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Vadim blyat! What the blin is he doing there every day. Sometimes he drilling holes. Other times I am not even sure what sounds those are. Here is a video describing what I imagine the neighbour is doing.
Annoying neighbours are the number one cause for broken walls.
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  • Boris: *VADIM BLYAT* Vadim: *BORIS BLYAT*

    • My name is Dimitri and all I have to say is Vadim blyat

      Asriel DreemurrAsriel Dreemurr2 napja
    • perfectly balanced

      Teh epic dudeTeh epic dude2 napja
    • There is no difference between Boris and Vadim

      Sneeke BreekeSneeke Breeke18 napja
    • Artyom: OY BLYAT

      friendly neighborhood slavfriendly neighborhood slav19 napja
    • @Destroyer STAR no shit

      NoObXNoObX29 napja
  • Boris 6:20 AM : *sleeps* 6:20 AM : *Vadim go brrrrrrr*

    Pooja GadekarPooja Gadekar3 órája
  • So they sell Makita in Russia

    Ko-wing wongKo-wing wong16 órája
  • Artyom: vadim is here MUST PROTECT MOTHERLAND

    XxFīňłāńð ĒşťøñīåXxXxFīňłāńð ĒşťøñīåXx2 napja
  • Boris: sosiggg

    Franklin FureFranklin Fure2 napja
  • My name is Dimitri and all I have to say is one thing Vadim blyat

    Asriel DreemurrAsriel Dreemurr2 napja
  • all the dislikes on this video are just Vadim and his alternate accounts

    Leonard James KaffenbergerLeonard James Kaffenberger2 napja
  • you thought this one out..good job comrade!

    Remy SeijenRemy Seijen2 napja
  • *HUworld notifications blyat*

    iNoobSoSubiNoobSoSub2 napja
  • 3:00 Taking immersion in Roadside Picknick to the next level

    Fabs theTabsFabs theTabs4 napja
  • How is vadim able to access boris fridge if they live in different apartments?

    Karthick AshwathKarthick Ashwath4 napja
  • Why cant vadim be a karpenter

    world of tanks shojie quitosworld of tanks shojie quitos4 napja
  • 😂 Vadim is Soviet pioneer, I see his childhood on Soviet pioneer channel 😂

    The Forgotten History TFHThe Forgotten History TFH4 napja
  • жиза

    CommunistCommunist5 napja
  • at 145 in the vid lookk in his sun galsses

    Lumber GamingLumber Gaming5 napja
  • Boris; Trying to relax Vadim: oy blin Boris no relaxing for you me: let the man relax

    tyler quirktyler quirk5 napja
  • There once was a vadim right? But Boris has moved a couple times so he just brought the idea of vadim with him or what?

    J.TasticJ.Tastic5 napja
  • vadim blyat

    scuffed iosscuffed ios5 napja
  • damn now i know how annoying vadim is

    roy renaldyroy renaldy6 napja
  • my name is vadim

    passwordpassword6 napja
  • Oh fuck I think I have a Vadim living upstairs too

    LascielLasciel6 napja
  • This box with old nails and screws ... Probably every family in post-soviet countries have ONE such at least! Most of nails have already been used at least once and therefore they are curves. Then you are trying to find a new one or the most straight, haha!

    Ilshat SagitovIlshat Sagitov7 napja
  • Bah 6 in the morning now for normal person who doesn’t also wake up at 6 and go to sleep at 2 This may sound early but to me rookie numbers record is 3 with normal bedtime

    charles o'shannassycharles o'shannassy7 napja
    • Also Boris is like vadim but to downstairs neighbor

      charles o'shannassycharles o'shannassy7 napja
  • 2:52 *What I do when I am bored*

    FrankthecutecatFrankthecutecat7 napja
  • wherte is boris' ushanka ?

    1 dude1 dude7 napja
  • 3:54 Imagine having BORIS THE SLAV as neighbour, this is what you would be hearing all day long.

    RMJ1984RMJ19847 napja
  • Wait what if vadim is a American spy trying to wake you up and mess with you so u get mad much simpler

    Phoenix GamingPhoenix Gaming9 napja
  • Now we know Boris plays xbox

    patrlimpatrlim9 napja
    • if u look in his glasses I don't see an Xbox oof...

      laika de hondlaika de hond9 napja
  • Got to love the music in these🤣👌

    DrunkenFinn PeltsiDrunkenFinn Peltsi10 napja
  • 3:17 - Artyom is like "someone's purring is louder than mine?"

    JeansowatyJeansowaty11 napja
  • Is not Bóris, is Borís blyat

    Not Random TypekNot Random Typek11 napja
  • He's just on another level of Gopness.

    bigfatmantiddies9000bigfatmantiddies900012 napja
  • 0:50 just to annoy neighbour

    bannedfahim gaming bloggerbannedfahim gaming blogger12 napja
  • bruh

    Eastern Slav VadimEastern Slav Vadim12 napja
  • 1:57 ahh yes gravity working efficiently

    Michael SmithMichael Smith13 napja
  • I started to think that my neighbors are Vadim's relatives... They like to put radio at full volume, right in the local news at 1:00 AM

    Pan DequesoPan Dequeso13 napja
  • This is one of my favorite Life-of, for sure.

    mfnd502mfnd50213 napja
  • vadin nust be fucking American spy because wear leather cloth

    조성재조성재13 napja
  • jesus christ im still drunk

    Oliver HelOliver Hel13 napja
    • i o u , what four? five?

