his glasses!!! 2:40 me: BLYA-

    RaverfieldRaverfield29 napja
  • USSR I need help because someone is acting mysterious and not ourstyrious

  • My neighbours

    Игорь ЛаринИгорь ЛаринHónapja
  • Your voice sounds cute 😘

    Cid_BGT 8Cid_BGT 8Hónapja
  • “What type of cheeki breeki is he trying to make blyat”

    Dearestly GothDearestly GothHónapja
  • *Plot twist* Anatoli is Vadim

    Elite_ GamerElite_ GamerHónapja
  • i hate how he doesnt *fucking* turn of his alarm it just infuriates me

    steve Jonessteve JonesHónapja
  • **note to self**...Never..keep more than one shovel around

    Nu LiformNu LiformHónapja
  • Привет из России!

  • Quality

    Nathan GeismannNathan GeismannHónapja

    Aim BroAim BroHónapja
  • Svetlana Is usually used for cooking... but not this time.

    GreeC BaconGreeC BaconHónapja
  • Typical russian brothers:3

    Дэвид МэйсонДэвид МэйсонHónapja
  • Boris: playing xbox Boris reflecting Sunglasses :actually just a camera

  • 1:43-1:46 what do u play???

    Yakov gamingYakov gamingHónapja
  • reminds me of my workflow with Vadim

    Ian SenIan SenHónapja
  • Btw. What were you reading in that bathtub?

  • Wait vadim Doesnt work. How does he live there than. How can he? Well I suppose they love together. In 1 home. He on basement being used as Free labour. For living.

    • I broke into his attic

      Vadim NovikovVadim NovikovHónapja
  • kakaduuuuuu blyat

    Fox OverstreetFox OverstreetHónapja
  • 0:56

    Harihara MahadevanHarihara MahadevanHónapja
  • 1:42 His glasses reflect with no TV Make no sense

    keplerjoaquinskiy Hodrodshotterkeplerjoaquinskiy HodrodshotterHónapja
  • i like how Vadim blyat just work in the apartment make loud noise to Boris room tell me in the coment boris

    Rizky PratamaRizky PratamaHónapja
  • holy shit vadim, IS THAT MY JACKET?!?!

    David HillerströmDavid HillerströmHónapja
  • vadim is a fuckin' jojo character

    Balderik The ValiantBalderik The ValiantHónapja
  • vadim did nothing wrong

  • First Time i see how KGB working ;D

    SpectroBrothers 1234SpectroBrothers 1234Hónapja
    • Im just kidding;)

      SpectroBrothers 1234SpectroBrothers 1234Hónapja
  • Vadim blyat just working in the apartment make loud noise

    Rizky PratamaRizky PratamaHónapja
  • Vaaadiiim blyaaaaaaaat

    simon-HTC boomsimon-HTC boomHónapja
  • I think my noighbour is called Vadim