      Oliver HelOliver Hel13 napja
  • 🤣

    FLAVXerFLAVXer15 napja
  • The word BLYAT is powerful than any other word

    Chris BronChris Bron15 napja

    Chris BronChris Bron15 napja
  • 2:39, looks like the noogler hat 🤔

    Mashrur RashikMashrur Rashik15 napja
  • Looks like a good neighbour..

    Bhargab ChoudhuryBhargab Choudhury15 napja

    Игровой КотейкаИгровой Котейка16 napja
  • 2:55 *KAREN BLYAT*

    Legendairy WaffleLegendairy Waffle16 napja
  • What was the book 2035 something called

    RemixMaster 2019RemixMaster 201916 napja
  • Boris: Это мой холодильник! Vadim: НАШ холодильник...

    C l o u d y :3C l o u d y :317 napja
  • I literally searched"boris beaing boris"

    Shreddy 03Shreddy 0317 napja
  • i ami s one russian? (у меня плохо с англиском)))))))))

    Obsidian YTObsidian YT17 napja
  • Me: gets bored and decides to explode a mini bomb on the road Boris in russia: VADIM BLYAT

    Henrique GuedesHenrique Guedes18 napja
  • I just wanna ask wth is vadim doing

    TUMORSTUMORS18 napja
  • I demand that Vadim receiving his very excellent stool wood plank hit idea become a meme

    Jeremy SitorusJeremy Sitorus18 napja
  • Is Boris and Vadim the same person?

    Amirul IdrisAmirul Idris18 napja
  • *Вадимы вышли из чата*

    NerovikNerovik19 napja
  • Vadim is every upstairs neighbor

    BadGameplayBadGameplay20 napja
  • Just came across a Vadim on Tinder... couldn’t help but think VADIM BLYAT 😂

    may388may38822 napja
  • 1:44 Boris playing Xbox one

    Agent cocoaAgent cocoa22 napja
  • both: *BLYAT!*

  • ALYONKA ON THE BED. Welcome to Tarkov my FRIEND

    ConQesTTConQesTT25 napja
  • I like to think about how he keeps bread in his fridge

    Luka OstojicLuka Ostojic25 napja
  • A wild vadim appears,rest you shall not cyka

    Molly AtkinMolly Atkin25 napja
  • Oh drat, Vadim has the same bed as me! :D And like many other people shopping at the FOUR letter store!

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis Alba25 napja

    Oyun WestOyun West26 napja
  • Boris: *chops woods for contents* His actual neighbor:

    Flying WienerFlying Wiener26 napja

    Nick KydonMarNick KydonMar27 napja
  • I feel like Boris is actually like 16

    Ethan HaysEthan Hays28 napja
  • Vadim is the dinkleburg of slavs

    Andrew KimAndrew Kim28 napja
  • U r future nuclear power plant chief hard at work.

    xxxdieselyyy2xxxdieselyyy228 napja
  • Ha! Nice try Boris! I know a Makita without seeing the label, blin!

    StagonasStagonas28 napja
  • ahh. thank you vadim for reminding me to rake my floor.

    Hu goHu go28 napja

    Assured1Assured128 napja
  • 0:52 when your up already raging at fortnight and you wake your parents

    nukelover9000nukelover900028 napja
  • Eww he didnt bruh his teeth

    Dennis AlacahanlıDennis Alacahanlı28 napja
  • 1:44 where is the tv camera is the tv? Logic

    Farras 23Farras 2329 napja
  • So vadim is living poorly while you get a beautiful apartment or I dunno other than that vadim blayat

    fσrєvєrníght 80fσrєvєrníght 80Hónapja
  • The dancing at 2:50 finished me

    Dr LCDr LCHónapja
  • 1:43 Boris playing while looking at door (look at glasses)

    Justin ChenJustin ChenHónapja
  • 1:44 nice Tv you got there

    The meme MixersThe meme MixersHónapja
  • I think we have the same neighbours.

    Jimmy SJimmy SHónapja

  • Me: Fails exam Also me: Vadim Blyat...

    YOurFuture GeorgeYOurFuture GeorgeHónapja
  • Сейчас я говорю: Вадим блядь, когда еду за рулём и кто нибудь подрезает или вылазит передо мной

    Art of rough handsArt of rough handsHónapja
  • 1:45 notice that Boris is not playing Xbox as you can see from the reflection from his glasses

    Rahul RavishankarRahul RavishankarHónapja
  • Так вот кто мой сосед!!!

    Профессор ЖырПрофессор ЖырHónapja
  • Vadim taking Boris food Vadim: oure food :) 200% communism but 200 iq - for me and Vadim

  • Tf?

    Vadim PetrovVadim PetrovHónapja
  • How you get in to neighbor Vadim apartment

    Jman 45062Jman 45062Hónapja
  • 0:49 Hey... its just a normal day in Russia

  • Watching these videos makes me wonder, do slavs even have a face, or are they just born with a balaclava?

    Péter JanischPéter JanischHónapja
  • 1:50 Can we just take a moment to wonder how Vadim got barbed wire

    EXL PlayzEXL PlayzHónapja
  • It is fun that he got these soviet era props. The stool, hammer, axe, rake, boombox.

  • Wait dose Vadiam have a Chanel?

    NeonMask SquadNeonMask SquadHónapja
  • Vadim may be a debil but at least he is a slav

  • Vadim: * exists * *Blyat intensifies*

    shisha känäkshisha känäkHónapja
  • vadim is just ASMRist

  • "Ahhhh Vadim Blyat😑😑" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bastian AriessonBastian AriessonHónapja
  • Bad to watch this at 6am in the morning

    Lobster ManeLobster ManeHónapja

    Abdul hadiAbdul hadiHónapja
  • *Artyom has entered the house*

    That guyThat guyHónapja